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REVIEWS OF University of Southern California IN California

Tracey Hughes

best university in the USA.A beautiful campus with a lot of statues, fountains, sitting areas, and grassy areas to relax in.The University of Southern California is a great site to visit

Kurtis Baylor

A Knowledgeable affair!

Richard Baal

The campus is nice inside but it looks like prison from outside because its in the ghetto parts of LA

Christopher Victoria

University of South Central LA best school in LA

Derrick Ellison

USC is one of the best schools in the country for a reason. It's much better than the winey wimps of UCLA who like to leave crappy reviews because they know they are inferior to USC. Look at the alumni USC has produced. It is amazing. You come here for an education and you are part of something greater than yourself.


Not a legit university people - univ of phoenix is more legit! Pay to Play

Larry Stouch

I go to the Thornton School of Music student recitals. The Jeanette MacDonald Recital Hall has the best sound. Students all are as professional as professional singers one would pay big $$ for.

kleanti hoxha

university of los angelos its good because the tixher is a good people study in los angelos have you sucssed

E Trejo

Good restaurants on campus.

Lyle McCullough

USC..."University of Spoiled Children". Why in the world would any rich celebrity pay $500,000 to cheat their kids into this school? Are their kids that stupid? I don't get it. This school is in a very sketchy area of Los Angeles.

Daniel Neuhold

Wonderful place to meet new people, gather knowledge and to get a degree that's worthwhile. Highly recommend it.


It is the best school ever the football team is one of the best team I have ever seen. Would recommend to anybody looking for a good college. The teachers there are nice don't push too much. Go if you are looking for college that won't fail you.

Kimberly Rodgers

Great University- Big Up to the Trojan family

Julio Villatoro

Great school. I love it. Fight On! One of the best school in the US.

Geovanni Padlla

USC one of the great places to enjoy great buildings design s


dude imagine if you went to college like a couple blocks away from E3 thatd be pretty sweet

Chaoran Yu

USC has a beautiful campus. I love the red color of it's buildings. They have a world renowned film school, engineering is also super good. Proximity to downtown LA gives students plenty of entertainment options.

Dan Sir

Don’t go here! This place has a “believe all women” policy. Someone accuses you wrongly, you’ll be expelled. What a hassle. Pick a better school that will respect you.

Peter J Malandrinos

This campus is huge and throws some of the best parties to man!!

Ankit N

Best uni in california for international students

Elijah Johnson

Sweet place

Iwari DeWees

Best School Ever! With the Greatest Marching Band in the history of the Universe! Fight on!

queen princess julie chilelli 3239473759

You have been voice recognized sending audio to unpaid reporter real queen employees at usc involved in hostage taking or hostages telling hostage to say tell Julie because your old

Timmy Luo

USC is one of the greatest campus in academic, atheletics and social affairs worldwide! The campus stays away from the crowded downtown L.A. Nevertheless, USC is more likely a school for that notabilities or the ascendents of those weathiest people!

George Bellen

Per an article issued on 10 April 2019 in Page Six, USC won’t allow Lori Loughlin‘s two daughters to drop out of school despite allegations their rich parents bribed the girls’ way into getting there. This shows USC’s complete lack of integrity and sets a very poor precedent. These cheaters need to be expelled and replaced with honest and capable students who’ve actually meet the grade. Is USC so money motivated that they’ve lost complete sense of pride?

Karen Alvarenga

People are so nice when you walk by and very helpful! It can be expensive but if you apply you will have an amazing experience going to this school! I guarantee it! :)

Rushay Booysen

I love this campus, you can easily get lost but its a beauty to get lost in. Early morning walks around the campus is refreshing.

Kalyan R

The campus is beautiful, a good place to walk, there are also good attractions around, it is worth visiting. Red brick buildings are also very special and very beautiful. If you are tired, you can take a rest and look at the scenery near the fountain.

Luka Zubac

full of rubbish!

Paulina Moore

Great College! Love the majors and clean campus! 5 stars rating!

Shubham Kulkarni

USC Code Camp was amazing. The campus as a whole is 4 stars though. It is a great campus but the location is pretty unsafe. Always park in the garage.

Colin Crawley

I'm only a freshmen in high school, but I'm already looking into universities to attend. Among my list lies USC, school of cinematic arts- where I hope to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in writing for screen and television, that is if I attend. Strongly recommend considering this as I do, though!

Vivek Pandey

Reading in this university is a dream, and I have to fulfill this dream

Victorree Lett

This place is great my dad worked here as a art teacher.

