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REVIEWS OF Stanford University IN California

Ohan Oda

Very nice place to visit for tourists and place to take a walk for residents. Parking can be hard on weekends but relatively easy to find a spot after 4 pm.

Jitendra Tiwari

I love this place too much. I am Rajan from Varanasi , Uttar pradesh ,India. My dream is to complete my mba from Stanford university.

Veg Nik

Big, beautiful, elitist, and enjoyable, this is a nice campus to explore, one that feels more like a small city or a large museum than a university. Wander the campus by car and foot, visit the museum and church, stop into a library and the bookstore, check out the Rodin sculpture garden, gaze up at and go into the tower, and discover whatever else you will find, but you won't find it all.

Viola C.

I love this campus. Okay i might be bias because i work for the University but i do think it is a very beautiful campus. I get to walk around and get lost when I'm not too busy. I'm lucky that i get to do this and I'm really going to miss it when we move to the new office. Come visit the campus if you are in the area. You will love it...

Don't think Just Subscribe

if somebody Want to adopt me as there own child , contact me please.

Timothy Valentine

Stanford is the best collage ever

Jenna Tenpenny

Beautiful campus as others have mentioned! Visited the campus on a Sunday during a three day holiday weekend. Whereas most college campuses would be bare on a long weekend (especially Sundays) there was a good amount of people at Stanford for it being Sunday.

Hyon Jin Jang

I grew up in the southeast and stayed for college. Friend I went to college with took my wife and I here to show us how different Stanford was from anything in the SE or NE. Incredible campus. Worth just walking around and marveling at the buildings/architecture. Wish I went to school here!

Kris Hadis

Beautiful looking of the best schools in the world!

Abhishek Dadhich

It is the world's best university. The atmosphere of university is very nice. Its a completely different world for the students. There are options for study like engineering, medical, architecture, agriculture, geography, English, physiology, psychology etc students are very helpful to each other. Professor's are of very helping nature. There is a robotics lab which is worlds largest robotics lab.

Akash Jaiswal

So much beautiful campus

ronauly manalu

if I could realize my dream there

xSiana ST

I really enjoyed the campus tour! The School is beautiful and there are so many opportunities what to do. I would really like to go to this college but it's too expensive to me... sadly they lost the concept of a free school

arun singhal

Never seen anything so beautiful

Dhiman Chowdhury

Beautiful entrance at Palm Dr.


the most beautiful university for USA


Clean, safe and great University to visit.

mohan Sheshadri

Beautiful place to walk around

goma jhaider

This university is full of science and people wish to study in this university and that one of the people I wish to study there

Weiche Li

Visit my old classmate in this top-ranking university! The facilities and excitement are excellent!

Kimberly King

This is my son first choice to go to this school. He visited this school over the summer time and he was happy with everything that they had to give. He want a full ride to this school. Looked out for Jerell

Jenny Hoang

This is the nicest university I have ever seen.. beautiful everywhere.. some mountain.. museum.. so many different people and love it to visiting.. We are going to have a lot of fun here with: Little Angel

2019: Giorgio Trettenero

The campus is extraordinary! This university has an examplar landscape and academic program. I truly recommend going on a student-led tour to fully appreciate the entirety of the campus and see how the students enjoy their college environment.

Derhem Abdellah

Great university ✌

Vijai Rox

Its mind boggling! One of the best schools which can compete to oxford university

Joseph Christian Utomo

Beautiful buildings and free shuttle bus

Justin Tann

The place was really cool with a renaissance feel. It was big.

Ardy Almatsir

Historic place

Ni Xin

I love this place. It's beautiful. There are many visitors.

Charlene Brooks

Why don't people label the photos. Nobody knows what any of there are!

Marina Jurić

University of Stanford is the best university ever.

Shideh Farahmand

I highly recommend Dr. safari, had a wonderful recent experience with her. Excellent anesthesiologist.

Eri. M

Great memories....

Md Golam Kibria Shiplu

Hi.i am a student.i want to admit in the Stanford university for my engineering.can anybody help me?

yunus emre demir

What ever I read about comments there were no secured in university area, expensive, rejection or other negative comments are real and it happens all where other good universities like others. However this is the best university in some areas and no body deny that.

