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2018 UCB Chicanx Latinx graduation Celebration

Manasra K.

Been there twice! First was taking my genius nephew to look over the university and plan together for him after his H.S. graduation. Secondly... visit him finally. CAL was one of the nicest university I've ever been, quite and peaceful place as well.

Abhinav Maurya

Great campus! I have had multiple advisors who studied at this great institution. I felt like I belonged here even as a visitor checking out the campus. Less pretentious and more welcoming than the Stanford campus. :P

Connor Joyce

Regardless of the politics this is a gorgeous campus

Misha Metrikin

Great university. My education there was enjoyable. The atmosphere and the people are part of my permanent memories of this place. The price of the school is more now than it was when I was an undergraduate, but event then I found it a challenge to afford my tuition and books for the classes. I met many great teachers, however and have overall felt enlightened by my experience. 4 out of 5 - Would attend again.

Jessica Ritland

I used to work for UC Berkeley. It was an awesome experience. Boy, these white supremacists leaving bad reviews sure are going to influence smart people to not go there! Do yourselves a favor and worry about yourself.

Oliver A Fajardo

Best public university in the world! Top-tier academics that rivals all the top private schools, and so many resources and networking connections!

Miles Hacker

Fantastic education in most subjects, however both the student body and teachers make it very clear that conservatism of any kind is not welcome here. I'm quite liberal, and even I don't feel completely comfortable here. They make a big deal of how open they are to all kinds of people, but this is blatantly false. Again, the college does provide very good education, has a beautiful campus, and good food options nearby. It's just sad that not everyone is free to enjoy these things. I hate that I have to give this school only three stars because of the anti-free speech attitudes that are endorsed here.

Muhammed Shahabaz

Excellent campus.

Zhiyun Ren

I was an exchange student there between 2013 - 2014.

Sanman Kulkarni

Great university. The location is amazing.

Brian Bevington

Worst school of higher education you could possibly ever go to. Can't even study due to the fact that you have a bunch of racist protesters screaming day and night. If I could give zero stars I would.

Fred Lee

Although known to be very political and very liberal, and portrayed as a left-extremist by the media, UC Berkeley is the heart for free speech movement and is very proud of its stance. Academically, the school is obviously one of the best schools in the world, especially for Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) department. You'll be surrounded by the most brilliant minds and face yourself constantly pushing yourself to the limits. It is a school where even being average is so hard to achieve because everyone is so smart and competitive. Computer Science '17.

Randall Patton

I graduated in '76 with a degree in Applied Math. Great experience. Berkeley has very high academic standards. They don't coddle students but do teach you to think and solve problems. During my professional career, the academic pedigree of an applicant for a job was very important. Berkeley is at the top of the list. You know what you are getting; a prepared, driven individual. The campus is beautiful and only a Bart ride to the City (San Francisco). You can even see the Golden Gate from the entrance to the Math building

Lisa Hong

The social experience is AWESOME! I would not give it up for the world! However, if you want things handed to you, find another school! Definitely requires some self effort :)

Josh F

Racist student body supported by an equally racist faculty (not all). Safe spaces rendering future students socially maladjusted and unable to accept the diversity of thought in the world.

See Joy

Great university. Awesome campus and atmosphere. 150 years completed of this world class university in 2018. Wow.

Raven Jones

I'm definitely interested in this college and I can't wait to be there in the future

Bats Daylights

I'm not a student there, but as a visitor I was astonished how big the University was. it had so many study environment very much alive atmosphere. Hope you catch this school whatever chances you have

Super Tottenham

Great campus!

Hao Chen

One of the best and famous universities in the world. Renowned for its historical academic achievements, staffs, and atmosphere. Facility-wise, old and new interlocked; major-wise, liberal arts and science exchanged; inhabitant-wise, intelligence and passion fused. That said, some buildings and structures are antiqued enough to be historical monuments, but more are plain old and heavy-mood. New buildings are erecting, but they are a whole different story. Berkeley, or Cal, is known for its iconic Campanile and the hilly campus (and fogs), meaning if one isn't at least minimally physically fit, one better not take classes that would require repetitive up-down walking daily. Downtown Berkeley is both ghetto and renovated, in the sense of one could experience very sophisticated and liberal events, while also spotting mess-up incidents right next. All in all, it is a "well balanced" scene. ---and this unique mixture extends well inside the campus (well, there are not really any practical walls blocking it, while the University has multiple off-campus buildings buried in the town; and there are frats and srats), except with a much thicker academic feelings, and higher chances hearing intelligent exchanges of words. Education here is inspiring and thoughtful. Although some majors are fiercely competitive and popular, while some are the exact opposite. The spirit of sparkling new ideas and merging different ones are common everywhere. Undergraduate classes often aren't ideal in the area of class size and chance to interact with professors, but some of the liberal literature / general education classes unrelated to one's major, could have longlasting effects throughout life and career, which I think is valuable.

