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Ese ikuku

ItsDev Tho

Brandon Hawkins


woah i want to go (edit 2017: Nope nvm too expensive)

Andrew Geisler

Isaac Cherem

Such a great experience. The staff are very cool, and the teachers are great, They got all the equipment needed for a professional shoot and the hands-on experience you get is priceless, I had the best time of my life and literally can't keep up with all the work I get. People who write bad reviews is because they were probably bad students, if you are serious about it, you will love it.

javier cummings

Brendan Lounsbery

Aymen Benemhanni

Justin Vivian

Though it may already be painfully obvious, this school belongs to many of the other for profit schools that take advantage of young and often underprivileged men and women who are looking for higher education. Not to mention the aggressive tactics meant to target Veterans and relieve them of the hard earned money provided to them via the GI Bill. As an Alumni, I can say with complete confidence that my education at LAFS was not worth the price tag of $45,000, and climbing, for an Associates Degree. An education at a community college costing an average of $8,000-$10,000 would have not only saved me close to $35,000 but would have given me the opportunity to continue my education at any university of my choice. As I struggled meet the high demand of private loan companies and continue my career in film, working on various film sets after attending LAFS, my degree was often considered either completely useless, or in some cases looked down upon due to the unprofessional alumni LAFS often produces. Aside from the lack luster quality of the education provided, the administration lacks professionalism, and is often unavailable. A mixture of a slick Marketing campaign a carefully selected group of ambitious but vulnerable prospective students, and a lack of moral integrity has made Los Angeles Film School a very profitable organization. If you're looking for a degree, stick it out, work hard in a real university and avoid the fast track. If you're looking for a job in the film industry, check various job sites for postings, attend industry workshops, and most importantly get out there and meet people.

Dj CheffGraves

Who could tell me about the online classes they have?

Alexis Esqueda

matteo roffino

(Translated by Google) beautiful (Original) bello


Derek Houck

om prakash


Great future for anyone that loves entertainment

laphea cole

Los Angeles Film School is the is the best, if you don't care about your education. It's so expensive, if you love wasting your money or GI Bill i 100% recommend this place. I would say school, but this place is barely accredited. So its super fun trying to transfer credits! Another great perk is even though you're paying over 70k to go here, you still get to pay for parking EVERY SINGLE DAY! They give you a cute fee of $6/day, its lovely. Especially since its impossible to work while attending here, the schedules are never consistent, but you can afford to live income free without being homeless, GO FOR IT! The list of perks goes on, please don't waste your time or money on this scam!

Bill G

I’m a fellow graduate from this school, I studied the music Production program. I can say I learned a little bit about music production and arranging from this program. I went in without any prior knowledge of music. Most teachers here have no clue what they are teaching here, they don’t have any type of teaching plan, it’s mostly a free for all. They print out packets from Full Sail University free resource catalog and teach you whatever is on it. You can literally learn everything they would teach you through You Tube maybe more. Most teachers here will tell you to go to YouTube to learn how to do somethings on the DAW. Which I was dumbfounded when one teacher really told me to do that instead of teaching me. Supposedly these teachers are suppose to be veterans in the industry but some of them are not at all. The studios they provide are terrible. No body takes care of the equipment and you can literally hear what someone is playing next door. You over pay in gear they provide and have to pay for parking every time you go to class. They also do not help you find employment after graduating. It’s been over 6 months I have communicated with the career development staff and had a meeting with them. All they do is tell you to check out job listings on different websites. So you pretty much just have to pray someone will contact you back after applying for a job. I honestly thought they had connections with production studios to help their students find employment after graduating. They don’t even help you find internships. They think helping is by going on indeed finding a post then posting it on their email newsletters. This place is just a big mess and if I were you I would look into a community college, not this place. They just put you in debt give you a piece a paper and forget about you.

