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REVIEWS OF Charis Bible College IN Colorado

Lance Williams

Transformed my life! Left for Charis a meth addict, came back a spirit filled new creation knowing my identity in Christ! Spirit filled 8 months, been clean 8 months! Thank you Charis

Trisha Calhoun

Amazing school that perfectly marries grace AND faith!

mary hartman

A wonderful place filled with wonderful people. I'm excited to join them in making our community safe, cleaner and filled with God's love.


Jiji Christina

Chris Minard

Life changing experience

Andrew Stoffel

Here for the 2018 Minister's Conference. It has been very intense and full of revelation based on the Word of God!! Come here for a solid foundation, which is Jesus Christ. His Grace is sufficient for us, but for those who seek and find Him they must find Grace (Hebrews 4:16). Paul had to plead three times for the Lord to bestow His Grace upon him in II Corinthians 12:8-9.

Pat Lawrence

After attending Charis Raleigh/Durham part-time for 2 years, my husband and I transferred to the Woodland Park campus for our 2nd and 3rd years. We are so grateful God has allowed us to have this experience. The teaching, preaching, fellowship and ministry opportunities are second to none. Being nestled away in Woodland Park is amazing as well. The experience is life changing!

Linda Cole

CBC is an awesome bible college and all about the love of Jesus.

Mitchell Galloway

Charid Bible College is by far the greatest place in the world to learn, grow, and mature in revelation of Gods Grace. You can't put a price on how great the Charis experience is. It'll change your life!

Julia Kendrick

Come see how awesome this is!

Bear Tuba

Charis is the greatest experience of my life! God has spoken amazing things into my life! I highly recommend Charis if you are considering any kind of Bible College.

Gary Sanders

I love Charis Bible College! My wife and I have attended for the last 2.5 years and its definitely been life changing. Thank you Charis.


Hurray!! You've finished the big second building, Minister Wommack!! Praise the Lord! Congratulations! Very Awesome! I've studied online for some time with Charis. The Rockies are so beautiful!!

herman hudson

My wife and I were on financial fumes at the end of 2011 and my wife was with near death sickness...but we heard God call us to CBC. It is now almost 5 years later and her health has done a 180 and so have our finances! I thank Andrew Wommack for teaching the true's a life changer...and we know first hand!!!

Hunter Petrie

Charis Bible College has changed my life. The fellowship is contagious and the experience is insurmountable. I cannot put into words how life changing this school is. I have learned so much about my identity and attitude. The only way to fully understand is to attend it for yourself. The instructors are amazing and the teaching is REAL

Shonte Pearson

Lisa Heath

Watched his teachings and read lots of his books now doing his online course I find it the truth and it has helped me in my walk with God

Timothy Martin

Absolutely love it

Judy Joodie

This is an awesome place that the Lord is blessing along with everyone that sets foot on the beautiful property. I am so excited with what I have learned in the 1st year at Charis. 2nd year promises to be even better. What a way to jump start the next phase of my life. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Christina Rodriguez

Awesome God

Ben Johnson

Peggy Hansford

Joshua Villanueva

This college is absolutely phenominal with not only teaching the Word of God, but doing it with such a passionate drive that spreads across the student body. I made a seemingly non-sensical decision to go here, but a year and a half later, I have no regrets!

Suzanne Rhatigan

Charis is a wonderful place to learn about Grace and the love of Jesus. The teaching is fantastic! If you want to follow God's path and love people this is a great first step!

Larry Dowden

Awesome place to experience God at work in the lives of so many people. Honored to be a student at CBC.

Charissa Woodward

Charis is the best place to be! If you need to see change in your life, if you feel like you don't have a purpose for living, this review is for you! Charis will change how you see yourself, others, and God. You will come here and feel love like never before. Don't hesitate to come to Charis. If you have any thought to come to Charis, well that means you are meant to be here! The beauty of this college, you won't find anything like it ANYWHERE. This is where YOU belong!

Jennifer Wells

Nohe alberto Mendias

(Translated by Google) The best place to learn about the grace of God. (Original) El mejor lugar para aprender sobre la gracia de Dios.

Melisa Phillips

My husband and I attend Charis and it has just been amazing! The teachers here are top-notch. I am so glad I listened to the Lord when He told me to go here, it is life changing!

Gordon Hosbrook


Dennis Hall

Julia Snodgrass

This is Mary Marquez. I called this morning for prayer. Howard prayed for me. And I received my healing. As he prayed for me.Thank you Howard for your prayer. God is so good. Thank you for the preyer line. And most of all for all the teachings that Andrew teachings teach.

Alisha Clingan

Coming here was one of the best decisions in my life.

Emmanuel Gentle

The best bible college in the whole wide world. Because they use only the bible as their text book. I recommend this bible college if you want to study the bible.

Rachel Hay

A beautiful Bible College in the heart of Colorado .......the Word is taught with clarity and humility and this experience has been life changing.....if you want to find Gods purpose for your life come and experience Charis.....

