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REVIEWS OF Foothill College IN California

Carbonated Agua


Louis Riantan

Damian Diaz

Justin Dawson

Great teachers, staff and location

Tandis Nowrouzi

John Doe


viridiana Gonzales

Pat Hedstrom

LINC classes at Krause Center for Innovation are a great way for teachers to keep up with the latest educational technology

Jantira T

Philip Yu Hung Chang

The Harvard of all community colleges.

Michael Chen

Visited once to take a test. Very beautiful campus, with plenty of greenery and modern facilities. The rooms were clean, parking was plentiful, just a really good experience coming here.

Lena Gipson

Oxana Furman

Yasin Ergul

There is beautiful! Palace!

Megan K

Jiahao Yu

wonderful campus!

Jonathan Nuotio

Louis Chi

Vic Lederman

Set in the beautiful Los Altos Hills Foothill College is an amazing resource for the surrounding community. It is one of the most beautiful community college campuses I have seen and the educators and administration care about their work. Bypass the for-profit fools looking to make a buck off your education and check out Foothill.

S. E.

Whenever someone asks me about the most interesting thing I discovered so far I mention the Bamboo Garden at Foothill College. It really is a hidden gem; with over 70 different varieties, it is also the largest bamboo garden in the U.S.!

Eric Nguyen

Nicolas Weiss

My Alone

Michael Woods

I am the assistant men's tennis coach at Foothill College

coolivanmacias gaming

Larissa Alvares

POSITIVE: -One of the best community schools in the country (check the stats!) -Not as crowded as De Anza -DRC and EOPS counselors are exceptional, and help they beyond academics. They really help with any part of life you're struggling with! They're amazing!!! -My 3 years at FHC and I've only had 1 terrible teacher experience, the other teachers are truly exceptional and understanding once you come to them in all honesty and show your efforts. -Rennovated and Modern Buildings, including their new library! -Lots of stairs to exercise! -Awesome field with track -Various kinds of food in Cafeteria -3 KJ's Cafe locations on campus COMM: Take Valesco (the most amazing teacher ever) NOT SO POSITIVE -Though a less packed school: The first few weeks the quarter are very crowded and you have to come earlier to make time to find parking -The road that goes around the perimeter of the school is one-way (less accidents?) -Far(ish) drive to nearest store outside campus

Marcus Jones

Nancy Conejita

Daniel Chen

Gowhar Jan


Mahyar Mahmoudi

Foothill is beautiful campus, but it is hard to navigate and find rooms if are not familiar.

Mohammed Khurayshi

Nugger Feggat

Overall a great college and a place to learn new things and meet new people, but something that irks me is the fact that none of their hills are a foot in height. I believe this to be some sort of false advertising cleverly hidden in the name of the college, designed to capture the attention of hill aficionados such as I.

Tao Yang Chen

Foothill counselors are ass as fxxx

Badr A

Foothill College is a community college in Los Altos Hills, California. It is part of the Foothill–De Anza Community College District. It was founded on January 15, 1957 by Founding Superintendent and President Dr. Calvin C. Flint. The college offers 79 Associate degree programs, 1 Bachelor's degree program, and 107 certificate programs.

Carmen Ayala

It is so beautiful here and the air is so clean.

Coach Robert

Great students! I teach here part-time. Everyone here is caring. Just do not forget to ask for help!

Jim Fawcette

Mandar Borkar

Christophe Arnaud Owono

(Translated by Google) Good. Christophe. Ar. (Original) Bien. Christophe. Ar.

Shena Canty

I wish that I lived closer to the campus, but the online courses that I took were excellent. I am obtaining my degree in Music Technology and have really gained a lot of knowledge, from how to use Protools to how to market and publish yourself. I would recommend this school to anyone interested.

Fernando Bonilla

Hates Bots

Foothill is not only the nicest Community Cillege in the bay area, but they "Get it" They have interesting courses and instructors who make not only advanced, but continuing education useful and worthwhile.