Alicia Rivers

Brendan Collins

100% scam. Most of my teachers had less then 5 years of experience in the industry and didn't work on anything great... So it felt like I was being taught my a bunch of students who aren't an exert in the field they are "teaching" The facility and administration are a bunch of liars, the school is ran by a company that only cares about making money and not actually provided their students with a top quality education. The theater sucks, the sound stages such, the equipment and computers suck, most of the teachers are less then great... This company has great advertising and marketing to get people to go to their school, but once you get there you realize you got scammed.

Siddharth Gupta

Griggs Entertainment

Great location and facility!!! Very hands on!!!

Oguz Yigit

Carmen Padron

I haven't gone to this school, but simply reading the comments of what happened to some of you honest sincere people, Thank You I won't invest any time or energy here.

Emily H.

Jack Kalle

It the best

Francisco Cast

martin acevedo


Emro Hehe

Arezoo Aref

it is too expensive! $80,000 for three years!!!!


lizz vizcarra

I’ve been trying to go to school but the financial aid advisory is not very good at their jobs. I’ve been trying to fill out paper work that somehow keeps getting “lost”. Tax information from my parents keeps getting “lost” . I’ve had two advisors that don’t know how to reply to emails, tests, and calls. I really wanted to finish the music program but it seems like fighting with financial advisors is the hardest part about this school. I’m not looking for a fight to start the school and for them to put me in dept if it’s not going to be worth it in the end.

jon voss

My favorite school I been to so far

Roseann Franco

the school is horrible there is no one to answer questions or even speak with, contacting someone is so difficult


Daniela Marin Brito

Francisco Visconti

How horrible my experience was with the school officials, especially Yacine (student services), Rafael (international student department), and Jason Moss (teacher). I graduated in the first ever graduating class of the music production program in February 2015 Summa Cum Laude with 3.9 GPA. Paid all my tuition without financial aid and when the time came for me to get a recommendation letter from immigration from any of these people which where the only people I physically knew guess what?.... NO RESPONSE, NO INTEREST, IGNORED ME, TREATED ME LIKE GARBAGE! Even told them thru email and messages how important this was to the future of me and my family as immigration services had requested letters from the school I graduated from when I was living in the US as a student. Don't worry guys, I'll be paying you a visit to tell you how awful you all are once I'm back. What a waste of humanity.

Candice Cox

leo correa

michael Carroll


does anyone know if there's like a summer course I can take tho?

Sebastien Amoroso

Friendly atmosphere to experience Directors and their Film Productions with Q & A to Advance Screenings !

Anna Perciavalle

Kevin Whitney

See screening there all the time. Nice time and learning experience.

Manuel Rojas

I want to go there. If there were a contest to enter that school, and I won , I would go willingly . My dream is to be an actor

Robert Mesinas

It looks good

Dhruv Panchal

Linda Gutierrez

marissa pierce

The Los Angeles film school should be called the Los Angeles video school since film is not being manufactured anymore. But it's a great hands on learning experience. Don't believe those negative reviews. They never been here.

Nancy Kazzi

Mason Taylor

currently trying to withdrawl. i havent even made it to orientation and i just pulled them from my FAFSA. One of the administration, that i was texting upon enrollment, kept calling me “my brother,” and “bro” and even had the audacity to text me at 2AM central time. UNPROFESSIONAL! They sent my my info to create an student account and im still unable to login, thankfully i did some research and looked at the reviews and half of the school thinks its “wonderful, flawless.” Meanwhile the other half say that the school is a scam, administration is con artists at its finest and to proceed with caution, (if possible avoid at all cost. Not to mention that their still dealing with a lawsuit filled against them in 2010 for misleading information and “guaranteed jobs after graduating.”) My fafsa hasnt been approved yet so im still in the clear from debt, but im def glad i looked into them while i still had time. Someone on Quora mentioned: "anyone who is artistically inclined but not rich, or having the government pay for their education, has little chance of making it at LAFS, and they wont tell you that until you’ve already spent a year of your life their. If you are middle class, or not military, Its a scam. Nothing more……"


I went for an audition for a student film today and I'm glad to see they're encouraging students to work with actors and spend some time. 15 minutes. I'm so tired of audition mills where you go read to a camera in a room and the indifferent camera-girl cuts the recording short because she doesn't care. At LA Film School you can sit in the lobby after signing in and the security guy is friendly. Parking on the side street is $.25/10 minutes. Its okay when you're only staying 30 minutes.

