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ONE star for the council. 5 stars for the President! “The Pitzer College Council—a governing body of faculty and student senators which usually decides college policy—voted Thursday to suspend Pitzer’s only study abroad program in Israel with the University of Haifa, one of the most diverse universities in the Middle East. The motion to suspend the study abroad program was originally passed by faculty last semester in lieu with support of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. The motion to suspend the study abroad program was passed with 67 voting yes, 28 voting no, and eight abstaining. The motion would require the approval of Pitzer President Melvin L. Oliver. However, in a statement Thursday night, Oliver stated his opposition to the motion.”

Александр Понамарев

Norm place

NEFrettiti M

Generally speaking, as a previous employee, Pitzer strives to cultivate community leadership + environmentally conscious projects + outreach & cultural exchange programs. When Pitzer Students are at their best it resonates well! I've had some very interesting encounters...See my photo with Amy Goodman!

R3M World

Chris Tan

Grace Hruska

Dixon Hu

Badr A

(Translated by Google) Pitzer College is a private residential liberal arts college in Claremont, California. One of Claremont's colleges, the College has a curriculum focus on social sciences, behavioral sciences, international programs, and media studies. (Original) Pitzer College هي كلية فنون ليبرالية سكنية خاصة في كليرمونت ، كاليفورنيا . واحدة من كليات كليرمونت ، كلية لديها تركيز المناهج على العلوم الاجتماعية ، العلوم السلوكية ، البرامج الدولية ، و الدراسات الإعلامية .

Blake Hunter

Julian Mak

i loved it

Jordan Satmary

Thank you for standing up for Palestinians

Roger Foster

Simon Chartrand

This college allows hate crimes and sweeps them under the rug. One of its black transgender students has received multiple death threats. Not only has the college done nothing--they are trying to censor this student. This college is NOT inclusive and NOT safe for marginalized people.

Ciera Fleming

Dean Pospisil

Great college. Lots of freedom. Just make sure you make the best of freedom. I did not for my first two years of college, but once I did the freedom of the college enabled me to have an incredible six years and counting.

Dylan Knutson

Maria Torres

Delilah Rodriguez

Mailani Veney

Gorgeous campus, home to the Kohoutek Festival

Falcon 1

It would seem two minority females AKA black girls are upset with white girls wearing hoop earrings claiming they are stealing from their culture. Okay minority girls we can go there I'll tell you what light bulbs were invented by a white person therefore must be the white culture give us back are light bulbs. This is so lame but what do you expect from a liberal arts college. Enough of this childish nonsense someone please let the adults back in the room


Pitzer is a hidden gem! Students are bright, friendly, open-minded, engaged, and politically and socially active. The 5 C’s are among the best liberal arts colleges in the country, and the resources and research opportunities are top notch. Professors are leaders in their fields and accessible to students who seek them out. Pitzer core values are alive on campus- environmental sustainability and political engagement are the norm. Town is super cute and the beach and Hollywood are in your backyard. Ideal college experience.

Bresen Designs

Joanna Elhaj

tiffany tai

Great college. Beautiful and eco conscious campus. Good for environmental programs.


