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REVIEWS OF Santa Monica College IN California

Toshi Y

Shareice Haulcy


jean-jacques banza

Nice, and fantastic school, and staff is extremely good,and has a good understanding i like this place.

Bolton Ahimbisibwe

Andi Uehling

Horrible, transfer office is hard to deal with and cannot send out a transcript on time if it's not to a So Cal school. Spent 25+ days playing phone tag with one woman whom never was in the office, gave me a wrong email to contact her by and when finally got on the phone offered no solution except that the company providing the service maybe has a problem. Lost an entire order for BYU, never actually sent transcripts to another university, and after repeating herself for a 3rd time the same answer to a question I kept giving information on, hung up.

Maria Vakhmina

Most horrible place I ever been!! Think twice before apply there! No computers on graphic design classes, no AC in a classrooms . They provide nothing!

A Google User

Great professors and great people to be around. Not to mention that I love Santa Monica. I am taking a few classes as a senior and loving every bit of it!

Jose Ontiveros

This is a college that has the tools to get you to the UNIVERSITY you want to go to endless resources as long as you go ask for them

Madelyn Reyes

k b

The Harvard of Community College

Cory L Broussard

I'm currently a student here great teachers nice school clean near the beach good school to transfer from to a 4 year!!! 5 stars

Danny Sousa

(Translated by Google) My dream (Original) Meu sonho

Rob McDowell

im so happy Santa Monica College

Santos Chavez

Love this school! Currently attend it! Getting here is convenient, and the people I've seen so far are nice and friendly. I've had pretty good teachers so far, too.

an johnny

(Translated by Google) named Santa Monica College (Original) mang tên Santa Monica College

Shridhan Poddar

clara woolman

Super early bird classes for Winter Sessions! Great teachers. Will miss this school.


The staff, especially in the admissions and financial aid offices are the most incompetent admissions office I have ever dealt with to say the least. They are the most unhelpful bunch of people I have every encounter. You have to fight to make them do their jobs or you will never find out that your tuition hasn't been processed or that your financial aid or residency is on hold because of a form you did not fill out which you was probably never told about.

Nicolas Peterson

Good college it seems. I am not a student here but I come here to walk around all day every day. The people are nice.

jingyun Zou

My love

Garrett Jackson

My experience as a student has taken me to many different colleges (six of them), and SMC is by far the worst I have encountered. While it's difficult to make blanket statements about such a large institution (where there are doubtless, decent and hard-working faculty and staff to be found somewhere), I can say with confidence that my experiences here have been consistently abysmal. Staff at multiple departments range from clueless, helpless, and impersonal to malicious, deceiving, and egregiously lacking in basic standards of conduct. The school seems to have established a bureaucratic, totalitarian machine to which all of the staff are slaves and the students are product. The bounds of the ineptitude of the faculty and staff continue to astound me. Any task I attempt to accomplish there, whether it deals with loans, petitions, registration, or even just returning a book, is met with so much incompetence and failures of basic customer service that it is hard to describe. I wish I had never attended; I hope you are wise enough to avoid a similar fate.

Cesar Vazquez

Awesome school with awesome teachers, I have learned and continue to learn in this college.

Ruvi Senarath

The best College in the world

Monica Santos

cool place

Niello Arts

It was a ceremony for The Persian New Year :)))

Yoselin Vasquez

Great professors


Beautiful place wonderful school

Mm Mz

Mismangment reigns. Mathmatics deparment Tutor area , in two small (20ft×30ft) often loud, crowded rooms, makes it highly ineffective as a learning enviornment. More than half of the professors I have had are of recent Chinese decent, which about half have low proficiency in English for both speech and writing for college level instruction. Santa Monica College is a real let down.

Andrei Niculescu


Taynara Costa-Moura

Best Community College in the country. The Social Sciences faculty, in particular, are awesome and very wise. I honestly wish I could get my Bachelors degree here.

Onix Carolina Martínez Castillo

Great College!!


The football field and track seems to be always open. The stand stairs is a serious workout!