Derek Chan

I graduated in '02 with a degree in Business Administration. While the major itself was fairly easy to complete, getting into the program was a grueling process involving several layers of managing Berkeley's very impersonal bureaucracy. I found Berkeley to be fairly academically rigorous (especially in the first couple of years), and the whole ordeal of getting through major requirements proved too daunting for some of my classmates - attrition was pretty high. That said, those that make it through this crucible and manage to graduate tend to be better for the experience. They're highly confident, smart, and capable, and I'm proud to be counted among its alumni.

Conrad Belknap

Amazing school, gorgeous campus, and amazing academics.

Isabel Pierce

We've enjoyed every Cal football game we've attended at the California Memorial Stadium. We also try to support Cal Baseball and basketball.


awesome place

Brett Johnson

A very bohemian area.

Probir Kumar Goshwami

One of the best University of the globe according to academic ranking. The campus is beautiful and building designs exclusively iconic. Research scope and lab facilities are state of the art. Lovely people and good landscape made the University campus a loveable place.


Wouldn’t waste my time or money on this joke of a school. Nothing but a bunch of anti American communist and racist that attend here and the faculty is even worse

Sharon Chen

I graduated within the last few years and UC Berkeley has pushed me to grow - academically, interpersonally, and in terms of time management. At this school, I had to work very hard for my grades, but that effort has paid off in how I deal with others in the professional world. The resources are there, and I was challenged to reach out of my comfort zone and utilize them to the best of my ability. It boggles my mind that hundreds of commenters who haven't even physically been to this school would leave one-star reviews based on their political opinions, not the value of education or anything multi-facated for that matter. Shame on you for your immaturity.

Helysia Regalado

I've always wanted to go this school and I even went to there softball camp and I learned so much I hope to one day attend this school. It's AWESOME

michelle summers

Always my favorite place to visit when I'm home. My grand daughter is named after this city. So many things to do and see. People's park. The book store, Rasputin's, I miss Blondies. Berkeley is the best.

Vivek Official 19

Good place best for study

Avantika Sood

I am a Cal student, so might be biased but the campus is huge and gorgeous! If you are in the neighborhood definitely take a tour. There are so many interesting facts about our campus that still amaze me. My 2 favorite spots would be the Morrison reading room in doe library and memorial glade. So much to see and do around Berkeley.


At the Ben Shapiro event last night it was hostile and it felt unsafe with all the people wearing masks in the evening. I've been all over and never felt so at risk as I do when I see people hiding their face. Masks are for skiing, and robbers.

Steven Harageib

Had a great summer at the I- House meeting great minds form across the world.


Can you make your criminal police officers give the money back to the food vendor they stole it from? How can you stand by bullies with badges? How can you stand by corruption on campus by the people you hire to keep everyone safe?

Brian Ward

An apparition that comes into your life, becomes a touchable reality that you want to hang on forever...48,000,000 Colombians Can't Be Wrong by Brian Ward

J Davis

Beautiful campus! High standards. Excellent curriculum.

thomas rodrian

While working at Sybase in Emeryville, I took several graduate software classes at University of California, Berkeley. When I fist started taking classes, I did not know UCB allowed people in wheelchairs to park on campus. Once I started parking next to the building with my classes, life became much easier. Great classes and instructors.

Ryan Cate

When did college become learning about safe spaces for minorities and transgenders? Isn't that segregation? This school is out of hand and needs an adjustment from its administrators. Colleges used to be institutions of higher learning but seem to now be all about progressive studies which provide no useful skills to kids whose parents paid ridiculous sums of money hoping for a better future for their children!

