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REVIEWS OF San Bernardino Valley College IN California

Robert Lujan

Good college

Priscilla Avila

The counseling office and financial aid office workers are VERY unhelpful. I DO NOT recommend going to Valley, unless you are ready to help yourself because there is really no worker there to help you succeed. The students have been more helpful than the staff, and that is only because they too have struggled with the same issues and lack of help given. Valley does not even know what programs they offer, I have had many counselors say "we offer that program here, are you sure?" What school does not know what they offer? Also they make you take classes you do not need, setting you back because you find yourself taking unnecessary courses. Only "good" thing about Valley is that you save money otherwise it is an absolute waste. Professors that I have had are pretty great and caring. More caring than other workers and staff at Valley. Only choose Valley if you are absolutely ready to be completely independent and on your own.

Cristal Barrera

I keep calling to see the counselor and they keep ignoring and hanging up my calls , I’m just trying to do summer school bro

Luisa Aguilera

Emerald Collins

I have been atfending this school for 5 years and I will be graduating and transfering with 2 degrees.I gave 3 stars because even though there are some amazing teachers here the school in General kinda sucks they don't have enough classes to accommodate the large number of students. The only reason its 3 is because of the amazing teachers

patricia moss

Very challenging, however, able to to complete 95% of classes, with additional assistance from various programs

Anonymous Guy

Good classes instructors are watever

Rebecca Reynolds

David Skelton

MetalPlatedRM 09

Amy Jean

My experience with the counseling staff has been mediocre to unhelpful. When I've called at 8am to make an appointment, I let it ring 10 min before hanging up because no one bothered to answer. When I finally got to speak to someone and make an appointment, I learned upon arrival that they book multiple students with 1 counselor for the exact same time. I've been waiting over an hour for my appointment. Better student care can be found at Crafton Hills, Norcco, and Chaffey. I used to like this school, but it has really gone down-hill.

Erica Cyr

If I could give the school 0 stars I would. You have counselors in the office that don't like their job and try to make you feel worthless when in reality they are doing a job just about anyone can do. the school is supposed to have a online feature to allow you to email a counselor, it has never worked. I've tried 15+ times. I emailed, called and left messages regarding the issue but have never received a call back. The counselors are extremely hard to meet with and have never provided any positive insight. I've had many more horrible experiences at Valley College than I ever had in High school, middle school, elementary etc combined. I did have a couple of great teachers but unfortunately the bad ones ruined it for me.

Jovanni Lopez


James Paco

Ms Debbie orozco is the worst counselor there, always have an attitude and was no help

Brittney V

ZERO STARS// PLEASE READ B4 ENROLLING HERE FOR YOUR SAFETY, $$, and TIME! Website is DIFFICULT to use. (get ready for strained eyes + headache) Admissions, Counselors, Financial-Aid gives HORRIBLE SERVICE. They are UNHELPFUL. Like uhmm Excuse me, I ordered my transcript not your attitude lady! >;L COUNSELORS- gave me classes that were not degree applicable! They kept giving me the run around because they know the more money we put into tuition they get a paycheck. No Fukks given by them at all! ADMISSIONS - Always having an attitude like the despise working there. They NEVER answer the phone because you have to go through an automated machine which will be about 30-1 hour or more wait time. RIDICULOUS! No fukks given by them either! FINANCIAL-AID - Super long line! I waited almost 4 hours in line to for my financial Aid standing around super ghetto people coming to school in their pj's, shower caps, watching them drag their feet with sandals all slobbish. No Fukks given by them either. CAMPUS-Very ghetto,It is trashy around campus at times and they need to repaint, or remodel the college. Save your money and go out alittle further to a nicer better school that actually wants you to graduate! PARKING - Never any parking!!!! Waste of paying the $20 a semester or monthly? I dont remember, but its so over crowded at this school that people park in front of random peoples houses. (I had to do this all the time which is dangerous at night because its ghetto people and a ghetto school). I only went here for 2 semesters then moved to Texas where they have EXCELLENT SERVICE, CLEAN, HELPFUL & INFORMATIVE Counselors, professors, and staff. All what SB Valley College isn't. I am glad I do not go here for they have wasted my time, money, part of my life too. SB Valley College is an Ugly school IMO. Someone at some point had intentions to kidnap me when walking to my car parked in the neighborhood next to the school parking lot! It was night time and thank god my ride rolled up before anything escalated. GHETTO GUN SHOTS HEARD!-I was in class one time and our classroom and professor heard gunshots from a distance like Really?! This happened twice. Im just trying to graduate and were over here risking our lives to do so like nope. STUDENT STORE- OVER PRICED USED BOOKS. $83 for a used psychology thin book. Are you effin kidding me? Professors here have very strong accents where you cannot understand them from teaching the material. Now, I am close to graduating as a Surgical Technologist with my AAS at my current school after I left SB Valley College.

john johnston

Xiomara Avila

Tina Rios

Christopher Guillen

Way better then RCC. I actually got to schedule all my classes in a orderly fashion and I was priority e status. I love this college and all the professor I have taken.