Oge Uba

Erika Adney

I love this collage!

Angie Williamson

I've been so happy with the hires we've made here! Exceptional talent!

camilayagustinaa salvatierrayhibarra

(Translated by Google) The city and my house are very nice And I have friends here and there I like everything and I would like to help (Original) Muy lindo son la ciudad y mi casa Y tengo amigos aqui y alla siembre Me ago me gusta todo y quisiera ayudar

Bris Abris


Jess J

Great programs! Environment is lovely, it has space, inside and outside starbucks, inside slight food section. Library and much more!

Ferrari Speed

The Math buildings are so ran down it seems like they don't care about the math department. The parking guards give you tickets for the littlest reasons. Besides all this the traffic there is so terrible. They also need more parking spaces as they are always full.

Selda Bilge

(Translated by Google) Santa Monica Community College is located in Santa Monica, a small town in the US state of California. It is a two-year state school that provides about 30 thousand student education. It is easier to enter community colleges while universities in the United States are selective in normal circumstances. If you want to study at different levels in America, Santa Monica offers a variety of program options to students at certificate and associate degree levels. It is a school preferred by students who want to switch to a good university in America. The most popular departments are Business, Fine Arts, Health Sciences and Engineering. (Original) Santa Monica Community College Amerika’nın California eyaletinin küçük bir şehri olan Santa Monica’da bulunmaktadır. Yaklaşık 30 bin öğrenciye eğitim veren iki senelik bir devlet okuludur. Amerika’da ki üniversiteler normal şartlarda seçici davranırken community collegelara girmek daha kolaydır. Amerika’da farklı seviyelerde eğitim almak isterseniz Santa Monica öğrencilere sertifika ve ön lisans seviyelerinde çeşitli program seçenekleri sunmaktadır. Amerika’da iyi bir üniversiteye geçiş yapmak isteyen öğrencilerin tercih ettiği bir okuldur. En popüler bölümler arasında İşletme, Güzel Sanatlar, Sağlık Bilimleri ve Mühendislik yer almaktadır.

Faisal Aldaraji

Great College in a beautiful area with great people and great teachers I will remember forever. The only thing is that parking is a nightmare.

Louise Williams

One of the better colleges in the area. Campus looks great

Kalvin Sainz

Awesome place

Tanya Cabrito

Awesome college. The best community college I've studied at. Quality material, rigorous teaching, great community with an eye towards global awareness. The diverse community and overall culture rivals that of 4-year universities. The school boasts the number one transfer rates to the UCs, so it is a really good hub for motivated people. And the school teaches you like they mean business, so you're really prepared to transfer to some of the top schools afterwards. The only real downside is the difficult parking.

nami than

David Alvarado


(Translated by Google) Come on (Original) Waaw

Gustavo Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) Incredible and very large facilities. (Original) Instalaciones increíbles y muy grandes.

Renee Lovely



Matthew Schellenberg

Maybe the best Community College in California. Certainly has a lot of students and opportunities

Huan Hsin Sung

(Translated by Google) One of the best community colleges in California. (Original) 加州最好的社區大學之一。

karen r

A beautiful campus. I went for 4 years, was able to transfer, and am back for my prerequisites for a masters program. Highly recommended.

niku massoudi

hey you guys I am in a position that I accepted in an 4 year University from high school but this is a Cal state Northridge, and I accepted in their biotechnology program, what do you think is it better to go and give it a try because I'm scare to stuck at SMC and also I like to try the college life experiences, but also I interested to go to UCSD as well and I driving myself so crazy can you guys plz tell me wat to do? I have to answer them by today?????

Daria Al Kharis

This place is a SCAM! They ask lots of additional fees and the enrollment process takes a lot of time and nerves and MONEY to need to pay for all their additional fees!!!!

Leo Martinez

Great place to continue your education. Excellent professors and great variety of classes.

Jeffrey Perlman

They need more parking.

Kaabir Sarker

Great School.

