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laughablelove 2020

Professors I’ve had so far have been great! The school definitely needs to clean itself up though. Some of the bathrooms there are hideous as well as classrooms. Forget about making an appointment with a counselor to discuss your major. I tried for a whole semester and even tried during the summer, with no luck. I spoke with a woman named Elizabeth who told me to call back at 7:30am, and that’s what I did during the whole spring semester with no luck. I asked her why is it you can make an appointment with FLC counselors ahead of time, but not ARC. You could hear her laughing while saying they have a different system. Folsom Lake College is the # 1 college so far of the Los Rios Colleges, due to how clean they are, not to mention how much they help their students. ARC definitely needs a lot of construction work done and should be willing to help their students out a lot more, because their “system” isn’t working.

Dimitris Evans

Heena Nainu

Heart touching


Reeve Mohat

Didn;t lern a ting!

Bokishan Dudley

One of the better community college s

Maria Z

Luke Martin

The bureaucracy is a pain but what do you expect.... I've found great professors and not so great professors here. Overall I've had very positive experience.

justsomehuman person

I went there for just one class during the summer and I really hate this place. the faculty and staff aren't that helpful and they are not that friendly. You have to wait in a long line when you go up and ask questions pertaining to your application to the school in the office that deals with that sorta thing. Also, the English teacher I got was very mean and lame. She made fun of me once in front of the whole class and I didn't do anything bad to her as I needed help in the subject. I hate that school. Application process is short(which is good) , but it was somewhat difficult to fill out and I had to call someone at the school to walk me through it and she was a mean lady. I am not a professional, just some average guy expressing himself to the world, so please don't hate me.

Daniel Tsymbal

Love it. Great teachers very easy to understand layout of the college. Got a hang of it in the first week.

Angel Fajardo

Emjay 1068

John Cowgill

The teachers are awesome! However financial aid, eservices and counselors are awful. Everytime I talk with them they are rude and unhelpful. Basically you will get a great education here, but the office staff are horrendous.

Sam McAllister

I have only been on the campus once. My issue was how many people were soliciting religion and other colleges.

Yurchuk Myrchuk

Really good community college


Chantelle Garvin

I love ARC. I'm graduating next month and it's hard to leave. It's a beautiful place to grow up.

Dayana Alonzo

If you are trying to make an appointment through the phone you will be there waiting forever since “your called will be answered in the way or number it was recieved” ..... They should CHANGE that... some people don’t live close to the area and have to drive 30 minutes just to make an appointment? to make an appointment you have to show up certain days and EARLY in the morning.... what type of thing is this? In SCC or CRC you can just walk in ANY DAY ANYTIME during the day and make an appointment with a counselor that’s why I love those two colleges. ARC I don’t like the way they do things.

Randall Andrews-Zamora

not helpful at all , counselors really dont care about the direction you're trying to go, it's so sad.

Ahmad Samir

Sinai g

Great school, great professors beside Loveling she sucks, he teaches English Writing 50. I love Mr The León math class he's so funny, Coach Eric Black great coach for swimming, Ms. Ludovina Spanish class. Master Robinson on Tae Kwon Do have great sense of humor. Parking has been one big issue for students there are 30 thousands students and no so many parking lots. My favorite Counselor is Arthur Jenkins he's very good in advises and helps always. He really care about students Education. Financial aid lab staff are always sad. This college have really good nursing program if you're in that mayor this is the right place for you, but remember that a lot of students apply for that program and some get in it. I love this college student far.

Kathleen Alumbaugh

Leann G

Jared Duncan

It is a good place to start your education. Most of the teachers care about your education. Also has the best Junior college cross country team in the state.

Apple Wolf X

Rafi Avedisian

Gotta Love this place. A lot of good friends and professors. Thank you ARC for helping me with my needs.

Marina Iriciuc

هاله محمد

Aaron Klapheck

I graduated here and love the education I got. One of the best Jr Colleges in the nation.

cindy ross

Johnny Bravo

Last time I tried to take a college course here at ARC, I was dumbfounded with an issue that I ran into. Was trying to enroll into a Network Administration course which requires the completion of a prerequisite course. I had completed that prerequisite course at SCC, which is part of the Los Ríos Community College District. After enrolling I received a notice from the instructor stating that I had to complete the prerequisite course at ARC and my course credits from SCC did not apply... Didn't make any sense.....

Michael Szadkowski

Great school for electronics. Teachers rock.