Toon Shader

Absolutely beautiful. As a repeat dropout of stand ford I can confirm, they don't take kindly to cheaters. I dehydrated a hot dog once and submitted it for my final essay. Got an F. Like, what the heck. It was a beautiful Angus grade beef torpedo, and the professor had to audacity to ask for a bun. So privileged. Needless to say I had to retake his class. This time, I was prepared. See attached photo.

Sanjeeve Vasanth

Good experience around the campus, able feel the students atmosphere. There are some guided tour available based on what we see there. Do visit the store inside the campus. This is quite big campus so be prepared to cover by walk. There is church as well don’t miss that.

Super Welder

Prison experiment was awesome.

Daniel Narevich

The staff here locked me in the basement until I gave them 5 stars help help get me out.

Dennis Macaso

This is a university with a great reputation from it's quality of education.And from the great views of it's campus it shows a lot of it's great history.

Leonid Ustenko

It's an incredible place itself as well as the university. I wish I could study there ;)

Darius Frye

This is one big beautiful campus. I did a family photo shoot for someone here. Great location.


Amazing campus with a blend of modern and traditional architectures. Multiple conferences happens in the campus round the year. Stanford is well known for its academic excellence with ranking as one of the best universities in the world.

Thibaud Lepercq

Dream university !! Very nice place to visit.

kanak sarkar

Great placement & research program. Good environment

Anaseur Keviner

Just amazing.

Henrique Sampaio Ferreira

Amazing Place People are welcoming and happy! Very safe area! Maintenance of the campus is sharp! The food in Campus is not the best, but there is a big variety of restaurants! As It is in the Silicon Valley it is expected to be an expensive area, with expensive hotel and food! Lots of opportunity for hard workers and people who are driven to chase success!

Ben Wincelberg

One of the best universities in the city

Fran Urbano

The kind of university I would love to go in my next live... or in this one if I become a millionaire.


An institution for learning. I admire it though never been there. Speechless

Matias Santiago

The best University Ive ever seen! A must go!

Lexi Burgamy

To many people died being there.

Byunghwan Hong

Great place to learn how school is beautiful. We visited on Saturday so It’s easy to park in the school. There was promotion event. My kids enjoyed looking the promotion speeches.

i am groot

best in world


its really great university you should go there

Grayson Melby

Great food but the bartender was kind of rude.

Adem Dokmeci

We visited Stanford University last Monday and parked our van at the visitor parking area. Some guys broke into our minivan along with the other two cars. Stanford has over $24 billion endowments but cannot afford to put a security system or/and guard. It is a shame! Out students were disappointed.

Jonathan Jackson

The campus is truly amazing. By all means take a walking tour led by one of the students to get a basic overview of everything Stanford. After that, do some exploring on your own. The buildings are both beautiful and historic. Give yourself ample time as things are spread out but the grounds are perfectly manicured so you'll definitely enjoy the walk. A fun day no matter what!

Chloe Coleman

Great School for six-year old kids! They love this school and made some new friends! One time though, while I was driving to Stanford in my Tesla Roadster, I got a call saying that my kids were sick. But, other than that, this is a great school!

Abdul Omira

Best school on planet earth.

Nina & Cliff A

Amazing!!! First thing, its a lot of walking, consider a bike for sure. I want to go back soon and see more that I missed. I took so many photos because it was so beautiful. I really enjoyed the scenary, the people, the buildings, and the weather. My favorite was the older buildings, bull of history. The newer buildings are amazing as well. Awesome Campus!

Muhammad Osama Rashid

A very well maintained university. Everything is so organized here. Taking a short tour of this university helped me answer the question that why this is amongst the top universities in the world. The environment was so good. The students were very friendly and helpful.

MiVi Nguyen

Beautiful atmosphere and architecture. I loved the Harrypotter Hall. The church. I am at a loss of words. The acoustics are amazing (as were the players who demonstrated such amazing reverberations) and the way the light shone through the stained glass windows absolutely made the art look devine and holy. The studious yet active atmosphere just calls for me to go to Stanford.