Shanni Lam

Tommy Yao

Gf goes here

Griselda Gomez

Sebastian Aguiar

I attended Pitzer College (of the Claremont Consortium) from 2010 to 2014. I don't hesitate for a second to strongly endorse the Claremont Colleges. Not only did I enjoy my time there, I now recognize post-graduation that it blows most other schools out of the water in terms of *quality of education*... The consortium is made up of 5 adjacent colleges based on the OxBridge model (plus 2 or 3 graduate institutions). Students can take courses at any other college (unlike the OxBridge model). There are 5000 undergrads but each college provides an inclusive sense of community with roughly 1000 students each. This atmosphere makes networking and cross-disciplinary work much more effective. The students are very bright and the professors are usually proper educators who seek more than just publications -- they actually enjoy teaching. (I regularly had coffee and discussions with faculty, and I keep in touch with several to this day). Unlike large research universities, students at Claremont work closely with world-class professors in small class sizes, usually 20 or less (for non-introductory courses like General Chemistry or Biology). The main drawback (other than lack of international name recognition) is that it is a bit harder to get laboratory research experience on campus during the term -- but this is easily remedied with summer internships. For example, I conducted my thesis research at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, and had offers from UCSF and other summer programs. I was also able to do extracurricular molecular biology research in Claremont -- it's certainly possible if you are resourceful and beat out the competition. It is common for graduates of small liberal arts and sciences colleges to attend prestigious graduate programs at major research universities. This may be for three reasons: 1) they're not as cynical about the problems with academic research, and 2) they are more interested in, and better understand, the fundamentals of their discipline (because small colleges really cater to the education of undergrads unlike major research universities that neglect undergrads and have sub-par foreign TAs teach courses), 3) as a consequence of the prior two factors, they have not had the joy of learning and appreciation of academia crushed out of them...yet. The Claremont Colleges seek to produce well-rounded critical thinkers by requiring a lot of electives and encouraging cross-disciplinary study. A great deal of advancement derives from the nexus of two, sometimes seemingly disparate, disciplines (there was a time when genetics and computer science had no common ground). Unlike Europe and research universities that develop one particular area of knowledge, the Claremont Colleges and other liberal arts and sciences schools place a premium on breadth of knowledge and effective communication skills. The Claremont Colleges already top the list of US small colleges. In the four years that I was there, they seemed to be accelerating further in prestige and talent of the student body. Coupled with their great weather and location, the 7Cs are the answer for any student seeking an elite, high quality education far away from the snowstorms of the Northeast. A note on political leanings: the colleges, except for Claremont McKenna, are all decidedly liberal or left-wing. P.S. The 6+ dining halls are excellent, and Pitzer is consistently ranked among the best nationally. Much of the food is organic and locally-sourced. There is an old refrain that The Claremonts are like if the Ivy League went to Disneyland. It's elite but students are actually *happy* while in attendance. (It's bittersweet to think that the best years of my life are now behind me but I wouldn't have it any other way). Also, while attending I imagined that the Claremont Colleges were essentially unheard of outside academia -- this is broadly true, but those who matter do indeed know them and regard them highly at that.

Day H

Shanti Day

Anne Turley

One of the advantages of attending Pitzer is that you can take classes at any of the five Claremont Colleges. The people are great, friendly, intelligent, involved. I went there 40 years ago, and my Pitzer friends are still some of my closest friends.

Helen Zhuang

Miguel Martinez

I studied there for a year as an exchange student. That was the best experience of my life. The atmosphere was absolutely great

Alessandro Papi

It's wonderful

Kevin Zhou

james gorman

Your new Dean of Students, Dr. Sandra Vasquez, concealed evidence as part of a Title IX investigation. She is an untrustworthy leader, bent on undermining students’ rights. The fact you would hire her, proves you do not care about your students.

Jason Negrete

Hey Leandra Vargas get a job! You are a lazy bum. Nobody owes you anything, especially for your trip!

Isaiah Kramer

educational opportunities are world class. campus climate is very engaging and the community is very welcoming. as a current student, i recommend that any prospective student who comes across Pitzer College gives it serious consideration

Mei-mei Engel

Jay Berko

The school engages in a political boycott of Israel, the management mixes political opinions with academics, extremely unprofessional

Chiara Benedini

Surachan Liaowongphuthorn

Cee Tee

steve flint

Studied here on exchanged. Best semester of my life.

Kaitong Guo


All the Claremont Colleges are excellent, but I find Pitzer to be the most warm. Everybody is kind and helpful! If you don't know much about Pitzer and its "5 Cores", I strongly recommend you to research and/or take their campus tours/information sessions! The tour is VERY informative, VERY funny, and VERY VERY welcoming :) You'll LOVE this college<3

Si Cave


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