Luke Shalz

TO ALL OF THE CONSERVATIVES LEAVING NASTY REVIEWS: I am a conservative and I am doing fine as a student here. I just know how to keep my mouth shut and to respect and undertsand other views. You all need to stop complaining about the problems you all started for yourselves by moronically labeling yourselves as conservatives. As for the school, I am taking summer classes here through EAOP as a high schooler. The level of an education which I am receiving (with the depth and understanding of what I am learning) is beyond exceptional. GO BEARS!

Riley Purcell

Great facilitiesin a really beautiful setting. Surrounded by great restaurants and shops and cultural facilities (museums, gardens).

Pat Van Buren

Scary, unsafe campus. Feel that this campus should shut down due to the explosive, hateful, unruly thugs who are injuring students and running this campus. NO parent who loves their child would even consider this campus or education were such extensive violence is allowed without any prosecution. Pull your child out of here!!

Michael Dediu

Went here for math back in the day, very good school and community. The teachers are all a little disinterested from teaching becuase they have 'more important' things to do

Sohum Thakkar

Best place to be right now. Liveliness of a State college and the world's best resources, next to the most entrepreneurial city on earth.

Marcy Wacker

My dad and I have been going to Cal football and basketball games for a long time now and it has always been a great experience. On time we even went to a USA swim meet (at Speiker Aquatics Center)and the Cal v.s. Stanford game at Stanford in one day. We love to go to Blondie's Pizza, Top Dog, and Smart Alex's and Triple Rock Brew House. (All of which highly recommend.) We enjoy the halls, buildings and most of all the school. I definitely want to go to Berkley when I grow up. I give 5 thumbs up.

Lucio Ramirez

There's a table by a creek where I truly love to eat my breakfast. Also, good school.

Rene Vargas

Haven't gone yet, planing to transfer in fall of 2016, but the research, facts, and opinions that I have seen and heard have me the more excited. I know it will be challenging, specially with a biology major, but I am confident that I will succeed, especially with all the support and guidance offered at Berkeley. Go Bears!

Anna Hautzinger

We walked to campus early one morning and just wandered around. The campus was bustling, and the students seemed to be rushing somewhere. The buildings are lovely, with some upgrades going on. The carillon is definitely the centerpiece of the fantastic campus. My only regret was that we did not have time to tour the vast facilities. One of the most lovely college campuses we have ever been to.


Thus school allows these lunatic children to protest, disrupt classes, and be completely racist to white students. They should not have safe spaces in schools. How is this preparing these students for the real world? It's not, in fact it is doing the exact opposite.

Ricky Chung

A really nice environment

Erkan T

Berkeley is so silent and peace place; this university is wonderful; campus is good too. If you are looking for more activate, it is not easy to find more in this location but it is so close the best city San Fransisco. whenever you want in the morning or eveining you can go easily. I love Berkeley library and some cafe too. You can try some perfect international food. people is nice, if you are looking for the best university in USA, yes you are in now.

Fabian Sosa

Completely disgraceful place of study, infested with the cancer called reverse racism and social justice. The worst part about it is that they claim to be tolerant and loving but are the first to call a fair completed Latino like myself a fascist and racist, and when I tell them my name they apologize

Cody Failor

Learning about these horrible acts of racism makes me hope nobody attends this university again. They allow and are encouraging segregation. Put an end to this safe space culture that is tearing this nation apart.

Tim Retter

There's an information war trying to discredit the university by making up stories to dissuade intelligent people from studying here. Visit and make a decision with your own eyes.

zijian wang

It's nice to hear that it's a too equal place to treat white male equally

Greg M.

Study here if you like Kool-Aid and are interested in joining a political religion. Free cleansing of your mind on admission. Students with no understanding or experience of the world they occupy will be sure to tell you how to live in it, and faculty remain complacent in suppressing anything that threatens liberal doctrine. An overpriced adult care care center. I'll never accept contracts here again.

Roy Sanderfer

Breeding ground for facism.

Yeme Machine

The social sciences department here is very underfunded but the parties here are wicked. We will sometimes go out into the streets and yell "Fight the fash" and "BLM" while destroying private property. 8/10 would get drunk and assault facists again.

