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REVIEWS OF FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising IN California

Geetharaveendran M S

Hugo Cante

Laurie Yaukey

Ok, I haven't gone here yet, but reading the comments, I understand the teachers can be hard, but that's because they are trying to push the students to what it feels like in the real world. I think the campus looks nice and I would love to go here. I have been fashion designing since I was 9 or 10, having been excelling in art class. My 6th grade art teacher had a friend who was a fashion designer and she thought me work was pretty nice, and that was a real confidence booster. I have made about 5 new designs each month, and they are getting better each time. I am very excited to graduate High school so I can go here :)

Mariam Manaseer

Lucila Vega

Aachal G.

I haven't been to this college yet, but I am planinng too 3 years later (I know. A little bit longer, because I am going to Community College first lol) also, I am super excited since they attended College Visit program in my school in CO and put so much effort to bring the liveliness feeling towards FIDM. The supervisor seemed very friendly and approachable as well and gave me tons of suggestion towards getting into their College. I'll definitely try to attend this College and I am looking forward too :)

Steve LeDoux

KShun83 Garrett

I found this school while looking up some fashion schools for the feature, and I saw some good reviews and some bad reviews. So is FIDM a good school for me to go to to to start my own fashion line like COCO Chanel, and Kate Spade? The owner please reply and also R.I.P. KATE SPADE

Penelope Cortez

Nathaniel Pather

panda panda

Cynthia Espinosa

This school is exceptional. It is not for everyone. Everyone thinks just because it's a fashion school, it's a "Barbie" school, it will be easy. This school is tough and fast pace because it teaches you what things are really going to be like in the industry. If you are hard working and know what you want you will succeed in this school. The teachers are experienced and are there to push you to your highest potential. It just takes a mature, hard working person. And that's what employers are looking for.

Kamal Lamba

Bella xu

Lisa Hansen

Ding Ziyi

yin stephanie

our school is a very professional fashion institute in CA.


Sarah Ganatra


Laurele Lyle

Tristan Candler

If I could choose 0 stars I would. Going to this school is one of the worst things I’ve ever done and now I’m paying for it. FIDM is only about one thing: money. They are watering down curriculum and increasing tuition. Now I’m paying for nearly nothing. FIDM, is full of rich kids that just want to live in downtown LA and professors that honestly know the school is a complete joke but are willing to take the check. They have NO connections, don’t be lured in by that BLATANT lie. Almost everyone I knew who started at the same time as me has dropped out after realizing it is not a school that fosters creativity or molds great artists. Every student I’ve met and talked to hates the school. Bottom line: FIDM is a complete scam, go to almost ANY other fashion school. I’m warning you now, because nobody warned me (Ps. Please STOP leaving 5 stars if you havent attended or at least visited. You’re just assisting them with their lies.)


Huge let down and waste of our time.

Zain Zaidi

Hannah Rock

Anyone who complains about some teachers not being nice, ect, is weak. Ya, not everyone is nice and people in LA are rude, but you're not paying tuition to be surrounded by nice people. You're paying tuition to get an education, learn a skill/trade, and make connections to help advance your career. Plus, people in the industry are not nice, so they try to teach the students to prepare for that. If you can't handle 'mean teachers who are bullies,' then you can't handle the industry. FIDM is an excellent school. I've done 2 AA programs as well as a 3rd Year Advanced Study program and am proud to be associated with such a well-respected establishment. They really take care of their Alumni which is awesome.

Paulina Obuobi

Alfonso Francos

Not worth it. Overpriced and there are way better schools

Barbara Benašić

Great place to visit! So many great clothes of famous and expensive designers on one place for really cheap price! Highly recommended!

Карине Гаспарян

Rhianna Mestaz

Gabriela Bonner

li Limbu


Cray Cray

I’m not going

Renu Tripathi

This place is dream of many people and I also wish to go Tag a friend

Rose Aboah

Moesha Roberson

Tasneem Trisha

Bella Holmes

I have no idea knowledge of this school but I’m looking for a design College for the future and was wondering if this one is for me.

Jewelz Deszell

I personally have not enjoyed my time at FIDM. A lot of the professors I have had are horrible. They give out homework that is very tedious and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary work. Tuition was horridly expensive for a fashion institute and I am still paying for materials such as fabric for tedious homework assignments when they say all materials are covered for. At the end of the day, the school is all about money.

akila weerasinghe

The best school. I love FIDM❤️❤️

Nzali Bynum

eseyin helen

Daniel Lim

(Translated by Google) Joaa (Original) 죠아

Pooh Lay

jay rose

I wanted to come here since leaving high school but change my mind. One of the advisor was pushing me to become an Visual Designer or something like that instead of fashion design. As if she has a choice for my career. They act as if they are a great school compare to Central Saint Martin in London. I told the advisor that in the future I would like to transfer to Parsons or Central Saint Martin and laugh and said to not do that thier the best. They also ask for Calcus math classes that you have taken in high school. As I meet alot of people who attend this school and drop out and as well many who transfer to a different School. They said the school don't have connections and just got a job as serving coffee. Not worth it go to some other place also check for courses online. By the way the advisor said I wouldn't make it in fashion. Guess what she was wrong I attend Central Saint Martin and staring my own label. It's a tough and competive school. I guess some schools are just for the money. Also advisors are to break your dreams. I don't if it has to do that am a Latina. But she was wrong I succeed in Europe.

