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REVIEWS OF Santa Clara University IN California

Rogelio Juarez

Beautiful campus and nice people!

Alex Houck

An educational institution that focuses on educating the person and creating citizens that contribute to the world around them.

Eric Hagle

Suzanne Lacy

Santa Clara University has interesting exhibits and wonderful landscaping to enjoy

Preeti Bhure

Paul Le

Omar Razzack

Nice campus in a nice and safe city. Library is very nice. Except everyones got Macs in there.

Shubham Goyal

Beautiful campus and lively atmosphere.

Fredrik Blomqvist

Beautiful campus located in a somewhat safe and very calm area. There are not too many places around it though (like restaurants etc.). Some of the professors are really good, a few are terrible, and most are just slightly above average. The people who run the show (the board and other responsible people) clearly do not know what they are doing though. The focus on making a profit is suspiciously high for a non-profit school, and the amount of ridiculous rules and fines is crazy. I have yet to figure out where all my tuition and fines go, because I am definitely not getting my money's worth.

Tho Le

It's a private university. The campus is beautiful with a lot of flowers. There are decorations during Christmas. It's nice to take a walk or jog here.

Wayne Murray


Andrea Brun Mátar

Richard Navarro

Great Jesuit university with awesome programs centrally located in Silicon Valley! The small classroom sizes are perfect to get the ideal education you need to make it out here. The campus is amazing and has lots of great historical places such as the church. I graduated here and I loved it! The campus is just continuing to grow and it is more and more beautiful each time I visit

Kofi Amankwah

Marketing Manager1

Santa Clara University - The Jesuit University in Silicon Valley. This 1851 Jesuit university offers a scenic campus with gardens & Mission Revival-style buildings.

Zdenka Mahan

Beautiful campus. Can't wait to see how my daughter blossoms on this next step in life in this beautiful school!

Kevin McCaffrey

Beautiful campus !!!!

Mark Harrington

Dr. Christina Ri

Steven Mancini

Kerry On

Antonio Fortes

Maribel Donelan

These libraty recives money fro charity and donations I had use it sinces 2007 but yesterday and 2 weeks a go i was mistreated by a betthany the supervisor on duty she was very hostil screaming laying and meaking situation out propotion to get her way she is a drama queen her hair color is innapropiate for her aged and her job title she has a weird fake clown red hair color ugly just like her acttitud please get an other honor supervisor some one decent that is not a drama queen nor a clown some one with good will to serve the public

Pascal Kam

Best school in the bay

Mohd.Abdul. Sattar

Pratinav Damani

השד הטזמני


Kush Rathi

Worst college ever.... Staff is not at all co-operative. They changes rules when they feels...They just want to make money from international students...Though some of the professors are really good and they want students to learn something good but on the other hand few professors are worst dont know why they are even teaching... Overall if you have lot of money and if you have lot of time to waste get into this college....or else get into some better college which is worst this much money...

Oorvi Mehta

Mousumi Halder

We took tour and were very impressed. This is beautiful campus. We met couple of students and staff. Seems everyone is happy. Love the landscaping.


Huxizi Ma

Oliver Vivell

Very nice campus, and awesome high quality education

Marc Mitzner

My son is an incoming freshman and I just went to the campus for the first time to drop him off for orientation. I can't possibly say enough good things about Santa Clara University. Over the last 2 years, we have traveled to over 20 college campuses all across the United States and Santa Clara is among the best in the country. The campus is absolutely beautiful and surrounded by a wonderful community. For parents, Santa Clara provided security that your child (even though an adult) will have a safe and quality environment to grow and lean in. Not a Catholic, but of the Christian faith, I have been very impressed with the Jesuit way of higher education. I have only taken the time to write 3 or 4 on-line reviews in my life, but I can honestly say that I am so proud to be a Santa Clara parent! Go Broncos! Marc Mitzner

Areg Nersisyan

Great Campus, Great For Engineering and Business. Very high tuition.

Chase Morgan

Through the MBA program, SCU prepared me academically for the challenges I'm facing now in corporate finance. SCU rocks.

Nathan Miles

Stella Greeves

Henry Huang

doug wille

Ellard Rodriguez

Beautiful campus

Charlotte Glass

The Campus has a very diverse group of people, I appreciate diversity, everyone I encountered were wonderful. The campus is beautiful and very clean.


Marlon Evangelista

Pratt KS

Beautiful grounds for a wedding ceremony.

The Truth Seeker

nice campus....