Kadezia McGee

great school Great Counselors. 5star's

mary pantoja

Alyssa Garcia

I went there on my firdtrip

Luis Macedo

Brian Veal 1bigb242

It’s Me

The school website is trash & difficult to use. Had problems with accessing my web advisor and canvas. Once I fix one problem another one comes up and it makes me want to give up and drop out. Make the website easier to use, get some tips from another college website please and thank you.

James Briggs

Busted window and missing radio.

Javier Magana

Faviola Montes

hoh peir

San Bernardino valley college website has the worst log in system.

Emanuel Martinez

Holly Ann Di Bella

Steven Bulmaro Gonzales

Alli Sheafer

Mig Esq

Was a good College but now they made it so hard to enroll. And yes most of the faculty are extremely unhelpful and rude.

Samantha Cruz

Went to set up an appointment with a counselor and the African lady said that I can't. I look at her in disbelief. I then ask whats the reason for me not being able to set up an appointment? She said I have to call on the phone. I thought to myself why should I call when I'm there in person. She didn't even tell me further instructions of what number to call. A monkey can do her job better than she can. Someone needs to fire her sitting around doing nothing. A counselor near the door came out and said she can assist me which made me have a sigh of relief that someone is at least doing their job instead of not assisting students. Workers here need to stop being so rude and inform the students here nicely.

Jazzlyn Reid

They are disrespectful. They send you different counselors every time. They don't help with anything. You're pretty much on your own when it comes to your schooling and your education. You'd be better going to a four year where you're in quick and easy and you don't have the hassle for trying to get your classes or rude disrespectful staff and teachers. I get it this is college. I'm not asking for a baby sitter but don't be disrespectful.

Omar Lopez Vie

orlando nieto

Lovely school

Nineb Gliana

Maria Chavira

Great teachers and counselors. Resources to help you SUCCEED are outstanding.

Vin Esco

Erika Otero

Alberto Cruz

Valley College its a great place to get your education and I'm happy its not too far away from my home area. I have been there for two years now and going. I'm just happy that there's great counselors trying to help you reach your goal and I am almost done and again great college I love it!

Buy Fast

Sang Chau

The college itself is nice and the classes are great. However, admissions, counseling and the financial aid office all have long wait times and sometimes they're not the most helpful. It's understandable though with the sheer number of students.

Dejournet Kelly

Frank Tenney

They have a great facility and many classes to take. Basically any interest you have, they have a class that can accommodate to you which is great.

Jessica Campana

I am currently enrolled at this school. Majority of the professors and staffs members are extremely helpful. I actually feel safe on this campus.

Elton Dokken

isabel marin


Amazing school! I could not criticize teachers becuase there is good and bad staff in any school. Great educational environment,security, and food! Would recomend to any person who is willing to obtain education at a inexpensive price.

Juan Cervantes

I tried to sign up for college there and the guy at the admissions office was very racist and asked me if I was undocumented, then he sent me over to see a counselor and the lady at the counselor's office was very rude and not helpful at all . Don't waste your time going there. ZERO STARS TO THIS PLACE . THAT PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE ARE MAKING MONEY AND NOT PERFORMING THEIR JOBS. I SHOULD ALSO SUE THEM FOR BEING RACIST .

marilyn rodriguez

Great counselors

A Vee

Worst school EVER. If you guys have ANY questions, I will save you time and give you the answer right here right now, I DONT HAVE ACCESS! There, now dont waste your time calling these idiots, you know the answer.

Daniel Rodriguez

Great school. Unlike RCC, it's easy to find parking and get classes. However the kids in the cafeteria are extremely annoying


I wish they had Japanese language as one of their courses

Elsie Corona

Angel Huerta

I read a lot of reviews that said counselors are really hard to meet with. When I went there, last school year, I was able to easily walk in and meet a counselor that same day. All the counselors I did meet with were extremely helpful and got me through the school relatively quickly. All the teachers I had were very professional and some actually had experience teaching at well known universities, like USC, UCLA or UCR. And for the quality of the education, I am extremely impressed. I have recently transferred to Cal Poly Pomona from this school and I feel completely confident with my abilities there. Even though Valley is in the Semester system and Cal Poly is in the quarter system I do not feel rushed. At Valley I was also taught many scientific and mathematical concepts that many of my class mates in Cal Poly don't understand quite as well as I do. Overall Valley is a very good school. From what I heard from other community college students, I would say Valley is one of the best school out there.

