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REVIEWS OF Glendale Community College IN California


I have no major complaints about this school except for the parking. You have to pay $75 for a regular semester, and with several parking lots, they’re all still jam packed from 9am-11am, and pretty full during other times. I’ve opted to take early morning class (7-8am) just to park. Otherwise, I’ve had a good experience with everything, from campus cleanliness to good course counseling. It’s hard to get things sorted sometimes in admissions, financial aid, counseling etc. because this school is insanely overcrowded. Again... You could double the amount of parking lots and I still think it wouldn’t be enough, and if you’re new, you’ll learn the hard way like I did what times will/won’t be pleasant. (One last minor complaint is that several professors don’t allow laptops in class, which sucks since I bought one to be able to take notes fast. I think since we’re mostly paying for these classes, they shouldn’t treat full grown adults like children. I understand it can be distracting, but ultimately it’s up to the student if they want to pay attention or not.)

lina albert

James Uka


Thomas Burns

Nice place and good staff. pleasure and easy to get information.

Michelle Symons

The school is ever changing and growing.

Shahriar Ahmed

Mark M.

Edwin Sosa

Oscar Favela

Carmen James

iamjey Razon

Jasmine McCoy

The counseling is the slowest ever!!!! They maybe have 2 at the most max and you will literally sit and wait all day. They stand behind the desk talking to each other when they should be helping the students!!! Just ridiculous

yousef mayeli

Nice place for education

sam Lee

I'm a uber driver, and i remembered that I only dropped smo at this school. And 3 days later I got this payment. I didn't think I had parked and left the car or even turn my engine off. This is how this school make money my people. First time have ever seen! God bless those people who go or will go to this place, A-men

amelieh du sud

Berenice Perez

Donald Blakemore

Ante' Monique

Great school, lots of events! Everyone is super friendly, huge, beautiful campus, academic structure is wonderful. Athletic department has the best athletes! Highly recommend



One of the worst colleges around! With really awful instructors, don't go there if you are science major!

Riley Pentheny

Mohammad kronz Kronz

an johnny

nice 1500 N Verdugo Rd

Francisco Scherer

Sophia Kim

I’ve had the most terrible experience at this school in the past. Never take a biology class at this campus. It will be a waste of your time. There is a field trip which goes to Los Angeles Zoo. You get to go there for free with a class but there isn’t much to learn at the Los Angeles Zoo. Save your time and take the class online or attend a different campus.

Jordan Gore

I go here! I'm a mass communications major and I tried getting into Pcc but it was too hard getting in :/. Anyways I applied for Glendale and it's great! Excellent teachers, fun events, & majority of the classes I've passed with an A or B.

Hovhannes Harutyunyan

Blade Fist

Terrific school to attend, was for me for my first few years of college.

Pantea s

Fadi Beyrouthy

Great staff. Awesome teachers. Beautiful campus.

Kyle Lester


Jatinderpal Singh

Tigran Nersisyan

A good place to study even though if you're not a student. Beautiful campus!

Jackie Chen

Eshan Boota

Anahit Artunyan

Grate facility, helpful staff, free programs.

Mark Lopez

This college has a great campus, but the faculty is a joke. Most of these "instructors" teach as a side job, and you can really notice. For a community college I guess you can't expect much, but some of these teachers are truly terrible. The parking situation is also a reminder of the greed that runs this school. I highly suspect that fraud is taking place at this institution, and that tax payer dollars are being wasted. The education system in California needs to be purged from top to bottom, there are far to many frauds passing themselves off as educators. I would recommend Peirce college or college of the canyons over this sham of a school any day.

Ada Khach

Arbi Markousian

andre mir

Pedro Alejos


Beautiful View

Jesus Lopez

Ian Castillo

Alex Ramos

Martha Rojas

Aries Núñez


Great place! The landscape that is from the parking always makes me calm down.



solar glaze

Kyle DeGuzman

Edward Mendoza

Love it here, have you seen the view?

Nueng Ekkarut

Salar Khakshooy


Natalya Velichko

When I first Immigrated to United States back in July 1996,I never forget it was one of the hottest summers, I had a lot of heck to get to adjust to this country and a specially Learn and Understand proper American, slang type English, which is very different then English we learned back in Europe (which was a British type). For ESL I had amazing patient teachers, including Robert, who tool and school field trips with us, as to San Francisco, Zoo and other educational places. I am very grateful for that . I remember first teacher said, how shocked she was when she would meet her students after years and how she was shocked how her students spoke great English, now I understand what she meant.I took about 3 to 4 levels and had to practice a lot at my job after school, after 3p.m to use English, because just going to school and learn basics, without practicing , simply is not enough. I would like to thank you to the College and California Sate to giving us opportunity for education of this important subjects as English and computers. I am very grateful to this country and feel very patriotic and fortunate being in the United States. I would highly recommend this College to any one for all sorts of education.