Aaron H

Great school with some amazing people. Being a large public university, the school won't take care of you too much - be warned. But given the right amount of motivation and ambition, a student can excel within and out of the school. I personally don't seen anything too unique about the campus itself. Not nearly as beautiful or culturally rich as some of the top private institutions.

Olivia Yoh

The campus is beautiful and in a decent location not too far from San Francisco. The students are very passionate about what they do and it seems that the school really cares about providing students with clubs, services, and classes that can truly benefit them. It would be an honor to attend this school. A+ from me. Only downside is that it was hard to find good restaurants around there. And I watched a guy get arrested on campus so that was interesting. They don't really have parking options. It's a walking school for sure. The nature and campus is welcoming, gorgeous, and an overall peaceful atmosphere. Truly a beauty.


Super pretty place here, everyone is so friendly too and I really enjoyed visiting.

Mariana Gallardo

I wouldn’t mind the nasty comments that are clearly left by salty conservatives. The campus is beautiful. The academics/professors are some of the nations best. Enough said. Go bears!

Sophia Moreno

Proud to be a UC Berkeley student. The campus is beautiful and diverse in nature, architecture and thought. Definitely explore the campus and the surroundings. Its in a city that stands out in character and takes part of the Bay Area culture.

kenneth thomas

My name is Kenneth Thomas and this is my review! I love learning, and this is a college where folks do that. It's gotta be awesome, right?! Looking forward to learning!!

Bryan Goff

Very nice place to walk around for some interesting photography shots. Once done go visit some of the local food shops. Many gems around the campus.

Zichong Li

The night view in campus is incredibly beautiful.

Ellie Argyris

Huge campus if you don't know the place it's easy to get lost ha ha.... beautiful campus..came here to put fliers up for the Lindsey Stirling Concert... students very help! A lot of different personalities here!!

larry rockwell

A place where ideas and thinking are discouraged. God help these graduates when they try to function in the real world. I sure wouldn't hire one, wouldn't even give them an interview.

Noe Gomez

By far the worst police department ever! We wish less people like their officers would be in this world thinking they have a little power they can treat any human being the way they want! I hope the also have mental training not only physical as they show they are! "Less brain more physical"

Senator Bradford

What is there not to love about Cal? Fond experiences at Memorial Stadium, winning the axe, the country's best engineering program, and the kids love Amoeba records. Go Bears!


Went to this university during this AVID trip and first of all, it is very pretty. Second of all, really good Law School. I hope to attend here soon.

Me at work

Lets say, I don't like the negative image the media will focus on when "non-students" will invade campus by rioting, destroying (vandalizing)and looting this beautiful campus to make the media, which media loves to publicize and say are students. Students dont vandalize their own school as hard as it is to pay their tuition why would they destroy their own school? Because these losers aren't students! Also, not too excited about surrounding area as one will see "people's park" with the homeless and vagabonds loitering around (which some observers will blame the university for but it's the city's issue which I think the loud liberal students should agree with their quiet conservative co-students to clean it up a bit)... but this review is for the University of Berkeley campus itself. The vibe around campus was nothing more than polite, modest hard working students. Lots of foot traffic. I don't understand the negative reviews about students being "spoiled". It's the opposite from my obervation. I find kids at UCLA more spoiled when I was there. If one were to even compare the materialistic aspect of types of cars driven around different campus one can see who is more "privileged " or "spoiled" by the cars driven at other school campus, as Berkeley students ride bikes, take public transportation and walk everywhere which make it such a peaceful comfortable beautiful environment once on campus. Cal also has produced one of the highest contributing alumnus to be proud of.


I'm a white male and neither liberal nor conservative. I've never been offended or something like that. It frightens me a lot how people trying to make this place bad only because of their political attitude. Please be smart and draw your own conclusions! Don't be unsettled by those stupid reviews!

Brian Choi

Best public university in the world.

Mech Ken

This used to be a bastion of free speech. Now it's infested with students and staff who believe the only voices that should be heard are those they agree with. It's disheartening. The only things you're allowed to hear in this institution are views that undermine freedom of speech and American ideals.

Nitin Bhargav

10 emails,1 month, 2 visits to the Branch still I haven't received a replacement for my debit card. I would DISCOURAGE anyone from opening an account here. Its up to the Lords of the West to resolve my issue.