Jose Arana

I did their Accelerated Film Program. U only get as much as u put into it! Give it your all and u'll be enjoying the benefits of learning about all aspects of production! Be patient with some teachers, be nice to the people in the equipment room, and ask questions to keep learning. Highly recommended due to the excellent experience u can have here.

Justin Waitkus

All these people with their negative reviews. The school is great. The teachers are NOT rude. The learning environment and studios are great. Its really not that expensive. Certainly not as expensive as most schools. Most of the people with negative reviews are probably the same people who suck at producing or directing and blame the school for their lack of talent and drive. You can lead a horse ti the river but you cant make them drink. There is also many student at school that generally suck at their art. Its life. Just can't blame the school for your lack of talent and drive. Don't listen to all of those losers. The school is great, the staff is great. Their are prior students with oscars and grammy's just to name a few awards. Their are also highly accomplished professor's teaching in the school. Check it out for yourself before you listen to all of the failures commenting.

lee aran

So so expensive

Alex Tea

Most film schools are a scam. Especially the ones in LA. They promise you an industry job when you leave but all you find is debt.

Stephen Williams

Virginia Camarena

One of the worst decisions I've made in my life to go here. This school doesn't care about it's students. The teachers and staff are rude, only 2 teachers there were actually helpful. They also will cheat you in your tuition. I had to pay while i was still going there. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR LIES! My friend had to drop out half way through because they screwed her over on her tuition.

LizKarol Pulido

Oleg Tcherkas

People that give 1 star probably just got dropped out or did not get employed right away when graduated. This school is amazing. There are some problems with administration when it comes to paper work but it is all understandable. The quality of education depends on what you take out from it. If you really want to learn how to be a filmmaker or how to be a part of a film set then you will be satisfied. If you just want to sit on lectures for 3 Year’s and then get a job at Universal or Warner brothers then this school won’t help you.

Chris Stallworth

Film School is what you make it for someone like my self transitioning into film from a managerial point of view i have grown and learned alot if you go to a school with a goal and follow thru just being in los angeles in Hollywood within its self is getting closer to your dream you are what you make of it, nothing is promised but hard work will someday be appreciated if one believes in such moral's :)

Raul Ayala

Amazng beautiful and people, costly but its worth the go!,

Stephen Palmer

Brother you ain't lying, I was supposed to start in March and they kept pushing my start date back every month until June! And for some reason there is always an excuse for why they have to push me back another month. I don't know if this school is real anymore,or they just don't want black people in there, either way there showing me I don't belon

Kevin Cross

Richa Barua

The Los Angeles Film School (informally LA Film School) is a for-profit college offering associate and bachelor's degrees in majors relating to the entertainment industry.

X Spotlight

So heres what I know, I have not attended the school but I have been inquiring about doing so. I have gathered that actually, the school is extremely expensive, almost 18000 just for the first 8 months, then almost 14 grand for the next and 4500 for the last few months mp program.The admissions advisor who I spoke to has been extremely kind, however the financial aid counselor who I spoke to was completely impatient, rude, sarcastic, and basically annoyed the entire time I was on the phone with her asking about the loans/process simply just trying to understand the apr rates so I fully know and understand what I am getting myself into so I can be on top of it. This is completely normal and feeseable and should be respected if anything and surely not sneered at. I really feel like her goal was to make me feel stupid by the end of our call. Most students don't care or they let their parents pay; I am paying myself so I just want to understand the process. Or maybe the school only cares about non financial aid students as their priority bc they know they will get paid fast & easy, is that it? She literally just kept reading her email to me word for word like I was stupid and did not understand English, I had the email in front of me I know how to read. I really cannot grasp how you call yourself an advisor when you are an extremely rude unkind and impatient person. You should not be a counselor since you have a seriously condescending and sarcastic attitude. You represent your school and you know what if your persona is in any way reminiscent of the staff at lafilm school then I don't want to come here after all. Not if all the staff is going to be like this. If the school does not want to take the time out to invest in explaining programs to prospect students, then maybe they should just stop inquiring altogether. I feel completely discouraged & disappointed, & I haven't even started the program yet. Not off to a good start...

