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REVIEWS OF University of California, Los Angeles IN California

Jane Rhree

One of my favorite campuses :)

Google Name

Janet Napolitano, a former Obama admin official and the University of California's system president, criticized Trump's free speech executive order. The order comes after conservative Hayden Williams got punched on UC Berkeley's campus.

Cohen Horrell

Oh yeah i spent 10 million dollars on a grass cutting scholarship

Lucen Li

Sunny hilly campus all year around. Very nice views, brilliant faculties and students.

John Schmidt

Some of the best years of my life were being a film student at UCLA ('78). Proud to be a Bruin for life.

Ji He

Was visiting here a long time ago. Still remember the gorgeous campus.

Sammy Garjune

Great School. I got my business degree there.

Piyush Parajiya

Wish I could study here, guys apply to UCLA today if your planning on studying abroad. It’s a great university with everything state of the art that students need. Campus is huge with even bigger classy buildings and class rooms. Very safe to be in the campus and very friendly staff.

boo bay

Very good place.

Jayla and Nena

It seems like a very great colloge and I am planning to go the in 2025 for the gymnastics team

Archit Ojha

This university is a delightful place to be at. Surrounded by many buildings, consisting of tons of departments, the area is huge. A fountain at the centre of the institute provides serenity. There are a lot of activities going on by the students which is fun to watch. Introductory tours are provided for the courses.


Very big and modest school

Francis Allotey Jr.

I'm 13 years old but I can already tell that UCLA is my dream college. I really like their medical program and their academic activities. I am keeping my grades high so that one day I will accomplish my dream and attend this amazing school!

Edwin Quijada

UCLA is celebrating one hundred years, the university has an important place in the greater City of Los Angeles history. The 419-acre campus is wonderful with great architecture, the buildings are truly a great work of art...picturesque. The university is located near by the Santa Monica Mountains and only a few miles away from the Pacific Ocean. UCLA is one of the best public universities in the world also alumni and faculty have a high prestige in the world thanks to the many awards obtained over the years. The Bruins basketball team has won a record of 11 NCAA titles.

Shan Guo

famous campus in LA


Marvelous... And road to UCLA from mountain view too is awesome

Jia Pei Wu

Beautiful campus. The buildings are surrounded by trees.

Nikita Lukyanenko

UCLA is #1 public university in the country and one to the best universities in the world. This university goes just beyond academics I dont think any other university can offer you as good of the education, social scene, research opportunities and activities to do. It a an amazing place that you can truly understand only by attending it. It's hard to explain why it's so good, you just ahe v to experience it to understand the true value of thsi school. I chooses it over Berkley&USC and will do it again!

Brian Stanley

One of the most memorable , life-affirming 5 years of my lifetime. God bless Ucla

Jason Mondragon

Absolutely Amazing Campus! Even though the classes are lagging behind the real development of the world.

Raul Ramirez

Consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the world. Much to offer any student.

Olivia Fox

Great place to study

queen princess julie chilelli 3239473759

You have been voice recognized as sending audio to the unpaid reporter real princess queen by dart gun saying the words your old it is illegal to dart gun my body also u block my review

Andrea Garcia


Timmy Luo

Gorgeous building with a pretty looking campus!

Talya Gustave

Beautiful Campus

Allen Liang

This is my dream college. I visited the campus before and it looks super nice. I really want to go to this college in the future.


UCLA is vibrant/amazing. The "institution" captures you because it'll challenge you beyond and above your limitations, and it captivates your heart because it embodies wisdom and commands respect.

jon chua

Best public university in the world! I enjoyed my time here, and I would recommend this academic institution to anyone fortunate enough to be offered enrollment. The weather is ALWAYS excellent, and as a walking campus, it gets you in shape.

sam yoon

World class education, atmosphere, dining hall, people, and just about everything else. In sum, UCLA is a world class university.

Luka Zubac

Go UCLA go!

Ke'mari Jackson

great basketball team and better than duke lol usc are bums basketball team! i visited there last year i might go there i want to be in the nba

Anna Bergeron

best place ever, people at UCLA are very spirited and passionate.

Josh Barker

Good place to expand your mind and eat psychedelics with your mates as u watch rick n Morty while you crack open some whip its.

Tyler Baillie

Best school ever

Philip Golden

Great place to re-visit after graduating years ago. Vibrant, always expanding, etc. My fave review here is the one in which the guy bags UCLA, and in process commits about 15 grammar and spelling errors. Duh.