Rommely Santana

Andrew Reyes

Clayton Dalton


luis alberto tola ortega

Derrick Poon

Lack of planning. Horrible management. Just wants your money. Will do everything they can to swindle. Disregards student mental illnesses.

Miley Yu

Good school to crystallize your FASHION dreams!

Aline Bella

Alamin Hossain

Fashin institution . Fidm.

Rasheed Smith

L.A. Odyssey

My girlfriend has been going to this school since the summer quarter. She moved out here from New York because it was her dream to go to this school. Pretty much she regrets it. It's a waste of money and time. She doesn't feel like she's learning anything. The school is filled with rich and entitled kids who are just there to be able to say they went to FIDM. Some lack talent, a lot of them lack discipline. You can see the lack of talent and effort in their projects but the teachers still give them a good grade and let them slide. They lack flexibility on class schedules. For example, they might only offer an 8:30 class and if you can't make it at that time, you're screwed. Don't waste your time and money. Do more research on different schools or even small classes other places offer.

Ferry Ginting

Isela Rosales


Jennifer Stutzel

Andi Li


great school and tougher than people think. fashion is not a cake walk kids. All schools run on money fyi.

Jayla Long-Student

Okay, so I've seen some really good reviews, and some really bad reviews. I'd love to go here someday because I've been thinking about my future for about a year now, and I decided to design and make fashion AND videogames. Of you could direct my attention to a college that teaches both, that'd be great! If not, that's fine too.

wasim nasir

I am from india and i want to join this

adrian moran

adesagba adebunmi

Michelle Moradi

Gotta Support my Alma Mater!

Donna Karrmann

Chloe Hello

Rip off

James Walker

Had a fun time in their museum looking at costumes from popular movies from the past year. Really enjoyed the Star Wars and the Hateful 8 costumes. Wish there had been room for more.

Rulli Torres

Loved it

JuanT Gonzalez

Very interested in this school. ⛪

lori harding


Colby Bolton

I love it so much because when I get old enough to go to college I want to go to fidm because I want to one day become a fashion designer

Mingyang Wang

Beatriz Silvia Chapa Fdz

I love it! It's the best way to recognize their great job


Araz Ebrahimpour

Fred Johnson

its alright

Nicollette Hill

All they care about is your money. That's it. Go to state college or LA Trade Tec

Fong Kwok

Leonard Pak

Shakira khan

Good school

Carlos V.

This place sucks! Teachers and advisors are a bit rude.

migs aka Supremebeing

Great grounds

sarah smith

This place is a scam. A total rip off. And the teachers aren't friendly. Then you graduate and they tell you jobs are only in LA, Paris or Dallas. Don't waste your money.

Teresa Mendez

Berna Jimenez

Paulette Hill

Fashion school is no joke. At first I took it lightly but its actually really involved, difficult, and expensive. FIDM is one of the better schools in the area. But with that said, I think there are even better schools if you're willing to go to New York.

Adrian Rivera

Tony Ng

Pedram B

Jo Lemon

: )

Nancy McDonald

Love FIDM! So many creative people all under one roof. the 3Days of Fashion for high school students is exceptional!

Nina Bee

Giavonni Duncan

F.I.D.M is very creative and very generous to visitors and I cant wait until 2018. This is the best recommended fashion institute in my opinion.


Some of the teachers in that school are such be paying a lot of money and to be treated with such disrespect from them is not even worth it...

Andreas Aristidou

Erendira Roman

Scarlet Rose

Not worth it. I can't wait for the quarter to be over to transfer out. Yes its nice, and looks pretty and is well known. But when it comes down to it, it is not worth it. The education given isn't up to par compared to the tuition. The classes are a joke.

narbeh khodaverdi

Scarleth Montejano

Abdiel S

Daniela CG

LiGang Zheng

Rachana Hedau

Tiffany YangXiong

Lorali Heath

Fergus Assam

Nice school...I would really love to be here someday


Ok FIDM is my choice because I want to learn something from I'm having second thoughts because of the I seen the owner reply to some comments......plz reply to this one .........." Would FIDM help me get into modeling and starting my own make up brand" if yes then I'm all for FIDM

Dai Dior Jordan

Solina Choi

Neville star


francisco Chavez

Gabriela Torres

I'm a young girl in middle school that loves fashion and hopes to make beautiful dresses when i get older and graduate high school but I'm doing a report for my English class and are assignment is to look for a collage or university that we will like to go to when we get older and I personally love fashion so I asked my mom what fashion collages is there in Los Angeles and she said FIDM so I look up this collage and its really expensive and I read comments look at pictures look at how far it is from my home but everyone says its a waste of time 4 years and u get no where and that staff are rude so I'm backing out of this collage for my report

Jackie Mossberg

Javan Denton

Awesome school with great exhibits

Godfather Purple562

Johnny Michael

I know that university

bahador Bojnordy

You spend all that money, you learn 10% worth of your money. If I had the chance I would choose a different path.

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