Theresa Mitchum

Adrien Smith


Timothy Wiley

It is a miracle. Yes

Eric Alvira

Took the all access tour and fell in love with the place and the people. Great organization!

Robert McDowell

I personally know 2 people that are attending and one that's graduated the LA Film School. They were woking in the industry all through school and now cannot keep up with all the work being thrown at them. Like any place of higher education the top of the class gets romanced by the people in the real business to be either Interns or step right into their fields with established production companies (or dare I say it...maybe they even will start their own). It's a field that is more than just technical skills. The school takes people with raw talent, creativity and imagination and exposes them to Instructors winning Academy awards for the work they're doing today. Where else are going to get that level of real world success in a "traditional" school? So if you have the right stuff, it's the best place in the world place to learn from the best in the business. So, people just looking score a job because they have a degree aren't going to probably work out much better than than they would at any other school. Check the statistics and you'll see 60-70% of all higher education Freshman never degree out. Also there are students from all over the world that attend the the LA Film School for one very good reason. It's Hollywood baby!! .

Jannes 123

its Very nice Film School

Robbie Lee

Mamuk Teguh

Lance Feider

I've been coming to LAFS for 4 years now. So far the school has taken away most rights to bachelor's students, can't figure out if they want to hire or fire professors, won't get back to you if you have any type of issues, and if you're a veteran, don't expect to get your pay in full each month. They have moved classes online, so there is no reason to come here. Just do full sail and save yourself the headache. If you are going for film, it's amazing. Thats why I gave it 3 stars rather than 1.

Art Holmes

Yes it was O.K.

alexandru puscas

Mikhael V

The LA Film School rejects Veterans and does not work with us whatsoever. My high school lost its accreditation and apparently our federal documents (DD-214-1) that clearly show we are graduates of high school. I'm currently proceeding forward with a Lawsuit For unlawful discrimination. Joke of a school.

Student: Jad Habhab

These stupido peeps aint let me in thsi gradutations parad cuz thes pepes aint got no reason to let a standard black mean in even doe i wite. dezus chroist!!22@@!

alice Y

Alexander October

Sofian Benghanem

Samir Riman

Praveenkumar Praveen

My dream to study here.....Im trying but....

Will Payne

Island Beach productions

The LA Film school is freak en awesome!!! The'll help you with the transition to move to la and etc. I forgot the rest they told me over the phone but this future movie director is attending in 2017. I'm 100 cups of sugar and 900 pounds of sugar excited!!!:))

Chales Armstrong

want to visit there got a friend attending

C.R. Lovern

If i could rate lower I would. This place cant even return a phone call from their veterans department when you need help or assistance. Kept calling to keep hearing the same excuses. "They're out at the moment" is the most common excuse. Then they patch you through to leave a voice message to which never gets returned even after multiple attempts. Causes nothing but a lot of problems for your personal and professional life. I finished my degree here and because this place basically passes everyone your degree will be about worthless. All but 2 of my instructors were glorified power point pushers who couldn't or wouldnt answer questions. They would refuse to answer some questions citing "you'll learn that in the work place". They would skip entire lessons all together if a large portion of the class was struggling (general education classes and your technical ones). We skipped logarithms in Gen Math simply because our instructor felt that after 20 min of explanation there were a large group of people still with questions. He even mass passed every single student on our final exam. Didn't even have to take out a pen. What an education... All in all you're better off spending your valuable time learning from the same level of "experts" off YouTube at home. I've gotten quicker response times to questions in the comment section than I get from this schools administration or staff. The more time I spent here the clearer it became. The vast majority of the students here are military vets using their GI Bill benefits. This is just an easy way for them to get their money and it's sad.