Phillis Swofte

Would go if I could get in


UCLA is a good public school. The school looks nice, and even though I feel like I'm taking a hike whenever I'm coming back from classes, it's good exercise. I think it's what helped me avoid Freshmen 15 lol.

arun dhobale


Sal Shuraim

The best uni in the world. Love the recreation centre.

Christian Perez

Only the best place on earth. You've got state of the art facilities with awesome professors and tons of opportunities if you're a student here. If you're just a visitor, you best visit the sculpture garden, botanical garden, and see Royce and Powell. If you know someone who goes there, please have them swipe you into the dining halls, no other school can compare.

Me Me

Great place

Marina Jurić

University of California, Los Angeles is the best university ever.

thomas rodrian

One of my responsibilities while working for Intel Corporation was on-campus recruiting. Sometimes, this responsibility was very interesting meeting students who wanted to get started on their chosen field. Most of the students at UCLA were excited about their future and were a joy to interview.

Mr GlowPro

I was studying here in high school it's a cool school I played in their basketball team though

Harsha Manojrawihara

University of California, Los Angeles; i like &,I love this university, and I've come to a great place because I studied at this university!

Independent Journalist

......Innocent animals are being tortured and abused by "teachers" and "students" at this so-called "school".

Allan Suwito

Truly a unique experience here. Not only is it world renowned for academics, but the student culture here is amazing as well. Many great and interesting people to be met here, and there is a very strong philanthropic sense and social justice tendencies here. Genuinely a unique experience to be had.

David Hoshour

UCLA was the most challenging years of my life. There is constant pressure to compete. Your professors and peers will bring out the best in you and you will realize what you are capable of here. At first I was intimidated, then later I developed a bring it on attitude. I am a proud Bruin class of 2016!

Keith Lee

one of the best campuses in the world.

Shihho Yu

Beautiful campus with elegant red brick buildings. Can see many squirrels. There is a long walkway where many students were promoting their organizations or fraternity. They even have a 24/7 library where is many students' home.

Ratish Narayanan

Wish I could study here, guys apply to UCLA today if your planning on studying abroad. It’s a great university with everything state of the art that students need. Campus is huge with even bigger classy buildings and class rooms. Very safe to be in the campus and very friendly staff.

Antoine Calon

One of the best university and most beautiful campus ever !

Jerry Zhou

I'm very fortunate to have UCLA as my alma mater. It is one of the most beautiful schools and the professors are some of the top in their fields. During my four year experience as an undergraduate, UCLA offered the perfect mix of competition, hard work, and fun. Undergraduate studies serves as the bridge between the comfortable bubble of childhood to the reality of society. When I graduated from high school, I had the sense that school was an easy breeze. This perception was strongly dismantled as I entered my first quarter in UCLA. I discovered my passion for photography and film at UCLA. Having access to this beautiful campus is a blessing. The plaza between Royce Hall and Powell Library is one of the best places to take pictures. Overall, the journey has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. UCLA has done a fantastic job prepping me for the future.

Amanda Jones

UCLA Woman's Tennis is the Best! GO TERRI!

Manjot Rai

Amazing architecture but too much traffic.

Mathias Le Lay

This public university is so unique in California, facilities are very good and the overall atmosphere inside the campus is great.

Joe Huang

Love my school!


Overrated and overblown university that is out of touch with today's reality. Many UCLA students and staff here feel very entitled when they shouldn't. Others feel like they are above the law and everyone else like the three Bruin basketball players who were charged for shoplifting in China. This school is very greedy, and doesn't mind increasing their tuition, fees, and other costs at the student's expense while at the same time increasing the salaries of their staff. Also, they love rich foreign students because many end up paying a lot of money while they go here, to the point that nationals have a hard time. Also, the school has outgrown Westwood, to the point that student housing is an issue and streets are in poor condition and buildings are an eye sore, so it should really look forward to moving its campus somewhere else!

Mohammed Shahin

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),is a public research university in Los Angeles. It became the Southern Branch of the University of California in 1919, making it the fourth-oldest (after UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and UC Davis) of the 10-campus University of California system.It offers 337 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines.UCLA enrolls about 31,000 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students,and had 119,000 applicants for Fall 2016, including transfer applicants, making the school the most applied-to of any American university.

