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Rachel Jones

This is in regards to finance. I am a graduated student with a credit on my account. I have talked to the department and sent many emails to receive my credit. This has been an issue since February 2018, it is now June 2018. The department has ignored all of my attempts to fix this. We are talking a dollar amount in the thousands that they will not give to me! Or even respond to my numerous requests for a simple reply. Very dissapointed, there is zero support for students.

Stephanie Flowers

I love going to school here , the medical assisting program is great & the instructors are wonderful :) Its a perfect hands-on environment & very fulfilling, I always look forward to going to class .

C Legrande

Loved my experience there, I went for MA. My teacher Mrs. J was awesome!

Angie Reid

Linda Del valle

Several years ago my daughter and I met with a counselor regarding the LVN tp RN program. Told she needed to repeat a pre-req as it was going to expire and due to that would have to repeat 50% than would be able to get in the program. Was told usually get in first try if not almost 100% for sure second try. She has been turned down approx 5 times. She finally had to repeat English and psych due to recency but couldn't take it at carrington as she was no longer enrolled in a program. She wasn't enrolled in a program the first time but they came up with a bogus degree of a Vocational Nursing degree which techniqually she already had as all her classes were current when we met. So than she had to take these other classes online thru Pheonix, as she was led to believe if she did those she would be in. So she is way in debt aside from the cash she gave them. And now there is no recency for those classes. Thousands and thousands of dollors and now she just got turned down for the program again, for approximately the 5th time. You may wonder why not go elsewhere, because believing Carrington would actually assist her in reaching her goals she tailored her classes to them and no longer qualifies for most other colleges. Many students have come after her with lower GPAs and test scores and they are now working as RNs, yet today my daughter suffered another heartbreak. Step it up carrington, you had no problems taking money and getting her way far in debt, either let her in or reimburse every penny your empty promises have cost her.

Lisanne Wirth

There is no massage program at the Sacramento location. Google needs to suppress this result in the Sacramento area for any "massage" keywords.

Adriana A

y'all have ruined youtube for me

Femi Kamil

A great school


Here’s just like a car dealership! You have to leave the dealership with a car! Nonprofessional employees, you ask one thing and they answer other thing , not recommended at all!

sierra world cookie

The teachers are great, the programs are great as well but as far as other staff UNPROFESSIONAL. I do not recommend anyone to go here. My experience made me decide that I will not be going back to school for my bachelors degree. I've had enough of school after this.

Nancy Najjar

Hey guys I’m thinking to study in this college as a surgery assistant so do I need a certificate or a diploma?!!!which is better ?!! And if u study this part please Can u tell me your experience?!!

Norman Bates

They just want your money they dont help the students and are quick to make you retake a class even if you don't have to

Steve Robles

Keyonda Kendall


The representatives here do not know what they are talking about. I get different answers every time I call. I talked to someone there who kept telling me he's working on it and will call me back when he hears from the dean. Every time I call, he tells me he was about to call me. Never gives a straight answer about a program I'm interested in. Just that he would call me back when he learns more. He never called me back or follow up on my questions. I decided to speak to another representative but she was very rude when talking to me.

Susie Valdivia

Jacob Lopez

(Translated by Google) PINAPL, PINAPL, PINAPL !!!!!!!!! (Original) PINAPL,PINAPL,PINAPL!!!!!!!!!

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Sierra Prasad

When I first went to this school 2years ago. I loved it, everyone there was friendly and helpful we had an awesome teacher, they sent me to an externship that was not hiring, i graduated with a 4.0 and still do not have a job. I decided that I want to go back to school for LVN and bridge to RN so I decided to check out the program at this school, I took the entrance exam passed to get in the school, a few days later I took the VN entrance exam and failed the math part so it dropped my total score and I couldn't get in for July, I saw my admission advisor and was bummed already and she told me to do medical assisting instead.. that way next year I would be ready for nursing and pass the exam.. really she didn't believe that I could take the test again and pass it, why would I pay another $18,000 and come back to add another $43,000 on top. I'm not sure about this school anymore.