Sherry Ann Santos

Such a nice place in SFO


The view and the atmosphere here was fantastic, and the rivalry between Stanford is also fascinating. The student ambassador said that the clock tower was so beautiful that Stanford wanted to build one shortly after it was built in memory of John Galen Howard, founder of the school of architecture. Cal didn't tell Stanford the clock tower's real height, so it is still the tallest in that area. I'm not sure if the story was real, but it definitely shows me what is the rivalry between two of the best universities in the world is like. (the tuition fee is less expensive than Stanford!)

per son

The best hotel evurr


One of the best university of the states.

stan talent stan loona

Anti free speech. Dont pay 10 grand to send your kid to be brainwashed.

Han Thin

beautiful campus to look around

Sushrut Thakur

Weather was a bit foggy during summer.

Ian Larry

Nice place for walks and visits and good resources.

Anthony D'Asaro

Best decision of my life to go here. I got a fantastic education at a reasonable price & made lifelong friends. Almost everyone you meet here is impressive, going places or doing something meaningful with their lives. If you are a nerd at heart, feel like other people don't get you, love to read, or build things, or to think deeply about ideas, these are your people. Leave your ego at the door and be open to joining extracurriculars, and you will have an amazing experience like I did. BS '13

Tor Erling Skinnarland

Huge variety of courses and people with all sorts of interests. Berkeley has so much to offer in terms of courses and social life outside school. The different student groups are so many and various that you should have trouble to not find one or many that fits your interest.

Nathan Muldrow

Incredible selection of ice cream flavors

Cam Abernathy

This is a school where good ideas go to die. There is no free speech here. Only hate masked as "progressivism."

Craig Becker

The Administration at UC Berkeley is shameful for creating an environment of Liberal Anti-Free Speech advocates and then trying to limit the free speech of others by charging huge security fees. The administration is complicit in encouraging this environment themselves which creates the necessity of the security fees. My money and my kids will not be going to UC Berkeley.

cindy Hillen

Nice area and beautiful plants. Could have a better gift shop and info center


Best public university in the world; though Berkeley is more of a frenemy when it comes to the amount of work I have to do. Realistically though, my education here has taught me to be Critical or the world around me.

ken oyler

Facility does not care about your safety. They encourage racism

Urshala McConaughdy

Unacceptable's for the faculty to support this kind of behavior by students. We send our children to college to get educated. Not to be turned into a bunch of political zombies.

Apollo Jain

The academic experiences that Berkeley has provided are unparalleled in the world of higher education. I would not be where I am today without all that the school has provided me. All hail the golden bears!

Matthew Hahn

There is a ton of history on the original University of California. Highly recommend scheduling a campus tour with the visitor's center. Explore the libraries!

j wayneair

An institute of higher learning that caters to the students every notion of social injustice. It also fosters an environment where everyone is praised for being offended by everything they may disagree with.

Lauren Menard

A very nice conference!

Polina Antipova

Nice place to walk and get into students atmosphere again!

ابو حسن

Nice place

Louis Chang

NROTC person is rude.

Adam Jacobvitz

Nice people, great atmosphere

Chris G

came through the campus the other day wearing a red ball cap and I was attacked by a group of insect loving, hip hop enthusiasts call Ant Latifah.

Sirena Estrella

I am hoping to be able to attend this college, i am the class of 2021 for high school and this is the school i want to go to for sure, although i know it will be a hard challenge and i will have my setbacks, i will try my hardest to get accepted into this school, the first time i saw this campus i fell in love, its a beautiful campus, even if i don't get accepted after my 2021 graduation, i will still love this school because of how amazing it is, i am an AVID student, we go on lots of college field trips, i hope this college is one of them, so i could have the honor of being on campus again, DO NOT pay attention to the ones who gave a bad rating, they probably just didn't get accepted or haven't even stepped on campus, i definitly would consider applying for this college you wouldn't regret it at all by any chance.

Paulo Façanha

One of the best universities of the World. Great Campus.

Alice Wu

I was here from August 2011 till May 2015 for my Applied Mathematics undergrad degree. This is a great university for all STEM related majors. You meet all sorts of people here, and the political scene is pretty active(one major protest every year that makes national news+people talking about issues and taking action in everyday life). Social life tends to revolve around frats if you are under 21, or if it is Cal Day or rush week. Otherwise, you are near SF and Oakland which have better choice of scenes than Berkeley. People are very tolerant and accepting of your views if you agree with them. The republican club advertises themselves as "the counterculture" and that is a fairly accurate self description. Berkeley is a beautiful city with great views in the trails. I will never forget the time I spent here, and met many lifelong friends.

