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REVIEWS OF College of the Desert IN California

Mario Aguirre

Egalitarian Ethos

At the tutor lab you can raise your hand for 5 or 10 minutes until somebody sees you and if your shout out that you need help they'll get mad at you; I've been banned from coming to the tutor lab simply by using my high voice. The director of TASC Daniel Aucutt immediately band me without even hearing there or my story; it was so intense when I came to the tutor lab to even try to get help they literally escorted me out with two armed security guards holding my arms.

Blanca Garcia

Took the Phlebotomy class. LOVED IT!

Anayeli Torres

kyndall russell

They have horrible service. No one ever knows what they are talking about and it is extremely hard to get in contact with them. They are also very unorganized.

Dan Reigle

My school is clean, bookstore clerks are very helpful. Teachers are superb.

Greg Jacobs

Calvin Yeap

Ricardo Arauz

Kara Curtis

In my third year and I love it. I started four years ago with a break in between. Racquel was so nice to me in financial aid. She is one of my favorite people who work at COD. I love College!:-)

LaDonna Malloy

How to be ANGEL

Loved it

Esperanza Delalma

Jose Aguilar

Princess Cruz

Clayton Batchelor

They cut all the classes I wanted to take

Carmi Mendez

Barbra Kaye Johnson

Daniel Stefanus

howard hirschfeld



I found an excellent service every day! Administration department awesome. Many people are annoying for parking, but I always find a good spot! If you have a goal and know what you want ... Definely, COD is for you!

Ryleigh Gonzales

Robert Neal

Great community college in the desert. Has nice, new campus and several remote campuses in Palm Springs, Indio, and Desert Hot Springs as well as online classes. Worked really well for me trying to balance work, parenting, and getting my degree. Most professors are great and are there to help, even after hours. The counseling staff were also very helpful and making sure my courses fit my plan to graduate.

Simon Sun

Carl Schroeder III/All-Star Productions

Great Community College!

Ivan Thomson

California higher education has gone to hell in a hand-basket. Once upon a time tuition fees at California junior colleges was capped at $50 per semester. Caps were long ago removed and it is crazy expensive to attend junior college now. In addition, California uses mandatory and assigned textbooks meaning you do not get to select your own reading materials and you will be an arm and a leg for your textbooks since this system basically grants the publishers a monopoly and the right to charge you whatever they want. California uses the 'general education' system, which is basically a way to charge you for 2 to 3 years worth of class tuition for a bunch of units/credits that have absolutely or nearly nothing to do with your major. Leaving you only two years of upper division at a university dedicated to your actual major subject. For example, if you wanted to be an engineer you will need to take psychology, humanities, arts, physical education and a bunch of useless classes which are very expensive and do not go very far in educating you in your chosen career path. The 'Liberal to Conservative' teacher ratio is way out of whack. So if you chose to be educated in California, that education, if you can call it that, will be heavily biased and almost entirely liberal with no conservative points of view provided. Therefore, you will not be taught to think. You will be taught to regurgitate or to mimic. ie you will be trained not taught to think. If you want to be a thinker look elsewhere than California for higher education (and/or lower education).

Rick Corl

Nice facility, classes are hard to get for general ed.

Edward Singleterry

Very awesome place

Lane Fisher

The damn ass teacher was to mean to me

Luisana Martinez

Lenin Silva

Great college!

Paul Tarr

Joe M

I worked for COD for many years and would not recommend it unless you like politics. Its run more like the mob than anything else and how they waist are tax dollars is shocking. Don't vote for any bond measures giving them more money!


Ana Maria Mendoza Espinosa

Nick Vasquez

Beautiful and clean campus.


i am a student in need of assistants and i am unable to reach anyone all the telephone asks me is to type someones name or an extention i am wanting to get help how am i to do that if you cant help me thanks COD guess i cant register then

Angel Cuevas

WASsup How you been lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I go to UCLA I THE BEST.......... JK

caroline hall

If you need history, take Cosgrove...he is the best.

Odilon Redon

Mark Kemper


Ellie Cranson

Not very nice here...

Gabriela Leonor Avalos Conti Avalos Conti

jodi arias college?

denise duff

Michael van Berk

Kamrain Smith

Daniel Coghi

I love the place.


Ahmad Albariqi

George Paulino

Awesome classes and football practice

Gonzalo Castro Ampudia

Ethan Valencia

Marcia Rentliera

Charly DeTinne

Tayren B.

Bernie M

Obviously when Joe M worked at COD he never took classes there, at least not an english class.

Zhihai Shen

Ed Troxell

Reyna Luna

(Translated by Google) Much trouble for parking (Original) Mucho problema por el parking

Alejandra Villa

It's. The. Best school


Excellent community involvement. Great location.

Fabiana Spencer

max mcdowell

Nobody every pick ups the f'ing phone! Don't waste your time calling


Good classes. Good teachers. Good atmosphere.

Mrs. Lopez

Went here and took the phlebotomy coarse. Instructor was so patient and made the class fun and easy to learn! I told my friends to take the class.

Fortino Leno Garcia

A couple of bad and good people, but my experience so far is okay.

Fabian Goytia

Jesse Donitz

Maritza Garza

ammar alammar

Service is not good.employers most of them not polite. T

First Steps Clinics


Hard to pass science classes here. Instructions teach at a university/ med school level instead of community college level. Also hard to get into the RN program as well

James DeMatteo

No one picks up the phone and if they do contact you through the email they act like your little kid and give you an oblivious answer that doesn't fix the problem.

jamela Noor

Amazing..... just call to ask about their undergrad program, and the person in admission has no clue ..if they have the program...?...what a joke , she was not able to answer my question, and had no clue about their programs, and finally forward my call to their counseling staff... Waht !!!!!..lolllll hahah

CPR Photography Studio llc

Whit Taylor

Amazing resource! COD offers a wide array of courses and, most importantly, is closely interconnected with the University of California system. They provide academic advisory services for both near term and long term goals.

Raul Martinez

Amazing community college every staff member is super helpful and respectful.also it is quite beautiful campus


Staff are uninformed and very rude, called the FAFSA office for information a woman named Vanessa picked up the phone she kept cutting me off and evading questions by trying to get me to look up the information instead of being helpful because per usual employees here are very lazy. If you call or need info you have to force them.


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