Shady Salama

I passed by the university during a quick Silicon Valley tour, and I was amazed by the buildings and the green spaces. I believe such fantastic atmosphere was a crucial part to push more research and studies that have enriched our world. I wished to be a student at such a great education place.

Untold Talent of India

The Leland Stanford Junior University was founded in 1885 by California Senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane, in memory of their only child, Leland Jr., who died of typhoid fever at 15. Stanford University was founded in 1885 by California senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane, “to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization.” The standford university was opened 1891 located in standford, CA and having the strength of students 16430 and having a good faculty strength of 2219 and i really want to join this university in my life but how? anyone help me. it's my dream

Gabriel Flores

“This place is like a Church’s day for you”

Rayan Braidi

Gorgeous campus, amazing weather, and even better students

Vince Ho

Ate lunch on the lawn area of the roundabout. We had a dog and two little kids with us and the area was a perfect place to relax and people watch with the view of the main quad building. The campus is a great place to walk around. Wouldn't be a bad idea to bring your bicycle too as the place is very bike friendly. There are a few public restrooms around the main quad area, some of them will show up on Google Map

Chucky H

Best university in world... stellar campus... best business, best science, best students.

Paul Donovan

I am missing the thrive, passion, and motivation. It's not living up to its potential. Everybody I talked to gave me shades of excuses on why things fall apart down the road. Sorry, this is not the place I should send my kids to. It looks like that the place is living from history rather than having a prosperous outlook.

Joseph John

Beautiful campus. Academic atmosphere.

Jan You

Highly recommend it’s the best University of United States of America California

Atha aylin

I like these place,where i'm looking for the knowledge with a unforgottable experience friend,my teacher,and all around me..thankyou standford


The best university of psychology

Tod Standing

I knows how the economy get good. Just bring all the hamsters up, give them a good lick, and let those hefty hamburgers that hang out at conventions have a go. Prayer every night fo those sins. Left a hemmy on my soul.

Ajay Vidyasagar

A beautiful campus with a calming energy ..a very special place indeed.

Victor Brunko

One of three universities everyone must to visit. At least as a guest. It penetrates you with wisdom and knowledge.

Rainbow Yuen

A dream for every high school student! One of the best school in the world. Indeed, have a breathtaking view! The tranquility within the campus is very suitable for a afternoon nap. Suggest tourist to visit the campus during the Summer or the School's open day, since during the summer there will be less traffic and School's open day provide you guys an opportunity to know more about the school.

Gislene Canales Rojas

Im going to this school when i grow up

Malay Goswami

It was a great experience to be at the Stanford University as a walk-in visitor. Cleanliness of every inch is beyond imagination. View from the Hoover Tower is awesome..

Nathan Merrill

Don’t bother trying to get in. The school doesn’t actually exist. The buildings are all set pieces and the alumni are all actors. They make million a year on the application fees of hopeful students only for then all to receive rejections. Try your luck at a real school like the university of Finland.

Ramya Bala Prabhakaran

Convenient drop off point at the Stanford Oval for cab rides, lovely campus. Public restrooms were available. Many buses that inter connect and take you around to various parts of the campus. Best part is that there's a shuttle bus to Palo Alto Caltrain station that's convenient for commuters using Caltrain.

Sebastian Rousseau

Breathtaking campus! Stunning architecture, grounds and history. One of the most successful universities in attracting funding for start-ups and alma mater of many successful alumni.

Travelfreak Foodie

Mesmerizing example of architecture. Stunning. Must visit once in a life

Gopinath Gopalan

One of the best University in the world such a very big University. Engineering,law, medicine,Financial and Arts etc.....visitor place is awesome and memorial hall excellent very calm and sport center walk way cycle track lots of car parking place Mon to Fri pay parking. Sports store t shirts Standford brank mark and other track and suites.high technology stud center. Town and country village. Speed limit 20km. Nice view

Caroline Nelson

A fantastic, grand and historical place with various buildings of diffent sizes and a vast area of land covering, a very pleasant scenery and parking options are also good.