Badr A

(Translated by Google) American River College (ARC) is a California community college located in an unincorporated community of hill farms, California in northern Sacramento County, California The current student population is 35,000 full-time and part-time students, making it one of the largest community colleges in California. ARC has published its own literary magazine since 1984, American River Review, which has won numerous national awards and recognition, including the National Pacemaker Award from Associated Collegiate Press and the Gold Crowns of the Colombian Press Association. It is the choice of many students in the Greater Sacramento area, where it serves as a starting point for later conversion to competitive four-year universities such as the University of California, Davis and California State University, Sacramento. It transfers more students to UC Davis and CSU Sacramento than any other community college. Nontransfer students may enroll for a degree in technical / professional programs, continuing education credit, or personal enrichment. The College also offers three different types of online learning: online, mixed, and enhanced via the web. (Original) كلية نهر الأمريكية (ARC) هي كلية المجتمع كاليفورنيا تقع في مجتمع غير مدمج من مزارع التل، كاليفورنيا في شمال مقاطعة ساكرامنتو ، كاليفورنيا يبلغ عدد الطلاب الحاليين 35000 طالب بدوام كامل وبدوام جزئي ، مما يجعلها واحدة من أكبر كليات المجتمع في كاليفورنيا. نشرت ARC مجلتها الأدبية الخاصة بها منذ عام 1984 ، وهي American River Review ، التي فازت بالعديد من الجوائز والاعترافات الوطنية ، بما في ذلك جائزة National Pacemaker من جمعية Associated Collegiate Press و Gold Crowns من جمعية الصحافة الكولومبية . إنه اختيار العديد من الطلاب في منطقة ساكرامنتو الكبرى ، حيث يعمل كنقطة انطلاق للتحويل لاحقًا إلى جامعات تنافسية مدتها أربع سنوات مثل جامعة كاليفورنيا ودافيس وجامعة كاليفورنيا الحكومية ، ساكرامنتو . إنه ينقل المزيد من الطلاب إلى جامعة كاليفورنيا في ديفيس و CSU Sacramento أكثر من أي كلية مجتمع أخرى. قد يسجل طلاب Nontransfer للحصول على شهادة في البرامج التقنية / المهنية أو ائتمان التعليم المستمر أو الإثراء الشخصي. تقدم الكلية أيضًا ثلاثة أنواع مختلفة من التعلم عبر الإنترنت: عبر الإنترنت ، مختلطة ، ومُحسّنة عبر الويب.

Anon Chuckles

Cons: - The bulk of the administration and counselors are incompetent, negligent, and ineffective. - Currently overpopulated, making it difficult to get any classes. - Extremely dangerous environment at night (lots of muggings and assaults.) Pros: - Excellent art programs. - Lots of good professors. - Offers a plethora of programs available to assist disabled students. - Decent financial aid options.

anne Washington

Katie Wnuk

So far so good. My interactions have been positive.

Sasha Johnson

Atiqullah Gool Big

Inexperience and unskillful employee in Financial aid DEPT need to improve as well.


It's a community college. It's just like High School but the teachers care even less than before. Everything you try to do will have a long line with disgruntled staff. Parking is very competitive and you'll do a lot of walking. On top of that there are "officers" assigned to walk the parking lots checking for parking passes, assumbably because it's all they're qualified for. Don't spend too long here. The only benefit is the cost.

Robert Hahn

Kenyah Hartley

I've just completed my first semester here at ARC, and the teachers here are awesome. I've attended both Napa and Solano Community college and while every college has a few great teachers, this college all the teachers I've come in contact with so far genuinely care about making sure the entire class gets it. I've worked hard this semester and I have a 4.0 so far. I'm looking forward to my upcoming classes I truly love this school.

Reshia Moore-Coleman

I was the ARC student member since 2005.....

Lakesha Washington

Lesya Dubynets

I like that college. It's big and beautiful place to stay.

Vitaliy Daniliuk

Nice campus. The music department and electronics department are amazing!

James T

Дмитрий Шеленко


Piper Kleinberg

Melissa Sporer

Makena Hulme

Great school with great professors.

Joshua Rose

I’ve worked here as an assistant professor and the students in my class have been horrible to wonderful, same with most human beings I guess. Sometimes I wonder if there should be weed out classes in community college. lol

anne Pattison

Cris Mois

Good local college

Sapphire Ortiz

Michelle Tancredi

Teachers are great. Customer service is horrible! Apparent supervisor of the business and computer science department Gerald B. hung up on me. I called back and got hung up on 3 times in a row before Oksana got me to his VM. Left a VM on Saturday morning and I had to hold for over an hour for him to hang up. I informed him he had a rude employee by the name of Edward, and Gerald huffed and puffed on the phone just like Edward. They always say the tail is just like the head. SAD and completely unprofessional customer service. Refused to even attempt to find a resolution. Instead said, you don't want to hear my answer, when I asked what he could do to help. I can't believe they treat students like this.