Hussien Aalamy

It is very spacious with a lot of greenery even if ur not a student it is a nice place to go ti

Luke David Johnson

Overrated, overpriced, beautiful campus, and a tremendous squandering of resources. The Regents, “Professors,” and Administrators are benefiting more than anyone else. Unless there’s an artificial barrier to enter your field (medicine or law) please realize it’s 2019: everything you want to learn is on the internet and if you aren’t motivated enough to teach yourself, you probably wouldn’t have used the education you would have bought here anyway. So save your money and use your limited time to learn and do something you actually care about instead trying to follow out-dated societal ideals and please misguided parents. ✌

Sargis Gevergizian

I hate this school and hospital I have to go there for work at least 8-10 times a year. This institution of greed and avarice, is expensive overrated and never has good parking. And the staff there are rude as hell. If I could give it a negative star as a rating I would.

Terrence Jones

Great tour experience!! Very pleasant staff!!

Debbie Rudd

During a very difficult time for my family, the staff at UCLA was awesome. The compassion shown to my father and my family was sincerely appreciated. Everyone was professional, friendly and caring. Thank you. Debbie R

Ang R

Best university in the world. Go Bruins!

Alex Tea

Over priced, understaffed, preferential treatment to non-white students. A hotbed of discrimination.

Jeff A

Incredible university/gorgeous campus. Situated in/near one of the most beautiful areas in the world

Maurice Perkins

Beautiful campus. UCLA is a great place to just visit even if you're not a student. There are always plenty of events going on in different parts of the campus such as Royce Hall.

Jake Eff

Fake school that takes bribes for rich spoiled kids to get in.

Randy Chandra

I went here to visit my son on his summer programs. The campus is large, with nice buildings and plazas. Not too easy to find parking space for visitors. They have a large student center and store with restaurants.

John Smith

The best and most beautiful university in the world in all respects in terms of higher education and scientific research and education and the average who wants any query or any question about this university or about Los Angeles I am present and ready to provide services for you and answers

Gabriel Flores

“Best Health Care System”

CandyMichelle Johnson

A good campus to study film screenwriting. I love the bookstore and the new selection of audio books like A Damsel In Distress episode two by Sean Diddy Combs



Reza I

Whether its for classes, seminars or just meeting friends I thoroughly enjoyed spending time here. The campus is clean and well maintained with lots to explore. The staff and students are friendly and happy to guide you if you get lost on the sprawling grounds.

Sylvia Rini Handayani

Such a huge campus with complete facilities. The toilets inside the campus buildings are so clean. The public toilets on the streets of Ucla are also not so bad it seems. A great environment for studies and researches. Buses can be easily found in one end of the campus complex. The easiest information desk can be found in front of the new convention center near the bus stop / near the end of westwood plaza.

AC Cotrix

Excellent Higher Education institution.

Eduardo Rios

Dude, UCLA is amazing! Like the people here are so nice and helpful and the school itself is so beautiful. There's so much to do! And the staff here are just a delight, and the food. Dude, the food here is some of the best.

Alex Sand

Brilliant College System for all.

Alberto G

I had a wonderful experience at this UC. Great professors and beautiful campus.

Liliana Lee

Absolutely beautiful campus. My cousin and several of my friends go here and every time I visit the campus is kept clean and feels safe. The community is very diverse as well, campus is spacious, and has great combination of antique historical buildings as well as nature. My experience visiting here has been pleasant.

JonErik Moyles

UCLA is a fantastic campus. Was here for the STOMP conference which consisted of workshops and ended with a campus tour. UCLA seems to be very friendly campus with plenty of students sitting outside on the main lawn and a very welcoming vibe!

Steven Martinez

I love going to school here. The campus community is very welcoming. It is really easy to find like-minded people here. Walking past Royce, walking down Janss steps, and passing through Wilson plaza make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Benjamin Toland (student)

Defenitaly going here or harvard. #smart #picklechinahboi

lit fam


Meduri Suryaa Pranav

The University of California, Los Angeles is a premier university that offers not only quality academic instruction, but also a plethora of opportunities to apply in real life whatever is picked up in lessons; this includes internship and undergraduate research prospects. UCLA boasts one of the largest and the most diverse student bodies in USA, and structures its funds in a very planned and careful manner to ensure that the student has the best experience while on campus. With Hollywood just down a few miles and the Santa Monica beach around, one can expect pleasant surprises almost every time! Overall, I feel proud to be a part of this great dream which is making significant contributions in making this world a better place. I hope I can be of service to the society of people in UCLA.I think this college is absolutely amazing in almost every aspect. As someone who is heavily considered a "homebody," there are so many wonderful people on campus who encourage you to experience the places around the college such as Westwood or Santa Monica.