Charlton Storer

Beautiful campus that exudes charm with buildings that mix both modern and early 1900 architecture. While the campus itself, is busy with tourists, students, and faculty/staff roaming about, there is still a sense of peace and tranquility as you walk (or bike) from one destination to the other. Stanford truly is a top notch University specializing in academics, sports, and medicine, not just in the U.S., but in the world.


Amazing University. I love the atmosphere here that I feel relax.

Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez

The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work

xv70 1

I could clearly feel everyone with the same liberal ideas, just based on all the talks that everyone was having around me.

Rock N' Roll Fan

This is every student's dream University

Nikhil Meshram

If you are go for the walking tour at visitor centre. It's a beautiful campus. Your tour guide will tell interesting facts and stories about this great place. Try to go for the first tour in the morning as by the time our tour ended, the Hoover tower was closed and we could not go all the way up

kitty queen

so peaceful

Khel Khel Me Gyan

Stanford offers great value and helps students who need financial aid.Stanford University is one of the world's leading research universities. It is known for its entrepreneurial character, drawn from the legacy of its founders, Jane and Leland Stanford, and its relationship to Silicon Valley.

Jimmy Klinger

Just amazing. Such an environment for studying... what a luxury

Mosabbir Khan

One of the best University in the world. You have laws, engineering and lots of other subject. The students in this university are really lucky. And once Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple came here as a special guest. Wow! At that time I was thinking if I was there

Sarina Freeman

is not a china university, better than china and cia friendly harvard. also have a good Center for Biomedical Ethics

Pierpaolo Occhino

Stanford is the answer to all your questions like "how do you always study?" or "how did you adapt to university?" it's a magical place. perfect. full. huge. nothing is missing but nothing inside. there is a shop dedicated to both students and tourists. inside it is possible to buy original Stanford sweatshirts, souvenirs but also all the equipment suitable for the study and to live there in harmony with nature and surrounded by all the space that could be used by a student to open his mind. it is an elite place. ample parking outside, adateci when you want, you will travel all in about 2 hours.

Ram M

Awesome library and great campus! Every building is well planned and green campus

Tracy Williams

Beautiful university. However, this university is overrated and too expensive. The Stanfords and the other founder meant for this school to be affordable. Now, it became just a status symbol.

Julen Ruiz de Samaniego

Great campus

Ashlee A

Beautiful (& large) campus. Loved the architecture and art, especially by the main quad/chapel area.

Braulio Cassule

Great University Campus. I was there and it was amazing, even though I was in an unguided tour. Would love know the experience of being a student at Stanford University.

Fenge Loo l

Everything is neat decent and people running around or doing karate The buildings look ancient trees well taken care of and all having history

ela arora

One of the best universities in the world. Very beautiful, clean and calm. Amazing architecture.

George Washington

Very good school

Charles Frost

One of the best universities

Gicela Carrera Rios

This type of schools that only depends on money and not on education . Really is sad because i know very smart people !!! But the problem is they don't have money ;they do not admit them. This is the case of Politicians , Actor 0r Artist people who do not study and pay for a degree.

Jaroslav Vozár

Very nice and clean environment all around the university.

Stephen Ragain

Academically unrivaled, but they don't treat graduate students fairly. Denying housing to Ph.D. students and asking them to live in the Bay Area on a pittance is unfair, but the school doesn't seem to care that it can't meet the basic needs of who it admits.

ANA Leticia

Such a nice place even if you are not an student there are many free classes like salsa

murtada ahmed

Stanford, a wonderful university in a wonderful environment

Azriel John Castano

So we had this field trip where me and the whole 5th grade went to Stanford university. I loved it there! great place, the atmosphere of this place is very nice, and the student guide was very nice. The Q&A session was great! The student was able to answer all of our questions, and we learned many different things. Overall, Stanford seems like a very good university! I still somehow remember it all.

Cheryl Yan

Very beautiful, very rich. Loved their bookstore

Abhishek Sharma

One of the world's best university green sprawling lawn large campus best professors in the world.

Cait Jackson

Absolutely in love with this campus and the people. Everyone is so friendly and excited about learning and improving the world. Such an incredible brand to associate with higher education.