Judith Hollombe


Julio Cruz

Great College close to my apartment to learn English

Alejandra Vargas

Luis Gutierrez

This school is awesome. Not only did I qualify for financial aid, but the teachers I have are outstanding individuals. They make sure you have everything done right. I am studying to be an EMT and I must say, although it's difficult sometimes, I love the way my professors go through everything. Now back to the college, it's clean, other students and staff are friendly. Staff is always willing to help. I love it!

Luis Cornejo

Meraj Ahmed

Rana Makarem

chris nava


(Translated by Google) It is a very good school. Ironically, I'm overflowing with Japanese people who have heard a reputation that there are few Japanese people. (Original) すごく良い学校です。ただ皮肉な事に日本人が少ないという評判を聞いた日本人で溢れかえってます。

Ada Saei

Sheerak M


It's generally a good experience,and very rarely I have issues with the school. The only issues i have is logging in with moodle at home due to my computer capability,other then that it's a great experince,with the exception of fall of 2012,witch I find it disappointing and even embarrassing to say. In Fall 2012, in art115 the condition was loud and unacceptable standard. As well as a horrible geology professor Mr. Leland.I regret my action that nearly dismissed me from the school,in that semester and was a harsh lesson I learned.Other then that most semesters are great for most of the part.

Ricshaun Elliott

I have learned so much. And the staff is helpful.. I perfer here over pcc

Hrant shahinian

Jose Mendez

Jason Swanson

Patrick Marthy


My Mom goes to this school, and from what she tells me it's really great, five stars for making my Mom happy

William Cruz

Stephanie Gallardo

Alberto G

I graduated from here 2017 and transferred to UCLA. I miss this school. I had a great experience here with professors from the English, mathematics and social science department. It's a nice campus and I love that it is in a great location. It's a little elevated but it is right next to the 2 freeway. EOPS was very helpful as well as SoS. Transfer center counselors were amazing too.

Danny Gonzalez

Beautiful campus but the faculty needs improvement. For Example, Gcc needs People who know what they are doing and people who want to be there to work. Also Book prices ARE RIDICULOUS. For the 1st time in my life i seen my class of 27 or so students decrease to 16, All because The Only 1 book required had to be bought brand new for the price of $230 or $240!! Sad part if you didn't get the book you failed the class. Unbelievable...smh

Anna Nutella

As far as your education goes, GCC's standards are the same same as other CCs and UCs. However, their student services suck compared to other community colleges and universities I have attended! For example, they don't do any over-the-phone academic counseling, you can't request an unofficial transcript through the student portal, it's hard to find information about how to get an IGETC certification (I could not find the IGETC certification form online so I called the office and the lady didn't even know something that should be basic for her, then she transferred my call without saying anything, which went straight to voicemail), the number of classes is few so it will be harder to get into a class or change your class schedule compared to other institutions, the website sucks, and the academic advisor that I talked to a few years ago used an outdated class planner transfer sheet that had classes that I didn't even have to take to transfer to the university that I wanted (the advisor I recently went to see, Richard Cortes, though, was really nice and helpful. If you can, you should choose PCC over GCC. If you don't care about the bad service that the staff provides, at least consider PCC for the greater variety and amount of classes that they offer.

yonda ila

I like the way they teach and it's safe no getto situation like southwest la or west la or Santa Monica it's great and very nice I would recommend this college the only thing I might not consider as great will probably be parking I think it's probably going to be a nightmare!!!!

Anayeli Villeraldo

Nice campus. Library open late . Nice teachers

Ricardo Serato

from what hear, adequate but good.

Harley Jones

My 3+ years at GCC were great. The majority of my teachers were wonderful, inspirational people. The campus is well maintained and beautiful views are in abundance. Why go straight to a university when you can get it done here for a fraction of the cost?

Tyrone H

They say they promote cultural diversity, but they do the complete opposite. This school is very racist towards the black and Hispanic community. Unless you are Armenian, they won’t help you with anything and always prefer to help them over you. I’ve had such a horrible experience where I couldn’t sign up for a class and the website wasn’t working. I went to the admissions office and asked why it won’t work and the lady told me, “you have to wait, we can’t sign up for you.” Then the person behind me who is Armenian asks the same question, and they immediately help her enroll and EVERYTHING! A couple of my friends have left the school already because there is no culture diversity. We have no black lives matter group or anything for our community, only Armenian culture. Such an uncomfortable school for anyone of color

Jeff Skinner

Jose Amador

Fernando Cantillo

Attended Glendale Community College in the 90's and my experience was wonderful and satisfactory. The faculty and staff prepared me well for university, and for later career enrichment. I have nothing to say except a deserved "thanks" to everyone at Glendale Community College. Fernando Cantillo (1991 - 1996)

shengrong wang

Ismael Garcia

David Sanchez

Tasin Al Noor

One of the greatest community college in California and mejority of the teachers are excellent. Also, it has a great educational environment.