Louis Sullivan

My journey begins June 25th!

Tobias Micheľ

Ashley Lemme

I just wanted some info and then told them it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Then they proceed to spam call me at least 15 times a day over and over and over. I said stop and no. They refuse!! So SICK of the spam. Terrible.

Tina-Louise Tomaschewski-Johnson

Hannahmarie Mitchell

Kimberly Dimas

Ana Talos

I don't know if this school is a scam, but to pay $40,000 for and Associate Degree, it seems an awful lot. I think it's a for profit school. Looking at the students that go there, I can't imagine how they can afford $40,000/year, unless they will be in debt after they finish. The tour of the school was ok, every classroom we passed looked almost empty, I don't know why, I was expecting to see students at work, learning about film making. The deal with the Farmers Market is not cool. We tried to park in the lot, but I think we had to pay $10 so we ended up parking on the street. For this price one can go to USC university, and get a Masters in Film. But maybe I'm missing something or I don't understand what's going on. Oh, while I waited for the tour, the parents of some student were there for a refund, and the school was giving them excuses of why they can't give their money back. That kind of made me feel very bad for them, because they didn't look like they were rich parents.

Basil Troncoso

Abhideo Kumar


David Condrey

Amir Tatubaev

This school is the best that happened to me and all ppl who rating 1 star did not study

f g

(Translated by Google) Beautiful house. I mean nice building. Since I went on vacation in other war. Is my whole life changed. (Original) Schönes Haus. Ich meine schönes Gebäude. Seit ich in Urlaub in los anderes War. Ist mein ganzes Leben verändert.

Денис Цибулько

Is it like a college or an adult school? Does it work for college?

janamohamad Janajana

Kenya Woods

This school means a lot to me hearing y'all makes me think this is the right place for me.

Angie Venegas

Elizeth Munoz

I know writing this maybe a huge waste of time. But I am hoping if it could make at least one person understand what a terrible life decision this is then I guess it would have been well worth it. Where do I begin... I enrolled in this school May 2010. I always wanted to go into the film and television industry like 90% of people in Los Angeles. I found this school and was immediately sold. I walked through the doors and saw the land of people just like me. Chucks, tattoos, etc. eating, sleeping and dreaming film/tv. People exactly like me that wanted to work at Paramount, Warner Bros, CBS etc. It was a dream that I thought was only possible if I enrolled in this 18 month Film Program. "PLUS you get a brand new laptop! NO WAY! Where do I sign" I met with admissions rep Matt who stalked me with daily telephone calls and emails wanting to meet up and speak to me about "changing my future". I had a full time job and was convinced that I could work part time and go to school. Little did I know that it was IMPOSSIBLE!!!! LIES! I unfortunately did not learn that until after I signed the dotted line and was sitting in orientation and received my first class schedule for the month. I had classes Mon-Fri morning to late afternoon, plus weekends! I tried to go back to Matt to ask him what was up with that and as I walked into his office he started to get up from his chair like he was to busy to have a conversation with me and he began to usher me out of the office as I went to sit down. As he was doing so he said that only the first month will be like that (as he is walking away from me) (LIES LIES LIES!) He stated that if I had anymore questions I needed to meet with student services. At that point I started asking other students who were months ahead of me. They ALL advised me to get out of the program while I still can. They started telling me stories about the program and what a waste of time it all was. I thought for sure they were just bitter and had no idea what they were talking about. I wish I had taken that warning more seriously! I went through my 18 months and graduated. NO JOB! Couldn't even get an entry level position at the studios because they were to busy hiring kids that came out of schools like AFI, Cal Arts, UCLA or USC!!! People that had internships through school that put in their time during school and had experience! (THINGS THEY DO NOT TELL YOU!!!) I was lucky if I got a job as PA (production assistant) and even then YOU DON'T NEED A DEGREE TO DO THAT JOB because you are at the bottom of the barrel having to work long hours, hardly any pay and no recognition. Fast Forward to today 4 years later.... MOST IMPORTANT FACT OF ALL! ALL OF THE 50 or so people from May 2010 class DO NOT HAVE JOBS IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM IN THE INDUSTRY!!! No television gigs, movies, PA's NOTHING!!! Most if not all of them have gone on to other careers or went back to school to actually get a real degree from a real college. As another poster stated... "The school has its own approved crediting system, and is not regionally accredited. What this means is the accreditation at this private institution can not be transferred, and will not be accepted at state colleges, or private universities." That is HUGE! Please I beg of you do your research! Look at other reviews on other sites. TALK TO STUDENTS who are enrolled (seek them on your own! Do not allow a rep from the school to recommend who you should talk to. For very obvious reasons) This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR STUDENT LOAN, FOR MILITARY.. YOUR GI BILL etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT throw that away because the school is state of the art facility or because they give you laptops etc. Go research REAL schools and REAL careers! Trust me you won't regret it.