James Lee

USC is involved in allegations that it has in the past and currently have students on their campus that do not deserve to be there. The parents bribed multiple people in and out of USC to allow their students admission. Right when the story broke I hear crickets from USC. As soon as the allegations and arrests were made I expected USC to put out a statement that they will get to the bottom of the matter and what their plan of action would be for those students still enrolled falsely in the school.

Ozy Mandais

I only paid for it ... turned out to be the best investment ever. If you can afford it GO for it. Quality Education. Great alumni association.

Alberto K


Terrell Woods

FIGHT ON! College life is a bit different here than most other colleges. With so much to do off campus sometimes on weekends the Universities here can be a bit quiet. Go on a Saturday during Football season or during the week while class is in session

bob vance

Large campus. Like the design and layout. The ambassadors will point you in the right direction if you get lost. Fight on

Kaden Tamulevicz

I wish they gave out happy meals at lunch.

Cy Husain

YES I am well aware of the fact that USC has a top notch reputation and, wealthy alumni that give them $millions every year but, do consider the location. *Beyond a single block radius of the campus is some of the most dangerous places in all of Los Angeles!* More than a few students have been killed in recent years in assaults and robberies in the area. The Metro Expo which has a convenient stop at USC can easily take you to the best parts of LA but, keep in mind that you will be sharing the ride with the most dangerous gang members from South LA. Recall the murders of Ming Qu (male) and Ying Wu (female) on April 11, 2012? The two Chinese 23 year old graduate students studying electrical engineering were shot to death after sitting in their car parked a few blocks outside of the University of Southern California (USC). The LAPD traced a cell phone taken by the worthless scum perpetrators from the scene of the shooting that led to the arrest of Bryan Barnes and Javier Bolden who were living near by USC. Both Bolden and Barnes were also charged with attempted murder in an unrelated shooting of some other students (non-USC) in December 2011, which left a young woman seriously wounded and a man paralyzed. There was also the beating death of a USC graduate student Xinran Ji on July 24th 2014, an engineering student from China who had been walking home from a study group when he was attacked in the middle of the night. The whole entire area surrounding University of Southern California's campus is an urban jungle, low income - high drug use community that has a historically high crime rate which includes preying on students. YES most of them are USC football fans but, that's because they are like USC alumni OJ Simpson when it comes to taking human life! The University has always misrepresented their security capabilities, covered up numerous crimes against students in the area (assaults, robberies and, rapes) and, downplayed the serious threat posed in the area. *Please students, consider UCLA or even Cal State LA, it's far safer and the people are much nicer!*

William Dencker

I will go here to obtain friends through conversation and socializing effectively. I have high hopes that I will have ones to converse with, thank you for reading this critical review in my lifespan. I may be 4 but I believe I can get into this school by the age of 9 easily.

tangi mosley

i want to go to college in la is it a good school?

Lukas Czarnota

Way better than UCLA

virginia killebrew

Driving through the area today and noticed the constructions the buildings are just beautiful they are such doing a beautiful their job there

Ambar Pal

I had a great great time here. The campus is quite intricately made, with all the carvings on the walls and the architecture. The Trojan spirit captivates you are you roam around the campus. There is a huge football field, and also running tracks, swimming pools. The Doheny Library is one of a kind of it's own. Overall, this is an amazing place to be.

Re Vg

Grande campus, multicultural e organizada! Assisti ao Street league Skateboard organizada pela Nike no ano de 2017! Adorei!!!! Great campus, multicultural and organized! I watched the Street league Skateboard organized by Nike in the year 2017! I loved it!!!!

darvell fantastic

Let's say there not nice to the public are to the rules of policy for Visiting to see are walk in even if you work with the school. The students an police security lilke to do bad pranks on the public people to get them kick out . I went today in rain day just walk around an play games on my phone at the time of 4pm . I get stop on my way out the school somebody make a call saying i was walk in the building . When i didn't even go in one building , i just walk inside to the other side . The police security dont follow policy rules an not only that i have heard about this type of act more then 100 times an from black people an Latino people . I but that what stop me from coming to see USC.. they need to respect the public an the policy rules.. They try treat you like off House Party 2 the movie witch was film at USC .

Nemish Kanwar

The campus is beautiful. At night, it's bustling with students, and it feels like a happening place. The architecture is classic vintage style. It has many libraries and good structures to gawk at. The place is amazing from an eye of a tourist. Loved it♥️♥️

Jade Seaberry

Great University, beautiful campus

Oleksandr T

Best Alma Mater Ever!