Sonny Chow

Stanford University has the lowest acceptance rate in the country again. It’s been like ten years straight.


Very nice

Water Provider

This place has lots of great events. Whether it is charity or sustainability, educational or entertainment. We were exhibitor at Summer Scamper and provided water for participants. Thanks organizers for such a great event!

Sayantan Saha

A great university with lots of famous alumni ...

Rakesh Rajalwal

Awosome and spacious campus. One of the best universities in the world. You should visit if you are in SFO area. The dish hiking trail is great, you get awosome views and good physical exercise.

Zheng Yan

ah it’s been 3 years. haven’t dropped out. got indoctrinated into switching to CS which is pretty fun and fairly $ellout. professors here are generally good teachers. people are generally helpful and friendly. meal plan is expensive but many dining halls have quality food. if you’re looking at google maps to figure out where to go to college though, probably not the best idea. Would recommend coming here though. if you’re just trying to find a place to walk around, would recommend - the campus is really beautiful. Here’s a list of places to go: 1) Huang to see iconic stressed out STEM students 2) Main quad to take iconic pictures 3) Green library to see iconic stressed out PhD students 4) The Dish to go up a cool lookin hill then go down a cool lookin hill. Avoid mountain lions. 5) Arrillaga for.. uh there’s 7 arrillagas. Good luck 6) Gates CS building to watch money being turned into more money by iconic stressed out students 7) The GSB for weird lookin non-stressed students because of pass/no pass classes for some reason 8) The med school for iconic stressed out students in scrubs 9) Gilbert for the iconic stressed out pre-meds, a rare species of student even more stressed than your average potato 10) Cantor for the 2 art students on campus. i think one of them is called Fred. Cool guy. 11) TAP for the best waffle fries and worst boba within the 20 mile radius 12) The humanities center for... wait we have a humanities center? That doesn’t sound very blockchain ML. uh. idk there’s probably people there reading. 13) The law school for people dressed up more than you 14) Synergy for people less dressed up than you 15) EBF for the longest continuous bong cloud in California 16) Lake Lag for a nice looking crater. 17) The math building for ads targeted at rich Asian international students to store their BMWs somewhere 18) and finally, the faculty club for the most bougee cashmoney place on campus that you don’t have permission to access all in all, good school, much better than Berkeley, 9/10, 10/10 with rice

Sharon Shen

I know I'm only 11 but Stanford has been my dream college since I was 7. really hope I get in! Edit: I’m now 14 and this is still my dream

gemin i

Best place in the world to study computer science and Andrew Ng co-founder of coursera help you with artificial intelligence and Stanford engineering education are of world class

Duvan Castañeda T.

one of the best SFO sites .... culture , education and history’s.

Sedra Kessman

I’ve been there to check out the college! It’s extemeky impressive! Beautiful campus!

Deependra Sharma

World's best University. Stanford University is a private institution that was founded in 1885. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,062, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 8,180 acres. It utilizes a quarter-based academic calendar. Stanford University's ranking in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 7. Its tuition and fees are $51,354 (2018-19). Stanford University’s pristine campus is located in California’s Bay Area, about 30 miles from San Francisco. Stanford offers a wide range of student organizations, including the Stanford Pre-Business Association and Stanford Solar Car Project, which designs, builds and races a solar car every two years. The Stanford Cardinal are well known for the traditional "Big Game" against Cal, an annual football competition that awards the Stanford Axe — a sought-after trophy — to the victor. Stanford also has successful programs in tennis and golf. Only freshmen are required to live on campus, but students are guaranteed housing for all four years, and most choose to remain on campus. Greek life at Stanford represents approximately 25 percent of the student body. Four of Stanford University’s seven schools offer undergraduate and graduate coursework, and the remaining three serve as purely graduate schools. Graduate programs include the highly ranked School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine and Graduate School of Business. The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment oversees collaboration between environmental research, teaching and outreach. Stanford has a number of well-known theatrical and musical groups, including the Ram’s Head Theatrical Society and the Mendicants, an all-male a cappella group. Notable Stanford alumni include former U.S. President Herbert Hoover, Hall of Fame NFL quarterback John Elway, actress Sigourney Weaver and golfer Tiger Woods, who played collegiately at Stanford.