Ruben Morales Light House ministries


Daniel T

Karry Cfn

It's a good school . You feel really comfortable with the kids.

Benajir Ahmed

Trini Gyal

Second CC that I've attended and I'm so pleased with my decision to choose SMC. There are small frustrations, but that is life and the nature of things especially when it involves servicing large populations in this capacity. The only frustration was going back and forth to financial aid to turn in documents, wish there was a more seemless process. But they will help to resolve issues, not always timely but they explain everything to you clearly. The student body is very diverse and pretty integrated; everyone talks to everyone. Everyone will feel comfortable here. The instruction has been exceptional as well. I have truly enjoyed 98% of my professors. The school also has a high emphasis on transfers to four year Universities and works well to prepare it's students. You will often find 4 year College tours or visits scheduled throughout the semester- every month. Parking could be better. Overall excellent two year college.

Judith Hollombe


Teresa Duran

All teachers are nice,programs are herlpful, and people are nice

Tanner Hays

Has great shooting range


By far the best school I've ever attend, I've met a lot of cool people at SMC. The teachers were very helpful and have had nothing but good memories at that school.

CandyMichelle Johnson

I am excited to try this school. I have received many good reviews from different people. I hope to find my writer's niche there.

Carlos Avelar

Went to my daughter graduation great experience

Palm Trees In Paris

Caro Vilain

Great community college in a great location

Eddie Carvente

Great teachers, Great surrounding, and good people

Joe Nakamura

Good environment

Sam Green

Great school, with great professors.


(Translated by Google) It is the community college with the highest selection rate among the students who plan to transfer to prestigious LA universities such as UCLA and USC. Using the Scholars Program, the most popular university among Korean students, and the Honor Program, the transfer to prestigious private universities (including ivy leagues) in the East is also challenging. (Original) UCLA,USC같은 LA 지역의 명문대학 편입을 계획하는 학생들이 가장 많이 선택하는 대학으로 실제로 편입율이 가장 높은 커뮤니티 컬리지이다. 한국학생들이 가장 많이 선택하는 대학이며 Honor Program인 Scholars Program을 활용하면 동부의 명문 사립대학(아이비리그포함)으로의 편입도 도전해 볼 만하다.

stephanie Lewis

Been coming to this college for a very long time, and haven't been here since June 2017 which was when I got my A.A in Business Administration. I noticed a lot of the construction is nearly done and the campus is still looking as beautiful as ever. I decided to make a trip to this college to turn in some paperwork because I' m planning on taking courses for their new B.A Degree in Interaction Design, which is right up my ally for web design. Location: Located in the beautiful nice city of Santa Monica, and not too far from Santa Monica Beach. Price: Very affordable prices for students and they have a financial aid office to help with tuition fees.

Google GMail

smartarsed YoY

mediocre school, good for transfer but extreme exhausted.

Karen C

This is one of the best community colleges in California. The classes are not easy (particularly for math or science) but if your intent is to transfer to a 4-year University, you will actually be prepared. They are number 1 in transfers to UCLA for a reason.


2 for cleanliness. Always dirty

Michael C. Bryan

Love this place! Found an amazing apartment nearby and the area is just super!

John Doe

rude and incompetent staff

Eric Rubio

I currently attend SMC and really enjoy it. People from all over the world attend this place because of its high transfer rates, qualified professors, variety of different classes, great location, interesting people, unlimited BIg Blue Bus rides, and many resources available. If you're interested in a great ccc, just do a visit here. That's what hooked me in. Cons: not enough parking and lots of traffic at peak hours, hard to get classes you need at times you want, and long lines. But all that can be solved by arriving at the right times, applying for programs to get priority registration, and by properly using the website.

Nevaeh Spivey

This school is the worst because every department you go to all the people are rude. Admissions is rude, counselors rude and act like they don't want to do their job. And the worst of them all the financial aid office. The financial aid office is the reason why I'm transferring to another college because they are rude, lack competence, and are slow. They do not want to help you or figure out a financial solution for those who donot receive financial aid. They don't tell you about programs like EOPS or drop of income. They are the absolute worst, and if I can make a complaint with the Dean I will because it is very unprofessional when all the departments are rude, it messes up the college experience. Do not attend here go to a better college like Long Beach City College.