Dannielle Johnson

I love this school. I have been able to find some really helpful and dedicated staff member who have made every part of going back to school wonderful. As far as faculty, I have had a couple of bad apples, but majority have been excellent. I would recommend this school to anyone who’s looking to go back for technical training or to get your general requirements for a bachelors degree

Gohar Minasyan

Udyan Matta

I came to read reviews about your paintball fights, no mentions...the Greendale 7 must be disappointed, so am I.

Danny Smith

awesome collage

Mackenzie Wareing

Do not go to this school, they make every single thing and process you have to go through a nightmare. Because of the aftermath I am facing due to their incompetence, I regret ever even attending this school. Do yourself a favor and go to PCC or LAVC instead, hopefully you will have a better experience than you would in the hell hole that is GCC.

Kent Delaney

I am a returning student after a 1 1/2 year absence,and a gradute from GCC.. At 60+ yrs. of age, I am always trying to better my knowledge. Even though I had my student id. card, and all my information in their computer data base, admissions told me that after that length of time I had to start from square one.... A NEW INCOMING STUDENT I am not able to register for spring classes until my application has been approved, which I was told could be 48 to 72 hours. After 2 1/2 hours at the campus today, I am still not registered for any classes!!! What an F'ed up Mess! Their new policy makes it extremely difficult for returning students. Why couldn't the ID. been checked, and re-activated??? Great computer system. Even if approved-- I don't think I will go back!

Lusine Melik

Diana Sofia Ramirez

Ana Zempoaltecatl

Katherine Taylor

angie alberto

Erik Tovmasyan

Fong Kwok

Noon Yah


Freddy Adriano

Davit Gevorgyan

Lina Ava


araz mardiros

Teeba Saad

Lara Shahoian

It is great school

Brittany Lazzeri

Kyle Baric

I've been taking classes here for years. Never had a bad professor.

farrah jane sequito

Josh B

Thank you for a most excellent community college experience.

Ashot Perikhanyan

Areg Barseghian

Patient teachers and they are willing to help individuals in the class

Vicktor Aggerwhil

Andrea Mireles

Vanessa Cameron

I am a great student and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. When I applied for financial aid for my university, I went and checked with the office to see of they needed anything from be befire the deadline of the application was due. Because GLA financial aid saves ypu a lot of money, I was very excited to submit my paperwork. The office woman told me that the applicatikn was going to be sent soon, and that the and needed nothing for me to submit, because they ahd all of my information. After the deadline, I check to see if my application was sent and I see another woman who tells me they havent submitted my application. I ask them why and they tell me because I haven't submitted my social security number, which is necessary for the application. I explain to this woman that I was told my her coworker that I did not need to send anything, amd the only thing this woman says is, "Well then I guess my coworker was wrong." When asking what I can do ro solve this problem that THEY caused, all the woman does is reply, "Sorry, the deadline passed, and there is nothing we can do." in her insincere voice! Now she has ruined my chances of getting a decent scholarship to my dream university!

Young Lee

Jeorgen Mendez

Rotha Bun

Edna Sarkissian

Alexandra Thirus

Martin Hauck

Glendale Community College has a wonderful campus.

Asmik Antonian

Sanguenetta Joof


(Translated by Google) Hard lesson (Original) 课太难了


The science and mathematics department think its Yale or Harvard. This is a community college. If you want to challenge yourself, go here.

Ziyad karamah

Ziyad Tariq

Charlotte Gordon

Predatory book rental program designed to make its students pay FULL PRICE for inflated textbooks--text books that are HUNDREDS of dollars. it's packaged information that is otherwise freely available online, these prices are unethical. Don't give your money to them. GET YOUR BOOKS ELSEWHERE, download it, buy used, don't support their predatory bookstore!

Robert Hunter

Chon Honey

Zuri Han

Awesome community college in such a peaceful mountain. You will enjoy the view while attending classes.

Arman Sookiassian

Andrew Perez

Mohamad R

Luz Cruz

Kenny To

hong wang

lol corporation

Aregnia Shabandari

Life Line

05/24/2018- 6:25pm

Erik Babakhani

I'm attending this college! I like there! However, there is some con! 1) The parking never getting better! Always hard to find! 2) in the college, mostly of advance classes like calculus, Physic, and GE there are not much available with better professor than basic classes. please hire more better professor for advances classes.

eric bohler

My happy Place. Great welding program and Ceramics department. Good food withing walking distance and a very supportive faculty. 10/10

Pilar rios

Necesito saber si las clases de inglés para adultos es gratuita me interesa saber gracias

anatolii molla

(Translated by Google) Zak (Original) Zaq

Matt Conz

They have excellent teachers, a world-class planetarium, friendly students, and a myriad of courses to choose from.


Yesul Min

fix the damn website This is my 3rd time trying to pay my tuition and its not working. I have to wait for pretty long time to see the schedule of the classes.

Amirsaleh Asgarimovahed

Add Luv

Professors are the best!

Arvin B


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