PK gaming

lessly martinez

Ernestyne Jackson

GREAT graduated!

Brandon Garcia

hey it's kayla

I wanna go here

matthew nichols

Lynne asher-kiter


I used to make fun of people going to this school but in reality, it's not a bad campus. There are some very awesome professors here that obviously are passionate about their subjects and do well to see you understand the material. Then there are some that you can tell are just here for the paycheck. They are doing better to see that there are classes available to fit your schedule, so even if you are a full-time working adult, you can get the classes your need with minimal sacrifice to your everyday life. I do advise that you do deep research on every professor you take. Some have a record for being unacceptably rude to students and treat grown people like they're teenagers. Not all of them are like this but the number is growing as seasoned professors are retiring. Just a heads up. If you're looking to get a quick associates, this is the place. They have a number of programs here and plenty of transfer opportunities to get a bachelor's degree. There are some programs here that you can't find anywhere else. Take advantage.

Jennifer Ferguson

Patricia Lopez

Not good

Nadia Serrano

Janette Marquez

Kairi K

I am of the opinion that college is really a scam unless you are going into the med, law, or computer fields you are wasting your time and would be better served learning actual skills at a vocational school and not reading outdated information in books that anyone can do on their own time. Besides, SBVC is not a prestigious school in any shape or form and has a grad rate of 17%. The lowest ranking 2 year college in the Inland Empire, it is bottom of the barrel. Just imagine telling an employer---"Hey, I got an associate degree at SBVC." Though, that is if you obtain one. Also, what incentive do any of the staff have to better prepare their students for the real world when they are guaranteed a paycheck.

Chris Guzman

Caroline Martinez almost 45

Jasmine Balderas

Do they offer night classes ?

Shannon Rivers

I live in Riverside within walking distance to RCC and am willing to drive through traffic to attend this school. I looked at SBVC to complete my requirements for a transfer to a 4 year, due to RCC's quarter system and lack of open classes. Best decision I made. More classes open up, very good STEM program, STAR program and the Student Success Center(tutoring center) is awesome. I enjoy the friendliness of staff, professors and my classmates. This school is my preference over RCC. I have attended several quarter classes at RCC and could never get the second part due to less classes. I worked there for a few years also and didnt have the desire to finish some requirements there.

Eddie Gonzales

العب العب ZX

Brittany Goodwin

Robert Carr

carlos D

Eddie Ramos

LeJohnnae Bertrand

Samantha Romero

Very ghetto school.


Sanieka Brown

Ayde Morales

Alyssa Cervantez

T&H TiVi

Damien M. Jones

Selvio Martinez

Jamie Araujo

Its very affordable. Most teachers there truly care about your succes. Its nit a huge camous so classes are not too far apart. They have an extensive list of really good programs they offer there. Semester are a little linger than a university so you have mire time to study.

Exposing fake pro Blacks

This was My first college i Ever went its very fast place and Everyone is friendly at this college most Teachers here are Great some Aint but overall a Great college

Rigo Duran

Yaz Sanchez

nessa preciado

I only have negative feelings associated with this place. When I was applying straight from high school, I did not connect with anybody there as most of the people who attend are older. It was very confusing trying to apply and find out all of the resources available to me. All of the counselors were always booked and none of them ever really helped me or even seemed to care. All that mattered to the counselor was that I had registered for classes. No wonder the drop out rates here are so high! Also never had a teacher who seemed to care about their students. They all have an idea that students are nothing but a number and they are just there to hand out papers and grade. Other school are way better and much more interactive. The change is literally day and night. What's up with that San Bernardino? I do not recommend this place to new students at all. Awful first experience. Orientation day is also a big joke. Let's not even begin to talk about the bad neighborhood.

Joseph Sisco


Love this campus! So much good stuff goin on! I'm on the 10 year program

Benjamin Perez

Carlos Castaneda

Rene JR Ireta

maryam zaki

Patricia robinson

Crystal Riddlebaugh

Honestly the service in financial aid i wish was a little better And in better moods.

Sleiman Moussa

Lindsay Nelson

The professors are great but all services are awful. No one in the admissions, counseling, or records offices answer phone calls, and meetings are full of attitude and false information. Absolute disgrace.

Jenny Frimmer

Sam Rodriguez SM

Has allot of class choices to pick from has great food joints around and allot to do if your class hasn't started the Art teacher is amazing here plus it's The Colton college and the Pro Swapmet is right in front of the school what more can you ask for.