Maddy Routon

UCLA is an incredible university with multitudinous opportunities for growth and development as a student and as a human. If money is an issue, their financial aid department is well-equipped to help you, and there are countless scholarships if you take advantage of the resources made available to you! I got a full ride and applied to scholarships like it was my third job, kept my GPA up, and relished every moment. If you can get in, nothing should stop you from going!

Rick and morty lover

Great Sign Language programs

Edwin Kofler

The campus of the University of California Los Angeles is spectacular. The campus is clean and well-kept while plants help give the campus an overall calm feeling.

Tatiana Velasco

Super okay to go for the university place, and it was super amazing to meet some of the new friends.

Katherine Chen

BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS. the buildings are amazing. the campus is very big and full of life from the college students. I definitely recommend booking a tour because the tour guides are really nice and know a lot about the school.


Overrated and overblown university that is out of touch with today's reality. Many UCLA students and staff here feel very entitled when they shouldn't. Others feel like they are above the law and everyone else like the three Bruin basketball players who were charged for shoplifting in China. This school is very greedy, and doesn't mind increasing their tuition, fees, and other costs at the student's expense while at the same time increasing the salaries of their staff. Also, they love rich foreign students because many end up paying a lot of money while they go here, to the point that nationals have a hard time. Also, the school has outgrown Westwood, to the point that student housing is an issue and streets are in poor condition and buildings are an eye sore, so it should really look forward to moving its campus somewhere else!

Cut Big

My very nice school

Nsubuga Ismail

I want to join UCLA but I luck tuition!!!

Megumi Yamamoto

Beautiful buildings but a HUGE campus!! You can easily get lost if you don't know where you're going lol

Mike Bowman

Very cool campus.

Dantrell Frazier

its great better than harvard and duke and the basketball team is of the chain awesome nobody school can beat this school yeah watch out other schools ucla is coming to get the win

jon evans

best camping on the West Coast free shuttles lots of food and shopping options great staff

xar alex

Unique and beautiful place!!!

Ngozi Ilorah

I love it and that is My dream university

M. Serhat

Class of 2019! I visited the campus twice and loved it a lot! A world-renowned institution with great teachers and academic/research scope. I hope to make the most out of my college experience here! So excited!!!!!!!

Charles Igboanugo

I love the university and I wish to go to the university of California, los Angeles

Piggy Pig

This place is HEAVEN on Earth.


This place was so nice, and nice professors, and a lot of fun.

Dominic McClelland

Great School!


Beautiful campus. Well placed in the low rise (alluvial fan) of the hills behind it. The campus is sprawling, but interesting. There is a nice village that supports the UCLA community close, with coffee, groceries, movies, and all other manner or needs. The only downside is the parking and traffic that seem to be ever present.

Ky Anh L.

Great school! Huge campus! I did my master's thesis there! The Westwood area is cute for LA.

Nati Mah

I know I am barely in middle school but UCLA is my dream university.every since kindergarten I have been dreaming to go to UCLA bruins women’s gymnastics.Being there is a dream come true to me.The real reason is because I would like to be exactly as good s Ariana Berlin.

Reagan Petersen

UCLA is the school I have always wanted to go to school at mostly because I love softball. And all my parents talk about is there softball program, other than that is has always been and will always be my dream university!

Ramin R

One of the top public universities in the world in one of the best possible locations in the world! Top rated in more schools and departments than I can list here & culturally diverse! Very competitive & well respected. Beautiful campus, many Hollywood movies filmed there during the summers.

yumaika estrada

My daughter already has had her plans to go here since she was ten. She saw what it looked like and feel in love. In 6 years she will be there. She's 13

Christopher Pérez Escobedo

UCLA is a beautiful university, everything is very clean, well-equipped classrooms and very nice buildings. What most caught my attention was architecture.

Ella Shinar

Great, huge campus. I came for a visit and came across some movie filming apparently this is a frequent sight on campus, very interesting.