Gene Capeder

Wonderful University - Beautiful Campus. Number 1 private University in the nation.

Sue Do

Alberto Vidales


Philip Suh

Heidi Crown

The best thing about Santa Clara University is the people. The student body tends to be a group of very open, friendly people. Professors are mostly great and the campus is beautiful.

Julia Wright

Such a beautiful campus- the Mission Gardens is my favorite place

Atul Manohar

Arren Leung

Bin Liu

Good environment. Not many books though.

Luna Lv

Elise Dean

Stunning campus to walk through. I love the flowers and beautiful walking paths. If you go during the summer it is quiet and serene.

Star Wilmington

A large, beautiful, wide-open campus filled with buildings from different eras. You can spend a whole day here just sightseeing. The landscaping and maintenance is awesome.

Niral Shah

Khalid Benhaddou

University very nice

Yesenia Magdaleno-Solis

First 3 weeks of college done and totally worth all the hard work done in high school. #noregrets

Alva Durán

(Translated by Google) Apantallante place (Original) Apantallante lugar

jason schleifer

Good place to study. Great resources.


Very nice place

niko krieger

my friend goes here and i think she likes it. her nickname is eia, so if you find hear tell i say "hello eia".

Gustavo Moura

Andrew Noujaim

Zavion Johnson

Laurel Grove

Spectacular education. Impressive teaching staff. Gorgeous campus and a class act for over a century. Kudos to generous and supportive Alums from the Class of '72 - shining Stars - i.e. Ed Dowd and Peggy Bradshaw. Seek out the Bradshaw Gate. Make a visit to the beautiful and historical Mission. Say a prayer for that acceptance letter. Check out the award winning Ladies Soccer Team. Bravo Bronco Bench Foundation Supporting Student Athletes since 1962 - kudos for Annual Red and White Hall of Fame Gala. Shop at the Bronco Bookstore for SCU gear.

Soren Peterson

Therese Gasser

I haven't been to the collage but I done a honor recital here they have very good quality things


Best university ever it can be!

Robert Boscacci

Gorgeous campus, fantastic education. Find yourself here.

Beeta Z

Great campus with opportunities of getting a job right after graduating. Easy to work and go to school at the same time

Mayank Raj

Great infrastructure. Parking expensive.

Ryan Sass

Its a nice school and a beautiful campus. Come during the spring to really get a great sense of the chill atmosphere of the campus!

Katherine Holtz

Skyler Hess

Ryan Quakenbush

Strong academics, small class sizes, emphasis on using your studies in the community, beautiful campus, great career center

Gopinath Gopalan

Excellent University in bay area.I was impressed a lot with 3 hours walk trip inside the santa Clara University.very good chruch inside with various deparments engineering socialogy economic financial arts group. Good location and very good auditorium and indoor games. Course selection depends on your study selection. Very huge campus.lobby there are two side with parking weekend free week ends likited you have paid parking.all shopping shop available outside University premise. It's easy way to connect El Camino real shopping place.

Kat S

This is a beautiful campus. I came here for the Heart & Sole run sponsored by Silicon Valley Leadership Group. It’s very clean and Mission Santa Clara is right in the middle of Campus.

Grace Zou

Nice environment

Onur Olmez

Beautiful campus

Joshua Tsui

Ta Mclemore II

Great collage

Lulia G.

I love it. Recommended.

kalyan manjula

Esmeralda Tovar

Beautiful campus!

Regina Miraldo

I was here three years ago. And I had a great experience everyone was too kind and the place was beautiful!


I have been to the cafeteria to take lunch on weekend.

pathi kavya

The campus is beautiful, has a very pleasant environment and lively people all around! :)

An Ngo

beautiful campus

Raghav Bhandari

Santa Clara university is amazing, beautiful architecture, huge campus, lots of on-campus opportunities, diverse crowd, and fitness freak people.

Beverley Cassidy

While living in San Jose I took classes for older adults called Osher at Santa Clara University and found them interesting and informative.

Dora R

Beautiful campus full of photogenic corners and wide common areas for students. Staff is really friendly. It is worth a small visit to sightsee for a while,take a stroll and enjoy the scenery. During winter it is full of roses and other flowers, giving a colorful and joyful vibe to the whole campus.

rodolfo jose

The best university in the bay area... You must visit and see how amazing it is.

