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REVIEWS OF Cogswell Polytechnical College IN California

Logan Shelton

Cogswell is a decent school. The school is a good 3/5 stars and that's being generous. Tuition raised every fall. It use to be ~$8450 for 15 credits and $3600 for housing, now its ~$800 / credit and $5500 for housing. Housing are nice apartments but you're better off campus. The education is good. I think the gaming program is getting more solid and building great, its known in the industry. General Education here is a joke and honestly not worth the high price, while the engineering courses I'm conflicted on.. I was teaching my data structures teacher? It was odd. But the gaming always gets some great teachers. I can't speak for DAA, only GDD side of the school. 3/5


I graduate from Cogswell and I am working in Silicon Valley with good pay. I learned a lot from taking all classes from College

Seven Shurygin

Silicon Valley's best kept secret ;) If you're looking for a quality digital art, programming or audio degree there's no better place!

Mihail Grumeza

Fred Ybanez

Jordan Robertson

Vera Ribeiro Silva

Courtney Snyder

I went to the school in 2015 to 2016. The academic advisor that was assigned to my major seemed to have no idea what classes I was supposed to take. Now I really suck at math. Also they raised tuition this year and housing. And they are taking away from students and making them pay for it. Parking spots, school time, studying spaces, and even handing out the school news paper. Teachers are great though.

Erick Aburto

Amber Midnight

Absolutely horrible. The ONLY thing i liked at that place was two of my teachers and my roommates. Horrendous communication right after your freshman year, giving us three different sites to choose from to find what we were looking for, and i was harassed by the director of art. Took me to a private room to talk about why i wasn't making his classes (my mental health was all over the place) then just decided it would be a good time to tell me since i "don't listen" to him i wouldn't make it, i shouldn't be in that school, and that you'll never make it in my field. They act like its such a great place, when in reality its "ill take your money and you get community college education" honestly shut down cogswell...

Nichelle Fairley

Mikaela Pellerano

What can I say - great education, great people, great experience. Although, the location was only so - so, but at least it's easy access to the major freeways - made getting to school a bit easier every morning.

Sebastián Meza


Very lackluster. Administration was cordial, teachers a mixed bag and student body can be at large unpleasant. For the cost of admission to their recent move i have found it all utterly unacceptable.

Campbell Winslow


Cogswell has definitely been a journey. Right from the first few steps into Cogswell I felt this was a good fit for the kind of experience I wanted to have in my college career. The students are welcoming and dance to their own beat. As an LGBT student, I feel this is also a safe environment. The staff is welcoming and, unlike other schools, they REMEMBER you! They check up on you and ask how your art is doing. It's a nice feeling, Cogswell is definitely a friendly community. Everyone helps each other out in someway, everyone listens to one another when a problem arises. I've had only good experiences. The classes have helped me grow in my studies, and I definitely have retained everything I've learned from figure drawing to Python. This is more than a school to me; it is where you can meet life-long friends, make good connections and have a second home! Cogswell is a great school and I encourage anyone to visit the campus to see if it is a right fit for them! You will not be disappointed.

Alori White

The educational experience of a community college with the prices of an ivy! To be fair though the two community colleges I attended had higher educational standard than this place, one of the music professors was a graduate of their school, he didn't know if the notes went up to G or not. Our music professor asked the class if there was an H note in a school where the cost per class rounds out to around 125$ for the once a week classes. Do not go here, period, when you drop out you'll have useless for profit only courses that won't transfer anywhere else. Community is pretty ok though if you can get over all the neckbeards

Alexis Lujan

I want to make this clear, I enjoyed the time I had at the college. I gain knowledge of 3D modeling and got me into the proper lane of success artistically for 3D modeling (Love ya Monica Cappiello, you were awesome!) But, they're sudden changes in this year that left me flabbergasted and upset. Please have a open mind about reading this review. I was once a student at the college. 2015, I had fun! I did great and I really took time to know my surroundings, the new campus at the time and met some really awesome friends. I learned a bunch of 3D modeling and my passion awaken, making me feel so determine to keep going and to learn more ways on how to model anything. Learning the tools I need as well as getting professional feedback from the professors as well. Then, 2018 rolls in. Tours, Tours and MORE tours. Rose up the tuition, had a huge leak in the college from the water heater and decided to do an Art show while the building was still in construction. Oh, there's more. They pushed back my graduation because I didn't want to take Modeling 2. The class was a huge joke, and also a scam too because it wasn't anything like my Modeling 1 class, but it was all about tools that were for ONE model only and it was a stupid car. No characters, no environments, no lessons on shaders, no texture techniques, nothing. Just a car and maybe work in Unreal Engine. I didn't go to school to just have my progress halted by some professor who decided that his class was just one big "here's tools and uh, we're modeling a car so that's what y'all." How dumb and embarrassing, I'm paying to learn not to be in a joke class. Teachers now these days are making certain classes have these outlandish and YET ridiculous times such as 7pm to 9pm for a night-time class. And most who don't live in housing can't commute to that perfectly well. They're planning to move to different campuses within a year so newer students won't be used to the San Jose Building, pretty typical. Where's the acceptance rates, Cogswell? It was 53 to 63 to --? Really? Hiding it now because you have 10+ students leaving and it's messing up the rates? No kidding. And the parking is a nightmare. I wouldn't suggest this school in a heart beat, even the touring will be stressful to get to, where would you park? Anyways, this college has gone down pretty badly and I would keep supporting it if they would of fixed these issues such as the crowding issue. But I know they won't fix any of this. They won't listen to students like us, they wouldn't care if anyone becomes homeless after the money they owe back to the school and the jobs they won't be able to even find. PLEASE, consider talking to previous students like me who went to this school. I was a DAA student who wanted to do 3D modeling, I'm planning to do it solo and for commission work online until I manage to build my own portfolio up and find a job myself. Don't take this college unless you ask questions, I wish I asked more questions but hence, I was naive in 2015. Don't make the same mistake as me.

Joe Gonzales

Dylan Hart

Incredible instructors. Lackluster student body. If it might bother you that no one else in class is paying attention to lecture, I'd suggest looking for a more competitive school.

Bart Goodell

Charlene Teets

Lalitha Kamath

I want to compare the requisites at this as a top condition.

Angela Scott

Rhognald McDognald's

While attending Cogswell my car was broken into while parked on campus and my final project was stolen from a computer lab. After graduating i was unable to find work in my field. Now unable to pay my tuition debt i teeter on the verge of homelessness. I suggest you choose another educational option. Attending Cogswell was the single biggest mistake I made in life.

Judith Carpio

Nate Oliver

Joshua Salivar

Fired best teacher, big money grab business

lili iniguez

Daniel Sanchez

Chengxu Guan

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