Justin Roehlk

The only reason i'm giving 2 stars is because of Pam, she is Amazing. This is school is unprofessional and operates less efficient than a Walmart. I enrolled in the RN prorgam with a prior BS degree with all prerequisite science classes taken. I was told all my classes transferred in and I signed specific forms based on the classes I would taking and which ones transferred in. I was told I wouldn't start school for 32 weeks or put in a further group down the road, I'm totally cool with that. Fast forward 1.5 weeks into start of semester one for my cohort- for which i was told i would not attend, that the dean changed their mind and i need to take a semester 1 class after it had already started and to email the professor so I can catch up. I received an email, not even a phone call from the Dean so i could possibly make it to the class that day. The email i received was not timely by any means, my name was spelt wrong, and for some reason a chem class at this school does not equate to Gen Chem and Organic Chem at a four year university. I requested a full refund and withdrawal from the program and I yet to hear back. One would think they would get a swift reply on this basis but then I realized after 14 days of program start they can prorate the refund. My disclaimer is I already work in the healthcare industry and understand the level of professionalism required in the field. For a program that prides themselves on professionalism and the pledge of nursing, they sure do lack a baseline of respect for students. My advice- get high science grades and take your chances at UNR, Tmcc, and Wnc. They won't cost you 51000$ and i'm sure it's a better experience.


I went to Carrington for the MT program. I throughly enjoyed the teachers and was completely prepared to take the MBLEX exam when I graduated (passed it first try). My problem is with the admin. Financial aid/records departments always seem 'inconvenienced' to speak with you after you have signed up; it's even an inconvenience for them to accept your tuition payment. I also had trouble getting my books, I had already been in class for 2 weeks before I got them, so I had to borrow/share books with my classmates. Another problem I see is that they do not have assistance in getting through the red tape with the state license boards. It's: 'here's your certification/diploma, call us when you're licensed' and they leave the student hanging. They should have someone to help walk the student through; where to take state exams, where and how (forms) to apply for the license, how to get all the additional paperwork the state requires, etc.. Instead, the student is left hanging, having to Google these things. Also, Career Services is supposed to discuss placement for externship with the student, instead they just decided to dump me in a place I had no desire to work. When I complained they gave me another option with a business that they knew nothing about, and the business owner turned out to be a fraud. After graduation they tried placing me in locations on the other side of town, a good hour or more commute each way through horrible traffic. They gave no consideration to my location. Several people have complained about career services not finding them jobs at all. In MT that does not seem to be an issue. Thankfully CMT's are in demand and there's a lot of (local) openings (that the school couldn't be bothered to find). Plus, in this career, you can be self-employed.

Melissa Morisette

I didn't go here, but I have trained people that went here, and they have been very disappointed, felt very unprepared, and are now stuck with a lot more money in loans than those who took the same program at a community college with zero real college credit. This is a for-profit school and they're on the verge of seeing a class action lawsuit and getting shut down because of their poor education system. My heart breaks for these students that have been duped by this "school". Move along, don't inquire, continue your research.

Kayleigh Lauren Knapp


Taylor S.

Jacob Proffer

This school is horrible, any for profit school that spams online advertising isn't worth attending.

Shelby Sayers

The teachers are so great at this school. But the staff and the way this school works is totally disappointing. I am a graduated student and found my own dental job. I have loans like crazy, said I didn't qualify for anything because of course they ran off my parents income and I'm a 23 year old. But middle class gets screwed over anyways. And for those of you who think you will graduate with your cap and gown on they only do graduation once a year. Good luck!

Anthony Kelly

The worst school I attended. They were quick to take your money, as soon as you needed help with your school work they turn their backs. The school is a joke.

Elizabeth Jd

I hear everyone talkin about their bad experiences the only bad one I had was they kept switching teachers due to everyone stepping on each other's toe they aren't supposed to give you a job they give you oppertunties for jobs it it you job to sell your self I am now in a four year college 62 of my credits transferred with me so obviously they are doing something right!