Cherine H

This college is convenient in terms of location. IT has a majority of horrible staff. I've never been to community or state colleges before, but in comparison to my past educational institutes, this has been the most mediocre and outdated one. The only new program is New Media, but the staff and admissions including Counseling are the worst in coordinating, responding and following up - outside of a couple great professors. Classes are mostly too full and you miss out on many of them if you are working towards a program. You will end up having to learn how to use design software on your own on Google or some online learning website. They are strict about attendance. The amount of information, books and homework is tremendous, so if you will be mostly learning on your own - in terms of design majors, and attending these long 4 -5 month semesters, then waiting for an open slot for the next class the following semester, you might as well save your time and money and learn online or take a bootcamp. The same goes to the cosmetology program - again, it's a joke the professor's think they are military; they have so much attitude they won't let you in a class unless you took the prerequisite even if you are already overqualified and have the experience, and all you want is to take an extra class, because this is a community college and it is normal to enroll in a single class. They will drop you automatically and there is nobody to answer your questions neither your emails nor the phone calls no matter how many messages you leave. Even when you talk to counselor this program will end up expanding to almost a year which is not worth it. There are new programs and other schools now that are organized and clear their facility is new versus the Raggedy Cosmetology department in SMC. Finally if you notice the five star reviews many users only have one review, which is most likely a fake account

Emily Lam

A nice public community college that is well maintained and is very close to Santa Monica Beach.

Edwin Kofler

The campus looks amazing and well kept. I took a semester course during the summer (as a high school student concurrently enrolling) and registering was a breeze! Staff are friendly and helpful! The school also has amazing transfer programs to other colleges. I highly reccomend taking courses here for a single semester or multiple semesters!


Mercy Fuentes

Graduation in June 13 ! :D

viet duong

I love the styles


the best professors ever

Parker Green

The staff here is literally the worst I have ever experienced. Despite living in California for over two years and having my driver's license AND voter registration being California, for some reason they classified me as a non-resident. I then spent over a MONTH going back and forth to no avail. They wouldn't accept ANYTHING as acceptable documents. And that's when I could actually get ahold of them. Never responded to calls, emails...nothing. The residency specialists and the admissions staff here are THE absolute worst. Horrendous service. I've never experienced anything like this before. Awful.

Giselle Gastélum

Amazing school, nice campus. BUT PARKING IS SO BAD

Andrew Franklin

Just a disappointment in every imaginable way. The faculty is obviously demoralized and disgruntled, and the management cares more about creating totems to their own status, than creating a effective learning environment.


Наталия Ефремова

(Translated by Google) It is beautiful here. A place of power. And intellectual thought. Plus pool

Cristian Machuca

An amazing experience

Laura Mora

How is the fashion program anyone recommend it there?

Pugalenthi PanneerSelvam

Hope good opportunity with smile

Lidia Moscoso

I love to go there


Fun campus.



Joshua Minott

Great teachers

Sohayl Ghahramani

(Translated by Google) Here is a very good option for starting a social and academic life. Having access to the facilities and proper coverage of all courses will help you succeed with a bit of planning and effort. (Original) اينجا براى شروع زندگى اجتماعى و تحصيلى، يك گزينه ى بسيار خوب است. دسترسى به امكانات و پوشش مناسب تمام دروس، شما را با كمى برنامه ريزى و تلاش به موفقيّت مى رساند.

Ai Sophia

This college killd students.

Grandpa's Garage

Grandpa's Garage Production Studio suggests to start at community college then move on. Be great in all we do and always have respect and honor for one another. All great things start with our thought, think great things. See you soon with some photo's


Their system wouldn't let me pay a 15 dollar health fee online, so I call them and they wouldn't let me do it over the phone either, so later in the week I come in on a Friday and it turns out the office that processes fees closed at noon. SMC's bursar office staff are an absolute joke. There shouldn't be so many obstacles involved with paying a fee. The process should be as easily and streamlined as possible for students.