Chaidrien Chantee


I would be cautious about this place. The administration is very sketchy. I used to be friends with the former VP of the Animation department. Their very corporate and not very good with students. Its run more like a business than an academic institution. Note their not accredited. The classes and credits don't transfer. And the units are way over priced. I started getting red flags when I first started going there. I saw them stripping students of id cards and kicking them off campus. It happened to me too eventually. They issued me a strangers ID card. I ended up in the director of the veteran departments office, a very horrid woman. And she immediately took a disliking to me. I told my ADA counselor about the way she treated me in her office, and that woman was married to the director of Admissions. He had me expelled on his wifes behalf. The school gets a lot of bomb threats. They tried to link it to me and had me arrested while I was working out at the gym across the street. I got locked up in county and my car ende d up getting impounded. After speaking with the VP of Animation he told me all about the owners and the staff and how corrupt they are. The schools VP of Operations, an attorney and another VP (the fat bearded guy you see at the podium in grad pics) there pretended to try and help me appeal their decision to kick me out. Dude would meet me at the local Starbucks down the street. Turns out they were just gathering information to spy on me. They feared a lawsuit and had me arrested because a bunch of people were calling the school and making threats. The only person who showed up to testify was the Ceo's secretary who said I got mouthy with her on the phone. I wasted months of my life in jail because of these people. Apparently some of the staff are recovering addicts. The schools a crap shoot. PM me if your interested in finding out more.

Endless Meghan Warner

Most expensive friendships I've ever made.

Javieralexis Viveros

Bryan Carrasco

Kerwin Burnett

Took the tour. It's one of the schools where I can/will succeed at in my education.


Fernando Hendrix

The best school of film

Xavier Quinones

I’m currently an online student in film, I was going thru the reviews here on google and I seem to not have any of these problems, I would call they will tell me they are out at the moment I would get a call back later on in the day or very first then the following day other then that no issues I have withdrawn myself with no issues and came back with no issues, I had some mixes up with who’s handling my files but at the end it’s always been fixed never a bad time with any of the workers, the way I look at it is like this, they all at La Film have a job to do they can’t just drop everything at a moments notice to help us ,I leave my message and I get a email or a call back ALWAYS. so some of the reviews that are in here I think they are just people who are upset because they weren’t there first priority, Well to bad be an adult and get in line because nothing is going to be handed to you.

Free H.

Don't do it .....

Joshua Aarons

I went here from 2010-2012 and when I graduated I received my Associates of Science in Recording Arts. The classes were pretty long usually 4 hours with some days you would have to take 2 classes which amounted to an 8 hour day! I was very fortunate enough to learn SO much from the many instructors!!