David Koo

Tom Howland

oiwejui wifhokd

lütfü özbaykal

Humyra Mojaddidi

The comments about their customer service being terrible is beyond correct. They never pick up and the reason why I cannot go in person is because I live all the way in Fremont and its a 40 mile drive so I take their online classes. On their machine it says "please wait as we are assisting people ahead of you. There are currently 0 callers ahead of you" <-- You have the audacity to say there are 0 callers ahead and not pick up the phone. You suck.

Negin Tavana

Fonally feel I belong to a college! Great programs

Rodny Lobos

Nice view!


I went to this College for 2 full years and the 1st year was Amazing and the 2nd year was a horible and I was majoring in music and if anyone is Majoring in just Music, not Music Technology, I would say that De Anza has more what you need.

Charles Pope

Great college

Dale Devivo

الجيش العراق

Wen Xiang

Rosalio Franco

Jared Rosander


Ryan Guptill

Daniel Negrete

Foothill college is literally the best community college out there. The teachers are, in my opinion, world class and always go out of their way to provide students with a robust education. Also, it's affordable and excellent for achieving your goals. Also, the school has a fitness center open to the community. It provides amazing equipment and with monthly and semester installments, it's an affordable alternative to mainstream gyms.

Wendy Garcia

Their whole campus is big and awesome! I definitely love the library helps me get my assignments done. The teachers and staff members are so kind and comprehensive.

Josh Hickson

Nice place, free smokes

m fhc

I visited the campus and did place a sticker on my car just perfectly fine. The color blinded traffic officer(I will update with his name later) issued a citation based on "no current sticker" which was UNTRUE. I went to the office and showed the perfectly legitimate document but they were unwilling to listen and admit their mistake. Later I decided to grieve to higher authorities(e.g. the VP and President's Office) but they were too busy with their selfish agendas, despite the fact I made 3 appointments to see them. What a losing proposition!

pingting ye

Monroe Lacy

Aya Seit

Totally love it! Great teachers, interesting classes, and lectures. Great accommodations, and excellent DRC team!

Zeeshan Janjua

Josh Moctezuma

Yijie Zhang

Raama Srivatsan

str gzr

HORRIBLE customer service experience. FootHill's College staff are condescending people who are UNWILLING to help students. The phones go UNANSWERED and whenever you manage to get a hold of anyone, the staff is RUDE, CONDISENDING and unwilling to help. I'd give their customer service ZERO stars if I could!

Shreyas Bharadwaj

The venue is a scam!!!! There is tiny signage around the place that is not legible and a private parking company that makes tons of cash out of it. Would not recommend this place to anyone. BEWARE! *This is not a review of the college.. But giving it a low rating as this still falls under the administrations,

Mitch Smith

Beautiful Campus.

Marinell Bautista

Diogo Delgado

A great Community College that is located atop a hill with a surrounding view of the mountains and Los Altos. Great Computer Science and overall STEM department.


Played soccer on Sundays here on the American football pitch. Pitch is in very good condition - 3 dollars a day to park though.

Erika Ward

Jacob Westphal

Abhimanyu Seth

The physics show is the best!

Timothy Ho

Pinkcess Aguilera

vigiliaenero mom dad

parker allen

Art W

Danial Arif

mahant Rulz

Awesome place ! Love my school

jaiqi an

Jonathan Yim

We had a student get together here for Georgia Tech online students. Cool 3d printing room and great views of the scenery!

Julisa Ruiz

James Power

Foothill can create great opportunities. This school is unlike any other CC out there.

Gary Young

The Llamanator

I learned how to bike here

Mohamed Hassan Touré

Raven Anson

Ricardo Herrera

Dawei Feng

Ho Yee Chan

Great college with lots of high quality courses

M Mustafa


Mo Shamshad

Beautiful campus

Carol maatouk

Xu Zhang

Patricia Crespo

Łukasz Nowosielski

Angelina Cisneros

Soveign Anime Anime

Nice college it is very open with class rooms opening directly to the outside. There are many nice people events to go to and professors are also kind. This has been a good experience for me so far

Shubham Singh Gauttam

Its good to see here . Great place for studies

Network Engineer

Sal Gomez

Chris Tran

Moises Yg

Shifatul Islam

Best college for transferring

Courtney Cooper

Shashank Tiwari

Has a nice auditorium that is used by many popular bay area events.