Sayed Ahmadi

Romanu TC

Store had recommended textbooks and very friendly helpful staff

Lindsey Costa

Wonderful staff, but it's begun to feel less like a college and more like a high school. It used to be an open extension of the community, but I've noticed a drastic increase in rules that are better served with children, not adults. There seems to be an overreaction to everything, and it started with the smoking ban. I don't have an issue with clean air, but it didn't stop there. Dogs are banned outdoors, we get an email over every little potentially offensive thing and every semester, there's a new dumb rule. I'm older, but these younger students were raised with the internet, they're not fragile, they can handle themselves just fine. Can't wait to transfer. Maybe just have a class for people who need to be taught these basic life skills and leave the rest of us be. I know it sounds like I may be a conservative, but I'm not, this is all coming from a moderate liberal!

Bryan Cole

Great professors in the STEM classes.

Severett McSahragee

This is a perfect college to start out with. The campus is beautiful and there is plenty of parking. The sports programs are top of the line.

Ephraim Ford

Fina izu

Shuja Yaqubi

nayely saldana

Counclers suck they dont care about your future and just want you to take what ever classes are open no guidance at all

Desiree Wilbon

Robert Lynds

Kair'e Miler

Nicholas Schmeck

Excellent faculty that I have encountered so far. I've taken classes at ARC for only a few terms as I already have a degree and am working on a certificate at the moment, but I've had generally great experiences, so far. The course selection is pretty large and there are online, campus, and hybrid classes as well. The veteran's resource center is VERY helpful as well. If you are a veteran I suggest you check in with them and see what they can assist you with.

Arielle Rose

Great atmosphere, I've been going here for years and have only had one really crappy professor out of the dozens I've gotten to know. The counseling offered here is probably the only weak spot. It is difficult to find a useful counselor and get useful information in their 30 min speed sessions. (I don't want to mark the review down because of the counseling office. I imagine most general counseling offices will be like this one. Each counselor can't know every persons personal goals, classes past present and future and make it easy and cohesive.)

Kyle Olsen

Nice campus, I've yet to meet a bad professor.

Lavell J. Wright Jr MBR

amazing culinary program

Sheba Nipperschnackles

Very difficult to find out what courses and programs they have. Waited 4 hours only to be told I didnt have an appointment and couldnt be seen. What??!! Tryin to get info, but the counselors are hanging out chatting with each other. Why couldnt they see me? Four hours!

Cruiser Martin

Tadaiii Hasti

best college at this area but persian staff very bad and cheap person

Shelley Layus

Great place to take classes either part-time or full-time without spending thousands of dollars. The professors are high quality and knowledgeable. AR is great to start off and then transfer to another continuing university. Plenty of associates degrees offered as well

Andy Frost

On hold for 5 hours only to be hung up on because the office closed before I could get ahold of anyone, this alone put me in a real bad mood but I'm persistent, so I called financial aid AGAIN the following day early in the morning and was on hold AGAIN for 2 hours to determine the status of my financial aid. They told me that I was eligible for financial aid but that it wouldn't be available for another 6-8 weeks so they dropped my classes because I couldn't afford their ridiculous tuition. They either need to hire more people or hire more competent people to work the phone. I'll also add that this particular conversation took a grand total of 5 minutes. These are the conversations that are keeping the phone line this busy. How that's even possible without incompetence on their behalf is beyond me.

Ian Dietler

Great school! I have had many wonderful instructors.


(Translated by Google) Hello good afternoon- To whom it May concern. My name Patricia mom of Kevin Castle who has an inscription to cross the College with you is 21 years old and I want to make a note of why he no longer showed up, to continue with his studies, he is in Mexico City and came to to process my papers for my Citizenship, but the strongest reason is that he could not live more in the place where he was and for personal and health reasons he had to come, but he needs to continue his studies and beg him to contact me to See how to help you and not waste time to finish your schooling, I would be happy to know if you continue your current registration and see how to support your studies, for now thank you very much and I wait for an answer (Original) Hola buenas tardes- A quien Corresponda. Mi nombre Patricia mamá de Kevin Castle que tiene una inscripción para cruzar el College con ustedes tiene 21 años de edad y quiero hacer una anotación del porque ya no se presento, a seguir con sus estudios , el está en la Ciudad de México y vino a tramitar mis papeles para mi Ciudadanía , pero el motivo más fuerte es que no pudo vivir más en el lugar donde se encontraba y por razones personales y de salud se tuvo que venir, pero el necesita continuar sus estudios y le suplicaría se puedan contactar conmigo para ver la manera de ayudarle y que no pierda más el tiempo para terminar su escolaridad , me daría mucho gusto saber si sigue su inscripción vigente y ver la manera de apoyar sus estudios, por lo pronto muchas gracias y espero respuesta