Juan Garcia

Had fun with friends

Capt Sir

So can I bribe my way in here? I have plenty of goats and emu in exchange. Typical corrupt California. A worthless state that serves no purpose.

Kyle Bradley

A disgusting cesspool of slime and SJW garbage, where men are assumed as abusers and women are told they don't know what they are talking about if they defend them. This school is trash in every sense and needs to be defunded immediately. Social justice movements are cancer and the Chemo is truth and logic.

Jeremy Zhang

Proud to be an undergrad here at USC and Fight On !

Vincenzo Zaccaro

The best University I have ever seen! Fight on!


You need to have the big wallet to study at the University of Southern California. I visited this university two times and it was simply wonderful. Indeed, buildings, gardens, fountains, and status were really beautiful, but all of these have a cost, so the tuition fees are high and unfortunately this school is not for the poor.


USC is one of most memorable places in my life. My father was a professor of the univ about 30yrs ago, and our family had stayed in an apartment near USC. Now,I meet some students from the univ in Kyoto, and I always feel them all good people.


They except bribes and then increase the tuition for everyone else :(

Gail Timm

I never had the opportunity to go there, but my nephew's both went there. It's a fine college. They both graduated with honors and have good jobs.

Daler Asrorov

USC is growing and expanding with an amazing speed. I will not be surprised if by the end of 2020 this school becomes top 10. I loved my time here as an undergrad. This place not only showed me how to challenge myself in the most efficient way but become social as well. This is kind of place where you find balance and it will motivate you to become a well rounded and healthy person. I would never trade my time here for anything. Fight on!

Syd C

Planning on heading to USC, I love the campus, it's beautiful! A few more years and I'll be heading there soon.


The school is incredible, the campus is amazing. Why the 4 stars? It’s the student dentist that offer service here it’s cheap and it’s not worth it. Go somewhere els. There’s not a single thing that I hate about this place just the dentist service. The entire environment is incredible.

Mukesh Chavda

Loved it

Josh Escobedo

The fact that they have a separate commencement ceremony for Bovard College (their online department of professional masters programs) is extremely disrespectful to Bovard students. Harvard has a school just like Bovard with professional masters degrees, and yet does not exclude their students from the Harvard’s commencement. I was thinking about applying to Bovard but I’m spending almost 50k on a masters degree I don’t want to feel shamed and excluded from the grand commencement.

James P

Best university in the land! Proud alum (c/o '91 ), go Trojans!

natalie saavedra

Great school! Offers may scholarships and is a well-kept campus!

Jonathan P

Beautiful school, kind of costly though on the downside. Just have to work your way up the ladder to get there!

Ajay Nagarajan

The college has a good infrastructure and from the official site I believe that the quality of studies will be good. My aim is to join the college although I am an Indian.

Yueying Zhou

It would be 5 stars if it’s cheaper

Zhou YU

I love USC. It has a well-designed campus, which is easy to navigate. There are full of architectural gems on campus. Designers have used a coherent design language connecting the buildings of different eras. Education is superb. Teachers are very caring. If I have some concerns, it is about the safety of nearby areas. Despite these issues, I love USC all in all.

Bogi Mecsei

best university in the USA

Steven Ybarra

As a graduate of the gould school of law I can say no school is better.


Fantastic school in an unfortunately "ghetto" area. Had a great time visiting the campus after last year was up. Lots of good energy all about the halls.

Amanda Walker

My brother attends this university, its been working out very well for him. We have been seeing much improvement's

Jake Eff

Fake school. Fake sports the PAC12 lawyer changes referee calls for. Fake students who bribe their way in. Horrible in every possible way. And it's in the ghetto too.

Ricardo Seah

Large and beautiful campus. Great architecture and design

S.A. Shivram

I visited the University once. Its atmosphere is good. Closely spaced buildings. Near the downtown. Cost of living is pretty high though!

Gabriela Mendoza

The best experience of my life! Great engineering school and amazing tools and resources for students

Cupcake Snake

So this is where the obnoxious douchebags w/ money cheated their way to party, I mean study.

Reza I

Great teachers, clean grounds and all the amenities you'd expect from an excellent university

Zejun Liu

Got my MS in computer science from USC. I had great memory there!