Joey Williams


David Altermatt

The clearest teaching on the gospel message of God's grace (unconditional love and forgiveness) I have encountered since the "Jesus Movement" of the late 60s. If you want to understand how to live in the grace and love of God from the inside out this is the place. God is clearly moving thru Chairs.

cs modigliani

Went to this school years ago. It did change my life for the better as a whole and stretched my faith; however, this school also teaches half truths and personal dogma that may leave a Christian narrow minded and entrenched with one mans view of grace. It worked for Andrew is the usual saying around that school and while that is fact that won't mean that it will work for you. I'd say half of what Andrew teaches is absolute truth and the other half is rather worthless. This would be a great place to go for a Christian bible boot camp experience but is far from it's worth in tuition for a non accredited college. Just check out his website and get his teachings there. Unless you feel called

Gabriel Odonkor

God through Andrew Wommack has totally transformed my life


CBC has only gotten better since my husband and I attended back in 2003-5. We respected Andrew Wommack before we came and even more after we left. He is the real deal. And his teaching is awesome. He loves the Word and that's what He wants for us as the students--to LOVE THE WORD OF GOD. Jesus is the Word.

Martin Alargent

(Translated by Google) The most incredible place I have ever seen! Life changing education ... (Original) L'endroit le plus incroyable qu'il m'a été donné de voir ! Un enseignement qui change la vie...

James Lawrence

My wife and I transferred to Charis Bible College in Woodland Park Colorado from Charis Bible College Raleigh-Durham in NC after our first year. The Charis experience here on the Woodland park campus is amazing. The school has such an awesome faculty! Andrew Wommack has brought together the most talented bible teachers imaginable. If you think God has called you here, he did! It will change your life life. It has changed mine.

Drew Wilbur

This place changed my life. Nuff said.

Nhu P

God bless you Andrew Wommack and Charis Bible College. I hope one day I will be able to come and attend your class in person. Thank you for your strong dedication, integrity boldness and discipleship from here to the world. Praise Jesus.

Jolly Johnson

Ama Tamang

Liya Kh

I love this school, it has been a life changing experience to learn the truths of God here.

Sylvia Wells

Life-changing. And the best is yet to come!

Marissa McFarlane Lindsey

Matthew 28:18-20 18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. I Am Grateful for Charis Bible College

Kimberly L. Nicholson

Creating False Prophets. Beware of Samantha Cusimano. Student made me lose Christianity...forever!

Serj Nio

John Isley

Charis Bible College is life changing. The Word of God is taught with clarity, it's truly amazing!

Lynn Sanders

If you are looking for a sure foundation in the word of God and how to operate in God's grace with faith, Charis Bible College is most assuredly the place to be. Make an investment for your future and your family for generations to come by stepping away from man's way of doing things to God's way of doing things. There's wisdom, knowledge and understanding waiting for all through the revelation of God's word. The simplicity of grace and unlimited blessings God has for you without man's religion is just awesome. Praise God for Andrew and Jamie Wommack!

Skyler Oleson

Janeeta Niallharry

Geoff Powell

Want to visit and see The Sanctuary!

Bill McIntosh

Charis is a school where you will learn from long time ministers. You will be taught by teachers that had their boots on the ground. This school will change your life.

Jean Elizabeth Brown

Develop your relationship with the One who gave you His breath and life

Kyle Johns

Best place ever

Elijah Erickson

Charis Bible College has forever changed my life.

Martin Bert

Coming to Charis was simply the best decision of my life so far. Not for a single moment have I regretted it. The message is true and relevant, the instructors are amazing,the atmosphere can turn your worst mood to joy in minutes. The praise and worship is the best I've ever heard in person! This is an awesome place to become a real disciple of Jesus.

Roberta Smith-Woodson

When I started listening to Andrew Wommack, I began to see God in a different light. I was riding in my car with a co-worker and we were talking and someone had given her a CD. As I was driving, we were talking and both of us stopped speaking when we heard "if you're fat before you got saved you will be fat after you got saved". We started giving our full attention to what Andrew was saying. It was his Spirit, Soul and Body CD. When I got home, I immediately got on the Internet and googled Andrew Wommack. It was not so much about Andrew that got me drawn to the word of God it was and is how he's being used by God that allows you to become more interested in learning how to build a relationship with God and understand the word and what it does for you. You already God it.

Michael Ball

Erick Smith

The teaching of CHRIST BOLDLY IN TRUTH and not watered down, Thank you.

Ron Anselmo

My wife and I 3 years at Charis Bible College has transformed our life through the living Word. Ashley & Carlie, Daniel, Greg, Barry, Arthur, Happy, Our Wendell. Paul & Staff, Thank you Thank you Thank you. (Bible is the textbook of life) We will never be the same. Much love, Most of all Thank you Andrew & Jamie for hearing God and doing. If you hear God today just plan and go. Thats what we did hear and go. Never the same Love you, The Anselmo's

Lizzie Lahaina

It seems to be good for my sisters. I just wish it didn't make us family members who aren't part of the club feel like an outsider. Andy and Jamie are good people. If it works for you great.