Michael Bishop

My favorite college hell I wanted to play roller hockey for UCLA when I was 15 had them on the phone and everything huge fan of hockey it only gets you so far damn near almost got me killed in short UCLA is the best college in this country . Peace out man .

Ary Filgueiras

My choice to do the Academic Intensive English Program at UCLA could not have been better. The classes are intense, dynamic and very productive, with excellent day-to-day as well as academic topics that have helped me a lot to improve my English in speaking, reading, and especially writing. The opportunity to live with students from different countries and exchange knowledge helps us to become citizens of the world with respect and understanding of different cultures and habits. Studying at UCLA was an incredible and excellent experience for my goals. I recommend to anyone who wants to study and learn English at an advanced level.

Piergiorgio Semestrali

Here Jim Morrison, who moved from Florida, attended the experimental cinematography center and took his degree. In the same years he attended the school also the future keyboardist of the band, Ray Daniel Manzarek, with whom Morrison made friends. This place was also the location of the movie "nightmare 3" for the external shots of the psychiatric hospital.

It's Kelsie and angel

It isn't my experience but Adriana Berlin is a huge gymnast especially when she does gymnastics after that huge car accident you deserve a well Don and miss vall you are a true coach at ucla you have pushed Adriana that 1 step further that 1 step you deserve a well done and thank you from Adriana Berlin it is spelling the wrong names

Meteorite Shop

Super place!!!

Thomas Chee

UCLA's campus is the perfect place to rest before a long trip. Close to Venice, Malibu, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, I love to stop, dine, rest, and relax at UCLA before my business trips on the road to Santa Barbara and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mary Raphael George

Beautiful campus, excellent sounding education. The grounds were clean and the buildings were impressive. I liked the architecture and reason behind the one with the side by side differences. The bookstore had plenty of options and the athletic center seemed great with the inspiring signs. I'd love if my son was accepted here.

ivan lyapunov

The University of California, Los Angeles, referred to as UCLA, is located in Los Angeles, USA and is a world-renowned public research university. UCLA ranks first among public universities in the United States in the 2018-19Wall Street Journal.

Dave Richards

My fiance Paula Smith went here an graduated in 2014

David Glatt

Went here for casual stroll around campus. It was a beautiful campus and there are lively college streets in the area.

Nikki Ely-Lockett

The presentation "Public Health, Climate Change and Urban Forestry" was excellent. With all the issues we'll be seeing as we warm up and dry out, it's encouraging to know UCLA research is there to help us adapt!

Marie Hauzay

UCLA is a beautiful campus, there is a very nice souvenir shop selling all UCLA goods, good choices for meals, nice library (public can enter also).

Sagar Lakhani

The UCLA campus is very nice & beautiful!

InternetMarketer X

Proud alumni here visiting after many years. Great memories, breath taking scenery, and spectacular school all around.

LAX Consulting

Great university and amenities. Very positive environment.

Naderi Beans

Dream university baby 5 stars

Alison W.

Delivered two children here with the midwives. Wonderful program and wonderful staff. Food choices are excellent and the rooms comfortable enough. The midwives made up for every negative by leaps and bounds. The only down side I want to mention is the lack of care for my husband. They brought around sandwiches right after delivery but the server told him it was only for me - he had to go down and get his own. That made me a little upset. Also only I was included in room service and they were tight on how much I could order, probably to make sure I wasn't ordering for him too. My sister's hospital gave both of them all the food they wanted and also a special meal for the two of them at the end of the stay. In the food department I was treated extremely well and my husband like he was just an unnecessary extra body. The staff and the rest of the hospital, though, were very nice to my hubby.

Name Password

The center of Toxic Diversity and SJW Macroaggressions.

Eric Rodriguez

A top public institution with superb professors, excellent laboratories, and competitive sports programs. The campus has its own co-Generation plant as well which supplies roughly 65%-85% of the campus' energy needs, localizing energy production while taking some stress off of the grid. Ackerman Union has many different food options too. Probably the most beautiful of all of the UC-system campuses.

A Google User

Cannot say one single bad thing about this University. Employees, Staff Members and Professors don't act like their job is so secure that they can do whatever they want to students. They work for and with students.

Pedram Dabiri

Rightfully ranked the best public University in the United States!

Aaron Charbonnet

Great education. I went there and loved it. I have two kids who go there and they both love it. It just has a great vibe! Always something happening on campus.