Roman Carmona

Beautiful campus

Deborah Daniel

USC is not a pay-to-enter school as many would like to believe; they do reward hard work. This school gave my daughter an opportunity, when I didn't have a dime to my name. She graduates soon. I give God all the glory for such a blessing, and also appreciate this great school. In spite of perceived negativity, USC continues to be No.1 in giving the most under-represented minority students a chance. It's second to none when it comes to diversity. Fight On!

Lina Suma

Amazing school. I was a foreign student a few years back and I cannot rave enough how their program gave me the skills and resources to exceed in my financial career. Classes are definitely not easy, but the stress and late nights are all worth it. Fight on!

Yu Jiang

Nice university, met great classmates and wonderful professors and faculties, the campus is very beautiful, interesting campus culture, definitely enjoy the study life here for two years long.

Not Not

Lol Aunt Becky got arrested for this liberal hellscape? Pathetic!

Kaitlyn Ting Nuan Wong

The most beautiful place on the world!

Kevin Carr

A beautiful campus with a lot of statues, fountains, sitting areas, and grassy areas to relax university in the USA .Great place.

Mike Lancer

You can pay $500k and you get in! I love how this school is pay to enter. Where can I write a cool half mill check to get my daughter in? I'll update my review once Olivia Jade is expelled. <3

Timothy Sherlock

The campus is beautiful, a good place to walk, there are also good attractions around, it is worth visiting. Red brick buildings are also very special and very beautiful. If you are tired, you can take a rest and look at the scenery near the fountain.

Jovanni B

It's in South Central so it's pretty ghetto once you take a step outside. Don't let the pamphlet fool you.

Ethan Parker

World class campus and university. Glad to see the few bad weeds in the university have been ousted in the last year or so

Emily Lam

Very nicely groomed school with historic buildings and monuments. The school is locked down at night so it might be hard to find your way out.

Dilcia Enamorado

USC is an amazing place to visit, going around stores near and walking is a great experience.

Scarlett Katherine

Don’t know why anyone would even want to be part of a University that would undermine hard working individuals and instead reward spoiled brats with enough money to pay their way in. Disgusting and repulsive. No University that partakes in such behavior should even be respected! INEQUALITY at its finest.

Ijaz Bloach

The University of Southern California (USCor SC) is a private research university in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1880, it is the oldest private research university in California. For the 2018–19 academic year, there were 20,000 students enrolled in four-year undergraduate programs. USC also has 27,500 graduate and professional students in a number of different programs, including business, law, engineering, social work, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and medicine. It is the largest private employer in the city of Los Angeles, and generates $8 billion in economic impact on Los Angeles and California.

George Kimbill

Went here years ago, best school here. Showed me how the world will work with socialism as well!

Sam Lee

Didn’t go there. But this is the most scandal plagued school in America. I scrolled down to look at few other comments and already I saw three talking about the exact same things - “statues, fountains, and glassy sitting areas...” Did they pay someone to write positive reviews? Or their fans repeat fake 5-star reviews here? Doesn’t seem like honesty is highly valued at this place.

Greycion Blanchard

great place my 7 year old happy meal ordered four children and it was great!


I love how they embrace diversity. Everyone on campus is so welcoming and fun. Pleanty of my cousins have attended this university and they love it.

Jessica Gestahl

I just came here to visit my sister and the first thing I saw was a guy beating up girl. I don’t like this and I do not want to represent the school or a place where I see such things. I told my sister about this she was very very disgusted I hope to report this to the police or the higher ups so no body hurts another person again.

Flor Lopez

I want to see if I could take some classes on breast cancer

James DeCarli

As an Alumni the campus is also beautiful.

vadi velu

Wowwww it is looking great

John Scampos

Great school and nice challenging education, the only thing I wish is the school would do more in the surrounding area to help improve it and offer jobs to local residents to help them improve their lives.

Patrick Davidson

Don't look at the price, just eat that frog and dive in. Best experience of my life and remember, you only love once.

Jacob Estrada

I had a great great time here.

Nolan K0557

10/10 Excellent crew team

iWoody Rose

Love it here. Every year we attend the La Times Book Fair.

Emilia Brasier

I will preface this to say this is not about the campus or actual programs. However I wanted to look up information about a program and in order to see it I had to put in a phone number. They have called me incessantly ever since. Up tob5 times a day. I asked them to stop calling, they said ok and kept calling. This makea me want to disregard them as an option for schooling bwcause it is so annoying. Bothering someone is not the best way to try and get someone to attend your school.

Shubham Gupta

Just Amazingly built buildings.. USC culture... And the campus is always lively!