Curtis Phillips

Teaching the unconditional love of God! Awesome!!

Tyler Scovell

Zachary Moore

Steve Shinn

Andrew Wommack has attracted an amazing group of Spirit led christians that are doing amazing things to spread the word of God around the world.

Jennifer Constantine

The thing that stands out to me about the people I have met that are affiliated with AWMI and Charis is that they demonstrate the love of Christ on a consistent basis. I've met some amazing people who have encouraged my faith, and made lifelong friends. I worked for the ministry (which was such a time of amazing growth for me) and I'm attending the college now. It makes me sad to see some of the negative reviews. While no one or institution is perfect, these folks really have God's heart concerning grace, truth, and love. My relationship with God and my understanding of the Bible has gotten so much better because of my decision to come here.

Marie Packard

Jarrod Plantenga

Charis is an unbelievable experience, the Bible is the text book for all the classes. The instructors are all amazing.


Anointed teachers sharing so many years of their Bible understanding and revelation. What a Blessing! Begin by taking advantage of 5 whole days of school, each term, freely given!

Eli Thomas Bane Martin

I'm a woodland park resident and also now a student at chairs bible college love the people from that school 5he always show love and never had I seen one judge another great people and it's not religious all Jesus message love that also

P. Boyd

Grace Message!!!

Raymond Carson

Love of God is in this place

Enos Weaver

Best place to be for any person any age! It is life changing! I am glad I made the decision to come to Charis Bible College!!

Eli Mae

This place is beautiful! Charis has changed my life and the people are so welcoming! Thank you for having such a wonderful place.


My husband was called to Charis before I was. I was called to Charis a few months after my husband. My first year was great. A foundation in the Bible. I'm now in second year, when we go on our mission trip. I'm nervous, but the classes we're taking, are already so amazing. Greg Mohr is probably my favorite, with Barry Bennett being my second favorite. Their teaching styles are amazing, and make it impossible to fal asleep!

Natalie Perigo

Best place on earth to be! Charis has blessed me beyond belief and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! If you are wondering about coming to Charis, look further into it! You are looking for a purpose and God wants to guide you and build you up! He loves you right now where you are! Follow where he guides!

Kerry Gill

Charis Bible College is unique - the Bible is the only textbook you need! The faculty are all excellent experienced teachers and mentors, and not only that, more importantly God will change you from the inside out as you sit under the word - it's effortless change, Praise God!

Derek Cook

It is amazing to be in the Charis bible college atmosphere Monday through Friday for four hours every morning. This one aspect alone is life changing not to mention the countless other treasures that this school offers.


Beautiful place and church

Jessica Izumi Ka'iulani McGarry

Caleb Braun

Charis Bible College has changed my life! It has been such a heart changing experience for me. I used to be highly self centered. God used the Word taught at Charis to help me to love people again. Thank you Charis! P.S. The staff and faculty are amazing!

Colter Law Group

Literally one of my favorite places on Earth. My hand was healed during worship. The teaching is solid. We always enjoy visiting.

Sharon Stark

Choosing to come to Charis Bible College is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I love this school. You will receive great teaching from the Word of God while being in an amazing environment!

Aram Pajian

Do it.

Karen Cintron

Becca Benton

Attending this college has far exceeded all hopes and expectations I had coming here. The LORD is present and His Spirit rests upon this school and everyone in it! Also, their Heart of Christmas play was phenomenal, and I greatly look forward to seeing their other productions!

Shaun Hackler

christine roland

Dearest Andrew Wommack, I can't tell you enough how you have changed my life, I have been listening to you teach on tv and online for the last year and a half, I have never felt so much joy in all my life. I have been going to a Pentecostal church since 2005, I was filled with the Holy Ghost for three straight hours in the middle of the night in 2010, it was AWESOME!, but in the past seven years my church has made me to feel like i was never good enough, always a sinner, no joy, they never could get me into a dress, just so depressed and confused, they didn't even share in my joy of being filled, I don't even think they believed me, but then I saw you Andrew on tv, and now it's a personal joy to pray in the spirit, and get fired up. I have signed up for all your events in November, I can" wait to shake your hand!, Thank You Andrew Wommack, Your awesome!, I'm Christine Roland

Gayl Elliott

Greg Nichols

cynthia hughes

Attending Charis Bible College is like a dream I never want to wake up from. A place where everyday is Sunday (a day set-aside for all day worship and nothing more)

Tabitha Roberts


Bill G

This school is LIFE changing. I was one of those that said "What can these folks teach me?" Well I found out - They are teaching me all sorts of new stuff, but more importantly, they are correcting all sorts of errors that I didn't realize were there. I highly recommend that you seriously consider Charis to continue your spiritual quest for God's Truth in your life.

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