Elon Musk

Great school! I cruise around in my roadster occasionally!

JR Singh

Like to hang out here sometimes.

Rutuja Chinchankar

Has a beautiful campus...its a must visit.

Alexis T

Love the campus and always want to stop by when I am in town! I usually come with my husband and sit around while he works! Never bored and always amazed by the beauty.

Amaan Ahmad

The stanford is the best place of study. i like this university and this dorms but one problem of this university.this university programs fee is most expensive its not affordable to middle class families

Nav Singh

We all know it’s a great university , so it needs no explanation . It’s surely worth a visit while you are around . A beautiful campus indeed

Alejandro Yepes

Lovely campus. Staff is incredibly nice and tour of the University was great. Highly recommended

Bryce Hwang

I love Stanford and it is amazing!!! The campus is so beautiful and it is my dream college right now! I’m going to high school right now and I’m scared but I have hope for my future. This has been my dream college since 6 and I just wanted to do this review to appreciate Stanford. Thank you.

Skyler Allen Smith

As an informally visiting Scholar in 2011: I was welcomed by the Church to Play the Pipe•Organ, but: I refused as I had been near unanimously insulted as a Visitor by everyone else that I came in contact with on Campus, because: The general philosophy of Stanford University is that “If You aren’t with Us: You are against Us” and so everyone reflexively attacked me for not being a part of Stanford University as if I must be some sort of Competition to be defeated in rivalry against anyone that does not “belong” there. Unfortunately: Stanford University is a worst case scenario of how and why that People are inspired to become so highly Educated; People that are bad at guessing from a lack of intuition often require so much education, because: They need to be told everything and they are not “self•starters”; Even when they are capable of coming to their own conclusions: It is due to the fact that their Educators, told them to come to those conclusions. Unfortunately: The Scholasticism of these institutions is often such deferred pragmatism that their conclusions are often delayed by Weeks or Months if not Years. Which is why that such Highly Educated People are often so bad at making accurate analyses in Real•Time, without the luxury of having several Weeks to research their interpretations. Unfortunately: The People of Stanford University often fail to make basic inferences and so they are often surprised by implications, like: “JOHN IS JOHNATHON!?” or “RECAP IS RECAPITULATION!?” Unfortunately: Stanford University is typically proof of why the World’s most Successful People are often Dropouts, because: The intuition to become independently successful is not facilitated by the Academic Scholasticism of Educational Institutions, because: Selling a Product like Education is often reliant upon the untrue premise that Brains need to be coddled to Mature, but: The Students of Stanford University are coddled from Birth and so they are usually unprepared for the Real World that does not wait for them to gather their Notes in spite of their lackadaisical mnemonics. Unfortunately: The counterfeit “Historicity” of Stanford University’s inculcations often forgets to Teach their Students about Storied Morals, like: “Memorize this J.S. Bach Piece, but: Never learn about how disputed and reviled that the works of J.S. Bach were by their contemporaries, because: We don’t want you to be prepared for Modern Geniuses to come traipsing onto Campus; Just repeat the same mistakes of yesteryear, because: We’re not going to teach you about Context!”

Kate Shao

What a stunning university I've never been. The campus, stadium, bookstore, class are truly amazing!

Joanna McClean

Love living close to Stanford U & hospital.

Madame Livingston

I Recommend This School I Give it One Million Stars !!!

Josh E.

One of the most impressive, beautiful college campuses in the world! Definitely worth spending a day or two walking through the entire complex, and mingling with some of the most intelligent students in the nation.

Michelle Li

I came here for the summer. The campus is truly amazing and so is the bookstore. The students and teachers are kind. I did not know where I parked my car but a nice young couple helped me find it.

Aarav Chankrapelli

I applied for St. Anford for their fall quarter as a part of their gender studies porgram. Unfortunately, I received a rejection. I wrote back rejecting their rejection, informing them that I would be accepting my place in the class of 2023.