Unknown User

I’ve just started my first school year here at Carrington College I’m in a DA program. And I’ll say first day was excited but than second day of school I had a bad feeling. I didn’t like the way how everyone had miss a few step on the timing quiz and of course me I miss a few step but it wasn’t a lot but I don’t get why I scored so low out of 150 and everyone who miss as much as me score overall 130 and I was the only one with the lowest scores (61). I felt like I studied enough to able to get a higher score just like everyone else. But the teacher expect you to do everything on your own. And of course for a upper new student like me I’ll make a few mistake but I’ll maintain to be up all night to study hard and to make sure I did good on the test but I felt like the teacher was against me or something. They said no phone allow but the other day the teacher said on the day of the test we can go on our phone to look over the picture we have took on how to set up the trays and place the instrument in order. Ok I was the first one in class got there at 7:00 am took out my phone and my notes out to study. Of course the student starts to coming in studying as well, everyone was on the phone. And me of course was on the phone to look at the picture. But she had wrote me down saying I was on the phone but you can’t just assume I was touching my phone if you just told us we can pull out our phone on the test quiz to memorize our instruments. It had got me so disappointed about my scores and comments. Now I am having a second thoughts about Carrington College. Our teacher had told one of the student to cut off her hair because it was dragging every where in the classroom and it was causing a distraction but for me I felt like it was discrimination in this school. I had ask my teacher if I can get my Uniform Scrubs because I didn’t pay 70 dollars for nothing. But yet I never tend to have my scrubs. I felt like she didn’t want to deal with me. I love school but maybe this one isn’t the right spot for me. I’ll say this is not a grantees school for most of people like us but for others student or new students who’s going to be going here just make sure you don’t get treated unfairly. Everyone should at least be treated with kindness and respect. And I heard the school will hold on to your loan and certificate. Good luck to all new upper coming student but I will transfer to a different program.

Alise Ferguson

Space Documentary

PLEASE READ********** THIS SCHOOL IS FOR PROFIT and is very, very misleading. My girlfriend and I went to a meeting at Carrington very interested in the dental hygiene program.Read this before wasting time sitting down with a "representative" and getting swindled. BEFORE you can get into the dental hygiene program you must complete all of these programs in order. Prerequisites that are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, english, speech, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, psychology, nutrition, and sociology. These prerequisites at Carrington cost $20,000 at Carrington and CAN NOT be transferred to another college. These classes can be taken at community college for less then $2,000 and ARE transferable. AFTER these prerequisites are finally complete WITH a gpa above 2.75 you can APPLY to the dental assisting program which takes another 10 months to complete and will cost ANOTHER $30,000. After all of this is FINALLY finished you can APPLY to the dental hygiene program which you may or may not get in. This program will take at least 18 months to 2 years and cost another 60,000. This will take over 3 years FULL time and cost over $105,000 for a "certificate" that may not even guarantee you a job. What a joke.

Jeffrey Reyes

in 2015 i attempted SUICIDE and Carrington College is to blame. They promised me high pay and job security. However every dentist I ever worked for told me that I am a horrible dental assistant even though I was Top of my Class in 2009 and I was the Class Mentor with Perfect Attendance. But just a couple years ago I became Broke and could not afford Rent, and my Scion car was Repossessed by 1-800-Loan-Mart, and I was forced to declare Bankruptcy for the first and only time in my life, then I became Homeless for the first and only time in my life, and I blame Carrington College for all this. My Dental Assistant teacher announced to the class that dentists prefer a staff of cute young girls, not older males like myself; the whole class heard her say this. In spite of this discouragement, I went on to be a Registered Dental Assistant for 5 years from 2010 to 2015. What’s really sad is that even with my 2015 Bankruptcy my Student Loan is STILL THERE in 2019 at over $20,000.00 and nobody cares and I feel powerless and extremely discouraged because the interest is still piling on. I would love to sue Carrington College in court and expose them for the horrible Diploma Mill they are, and I would love to be on national TV news (like CNN or Fox News channel) because I want the world to know what they did to me, and they're still bringing in new students with student loans. This is why the Carrington College company is making such huge profits, it's because of student loans. If you can help me find a lawyer, please call me. My number is 628-215-1160. This whole experience has been so horrible for me in fact, that I’ve decided that I will never work in dental offices ever ever again, especially since my R.D.A. license expired after 5 years of trying really hard to make it work. But they want to garnish my paychecks because student loans can't be erased even with Bankruptcy, REGARDLESS of what type of job I do, including Janitor. I had to stand in front of a Bankruptcy Judge in 2015; under oath I told the judge I was BROKE. However I truly do wish to sue Carrington College (not Arbitration), so please call me if you can help me do this or if you know someone who can help me. My name is Jeffrey Reyes. I am part of the 2009 class at Carrington College in Sacramento on Folsom Blvd. (formerly known as Western Career College “You Can Do It!”). I am furiously angry with them. I blame them for a ton of horrible things that happened in my life. I envisioned my life to be fruitful, but unfortunately the opposite happened. I have bad insomnia because of them. I'm now 48 years old, with 249 over 149 blood pressure, yet I've NEVER been arrested. Please help me somebody. I tried to be as optimistic as possible, but instead all my worst fears became reality. One of my employers was Western Dental, and the supervisor there wanted us to clean up the dental chair areas as quickly as possible (all she cared about was Speed not Safety) and I poked my finger with a used syringe; fortunately I was not infected with HIV, but this accident happened because she was always pressuring us to work as quickly as possible (I'm still HIV negative to this day but I could have become infected because of her). And one oral surgeon (at a different dental office) I worked with in Sacramento was extremely homophobic toward me. After graduating, the first dental office I worked at paid me only $9 per hour and I was 38 years old at the time, having worked at jobs my whole adult life. The commissioned salespeople at Carrington College said to me that I will be paid $25 per hour, and that there would always be plenty of Dental Assistant jobs out there for me, but some dental offices don’t even hire Registered Dental Assistants; I became aware of this AFTER my graduation. --- Supervisors are supposed to improve their subordinates. Instead what they do is spend all their time making a list of all the reasons they can come up with to FIRE their subordinates. It's very Cut-Throat! Have you ever heard of something called a “Working Interview”? I had never heard of this