Nick Simon

I visited the school. It's a great school with passionate faculty and dedicated students. Hope I can go here someday.

Not Kyle

Mehhhhh Not So Great

Bobbie McDon

This a fantastic university! I sent my skinny daughter here and she said she got knocked up quite a lot! I think it means she was boxing. Anyways she became friends with this Olivia girl and they hung out a lot! Turns out this Olivia girl’s parents bought her a place in college! I was so close to doing that but instead I just payed someone to change my skinny daughters SAT answers! Jk! Anyways great school with a lot of ghetto sh*t goin on!

Mike Wallich

Hardest working landscaping staff keep the grounds immaculate and beautiful. One of the prettiest, cleanest campuses around despite being one of the busiest with a huge student population and open campus.

Andreas Aristidou

A beautiful campus with a Romanesque revival architecture. Makes for a unique scholarly - progressive - modern look. During school season the campus is bursting with life in every corner, while during the summer and off-seasons it is quiet and tranquil. It's not a massive campus but not small either. It takes 10-15 minutes to walk from side to side. Restaurants, cafes and other food and drink places are all around campus, with 3-4 starbucks cafes in and around the campus. The new construction of the USC village has made such a positive contribution to the whole ambience of the campus. Unfortunately, the surrounding area, while improving, is still not the best.

handbag designer

Wonderful campus we love the fact it's right off expoline & it's a beautiful campus.

Mary Raphael George

My son would love to go here and I would love for it too. I think their majors are great and the campus is lovely...academic and upbeat. Employees are very nice and helpful. I received some very valuable information when my son did the tour here. Not only from the student guide but also the admission officer. It was a great tour and I encourage my son almost daily to care about his GPA so he can go here.

ivan lyapunov

The University of Southern California is the oldest private research university on the West Coast of the United States, a world-renowned institution of higher learning, located in Los Angeles, California, 1880 Founded by the Supervisory Board, a member of the American Association of Universities (AAU) and a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance.

Steven Esquivel

I question the integrity and honesty of the college admissions process at USC.

Yang Li

I had a really good time at USC. I got my Masters in Math here. USC is absolutely one of the best academically. The security situation around the campus is getting a lot better in the past two years.

Julio Rezende

USC presents a beautiful architecture. It is a hotspot of innovation and creativity.

Sagar Lakhani

5-STAR RECOMMENDATION: The University of Southern California (abbreviated "USC") is a great site to visit (not to mention a top-notch educational institution)! I would highly recommend anyone visiting the city of Los Angeles to explore the sights and sounds of a bustling research university.

Yolanda Turco

I took public transportation here and there is no bus bench,not wheelchair accessible,no restroom at stop however if u get in the building they do have everything inside there elevators,air conditioning,drinking water,restrooms however there is no bustop in which a disabled person would make it up to bld no ramp etc

Teresa DeCrescenzo

I graduated from USC many years ago, taught there in the 80s and am back teaching there this semester. Loved the school as a student, love it as an instructor, but I am HUMILIATED by seeing OJ Simpson's photo as representing notable USC alumni. Whose bright idea was that? Get rid of it, PLEASE!

Vanessa Diaz

Wonderful experience was provided by USC and Gilder Lehrman Institute! Thank you for giving teachers from across the country an amazing experience.

Gabriel Palafox [STUDENT]

i weros good school j0b goos

Adriant Sanchez

The University of Southern California sent Lou Armstrong to the moon. One small step for man, one huge step for mankind. Too many grand names come out of USC, whose motto is "Fight On." Too much history. Success stories. Top education. In the heart of Los Angeles.

Tung Randy

Good vibe here. It can be everyone's dream school.


USC is one of the top research universities in the nation with an acceptance rate of mere 16.5% and average unweighted GPA as high as 3.8+. Faculty and students encountered here are friendly, unlike the ones from the other school in town.