Darren Le

Go Bears! Always love this place and always proud of my school

Tam Visher

I graduated 2012 in math and physics and I highly recommend UC Berkeley to anyone who's interested in math or science AND likes a good region. The Bay Area is a special place -- great food, outdoor activities, and general vibe.


We visited the beautiful campus in summer and enjoyed the atmosphere. We appreciated the beautiful music on top of Sather Tower and were shocked by the loud bell ringing!

Evan Schwartz

Berkeley is a difficult place. There is undeniably an impersonal, cut-throat atmosphere in most classes, particularly the larger ones (so, again, most of them). Students are primarily preoccupied with their phones and laptops rather than with their peers and lecturers. Additionally, clubs are competitive to gain entrance into, so simply putting yourself "out there" isn't a guarantee of social acceptance. In humanities courses, B-grades are mostly manageable, whereas A's typically take effort; in STEM, it's probably more difficult to maintain a reasonable GPA. With all that said, having taken a handful of interesting courses so far, I do feel mentally stimulated here, and there are definitely lots of things to do, beyond the standard drinking/partying college culture (hiking, sailing, kayaking; going out to eat; going to the movies; going to the city; etc.). However, it is finding the people here to do them with, and the time to do them, that are the limiting factors.

Ishigar Astia

It's so amazing!!!

Hosea Matthews

It's truly sad to see that such an accredited institution has abandoned the goals of higher learning for the sake of safe spaces and trigger warnings. Cancerous Social Justice Warriors have turned Berkeley into a cesspool

Angelina Lopez

College is an awesome experience, you crazy little Trump lovers should try it!

Vlad B. Toca

Great campus and programs. My wife is graduating today from the Master in Data Science! So proud of her!

Natarajan Krishnaswami

Completed a Master of Information and Data Science from the School of Information. Excellent breadth of content (I picked the program since it was the only one at the time to include an ethics elective), and valuable network with the other (mostly working professional) students, plus UC Berkeley's connections with the tech scene.

Hang Bui

Beautiful Campus!

Eric Draht

I was really shaken when I saw how bad they oppressed the students at free speech week. It turns out this university has a history of oppressing students and encouraging criminal behavior - especially the fascist antifa. As a Canadian, my heart goes out to those of you who have been silenced by this soulless corporate entity.

Alessandro Bucca

I'm just saying that this place is the best place to set up a future. The people and the atmosphere is just lovable. I wish I could be able to get back there one day!

Scion Predmore

Allowing protest is a good thing but allowing protest that separates based on race is applying. Disrupting students who have paid to go to school there is a big disservice to those kids. Thanks UC Berkeley for showing us what the last 3 decades of entitlement mentalities creates in our society.

Simon Dean

You can't fight or hope to end racism or any kind of intolerance by promoting a different kind of racism or intolerance... I would have expected academics to have understood that basic principle. Sad to see how many poor millennials confuse regressive with progressive today.

Habib ur Rehman

University of California at Berkeley is a nice place to visit by the tourists from abroad. Also nice to stay here and learn.

Robert Bailey

Worked there as Admission Officer and Registrar for 20 years. Still have strong positive feelings, more so than my undergraduate and graduate universities. Go Bears

james smith

My wife and I went out with Bill for a day if Bay fishing. We could not have found a better guide! Bill is knowledgeable, professional, and patient. We have already planned our next trip out with Bill. Book him and enjoy.

johnathan ospina

The ones giving this school a 1 star rating have never stepped a foot on campus or been inside of this, or any university for that matter and maybe have a high school diploma at best. It's a hard university to get into and renown institution through out America. College is an awesome experience, you crazy little Trump lovers should try it!

Aaron Bee

School's reputation speaks for itself. It's a great undergraduate program, although known worldwide more for its graduate programs, many of which are top 5 in the world. There are so many undergraduates that it can sometimes feel impersonal, but joining on campus groups and making friends in the dorms can mitigate that. There's not much grade inflation like at the Ivy League schools, so if you do poorly in a course, you can easily get a D or F, whereas at Ivies the professors likely wouldn't give lower than a C-. Can be tough academically.