carlayna oxford

sheenal shika

Toni Anderson and Terri Armstrong NEVER respond back. I have called/emailed both of them numerous times and still no response. I have been trying to get a hold of someone to enroll into a program and the process is getting very delayed due to the staff never returning phone calls or emails.

Debbie Goetz

Good school, but difficult classes

Amanda Barnhill

M Burriss

lllTheresa lll

Arianna Velazquez

can't wait to go.........heard so many good things

Cheyenne Dutton

Emily Florescu

No! Please don't make same mistake I your money!! Go to CET

john doe

too expensive, i still cant get a job, they haven't given me my degree and certificate.

Khoi Nguyen

Marie Cochran


This school is nothing but a scam, all they want is your money. I was enrolled in the DAD program. I failed my anatomy class and they wanted close to $5000.00 out of pocket for me to retake, I asked the financial aid advisor how much I owed for the program if I was to quit right now, after she checked on my account she said I owed nothing, tbat financial aid covered what i have done so far, that I was actually receiving a credit of $417.00 because i received more financial aid then expected. I called great lakes to continue paying my monthly payment for my loans that i owed for the dental assisting program, and they said I owed $9927 on top of my old balance. I was confused and contacted the financial advisor that had helped me, and she then told me this. " Financial Aid consists of both grants and loans. Your total tuition and fees for the 2 terms were $13870. Total Pell Grants and Loans received: $14287. A check of $417 was cut out to you for the difference. The total amount of loans that were requested was $9927. That is the amount that was added to your prior loans." This was not explained to me during my meeting with her when I decided to drop the program. I know this school sounds great because your on the "fast track" but if i could go back I would have never enrolled to this school, I would have just finished at community college.

Heather Busch


the only good thing about this school is the teachers they are very informative and nice and i thank them for providing me with the knowledge i now have as a Medical Assistant..but i am very dissapointed now because I STILL DONT HAVE A JOB AFTER A WHOLE YEAR..they tell you when you sign up that they provide job placement for you..THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU A JOB!! not give you job interview to go to or job ads to apply wth they should have gave me a job right after i graduated..i thought i was going to earn money with my medical assistant certificate that i worked so hard for, so I can pay the school back but i cant since they didnt get me the job they promised me and i cant find a job on my own its way too hard to compete with all these other people when i should already have a job and so i can pay off my student im in $20,000 debt at 20 years career advisor gave me leads for jobs but every time she did that she would give all the other students the same lead and it made it very hard for me to get noticed because all these other people with the same skills as me and im just fed up i hate that i was'nt treated my career advisor stopped providing me help and i feel VERY USED and all the school want is your money that you dont have..DONT SIGN UP FOR THIS SCHOOL IT IS THE WORST!!!!

