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REVIEWS OF Cal Maritime IN California

Broken Hearts

Bad locations

Robert Price

Julie U

Sydney Earley

My son is a freshman in the Marine Transportation program and he is not only thriving but very content at Cal Maritime. He speaks highly of his professors, has made great friends and it has been the perfect fit him. He has never mentioned any bullying and says the food is fine. His goal is to succeed and do well and I believe Cal Maritime will give him the support to do so. It is a great campus!

agent cooper

Shasha 777

A real toxic environment. Group of bullies called the core. Only environment where students are encouraged to bully peers. Staff knows student population exceeds capacity in the number of slots allocated for class enrollment. Plan to be here for 5 years. For the most part teachers are really good. Bad blood between Maritime and CSU in administering the school. Tuition on web site doesn't include cost for cruise, not required for Global Study students.

Laura Aguilar

Lydia Pike

Beautiful small campus. Probably best for students right out of high school who need structure. Good instructors but poor administrators. You’ll need to stay in constant contact with admin to ensure things are done timely, financial aide is handled and credit is given. Transfer students are not high priority here. My 2 sons transferred in and graduated. Should have been recognized for honors and leadership but the couldn’t even spell one’s name right and completely left the other off the program. After printing special programs for us, still spelled name wrong. Who misspells “Jeremy”? As they say, great place to be FROM.

TowBoatUS SF Bay & Delta

A not so great place to be but a great place to be from. #alumni

Raymond Linis

Doctor Michael Ma Ma

Mitchell Kobayashi

Ihekweme Vitus

Miriam Carrillo


Miguel Del Rio Ponce

Adrien Goldfarb

Daniel Moultrie

Weiqi Zhang

Victor Gonzalez

Sarah June

This school should be shut down immediately! It has a unique history of discrimination against minority’s! They have absolutely no diversity neither do they care. This place is horrible for anyone looking to a great opportunity! They have high turnover for instructors and treat minority’s like trash. We filed 5 discrimination complaints for my son he was treated horrible there. This place is run by “FAR RIGHT” politics and they provide huge protections for incompetent staff! The Corp is the most racist entity among any college institution! This place has high inequality and is an embarrassment! I’m so embarrassed to say I attended this school! Tax payers are getting hosed in paying for this place to exist. It needs to be shut down!! If you want to see modern Day Jim Crow at work just take a trip to 300 Maritime Academy Drive!

Taylor Deschene

Keunsuk Kim

Joyce Thomas


Ryan Opfer

camden inman

Tex Hagoski


Superior Customer Service

I was a engineering student here for a couple of years then I transferred. If you are considering this school please conduct a detailed investigation of the campus! There are a lot of things that are not clear during the orientation. Although the campus is beautiful it's located 2 minutes away from the hood/ GHETTO! The new gym is located where the old trap house motel was located. This is a male dominated school, meaning the female population with the faculty, staff, and students is roughly about 20%. There is NO Diversity on this campus what so ever and the food is horrible!

Krystal Vancil

Philip Delano

Ngerikl Baules

Elena Nobrega

Awesome College

George Marquez

Checking out the views

Inga Vassileva

Our family loves this college. Best choice you can make.

User 194760

Wolf Pack

The unfortunate truth about this place is that it is most definitely one of the few strongholds left of White Power. The positive reviews on this site are mostly from or of WHITE men, who encounter very little discrimination; and in fact are put in positions of power through out campus. The administration is a plethora of retired navy buddies who are Caucasian and very conservative and help their buddies get jobs. If they are not male-then they are female Caucasian also very conservative and demur to their male counterparts.Same story with the tenured professors on campus and about 90% of the deans on campus, and its support staff. These folks, create two cultures: one that espouses equality and fairness; and one where decisions are made behind the scenes to protect each other. I've witnessed and have bore the consequences for speaking out. Cal Maritime representatives are not forthright with the realities on campus; they misconstrue statistics for earning potential by major, graduation rates and cost. They use the Engineering majors as their bread and butter while the Business and Global and Maritime Affairs languish in poorly constructed curriculum and sub par accreditation. In need of more faculty, many students "graduate" and have to come back to finish their degree one more semester$$$. The Corps of Cadets are paid students who are then used to create positive PR for the college: college tours, Galas and just to show up in Uniform. Female students beware you will get harassed-especially if your a minority. Your professors will talk down to you and question you mercilessly in front of your peers-while other less competent white males get away with BS. If you have a son or daughter who is considering this place research thoroughly: There are 6 other Maritime academies. The intentional experience/cruise are not included in tuition. The Internship requirement? If your Business or Global majors-your on your own good luck finding one: Engineers they are piped through to Companies who pay for everything. If Business/Global find an internship and are not from the area-financial aid does not fund your summer housing-so your on the hook for housing while you work an unpaid internship. The registrar and in particular the assistant to admissions has no clue what a CSU certification is: so if you are expecting to get full credit for earning an AS-t or CSU certification get ready for a fight. They will put you in classes already taken as a GE at your junior college-without the course being maritime specific.

Alexander DeTortor

Poor Food Quality due to cheap ingredients. Bad location with nowhere to go. Little campus life Arbitrary restrictions on classes making it harder to get your class load than advertised. Mixed quality. Some interesting features but a poor experience overall with a clear embittering effect on students.

Gsuite Value App


Stayed here for two weeks during a Koch cup regatta. Was alright, really cold though.

Lap VO

John Simon

As a cadet currently attending, there is more to what Alexander D is complaining about. True that some of the food could be better, but the people there work hard and the food is fine, there's also a sandwich shop where you can get hand made sandwiches if you don't want to eat there during lunch. There life there is very militaristic with connections to navy and coast guard, so yes we have an image to uphold and rules to follow. Yeah the commandants will write you up if you are not follow proper conduct, but that's only if you get yourself into trouble. If you keep your nose clean and actually follow the rules, you'll be fine, granted that there is a lot of them. Internet is fine, there has to be routine maintenance because there is a lot of people using the internet for schoolwork. Registration is what the student makes of it, if you apply early then you won't have issues with the classes and won't have to wait until the beginning of the semester to register. However it's the students responsibility to apply for the required courses at the appropriate time. Also, we are literally right next to San Francisco, we don't have just the ghetto to go wandering off into. If you have your own car then it's easy getting to places like target, gamestop or the movies without spending so much time in one part of town. Overall, it's a school for people who actually want to work, not for people that are just used to doing whatever they want and get away with it. As a student and a cadet, I take pride in the fact that I'm getting all of this practical training towards my future career, anyone else who has a problem with Cal Maritime doesn't have to go. Anyone who's just heard bad rumors, actually come here and make a decision yourself. I made my choice of colleges and I'm doing what I can to make the best of it.

Phoenix Benitez

If you are a fan of a housing department that works solely to impair the lives of its students, an administration that excels at losing your transfer paperwork, a group of teachers that are sorely underpaid and undervalued, and finally a group called the Corp that is wholly compromised of megalomaniacs that is given unquestioning power over you... then this complete hell of a school is for you!

Robin Manhollan

This place has a breath taking view with some very steep stairs that lead up the hill. It is a beautiful college pretty private chill and believe it or not this college of California Mare Time Academy Naval training Golden Bear is quite romantic. They banquet all kinds of events and also the weddings here have been really lovely all around. From the wedding itself to live kickin anything you want or wish for entertainment at your wedding. Check it out. I guarantee you will be happily pleased. Thank You All.

Viv3k Tandel

Madeline Fox

Nathan Tobin


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