Andre Huang

Fancy food, great facilities and nice people there. My six-month-exchange in UCLA is my best memory.

Owen Owen

My sister graduated there it was the best

Oscar Bedolla

The food there is great .

Hassan Barzani

UCLA what can I say? It was an honor and privilege to spend two amazing months during Summer 2009 in Westwood. Best campus food in the USA. Terrific dorms and first class staff all away round as well. U-C-L-A!!!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Once An Bruin! Always An Bruin!

Ruben Servin Leyva


Joseph Choi

beautiful campus!!! visited over the summer and the greenery and scenic views were amazing. the wide food selection was also nice to have, and the library was ridiculously quiet and offered a large amount of space to study / focus on work. overall a great campus and would definitely be interested in coming here as a student!

manuel edgar

USC is one of the best campus to hang out even though I never attended the school, I totally love it, just to hang out around campus makes you wanna succeed In life, love the colors and basketball team is great if I had the chance to go back in time I will definitely attend.

Carissa Carns

i love UCLA. been here for so long. some of the best memories of my life will be here. if you're looking for a Christian fellowship on campus, check out GOC UCLA and find lit friends who love Jesus

Nathan Parrish

Incredibly wasteful, arrogant campus. "We're the best" attitude with nothing to back it up. Heavily censored like all US campuses. I spent months at the library's ok but too many stairs, not enough seats. I took an expensive proctored final exam here for my stats class. The staff goofed off, laughing & SCREAMING the whole time. I got a little private room, but they yelled nonstop, constantly banging on the door while hanging up decorations. ...Needless to say, i failed my test & class, because UCLA staff goofed off & interfered the ENTIRE time. ...It must be nice to get paid to do nothing all day because you can't be fired, & then when you ruin students' lives you dodge responsibility. ...But that's not all folks! Another time, i used a bathroom. While i was sitting on the toilet, after maybe 7 minutes, a security guard named TERRERAS came in & told me i had to leave. I finished & came out, asking what was going on. He said I'd been there 30 minutes & he saw me go in (read: i had a large pack & he thought i was homeless). I told him I'd only been a few min, not nearly a half hour. He then became aggressive & forced me out in the hall. I asked him to stop harassing me & he drew pepper spray, advancing on me. I had no choice but to leave. I have no criminal record whatsoever & did nothing to deserve this attack by Terreras. ...Another guy got tazered at UCLA for refusing to show ID to the obviously discriminatory staff...he got $.25 million! This security company is a criminal organization. Most US security guards are worse than cops...Report them!

Joni Nicholas

Hopefully i can Study in here in my future

Damian Escudero

Great, very nice

Tyree Grandson

Best place ever.. Go bruins

C Torrence

Visited family for my cousins orientation for college. We came with quite a crew since we all wanted to see the baby in the family off to college. Plus he worked extremely hard in high school to get where he is today. Everyone was nice and helpful from the minute we walked on the campus.

Awais Qarni

UCLA very famous in world and beautiful university

Mohammad Fatafta

Was there as a visiting undergard researcher for 6 months. My experience there was amazing. I met many new people with different cultures. This experience has definitely left a mark on my life.

Freelance Ark

It took me some time here. GREAT DAYS.

Veronica Casey

Came out for a tour this weekend and the school is so beautiful!! The camous is very clean and it looks like they are doing many new upgrades. 5 stars!!

Nano Lancet

Good experience.

Nick K

Overrated and overblown university that is out of touch with today's reality. Many UCLA students and staff here feel very entitled when they shouldn't. Others feel like they are above the law and everyone else like the three Bruin basketball players who were charged for shoplifting in China. This school is very greedy, and doesn't mind increasing their tuition, fees, and other costs at the student's expense while at the same time increasing the salaries of their staff. Also, they love rich foreign students because many end up paying a lot of money while they go here, to the point that nationals have a hard time. Also, the school has outgrown Westwood, to the point that student housing is an issue and streets are in poor condition and buildings are an eye sore, so it should really look forward to moving its campus somewhere else!

Cool Croc

I lered how to speel rally goood. 5 starts reccomand going he.

Mayra Lugo

Love this campus and its architecture. My husband attended school here, and we try to come and walk the campus at least once a year. Their gear is a little pricy, but their clothes are soft and durable.

Warren Harrison

Best school ever. Most beautiful campus.


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