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REVIEWS OF Otis College of Art and Design IN California

Andrew Mass

One of the best art schools in the world. Love the life drawing workshops!

Raymond Yu

Idu By World

#LetsGuide. Ample place and with a high qualification of teaching in the area of Design and Art. It has qualified professionals and a good education. The place is well centralized and well known. It also has a bathroom and an accessible entrance for wheelchair users. Great place. What is better is the very diverse and good content. Recommended. Satisfactory location

Brian Huffer

Michelle Macario


Kay Jay

Awesome prints by Otis students.


Matthias Leier

Cheyenne Gutierrez

Amazing. To be at this school is a lifelong dream of mine. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants the best college experience for artists:)

Catherine Hernandez

Afroz Diwan

Waiting for my future destiny.. Wooohooo I'm coming....

Chun wing Tsang

best school

Casey Hartt

I’m super super excited to move here. I can’t control my excitement. Best Art High School EVER!

Tristan Stalbaum

Expensive art school that is here to give people who dont have the eye the eye. Artist aren't fully encouraged to do things in mediums desired. You dont have access to art facilities or supplies as they orginally state. That said you could learn a lot and receive opportunities for the name.

Mark Stratis

Teachers are great but career center is horrible. They are not very helpful after you graduate at all.


im not in college yet but this is my dream school

Alberto Mendoza

Gabriel Flores

A. Shap

Great students

Seán Macdiármada

Lerox Dobermaw

Song hee han

Janet Rodriguez

Arthur Hernandez

Cool school

Bruh Moment

They have classes for 12 year old to colleges.

Cherine H

I went to Otis College right after moving to La I already had studded design but wanted to update myself to be up to the American local Standard Market in portfolio and software that is trending because this is obviously what design is all about here. I wasn't very familiar with the system how's your register and I thought that if I take the same class initially as none credit since I'm not enrolled in a program I would still get the exact benefit or that I could enroll in the entire certificate program or continue for a Bachelor of Science in some subject that I end up choosing. unfortunately after completing 7 classes as a non credit I go back to enroll in the illustrator program thinking I only have a few units left to surprisingly find out and without even being previously told that all the thousands of dollars I spent didn't mean anything because it is all non-credit they don't even have grades for me and they don't follow up on it. and that there was no way for them to grade it not refund me not even consider them as units. having taking class in the past and now 6 or 7 I will not go back to studying the same subject that's insane it was very devastating and I think it was very cunning because why would you charge me a hundred less or 200 without advising me and just having me enroll in an evening program while if you are in the same program paying a bit more you will be taken to a different class and treated differently to be prepared for the course I still need clarification on that. nonetheless I did benefits from the school I like that the teachers are in the business so they teach you the master of trade instead of an instructor who only teaches because he couldn't make it in the field that makes a big difference to teach you how to utilize it tool is way different than teaching you how to think of creating the design and concept. I really like the teachers there, but probably since it was a non-credit program they never bothered to finish the curriculum as intended although they did offer to finish it via email after that because the classes are short. I do love the feel and theme of the college it's very hip and modern, I wish they had a good counseling system where students who is new to town would know what they're doing.

b king

Khanh Pham

Nice Clean campous. The staffs are focused on the student's success. They are more geared for employment than art promotion, is the impression I received after extensive interrogations :). You should expect to land a job upon graduations, as the school puts a lot of efforts into getting jobs.

Latavius Gaines

The worst college ever !! I didn’t get accepted because they said only knew how sew but that’s the whole reason of apply to art school . Smh i would never do again

Olyssa Mack

cem bayraktar

Dustin G

Liberace Cruzuee

Awesome school if you know what you are after and manage youre time well

Renee W

Hannibal Wang

Magic school

Khadijatu Kamara

amardeep singh


Ginger Bolls

Alex Perez

C Washington

Great school so far, apartment across the street sucks, don't move to park west you'll be sorry that you did.

Suzy Northstar

My oldest child took one of their courses for high school students thinking about going to art school. What a waste of $300. The teacher was a scatterbrained mess. One minute she would be ranting about her reading glasses, the next she would lose her train of thought while attempting to teach the kids something new. My child learned nothing in this class. The teacher only gave them suggestions of things to draw but told them that she “ didn’t care if they finish it” or “ if you come to class”. Wait. What?!?! My teen sat in the classroom with other teens doing basically what she does with her friends , sitting around a table , drawing and chatting. Ugh.

Beatriz Contreras

Detail my daughter experience in this Arts and design college is amazing.


Russ Dahlberg

Brad Carss

This is a very easily accessible venue with extraordinary exhibits set in an academic environment that puts on out of the norm Art displays compared to the traditional galleries on the Westside.

Malykin Dima

Christian Cervantes

Why would you host a fashion show that took up all the parking during finals week? Any other week would have been fine but they did it during finals when students already have enough on there plate and cant afford to miss there final. Sending out a last minute email to warn students about the very limited parking and recommending them to take ubers is not a viable alternative to students on a budget who cant afford a $30+ Uber ride.

Heather Feingold

there is a difference between someone who has a job in a certain field and someone who is trained to teach. most of the instructors handed out an unfinished syllabus and never bothered finishing any curriculum throughout the semester. to learn any of the basic skills I was. told to watch online videos. for many of the classes the class time seemed to be reserved for chatting, critiques, and some lab time but never much instruction. many of the students did manage to produce some good work but from being yelled at instead of from being taught. I think anyone would be capable of learning so much more in less than half the time by learning on there own instead of going to this school. if your interested in digital media maybe try taking some Adobe recommended courses and watching online tutorials instead, I think anyone would get a lot more skills from that.

Darrell Currie


Timothy Plant

Otis is a great alternative to Art Center. It's a friendlier environment and the student body is suited to for students coming from high school and community college. The new addition to the campus is really going to change the environment and make it even more communal because they are now going to offer on camps dorms. The education is awesome and like anything you need to work hard to receive the full benefits.


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