Esther Togiai

If I could rate less than 1 star I would. I was in the online Medical Billing and Coding program. The actual learning was great, the online professors were super helpful and great. On the other hand, the administration side of this is a JOKE. Getting my own financial advisor to call me back within the same month was so time consuming . The whole purpose of doing online courses is because it’s suppose to be better for people who don’t have the traditional work schedule. They were so quick to sign me up and get those LOANS but now I’m finished with my program and trying to get some further direction it’s like they can’t be found. I’ve just called the student line twice and apparently it’s CLOSED ..... it’s 1:36 MST so clearly that’s within the operating hours that are being solicited in the recording . I’ve already had issues with them trying to get some of my VA paperwork from them but I gave them the benefit of the doubt . But this is still just so ridiculous. There is no direction for what to expect after the program is done .... like is there any proof that I actually did this program or what ..... still waiting on someone to return my phone call but I won’t be surprised if I don’t hear back for several weeks.

Christine Burakowski

Lacey Jones

Definitely not Western Career College anymore

JoMark Antonio B Soriano III

Very upsetting with this college here in Sacramento. I called to get info and had an adviser assigned to me. Spoke with the adviser "Kandice" regarding VN bridge to RN program. Obtained all the requirements that i need, specially had a hard time getting my transcript from my VN school in Lynwood, Ca.. Anyways, the adviser that i was assigned to was very hard to communicate with... First, she had me wait for more than 4hours after she told me she was going to call me back in 15 minutes. Second, she asked my about my info when i already gave them to her and reminded her that she had them and her reply was "oh just kidding". She also told me that she will notify me regarding "orientation" the next day, but had me wait till next week, if i never called her, she would have not scheduled me for orientation. Now i received email from her asking for my birthday and social security because my account was "locked" in the system? And Finally received an email, after weeks or more than a month of going through difficulties communicating with her and going through schedule changes at my work and signing all paperworks with financial aid and with her, notifying me that its unfortunate they can't enroll me because my VN transcript is more like "an adult class" type of program for me to get enroll in their pre reqs.. and she even said "does it make sense?" I've heard a lot of bad reviews from this college in Sacramento, but i still tried getting in here, and unfortunately they can't help me and even gave me the adviser i had...

Sweet Sami

Oh boy i dont know where to start..... this school doesnt give a damn about you or your future. They want money money and money. As long as u sign some papers. And such . If u dont leave in 30 days ... u still gotta pay like $3k for only 8 days of actually being at school. Plus i wasted my damn time starting here with something i thought i was gonna finish. Well now i have a whole career change in my mind just because i went here and i did not like it at all. I wasnt warned that we would have to find our own patients for the program i was doing. I just moved here and its quite ridiculous that i had to pay for the school so much money and they dont even provide you people to work on? Yikes. Then wth was i paying them for? Dont go here. Dont sign those papers. Ever since today i didnt get a single call about why i quit the program.... because nobody cares. They at least could've asked why i didn't want to continue or maybe ask what happened and whats going on. Nope . Got nothing and in return the first thing i got was my payment thats due. Like i said they dont care. And another thing is... for some people this school might be ok and might seeem ok for them and thats whatever. We are all built differently but the DA program was horrible . Everything was really fast paced. They show u how to do everything 1 time and ur expected to be perfect and already know how to do everything and also having to keep up with your rude classmates is an awful feeling. I was assigned with 2 spanish girls and all they were doing is talking in their own language while i sat there. And seemed to be laughing at me . Honestly i dont like the experience i had here. Stay away and find a school that IS NOT a 2 star. All these reviews are not a joke. Its legit the truth. Shouldve trusted my gut feeling

Roxie Suchicital

I attended carrington college sacramento campus for their MA program, I loved it. The teachers were always willing to help and the support within the libary was useful. They want you to succeed and they want to make sure you pass with not only a certificate but a clear understanding beyond the basics standards of being a MA. Yes, their expensive but you get what you pay for ;)

ryan kennedy

Horrible school looking to take advantage of you. The financial aid department is extremely disrespectful. My chemistry teacher was pretty awesome and taught a good class. I would not recommend this school to anyone....

Eunice Ferguson

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