Cara Ramos

Our oldest child finished here. Thanks for your help great college

Alberto Carbonell Gallo

I feel like a rape person, don"t know who did it? I am a cancer patience at USC Keck Hospital were I have numerous procedures and lost organs to cancer, very please up to then, but It is being since 03/13/18 I was Schedule for Endoscopy of my liver and stomach with Dr. Ara Sahakian ???? I got to know him by name ON PAPER WORK Arrive and was waiting in my room for the normal introduction Intern, Anesthesiology, NO DOCTOR, was inform that he was on his way Transport to room of procedures... Was prep by nurses and anesthesiologist NO DOCTOR. IN VIEW STILL or INTRODUCTION Was inform of pain or discomfort by anesthesia NO DOCTOR IN VIEW STILL or INTRODUCTION Was out and wake up in my room NO DOCTOR to explain what was Pro Form or Interm Got release NO DOCTOR IN VIEW On 03//23/18 got a call with results By Helen LEE ??? I express my concern, she apologize (RPN) Pui Y Nip ??? info on prescription NO DOCTOR Every procedure I have at USC KECK and results were deliver by the same Dr's. Has bother me that DR. ARA SAHAKIAN, did not introduce him self before procedure or took his time to deliver the results. Feels like I being profile by my surname (NO important person) Since he did not Pro Form procedure, that is why he did not deliver result Or WHO? Pro Form the procedure????? Sincerely Alberto Carbonell Cancer Patiente

Jeannette G.

I love this place. It was my home for four years of undergrad and three years of grad school. Many experiences were had here. It is a great place to meet diverse people and well get educated too. I always go back to help whenever I can, because they were so generous with me. Parking suggestion - make an online reservation. Best time to appreciate/discover campus - summer, when students are gone. Best time to feel the college vibe - Fall semester during football season Fight On!!

Anthony Alvarez

A beautiful campus with a lot of statues, fountains, sitting areas, and grassy areas to relax in. A lot of good shopping around the area too. And right across the street from the Rose Garden and Science Center and Museums for more to do.

Do you See any ?

Great school

Saris Sirius

Yo... Clean the damn bathrooms... especially the Men's Restrooms... Theres always some guys there tricking and leaving behind their mess...

Greg Lucas

Incredible campus, some amazing professors, crazy expensive, left of center politics, & not located in the best part of Los Angeles.

Larry Sayler

Watching their football team ??? Just how effective is Swan or what's his name football coach? Is this really what we can expect? Certainly leaves a lot to be desired. L

Shahid 03

I visited that Beautiful Place. its a good educational university.its location was awesome

khoa dang

I'm a low income student who got rejected from every UC schools because of my past horrendous academic performance. I got mature and rebuilt my academics via a community college. USC took me in based on my most current academic merit and gave me the best quality education anyone could ask for. I got to build and launch rockets into space and socialize with NASA engineers. Coming up with new ideas and prototyping it using 3D printers for free is a new normal. Learning how to operate complex CNC machines in my free time is nothing new. Most importantly, I made lifelong friends and fond memories at USC i.e game days, all-nighter stress before project deadlines etc. Now I'm moving on to my new job as a professional engineer. But USC will forever be a place where I created some of the best memories of my life. Fight On! P.S: If you do not go to USC, you will never understand what makes USC students tick.

Ta'Niya Taylor

The best school ever and this is coming a 12 year old, who hadn’t even finished 7th grade yet.

Ken and Alicia Lund

One of the most beautiful urban campuses in the United States.

Monica Lizarraga

Great Professors overall! Love the campus! If you are a business major pursuing a Masters Degree, highly recommend the Marshall School of Business.

Captain Quyết

dinosaur games multiplayer of Rapperkey is so much fun and my high score is 790 when i last played

Mario Beltran

Is to be seen in person, soon tnx.

Virginia D. Carson

Great University.The most beautiful place on the world!University of South Central LA best school in LA.

Carrick Coakley

far superior to the local dumping grounds of ucla

Jaktong wan

Great place

Andres Meluso

Be aware if you are sending your kid here. The school and faculty has been infiltrated by anarchists and marxists. Already some professors like Mr. Moore are quitting because no one wants to work in a toxic and authoritarian environment.

Longyao Xu

It is the best university in my heart, Fight on!

Nano Lancet

Beautiful campus.


What a cool school. The tradition, the epic campus, the commitment to being a beacon of higher learning, just everything. If you can afford to go here or send your kids here do it! Want to have notch up and be part of a club that only a few know about then no choice but SC.

Cali Dreamer

A dream, best school in America.

Marty HDZ

Absolutely, an amazing campus and especially the community. It was a pleasure watching the football and we surely enjoyed it. My son Manny and I will always appreciate the opportunity we had to walk around the campus and enjoy the awesome tailgating experience. From the South Texas to Southern California! We loved it!

Taeho Mo

If you are rich you can go to this school. I did

Silvia Clark

Awesome place and nice school! I like to visit although im not a student in this school unfortunately. Feel's like in Hogwarts!

stanley wu

This are very nice.


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