Giorg Roig

'Cuz I haven't attended other colleges by now in the US so I can't rate SMC the worst, but it really took me the WORST experience in my life since I've been here for two years. Warning: *Hard to enroll* you can't take classs you want at most time, they're always full, even though you've been here years and have high priority on enrollment. The sloth counselors always make so helpless advise that even trustless. Your feeling is none business of them, they just do their work. "Sorry about that", but no one is responsible for you lost time. Some faculties are decent, but I've met strange instructors and involved into ridiculous cases not only once. In order to get higher GPA students don't hesitate to use dirty measures. Do you want to compete with them by your own, or even join them? The campus is permeated by foul atmosphere, not as bright as it looks like apparently. Every time I step into the building I feel heavy and cumbersome. If you're smart, tough, knowing everything (policies) about how to do it excellently in college, then probably SMC can provide you good hardware 'cuz of their various classes. But if you want a warm and considerate environment, and to be growing, SMC will squash you all out without sympathy. All depends on your choice.

Yasser Taima

I took classes in person here many years ago, and more recently online. The extra star here is for those olden days when teachers were properly paid and actually cared about their jobs. Now, the level of teacher support is almost non-existent in all the classes I took, and I wouldn't continue taking them at a college unless I had to. Out of a half-dozen or so teachers, only one actually cared to follow up on issues in a sincere and competent manner. It just feels like many of these "teachers" are just pocketing free money while hiding behind a screen. It's unfortunate that so much of the state's budget goes to colleges like this, when there are very good and far less expensive courses offered online, sometimes free, like Khan Academy or Coursera.

Luiza Martins

perfect location, nice place! Can't wait to go to santa monica college

Brit Q Yu

This is my first year in this college. I have to say I like it. So far so good. The language teaching in here is better than other language schools. It is seriously teaching, not just for fun. I recommend it.-2015 2018- Now i’m transfer to UCSD. I received offers from UCLA, UCSB, UCI, UC RIVERSIDE. I have many apperciations to this college. Also, I met many good friends and excellent professors here. They taught me how to become a better me. I would love to say a huge “thank you ”to Santa Monica College.

Edward Kalafus

An outrageously good value.

Miss Kiss

Love this school!

Diana Mendez

Hated taking the bus there and they need more parking. I would like to go there but I know there isn't enough parking.

Coach Paul

Just check their track site. Nice, but for some reason their long jump pit was closed. Hurdles were locked same as other colleges. Running track was nice and open to public.

Juliana Payson

I'm studying Anthopology (#5) at the Drescher hall. Beautiful Campus, Great food, only the Wifi sucks really, the school has a weird system for getting online so if you're doing a subject where you can avoid it, then great.


Hard to find parking, overall is really clean

Sara Ortega


Nice people treated me like family

sally mae

great education, parking can be way better, but professors are amazing and opportunities given here are endless, wont find it anywhere, no regrets

Nahom Tek

Todd Green

Christopher A. Floyd

Love the diversity. Lots of different dialects. Wish they'd focus more on non-transfer students and getting Media Studies program up and running (it'll be 2+ years behind when it allegedly opens in Fall 2018). Some good, some bad.

Steven Lawrence

One of my friends was expelled from here because SHE USED HER PHONE TO CALL THE POLICE during the latest school shooting. I 100% agree cell phones shouldn't be used during school hours. Although... there should be exceptions. A mad man shooting up the school should be one of them. If she diddnt phone the police ( her's was the first one they received) as soon as she did. ALOT more people could of died. This current board needs to be replaced with people with common sense!!! Please call the board and tell them how you feel about their actions.