Tu Huynh

Amber Trujillo

I have been attending SBVCC for almost 3 years. I will be graduating this May and transferring. I am obtaining 3 degrees which I would have never attempted if it wasn't for my amazing Councillor. AGREED at times it is difficult to see councillor, but usually only during beginning and end of semester. Also there are many amazing programs on campus that will actually assign you your own councillor how ever long it takes you to complete your goals, there is STAR, EOPS, DPS, Vets, work ability, cal works and I'm sure more that I have not utilized. And as for the professors, I have only in the last 3 year found 2 professors that did not give 1000 percent to there students. Yes some may be more of a challenge then others but they do care about you as a student and an individual. Everything in life gives you what you put into it, it is how you decided you are going to face the challenges that we come across every day. I hope this helping anyone who cares to read.

Bekka Hugs

The only reason it would be one star is because of the very few teachers here that actually care. Otherwise it would be a flat zero. Counselors don't care and are usually never available for service. FA staff are rude and hard to work with-- I turned in my financial aid documents way before the actual deadline and I have yet to see a single cent of that money. They literally care no shits about the students that go to this school and as long as you're paying for the classes, that's all that matters. Even the teachers don't seem to care as long as they get paid. It feels more of a "have some busy work" school than an actual one.

Ash moore

Trying to get in touch with some one over the phone, well think again. I was on hold for 40 min, then hung up, called again, operator transferred me to admission and guy had a full blown attitude! Terrible customer service !

Pds Solis

Very Rude Counselor she told me that no math or english classes available. And the lady looked annoyed and acted rude. I would suggest to go to another college. I wanted the nursing program and I realized that admissions are not helpful.

Diana D'Arcangelo

Area around the campus isn't fantastic, but the campus itself is gorgeous and I've enjoyed all of my classes in my 4 semesters there. Some of them are actually too easy. Lots of summer and online calsses and other resources to help you succeed. My biggest complaint though, like others have mentioned, is that the counseling department is pretty unreliable. They've given me good/correct advice maybe 50% of the time. Do your own research before going to see them and even get a second opinion from another counselor. If I had listened to one of the counselors there I would've ended up staying a whole extra year. Also parking can be a bear, but on the plus they never enforce their parking permits.

Myzao Labandaria

Jasmine Griffin

Matthew Kottwitz

Jacqueline Cuellar

I love the same day counseling service. Plus they have STEM Counselors and CalWORKs Counselors. The School site is beautiful. they have added new buildings Not to mention the new Gym/Auditorium ! Teachers are great! The teachers are so helpful and they basically always saying their favorite school to teach is SBVC!

Julian Herrera

Mario Hilario

Jeremy Villasenor

You Yin

Bobby Hall

Aaron Stanbro

Tad Peters

Olu-Ebube Meigs

Triston Thompson

Super Jimmy bros

Good education for math and the gym for weight lifting

Christopher Herring

They are a good school

Efrain Valtierra

Adrian El Unboxer

Even on the waiting list it is for sure that you are getting the class

Google User

Anthony Guerrero

I was a student here for Fall 20017.This campus is everything. Intolerant is easier than 1,2,3.

Edwin Baranov

I took only one class at that college and I have to say that it was terrible. It "FELT" like the teacher didn't even care if we did well or not as long as she got paid, and to top it all off at the end of the year when the book buy back was going on they wouldn't even buy back the book because "That book is a custom book for Valley College." Now I have to try and sell the book to a future Valley College student because it only works for that school. If you are planning to attend this college I HIGHLY suggest that you review EVERYTHING about it before you apply.

Fabian Villalobos

I attended from 2002-2005. Much of the school has been rebuilt and it looks great today.

Abner Garcia

I went to this school years ago and called in to order a transcript, the staff seemed uninterested and some what bothered that I called. They did answer my questions and take care of business but poor customer service skills.

ChubbyBunny Rivera

Going back to try again. Terrible terrible service. One person leads you to another, they never know the answers they should KNOW. I was told to go to one building, then the lady sent me to another building, with AN ATTITUDE. “Well I don’t know what I can do for you. Just go to a building called *****.” No dicrections no HELP! Just, “it’s outside.” She didn’t even give proper eye contact. Looking down writing something the entire time! Almost made me pop off.. Then I finally get to the office, no one is there! Out of the lazy wood works some lady says, “what do you need?” Like, I don’t, “NEED,” nothing. But I CAN use some help. Idiotic service. Finally she sends me to ANOTHER office, which was right in front of us. We go there and the lady says, “you need to sign up online.” Cool. All their attitudes and laziness for NOTHING! All you do is sit and stare at a computer screen all day. Such “hard,” work. Get over yourselves.

helen smith

My nephew go to the school

J.B. R.S.

Stacey Zebedee

Jason Evans

bouncy house

Teigyn Stackhouse

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