Lilian Vasquez

Great school! Professors for the most part foster critical thinking skills and lend voice to students' different experiences on campus! I wouldn't trade being here for the world!


The students need to stop throwing M80s into the crowd because people who aren't involved in their political arguments are getting hit with explosive weapons. This place is going downhill at an astounding rate. There's no way that the current 4.6 rating for this college is a real number, look at everyone besides me who are sick of the violence and intimidation and racism that we are a victim of. I feel justified in saying I think it's one of the worst colleges ever, it's unsafe to express your calm, peaceful, freedom of ideas because you have a high chance to be physically or financially harmed out of the effect if you are the race and political stance that they have proven to hate to the point of violent terroristic attacks against those who are different than the majority.

Irvine Volcano

Exellent teachers Great library Helpful staff Easy to reach

Alex Passini

While visiting Napa Valley for our anniversary we took some time to drive back through Oakland so we could stop by Berkeley University. My cousin went here and always raved about the place. I honesty wasn’t impressed, the campus looked old and in need of some repair, it was late in the evening and the street going up to the campus looked dangerous. Even the typical cafes you find outside a university looked sketchy. While I understand its appeal to the bohemian crowd I was a little disappointed.

Yuki TKO

Did a 6-week summer session in 2012 and a year abroad in 2013-14 as an exchange student. Loved both experiences! Yes studying was tough at times for sure, but it was worth trying. Miss the unique vibe of this little cozy college town too! Go Bears!

Alejandro Yepes

Had an amazing time. Staff is great. Professors were great. Totally recommend

Steven Du

So far it's not bad. Wifi is spotty on campus. The weather here is nice though.

Lawrence Axil Comras

Walking onto the campus of Cal for the first time is the quintessential college experience. You will feel like a frosh even if you aren't quite old enough, or have long since been graduated. The campus is huge, quite beautiful, a little intimidating, but the views of the Bay and Mt. Tam, if you can be there on a sunny day, are mind blowing.

Karmendra Kumar

"Good vibe from all the people and amazing town college."

Charger R/T

Extremely beautiful campus, friendly people, tons of excellent students!!!

osazuwa ogbeide

uc Berkeley is hand down the best uc compared to uc davis were I go to in my opinion. I can honestly say it was a very excellent experience taking one upper division art class with karla Avila one lower division art class with shari paldino and a sociology 167 class with Edwin Lin overall my experience here has been great. I am really excited to take a spring semester and another summer at uc Berkeley as a visitor . The haas business library is the best library to concentrate for me and to get some studying done. Excellent shchool even though I don't attend professors want you to succeed, I am glad my sister goes here

Luke Haruki

At UC Berkeley, dead week is the week between the end of instruction and the beginning of finals. During this period and through the end of finals some facilities such as the library are open twenty four hours a day. Many students, a large number being from the Berkeley Student Cooperative, run naked through Berkeley's immense "main stacks" in its largest library

Guadalupe Morales Garfias

Very significantly historic university. There is many good stories to everything from the floor to the structure of the buildings. Students here achieve academic excellence and fight for what they believe. Students here fight for justice and come together to be able to do so.

Hassan Barzani

Pretty campus and everyone is friendly too!

Yankee doodle

I am Disgusted by this place. It reeks of young adults that have no secular views. The education is bias and laughably bad in general. I would recommend this school to communist.


Best public university in the USA

Ariel Wright

Any university that ENCOURAGES segregation needs to go back to the 1960s and see what Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks would say. I would assume they now want the back of the bus again too. This is ridiculous and should be met with a resounding NO! Many people fought long hard battles for integration and now you want to take 100 steps BACK????? No educational institution should allow this! This upcoming generation are going to be nothing more than sensitive cupcakes who need coloring books and a "safe space"....MAN UP!!!!!

Tylor Miranda

I've been to this campus many times. It's beautiful, and the education is great... minus one thing; the predisposed dispositions of the faculty and student body. Most are radicalized leftists who don't understand economic basics or social constructs. First letting men into women's bathrooms, safe spaces for student who need to learn the tough lessons of life, burning flags, and now, the racist, physical violence being taken by faculty, staff, and students on campus. What a horrible place.