Doug Daniels

Horrendously difficult to simply take a class over the summer. Getting these people to answer a yes or no question about transcripts is impossible. They won't even accept official sealed transcripts delivered in person. They have to be mailed or sent electronically. The admissions office is giving me the runaround with regards to waiving prerequisites for a class... I have no idea about the professors here, but I am incredibly disappointed with how difficult it is becoming to simply take one single math class over the summer. It's a community college for chrissake, it should be EASY TO ENROLL!!!!!

ricardo cortez

mostafa rezaee

It is awesome

Roda Mundo

(Translated by Google) Fantastic place! Worth knowing! (Original) Lugar fantástico! Vale a pena conhecer!

Danchik Bess

(Translated by Google) Perfect place (Original) Отличное место


Great College. Did undergrad here, transferred and came back years later. Love the improvements. A ton of great professors. Great language programs, great photography programs. Great law classes. Love this college.

Ai Sato

Stupid school. Should disappear.

Aldahir Hernandez

Good school, but it all depends on the student! It does not matter if the student attends to the best college in the country, it is all about if he/she wants to learn and succeed, and that can be done anywhere.

Anderson Gomez

Where's the people that play Yu-Gi-Oh at?

Daniel Gonzalez

A really nice environment

Cristhal Morales


best library ever

Shai Paul Madan


Monique aka Moni

Christina Talbot

the professors cared, I really enjoyed my time while I was here

Caspher Grassbarry

There are a lot of problems at this place. 1. The parking permit cost way too much 2. The parking is Terrible 3. Financial aid is a joke. 4. The majority of the counselors don't want to help 5. Traffic is terrible 6. You have to see someone in order to ride for free on the bus. 7. Teachers don't respond to emails, especially if it's online classes 8. School doesn't want to help you. 9. The disability program sucks. And.... 10. Hard to enroll. The only thing good is the location, atmosphere, and can ride the bus there or take the train there. If you're smart, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE

Anita Mahzabin


EZTCG Yugioh [Unlimitedechoe]

The financial Aid Department needs to learn how to pick up the phone! I live far from SMC, and driving for hours would be an inconvenience for me. I needed help submitting some financial aid documents that are crucial in getting Federal aid. I e-mailed the documents and was blocked by their security. I've been trying to get a hold of them for a month, and it feels like they are not paying attention to the phone or don't care whatsoever. I have also left several voice messages, which have yet to be returned. I ended up driving to SMC to submit the documents in person, and all they can tell me was that I had to make an appointment to do so. This is ridiculous!!

travis fritts

Great college

Ryan Donovan

Avoid SMC. Watch out for Sandra Franco in admissions; she explifies the privileged child who cheated the system. Sandra doesn’t understand how to do her job and everyone at the college backs her up out of fear. Her mother is a trustee at the college: Margaret Quinones-Nunez. Go enroll at Pasadena City College.

Cor Brinkers

(Translated by Google) Just big, Big USA. What a huge complex and what a hustle and bustle. Nice to look around, because you will not find this kind of High Schools in Holland. (Original) Gewoon groots, Big USA. Wat een enorm complex en wat een drukte. Leuk om even rond te kijken, want dit soort High Schools zul je niet vinden in Holland.

Stunna James

Payam Sabouni

5 star to educational system and staffs as well But there's not enough parking space

Hammad Samana

A place of birth.

Angeles Hilario

Campus is very unique and school staff is extremely helpful!

Mandeep Insan

Beautiful city

Bernard Chee

say man they don't care who eat the food in the class and they don't teach anything! besides if they care about college then why they bring roaches in here and they don't care. suga mama toe! the rule said no food allowed and they suspend me because they hate me so much so I hate them!

Alex Nam

Javier Martinez

Brenda bolla

ettis oros

Fantastic school with some of the best transfer rates to UC and Cal State school

Mohamed Fahd

Sadnbeautiful GIRL

The people who work here besides the professors are highly rude. Weirdos everywhere too

M Gheung

Do you have right to force students to buy health insurance here? $600 for spring. A whole year needs to pay $600+$600+$400=$1600. Is there any deals with insurance company? I don't know and I don't what to know. What I know is health insurance is too expensive and they don't allow you to buy it from other resoyreso


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