Mary Ann Amaral-Russell

michelle rodriguez

Zahra Mandana Fard

I studid art history and printmaking there, amazing experience with excellent professors.

Roger Scofield

KK Sajimon

Oksanna Kasoyan


Monica Singh

Sarah MK

Michael Hohmann.

Ludvin Chavez

Joel Hiatt

Really excellent experience at this Junior College.

Hilda Bergström

Sadaf Khoshnevis

If I could i had to say -0-!!!! HORRIBLE STUDENT SERVICE!!!! When you call the college, after 1 hour holding, automatic call say "that's 0 call"; that means it's your turn!!! But they don't answer the phone calls at all! After 30 minuets (being on hold for 1 hour) it says "we'll call ya back"!!! And I didn't get any phone call from foothill College!!! That's the Disaster and worst services i ever seen!!!! WITHOUT ANY HELPING, THEY KILL YOUR TIME!!!! When I registered for new term, and before that (last 2 terms) I submitted the form for residency, and also they accepted my residency, again for fall semester they asked me for residency form!!! But they should have my history!!!Anyway I brought all my documents for admission and records! And after 1 week they sent me Email that "YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTED"!!!!! Then what are they doing?!?! How it's possible!?!?! I was resident for last 2 terms ago but when we passed at least 9 months, I'm not resident ? Do they play the game at admission department or just relaxing with tea ???!!?!!! Actually that’s a woman that she is working in admission, she TALKED TO ME VERY RUDE!!! And When i said you’re in wrong and all of these documents are right documents, she looked again but SHE MADE STOP OF MY PROCESS OF RESIDENCY!!!! Even they’re not welcoming any one in admissions building, They MAKE YOU BAD FEELING!!! I’m so sorry for them and SUPER SORRY FOR MYSELF THAT I CHOSED THIS COLLEGE!!!!

Miguel Juarez

Dasha Cherepennikova

Foothill is a really good value for in state students. I was surprised by the variety of classes available and availability of evening classes. The quality of the professors/classes varies a bit, but is definitely still a good value.

Stacey Knoll

not bad

Marcos Fuerte

This college has a beautiful campus. I love the idea of the college being on a hill. I'm going to apply here next year.

Edgar Aquino

Michelle Ledesma

Sam V

Best college around

David Peng

One of the best community colleges in this country.

Elsie Kportufe

I would give FH college 0 stars if I could. Absolutely horrible customer service to prospective students. Delayed responses to e-mails and condescending and rude when you follow up. Would not recommend.

Francisco Ramos



Asuka Gai

Paxon Hayati

Samiya Agayeva

I love this campus and feel very comfortable there. The staff, teachers everybody is so nice and helpful.

Jose Gallo

Xin Li

Whoever said that the computer science department is good, would you recommend a intro Java professor? Because it has been impossible to find a reasonable and qualified one. Pros: met super great professors.

Andy Lin

Vivian Mao

Joshua Kuehn

Luis Alberto Zamarripa Granados

Amazing view! Great professors. Overall this College is amazing. You have to see it in person to admire it's views and it's intellectual minds.

Hello Friend

Beautiful campus and awesome professors.

xuan L


Irina Buslovska

Super Reno

Gabriel Avila

christopher barooni

Foothill college is always great to be at. The teachers are there when you need to learn and get help. The campus location is unique and always worth i to come to. The library is a very big place and big enough to get some studying done. The food on campus at the kj cafes are always courteous and it rewards to have so many drink selections. The bookstore has got all the essentials for your class and wont dissapoint if you cant find the book elsewhere. the significance with my learning and the gratification i get by being around this college is rewarding.

Paulo Santos

Good college. Over priced. Now bookstore is a ripped off. They sell books overpriced and then buy them back for nothing. The book buy back, it is ripped off. I bought three new books for $100 each and after done with the quarter I wanna sell them. The lady outside of bookstore told that she would pay $5 bucks for two books and one books was out dated. I asked her if the books were going to go back to the self in the bookstore, she said most likely. I asked her if the books would be sold for $100 in the bookstore, she replied probably. So, don't fall for this book buy back it is a scam.

Yuan Wu

ae Malkin


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