Jeffrey Adams

I graduated

Shahmoon Mashruq

Shjuandale Jones II

I love being close to home. Not California I mean music

Trent Ledford

UPDATE/Summer 18' Grade: C This school is basically a 18/36 months workshop. Your art and craft for filmmaking will improve a lot while attending LAFS but also your passion for film might go away because of the bullshitting from the staff. The teacher at the school are pretty solid. The main issue with this school is the overpriced parking, tuition and the help from the staff (such as finaid, career dev, and academic counselors). The facility at the school doesn't do much to help the students with anything. Renting out equipment from the school requires us to do too much. After the first, twelve months, you basically learn everything you need to know. It does become a bit repetitive. It feels like this program should be just a one year program. Or Two year at the max. A very solid school to network with people and become better with what you're doing. Most of the stuff that you will learn from the school will be on YouTube. But working on those skills with professors and students is much better. This school is more about networking with people and being surrounding with people that love the same thing you love. It is so easy to network and meet actors, actresses, visual effects artist, and other filmmakers. The screenings at the school are fun to attend. This school is a bit pricey. It might be worth investing in. I did network with some very great and trustworthy students at this campus. Every month is a new class, so you'll most likely meet new students every month. There are so many creative and talented students but there are more lazy and careless students at this school. Most of the good projects that you'll shoot will be off campus with students. You might end up shooting something good on campus also, but, I believe most of your good work will be off campus with students. The programs are good, but I think LAFA needs to improve the staff and schedule for the programs. The school also needs to change the application process. Students should be require to write an essay and shoot a passion video or photos before being accepting. Students should be require to send a piece of art that best display their passion. The amount of students that doesn't care anything about film, music, etc is wild. The school is pretty well-designed. The sound stages are good at first, but, it looks like sound stages. It doesn't matter how hard you try to make it look realistic, it still look like a sound stage. The main stage isn't well designed. It's hard to move around and get shots in that stage. If you decide to attend this school, make sure you talk to people and network with everyone and do not rely on the school to find you work because they doesn't help you find work, and help you feel wanted at the campus. The work study, finaid people, career development people, some of the teachers, doesn't seem to care too much about students. You have to build a squad that is down to shoot all kind of films. Talk to the creative people because more than one of the person from your group will help you after you graduate and connect you with more people. Don't wait until you graduate to start filming your own feature film or short film. You don't need film school to make it but attending film school does make it easier because of the connection you'll make. It opens more doors for you. It's so much easier to chat with industry people when you're a film student because a lot of them also went to film school. Sharing film experience is a good way to pitch an idea or become friends. KEY THINGS: -Network -Don't rely on the school to help -The people you meet at this campus will help you find gigs IS IT WORTH IT?: Not really, but at the same time I am so happy that I met a few students here. They will help me in the future.


I'm a recording student and a Marine Corps vet. Not sure why some people are writing horrible reviews. If you had a bad experience its probably because you didn't take care of your own paperwork or ask the right questions. Its ultimately your responsibility to make sure all your documents have been submitted. I agree that the admin side of things at this school can be a bit bad at times since it seems like none of the departments communicate with each other. **Edit: Once you are a student for a while, you will get the run around for weeks when asking about BAH and how the school sends enrollment so you have no money during the holidays even though the suggest you not have a job. As far as education goes, I find the courses to be pretty easy as long as you follow simple instructions, show up to class and pay attention. I've learned a lot and the teachers here are great. I haven't had any problems finding a teacher to answer my questions. My biggest complaint about the school is the parking situation. ITS HORRIBLE. I get that is LA, but they could offer a student pass. And its especially annoying that they let anyone (not students) park in the lots. So if you have an afternoon class you will most likely have to find parking elsewhere. Its really irritating that there is not ample parking for students and they chart $6/ day no matter what. This should be fixed. **Edit: Security treats students like criminals and the school prioritizes the all access tours over students, who pay a lot of money to go to the school, to work in spaces on projects for their classwork. I almost wasn't allowed on a stage in the film building that was booked and had an instructor with it. The security guard literally put her hand in front of the ID scanner blocking me from scanning my a child. In the recording building, if you take a nap on a couch or fall asleep, security will find you and make you actually sit up. Again, students that PAY A LOT OF MONEY to go to the school aren't allowed to take a nap in-between class or on breaks. Its not like anyone is camping out overnight.

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Pretty good school, just keep in mind it is a private school, they are mostly hungry for the money. 80% = money 20% = good careers . Good Luck !

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looks AWSOME

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