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Terry Green

Alicia Gutierrez

Dreyana Charles

Hello, yes um my cousin attends and he has a blast thank you very much also sir it would be "are" aviation technicians not "is" you're welcome. Best wishes, xoxo - Gossip girl

sannii S

You can get an A&P license without paying all that money for an education that’s not even close to worth it, After you Graduate good luck finding a job that does not require you have experience in the field already, and also if you need any records you better physically go there to pick them up because once you’re out they don’t answer your phone or even let you leave a voice mail. The staff there is LAZY!!! Please save your money and find experience first

Alan Flake

A joy ride of an education that led to failing certification exams and denial at aircraft mechanic apprenticeship applications. After 40k$, one would still need to grind harder than at school just to barely pass, and one would still need to use experience and knowledge before school to pass or fail apprenticeship tests.

Daniel Janoian

To be honest i cant wait to be finished withthis school. Everything they tell you in the tpur or on the website is completely bs. I to wounldt reccommend this school yo anyone. There are a few great yeachers but the administration isnt here for rhe students. They just wont your money thats it.

Jorge Barragan

Better than Inland Empire campus

Ty Nabor

James Thielfoldt

Currently enrolled. Great school. Always has FAA inspectors coming in to talk to us. Airline employees that graduated crimson come sit in our classes and add real life scenarios to the instructor's lessons. Unlike occ, it's year around, so you graduate much sooner. If you're looking to fix airplanes, this is the spot

ramon deathisbeautiful

The worst thing you could do with your life. not only is most aviation jobs night shift and will turn you into a zombie with no life but the pay is not that great. also you can go to a community college for free instead of paying 30grand


got my A&P license and I have clean record but can't find a job... I was told there are sooo many jobs available in the beginning...

James Ekeoma

My experience has been great. Struggled with the electrical class but overall loved studying for my A and P here.

Dario Guzman

Currently sitting in class watching my instructor just chillen. Honestly, I'm upset that I have to pay for this Sh**. Ive been here for 5 months and already want to leave. The night classes have very little instructors.. only two of them are good at teaching and the others are just here for a check.. this school really isn't worth it for anyone coming here. You're better off doing something els. Who ever wants to know what I think about this school, just email me and I'll tell you what you need to know.. not like the recruiters here who just want to tell you what you want to hear.. who ever gave this school 5 stars clearly doesn't attend this campus.

gary gonsalez

the VA pulled the schools accreditation due to the level of incompetence, unsafe, and deplorable conditions. if you want to do this, watch youtube for free. thats what you'll be doing in class anyway.

Melvin Rolon

Read the comments here and they are appalling. I am a former alumni (1992) when it was Northrop University. Education? Is what you make it. Is up to you, nobody else. Whatever you put in is what is coming out. Smoking pot? Well is part of the culture. As long as you are not a part of that circle, you'll be all right. Besides, all good paying jobs in the aviation field will give you a UA. Unfortunately, the aviation industry is control by the economy. Economy is good? People will find a job, they are happy, they go on vacation and the law of supply and demand will take over. Economy sucks? Well, you'll get what I am talking about. Even that I am in the LEO field now, I still miss getting greasy-dirty and getting hi on Skydrol. I have no regrets getting my A & P from Northop. A good challenging school is hard to find. 30K? Yes, is steep. I didn't know. Embry-Riddle is good. Hey! Why don't you join the service? I mean if you have any testicular fortitude.

Ÿfn Darryl

Bryan A. Hernandez

Nery Hernandez

Manfred Von Richtoffen

I only know the day shift which is the one I'm attending. The instructors are excellent. Really interested in you learning the material despite the resistance of some of the students. So far everyone from faculty to administrators have been very good in moving me along and helping me when I need something.

Daniel Verduzco

I'm reviewing the testing center. I have finished all my classes and went to take a test and Alisha is so dry and questions seem to bother her. I also called and received attitude from her. Im in debt around $40,000 and the service I have received from her is disappointing. It seems like she feels entitled to that position but she needs to be aware that without the students she has no job there. Dr Johnson has changed alot for the better but I feel like a low priority since I finished with the classes. Someone please let her know that she can look for work if she is unhappy there. Alisha called herself momma during orientation but she comes off as a pissed off employee.

Fong Kwok

laquan mcintosh

Great place

Richard Barry


I feel like I really want to leave this review not only as a former student/graduate, not only as a former employee of SkyWest Airlines, not only as a former instructor for Spartan but as current Dean of Academic Affairs for Spartan. I was an automotive mechanic and knew that I wanted to do something more and came to this school. I heard the same complaints that I have read, but noticed something about the people who were the loudest. I noticed I don't see many of those people in the industry today. The former students I see in the industry, I have seen at SkyWest, at Qantas Airlines, at Space X and Delta Airlines. I also see them in General Aviation repair stations and in many of the manufacturing facilities, (Northrop Grumman, Robinson, Panasonic etc.) The school's goal is to help you get the Airframe/Powerplant Certification. The equipment that we have is equipment that the exams, given by the FAA, specifically ask about. We will touch on the electric braking systems on current 787s but that won't be on the exams and we have to walk a fine line in between what we want to tell you about the current industry and the data saturation point when taking your exams. We are very proud of our instructors. If you take the total number of time in the industry of all of our instructors myself included, is nearly 250 years of experience. We know what it takes to get into the industry and are very proud of the students that come back and talk at our alumni panels. We're very proud of the reputation of the number of people that take the written exams and pass which would surpass in three months what the local schools will put out in 2 years. (Google NORMS 8080-08). The aircraft industry needs more than a few good mechanics. You can't get something for nothing. We train mechanics that want to be mechanics. We are Spartan.

Danny Martinez

Imdad Ehmedzade

The best college

ScoobyD 13

I don't even know where to start with this place. They are more of a used car sales lot then a college all they do is get you all hyped about it then when you start school here they don't care what you have to say. I have a instructor right now that can't understand English and isn't willing to answer any question we might have for him. He is very disrespectful towards students. I wouldn't recommend this school to any friends or family ever. There are way to many horrible instructors and almost zero equipment that is in working order.... to me there should be more available to us as students specially for the bill of $40,000 but who am I right?

David Sanchez

jakob medina

Whoever is in charge of picking up that 310 line only picks up and hangs up

Troy Smith

Ricky Rodulfo

Josue Rebollar

Nas Boost

Great instructors. Most people pay around 25k with financial aid. However just beware everything you see in these pictures is bullshit. You will not get to work on anything you think. all parts are old 1960 carburators, magnetos and engines. the planes are half ass cessna 150's. when it comes to hands on be ready to "use your imagination" because everything on the inglewood campus either doesnt work or is missing parts or is out dated. If youre serious, i mean SERIOUS about your A&P this school is no problem but if youre counting on this school as a career launch pad and teaching you the latest and greatest, save your money and try out the industry first to be sure this is what you want. Theres plenty of companies out there willing to hire non A&Ps to get your feet wet.

Jocelyn Gonzalez

B Brayzo

Moris Ibrahim

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