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REVIEWS OF Pacific Union College IN California

Jacky Duong

,Henry sanchez

An isolated religious enclave.

Angel Castillo

Deanna Walker

Great atmosphere. Fantastic

Joseph Huerta

Dont let the name liberal arts fool you. Its progressive to the point that the Adventist curriculum of thought permits. Academically the departments are decently funded. As a denominational university, it's pretty disappointing how incredibly elitist and paternal this school is. Go to a decent state school for half the price and twice the respect/social life/career capital you'll get than going here. Self actualized minorities and intellectual outliers beware..

Linda Fischer

Class of 1981 AS Nursing and 2001 BSN. I was 25 when I first came to PUC after living on my own in my own apt since 18. I lived in the dorm the first time and the second time because of my age i had to live in the apts that are for married students. My experience was wonderful I came to PUC starting the summer quarter it was cheaper. I just read all the reviews and it was upsetting to me to have to read all the complaining. PUC is a 7th day Adventist college if you do not want to behave like a christian while you are there then don't go there. You do not go to college so you can have girls in your room. If you want a hamburger drive down the hill and get one the same for drinking and all the else you want to do. But do not run down my college because you are too immature to follow a few rules for 4 years which is nothing. I was never locked in, the dean let me stay out as long as i liked because she knew she could trust me, even when she knew i was with a man. yes i eat meat, i need to because of health reasons, i bought my own. Jewelry? yes i wore it before going to PUC but guess what? I put it in a safe deposit box in the bank while i was in college along with my red nail polish (not really but you get the point). The point of getting a Christian education is to get to know Jesus, God and the Holy Spirits work and what purpose He has for your life. After what God and Jesus gave up for you you can't give up a few things while at college. I bet those of you complaining were sent there by parents that did it because they cared about you and were trying to keep you out of trouble. So grow up! Be grateful you got to go to such a beautiful college with such great people. There are many many kids that would give up way more than you did to go to any college. I worked for years saving my money to go back to school and PUC was worth every penny and when i die they get the rest of my money to help the kids that will appreciate it like i did. I made wonderful friends there. But best of all i learned the true gospel of Jesus Christ through wonderful people like Pastor Venden and Dr. Desmond Ford. Glory be to God. Come soon Lord Jesus. LINDA FISCHER

Lynda North

What a beautiful campus, especially the church complex and fountain areas, as well as the outdoor chapel by the dorms.

emily velis

Mayte Jimenez

I love PUC, great educational atmosphere & spiritual environment.

Kyle Leary

Kim Comstock

Extremely beautiful campus. People are polite and helpful.


J Lee

Tim M

Luke Cho

Jezelle Louis


Do you want a college that is incompetent in its financial department and can't even figure out a return statement? Do you want a college that 'masquerades' itself as a moral, upstanding, and open minded place of learning? Do you want a college that leaves you to 'believe' that they are for the 'greater good'? Do you want a college that has a food service for students that can potentially send them to the hospital, then BILL you for the mishap? Then this is the school for you! Don't be fooled by the beautiful outside campus of this place, the dorms are poorly maintained(walls have peeling paint, there is always a musty smell, there are constant blackouts, the furniture given to students are borderline unusable AND if they break guess who gets charged?, the beds look like they belong to a 1950's prison cell and feel as if they violate all forms of health and safety), the buildings for some classes are equally poorly maintained and some have not been updated (i.e. no A/C in the middle of summer! Constant blackouts, various damaged walls, windows look like they belong in a war museum). BUT the best part is their financial department! They lead you to believe that you are getting a top notch service for the low low price of $38,000 a quarter!!! Oh let's not forget to pile on tons of unnecessary 'extras', want to use your own medical plan to cover yourself? NOPE sorry you're using the school's medical plan that has LIMITED coverage! How about a food plan that has food to help students get through the year in the middle of nowhere? NOPE sorry, you're using the school's cafeteria that has a RENOWN reputation of health violations (rodents and insects in the food? That's the LEAST of your worries, just hope the food doesn't send you to the hospital like it did to me!) But let's not forget that this is a religious institution! Surely they have upstanding morals and beliefs right? To develop students to think for themselves, God, and lead a world where their students are the standard for humanity. WRONG, that's what they want you to believe! After being there, I can tell you how much discrimination there is for people that do not follow their religion heavily, the school is not out to help students, they are out to establish their dominance as a religion. The institutions that they associate themselves with are related to their religion, which is fine, but at the same time they are a business scheme out to make money. Only they are not as subtle. After this school where do you plan to go? Of course, the infamous Loma Linda University or Andrews! BUT, let's do a comparison. If these schools(PUC,Loma Linda, etc.) had such a reputation why is it that after I transferred for various health reasons and other problems that almost ALL of the colleges I went to after DID NOT accept various courses? Oh right, cut corner education! I'm not saying their professors are bad, no, in fact that was the highlight of the school. The professors truly are great people and out for the students' benefit, but they have no say in how the school is run and don't realize the reality of what the school is doing. So, my TL;DR to people: Save your money and go to a quality school for a fraction of the cost if you care about your children and whoever you intend to send to this sorry excuse for a school with piss poor living conditions.

Joel Nguyen

The opposite sex are only allowed in the dorm lobby. 11pm curfew and room check! USPS mail is sent to parent's home for student leaving campus overnight.

Manny Peralta

Tressa Clinton

Heaven Sent Stitches

Gerald Margil

Marvin Lopez

Met great people. I was challenged academically. Power on and off stalls over Lake Berryessa were the best!

Michael Tan

Beautiful campus with very nice people

Fresnel Louis

mia hernandez

thatoneGTIguy -

Vegetarian.. curfew.. room checks nightly.. prisoner in your dorm.. vegetarian.. no girls allowed in your room, just a lobby.. vegetarian

Bruno Caramel

Great institution all together! They were very helpful in meeting my financial needs with scholarships. As an international student, I must say that PUC made it possible for me to continue my education in the USA.

Sharon Lynch

Excellent college and atmosphere to develop a healthy mind and spirit!

Raul Benoit

Lucas Dwight

The academics were average. The real issue with this college is the overbearing and controlling dorm life. The only positive reviews you'll find will be by over controlling parents or brainwashed kids with no ability to think for themselves. Linda and her review come to mind, as she calls out every other review on here as "immature." I figured it would be worth while to point out the irony in Linda's own immature behavior. That being said, Linda is the epitome of everything wrong with Pacific Union College. Pretentious, self righteous, and fanatical religious ideology is the fuel for the controlling attitude of the staff and the obnoxious self importance of students such as Linda Fischer. Avoid this college, it takes the worst parts of Christianity to an extreme.


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