Nick Hughes

Overpriced place for kids to hang out. No education I'd provided at this "university" save your money and gang put at Walmart. This campus is filled will children that feel they are owed something, and will never pay their loans. They will bankrupt what used to be a fine institution.

Gypsy Jo

This university has lost their ability to teach from the very foundation of higher education! Human rights do not exist, neither does the freedom of speech unless it fits the faculty and their addenda!

Eric Grewal

Berkeley provides one of the broadest and most rigorous college experiences on the planet. Thankful for my undergraduate years here. Go Bears!

Sally Parker

95% of the people giving it the lowest rating aren't even students nor do their opinions associate with the academia of the school. It seems the raters are extreme right and accuse everyone of being liberals without even knowing. Yes, there are conservatives at this school as well as the Republican Club (this is why conservative speakers have been invited to speak there). These negative reviews are based on the recent riots (and past from a long, long time ago), and most of the rioters weren't even students at CAL! What a shame to base non-student rioters with the hardworking students who are the majority and not involved in the rioting. It is like saying all Blacks are the same, or all Whites are the same. Those reviewers are accusing them of having low I.Q.'s but look who is calling the kettle black (no pun intended). If they had low I.Q.'s then how come UC Berkeley produces the a great amount of notable alumni's? Plus their acceptance rate is low so it is a pretty elite school for the intelligent. And YES, I do agree with the other reviewer that the loud ones (the rioters) got more media exposure and attention, so they got noticed, but there are much more students who were quiet and did not participate but working hard elsewhere (studying and trying to get places). I am not a student at Cal Berkeley but what I do know is that their is a lineage of notable alumni's that have graduated from this prestigious university with such a rich history. These alumni's have contributed much to society...and No, they aren't rich spoiled kids either like some of the jealous (maybe rejected) reviewers have rated...they are actually the opposite. How could you be a "tree hugger" and also rich spoiled kids driving BMW's? Wouldn't that be a conflict of belief and interest? Especially if majority of the kids don't have cars not because there are no room for student parking, but because everyone there walks or rides their bike! It's such a shame that these emotionally charged reviews are based on what they have seen in the media. The review should be for the beautiful cultural and historical aspect of the campus and the academics the university has to offer. The alumni's that are produced from this school are one that should be envied. And just a note, I am not a Liberal.

Nate Stenson

Probably actually a great institution, but I am obligated to hate them solely off of the fact that they gave me the single most unfair parking ticket in the history of the state of California. I have been unwillfully turned into a hateful being. So I don't want to be overly dramatic or anything, but Berkeley, know that you have made the world a slightly darker, less loving place. I hope the $78 was worth it. You bastards.

Andrew Yang

Great university, excellent professors all around the board. Loving the College of Chemistry! Opportunities and good times all around.

Chris Brown

good college, college board, college football, college rankingsv - us news college rankings

Dorian Su

If you know any staff in admission office, you are easy to get in.( Even if you have very low GPA and lied on transcript). However, those sneaky dumb could easily get bachelor degree here.

Theophrastus Bombastus

An Excellent University. Berkeley actually lives up to the hype; once you get in I assure you that it will be one heck of an experience. Getting in here is difficult though, even with a 4.53 Weighted and 4.00 Unweighted GPA I had little hope I'd get in. The guys who are complaining and whining about how Berkeley sucks and is racist are just salty rejects who still haven't gotten over the fact that they weren't able to enter this wonderful institution.

Carmen Burns

Very nice campus , rich in history. The most popular club is the Republican Club ! Don't be fooled by how liberal the city is. Also the birth of free speech on college campus started right here in Berkeley. John 3:16

Edward Gilson

Excellent location and Service and community

Skwisgär Drăculești

Had a great walk to class.. Nothing like having racial slurs yelled at you and your path blocked. Then to learn the staff was in on it.. You people make me sick.

Chris Bradford

Went to visit the school, after talking with a few students and staff, made the conclusion of if you have any opinion other then extreme liberalism will be shut down especially if you are "privileged white male." Avoid this UC.

Asha Bharti

Because lives there and the study is high-class pp

Fung LAM

I visited after the term end. The environment is good. Awaken my heart for studying again.


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