Ohin Haque

Stanford Univercity is one of the places to visit while you are in the U.S.. It is among the most elite universities in the world. It is located about half an hour south of San Francisco, California in the small town of Palo Alto. Anyone who comes in the United States should visit Stanford University, although only as a tourist. The feeling is amazing. Everything is so clean, tidy and elsewhere has subtropical vegetation. Approaching the university from both sides of the road there are beautiful palm trees. Opposite the university there is a garden planted with grass. Its length is approximately 240 meters. In the center of the garden with flowers is shaped the English letter “S” / from Stanford

fefi fofum

Wayback in the 90s I was working as a limo driver full time out of Bgame. We had a famous NYC contract for rich and famous and SFO Signature private jet people. So one night I picked up a National Famous News Woman from SF/SFO to Stanford for a Publicized Public Debate she would Moderate! Fun right!? All I had was "destination, Stanford." No address. So I called the Limo Mgr, "I don't know. Call Stanford. Ask her." I called Stanford Security, "No idea." I asked that they should provide an escort for such a VIP. No luck. Feeling so stuck, I asked her, and she was so kind and polite, but no address, no map, no directions. I started to panic as Stanford is a Big Sprawling place. So I asked pedestrians and students, even driving on the wide sidewalks in a town car!! We made it!! I was so relieved. But as a suited limo driver this sort of thing happened occasionally. I still Smile Warmly every time I see her good manners on National TV. What a class act! Gratsi! Maybe by now Stanford does do standard escort service for visiting VIPs...I sure hope so!

Ikun Baikuniyah

Fresh air in the morning..blu sky best campus

Syifa Ashri

one of the best university that i like and hope I can school in here

arzoo rawat

I didn't go there but my one is went there and he saw the real beauty of there the Stanford university.

Ratnaker Kumar

Located 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose, Stanford University is in the heart of Northern California’s dynamic "Silicon Valley,” home to Yahoo!, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and many other cutting-edge companies that were started by and continue to be led by Stanford alumni and faculty.

Shirley Rosales

Lots to see. Beautiful grounds and every place we went was wheelchair accessible.

Professor&Doctor Mohammad Tahaseem Shah

My Dream and Favourite University


Heart of the Silicon Valley. The feeling of knowledge, education of world progress is immaculate as a person steps in to this cathedral of great minds.

S.A. M.

A family member and I decided to pay a visit to Stanford, and I absolutely loved it. An architectural and academic marvel. As you walk into the university it gives you the feeling that you're entering a palace. The university is beautifully maintained and well-decorated, and the university will always make you feel at home. On one serious note, expect to do some heavy walking and have a map on you as the campus is very large and you can get lost easily.

Aaron Lee

Beautiful campus. Wonderful chemistry program. A dear friend of mine is starting school at Stanford soon, her name rhymes with Belby Bankle, and I'm very excited to hang out with her in the bay.

Ashtynne-Nicole Agarenzo

I hope I will get to go to this collage and get a full ride scholarship for softball

Shirley Grose

Great experience for my daughter in law she said it was a good feeling and atmosphere.

Emmanuel Ramirez

Stanford University is a private university, but their facilities are accesible to the public. The layout is open and visitors can freely roam around. We were lucky enough to receive free books here. We also went to the Stanford Mall, where they have dining places a Starbucks, and a store that sells Stanford University merchandise

HH Heng

Very beautiful and big campus...

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I totally loved Stanford. It was an amazing experience to be there with my family and visit such and awesome university. The streets, parks and people there were so nice. I went to Harvard a year ago and loved it too, but if i had to choose i would definitely select Stanford. Not only because of the beautiful campus but because of the perfect weather there. Having the chance to even just visit that university was an honor. Going there was one of the best things i’ve ever done. The tour was given by a student there and explained everything to us, from the beginning he was very welcoming and nice. At the end of our tour the guide left us at the Stanford Bookstore, it had lots of books, clothes with the “Stanford” logo and so on. I obviously couldn’t leave without buying a tee. I’ve never seen such a variety of clothes with Stanford written on it. It was a really big store with even wifi and a coffee shop inside. To put it briefly, i totally loved visiting this breathtaking university and i would undoubtedly pay once more to have that experience again.


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