Akshay Gadegone

Yolanda Suee

Beautiful quiet campus

Patrick Birchall

Rio Wing

Beautiful campus

Martin Broch Pedersen

Jerry Zeilhofer

EnemesioAlbertoDiosvivo OrellanaRodríguezJesúsvivo

(Translated by Google) 07032294 owner (Original) 07032294 propietario

Alan Zoller

Beautiful campus, nice people, great library.

Agnes Z.

Located in the center of silicon valley. The university has close relationships with high-tech companies. There is a mission church and a museum on campus. You will have to have parking permit during the week. Free parking on weekends.

A Google User

Great mission lovely church and a great place to reflect on your sins and to pray in silence or just to look around and get good photos

Erdal Salman

(Translated by Google) Super school (Original) Süper bir okul

Giuseppe Masini

Very poor customer service. Well below the typical American standard. I recommend looking elsewhere if you need support or timely responses to questions

nagalakshmi duvvuri

Thomas Kuciemba


Very good ambiance, vast area, excellent play ground, Indian grocery stores in walkable distance, railway station at opposite end and above all local job markets for students from this University are bright with big names in software domain in the vicinity.


Mayra Sierra-Rivera

Brenna Allen

Carter Sindelar

Excellent school, beautiful campus.

Adam Nelson

The best place ever

Van Ben

Nice place

Jeff Mattison

Beautiful campus with socially conscious mission.

Janel Breen

Daniele Di Rollo

(Translated by Google) Spectacular. (Original) Spettacolare.

Abhiram Borra

Aaron Bee

Beautiful modern campus.

hi big

Doug H

Daniel Alvarado Perez

(Translated by Google) Years of work at this university. (Original) Años de trabajo en esta universidad.


(Translated by Google) I really like this school. (Original) 很喜欢这个学校

Mr Tello


Ramesh Birajdar

What a beautiful campus of University and surrounding area. My son is lucky enough to study in this university to pursue his M S. Most suitable place for study. Library is one of the best


Best time of my life! Great education too!

Doug Stringer

Kao Wu

(Translated by Google) Self-study room awesome (Original) 自习室超赞

KKD City

Wonderful campus - we took the tour and were very impressed. The Athletic Dept "wow-ed" us. We met a number of smart, friendly students who were very helpful. The Mission Church ane Gardens are lovely. Two pals are teachers there...rave about it. Many friends graduated from SCU - all glowing with praise. ESp love the Sullivan Aquatic Center. Wow!

mohammed hossain

Is it a Holiday

joe sabini

Staff are underpaid while management surfs the web for hours. Its all about the looks. Overpriced education, some staffers have MBA but work at menial jobs on campus. Theory is follow our culture but they don't practice it at all. Promotions on who you know by vote system not objective testing. Don't ever complain or make a suggestion or else labeled a trouble maker.

Niraj K. Mishra

Nishant Phatangare

Excellent Library for SCU students !


Beautiful campus. A nice walk.

Uabb Bd

Patrick Weber

last night was our first time in this excellent restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last time. We passed a splendid evening with the good service, with the first-rate cuisine and wine and with the modest payment. We will definitely go back there soon.

Vladimir Mikhailov

Abie P

Wan-man WONG

The souvenir shop has a wide range of products to offer. Just like a department store.

James Li

Beautiful private school in Silicon Valley. Lot of teachers are from industry.

Maren Nelson

I loved the school and the area!

Chris Brown

good college - college rankings

Grace Tan

Things to Do

My brother studies here its too good

Majid Vaghayenegar

He Is Richard

Stephanie Boyer

My sister studies hear they have a beautiful campus!!! Customer service is very poor but basically she is happy here.

Penny Perkins

We go to walk around campus all the time because the landscaping is awesome and the architecture is amazing! If you go for a stroll near the chapel on Sunday, you might catch the choir singing. You need a permit to take professional pictures.

xuan L

Nice library. I always come here to study.

Larry Enema

Spectacular university. Daughter is loving her education here.

Abhishek Gupta

Nice place. Happening even on weekends.

jyotsna machhar


Lori Mertes

Zhu Yanbin

(Translated by Google) Santa Clara University's Art Center's performance is elegant and artistic, and yesterday I watched a "2017 Students' Annual Recital" in the performance hall, and the sound was very good and I enjoyed it! (Original) Santa Clara University 的艺术中心的演出厅设计高雅,艺术气质令人惊叹,昨天我在这个演出厅欣赏了一场“2017 Students' Annual Recital",其音响效果十分好,我十分欣赏它!

Lanie K

Nice campus very good education and instructors


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