DiJanae Williams

sake wu

This is a very poor school for transfer students. The information on what's available isn't very good via other school districts- when I got in here I was under the impression that they offered classes that pertained to my major but they didn't. They were subsequently unable to accept a majority of the transfer level classes I'd taken. Seemed like a no brainer to me; I'm an A student but I guess that wasn't what counts. Their staff seems fairly burnt out, plus they've been rolling in new rules that really punish students with different needs or a different experience of education. I have no idea how limiting you to three retakes of classes is supposed to help anyone. It basically just punishes you if life happens, or for some reason you encounter a string of teachers that are unable to meet your needs. Save your money and your GPA. Go somewhere else.

Ray Carpenter

Very helpful staff & programs available to the students, the teachers will help if asked from my experience w/ various support groups like the journey program can help keep u on track the school will Taylor to help your needs best they can, but the police department is a discrase they put the pick up&drop off a ways out so for special needs it's a huge hassle& pisses them off

Ulfat Ahmadi

Execellent learning facility, Nice professors, professional stuff!

Lance Brightwell

Fantastic Great and wpnderfull class of 93 major ASL Thank you so much. Lol Lanceman.

Miranda stout

I love this place. It was so easy to enroll and get all the needed paperwork together. I did it without once leaving home. I'm having some issues with financial aid, but that's my fault no one else's. I would highly recommend this school to anyone of any age .I'm going there at the same time my 18 year old son is going. It's clean everyone's nice and there's more than enough parking. And for the first time in my life I'm getting As...

Erin D.

Serj Bud

Excellent college! Nice professors. Very good stuff!


The most useless financial aid staff that I’ve ever talked to. Will not be enrolling here, I don’t want to know how useless the rest of the staff is

Latif Reka

Mack Morgan

Zidisha Chestnut-Hernandez

I likes

Manuel Alvarez

Anthony Swift

Although the school its self is wonderful, with an amazing amount of programs and the like.... The education counselors are horrible. They have no idea what they are doing, what class' you need to take in order to complete degrees and the like. I was told, and i kid you not, to "go to my high school counselor, they should know this stuff..."

Perla Gamez

LOVED ARC!! GOOD PROFESSORS!!! I know what I am talking about compared to the CC I currently go Santa Monica College, you guys are lucky especially for the math department, totally blessed lol. counselor are ok, financial aid the worst.. they gave calgrant money without being eligible and then charged me for it which is ok but such a hassle. WORST FINANCIAL AID OFFICE EVER, I kinda hate them. but good professor and environment.

Mandy Killriff

The campus is fairly modern and has a semi academic feel. It's diverse population but not as diverse as SCC. You get what you get at this college. I met some great instructors. If you do well and study a lot, and make sure you get your associates for transfer then you will have a great time. The classes go by quickly. I wish the student help center was a bit more easy to reach by phone. Eservices shuts down at 11:30 am. What is with that? I wish it were open 24/7 like other colleges. Most people are in eservived trying to access their schedule because they couldn't get it the night before. I do like this school, I am moving through my courses at a fairly fast rate and can finally start my upper level classes and get out so I can go to the college of my dreams. I love ARC and SCC so much.

Randall Ito

The student store sells ramen but has no forks. Quality of education falls along similar lines

Artistry By Sonny

A lot of reviews say that there is no parking and that is true to a certain extent. If you don't mind walking, there is always open spaces in the parking structure on the top floors. In reality, no one wakes up early enough to make it to class so there is traffic getting into the parking structure/people speeding around the parking lot, etc. That makes it harder to find parking. If you take afternoon classes, the parking is even better. I personally haven't experienced anyone socializing in my classes which is incredibly odd to me. I was told that this is school for commuters and full time workers so many students are not looking to socialize. I got really good teachers desite the fact that I enrolled in classes relatively late. ARC is pretty chill!

kapishilization b


rusko dudesko

at this college you have to prepare for yourself. nobody i mean NOBODY is going to hold your hand (they WILL help you). welcome to the world of college - you will from now on have to do research to find all the answers you need. - have fun and work hard and the American Dream is brought to life here - you can transfer to any 4 year and be more than well prepare - good luck have fun :) - any one who put a bad review is more concerned about putting a bad review then putting time into their education. they had a bad experience becuase they didnt put in the work required to succeed - college is more then a full time job because when you get home you still have to work your ass off.

Eric Swift

ARC provides an exceptional education at a great price and makes it easy to transfer out to higher education.


Sesi Luvzzz

M Talks

Megale Robinson

Pakeeza Begum


jaskirt kehal

If you call Counseling Department or Financial Aid, they are the worst!!! You'd be considered lucky if your call gets answered and you are not hung up on automatically.


Transfer student and I will be deciding not to go to ARC. Terrible system for counseling and trying to speak to appropriate staff. Get sent in contradictory directions and are made to feel like you're a burden when trying to speak with counselors. It's obvious they are under staffed and have out dated practices. Anything but a smooth transition. Took me over a month to try and get the answers I needed. First through emails and finally through weeks of calling and different appointments. Not a comfortable experience in the least bit.

Ali A

alex Crusader

Very racist towards white people .the black lives matter flag in the student lounge makes it uninviting. Wish can give 0 stars .

Media Viewer

ATTN: Academic Counselors. You look down on me for being a warehouse worker? Well, I'd rather be a great warehouse worker than an incompetent parasite, pretending to be a counselor. Attacking students with assumptions n excuses is a lazy way to NOT address the fact that counseling admin are horrible.

Shrih America

Exceptional” Great place to stay, great location

Human Nelson

Just really irritated that I'm paying to go here and there is no *decent* parking for students in fact you have to pay for parking.

andrea crews


I've been in college for a few years now. This place has some of the best professors ever. Period. There's a library if you need some alone study time, a great environment in general.

Eli Montanez

When needing direction seek a counselor but don't completely rely on one to graduate.Make sure to read on your own and find out what classes you need to fulfill your 60 units to graduate or transfer make sure to also use online tools such as assist . Make sure to read ahead of time so when meeting with a counselor you know what to ask and look for . I had a pleasant experience with Megan Bevan , I found she was knowledgeable and very friendly and does not belittle or act in a judgmental way as other counselors in the past from other institutions. Campus has improved greatly and main thing is to find out about your professors before hand and drop before deadlines so your GPA will not take a hit. Remember this is college so don't expect hand holding and never let tiny bad experiences determine your academic success, at any age.

Talal Jawaid

Cheaper than a UC

Ama Sam

One of the best colleges

Alexandria Smith

You need to fix your counselling issue. Apparently the only day to make an appointment is Friday but if you call Friday morning you are all booked and your staff is disrespectful! I have been trying for weeks to make one or just see a counsellor but I don't have hours to wait in your damn office!! Apperently you dont want new students so I'll take my money elsewhere.

Faizan Khan

Huge campus ready to get lost if it's your 1st time. For some reason most of the classrooms have a strong urine smell for some reason.

Saleemah Al challabi

jose miranda

Liudmila Manoli

H Burdge

Anon Ymous

Good place for an affordable education.

Krystle Pale

Elaine Valenti

Need to fix counseling issues. I went in circles trying to get appointments, I eventually switched to Folsom. Maybe your school needs to be trained by Folsom employees. ARC also lost my fafsa. I still have not been able to get finatual aid because ARC list my fafsa in there system's? How?! ARC counsellors are rude, and they will put you in the wrong classes. I needed French 1 and a counselor put me in French 2. How?! Bought my book for French 1 and couldn't get a refund because the school system here sucks. The teachers are amazing for the most part though.


good enough to get you started with basic courses until you decided to transfer

MeriAngel Enriquez


Franchine Jones

Rusul Nasser

(Translated by Google) Russell (Original) رسل

Emil Rea

Good school

Manny Clips

Great community college probably one of the better community colleges around and so many classes to choose from.

Charlie Norwood

I attended ARC in August 2010 and graduated in May 2015. It took awhile for me to finished, but got through it with the help of my instructors. The instructors there are very helpful, and willing to help you from beginning to end. I highly recommend this community college to all students. Trust me, you will be satisfied.

Charles Ashley

A New Opportunity

Farisha Timmons

I am a graduate that hardly used counseling. So if anyone needs help, I will help you.

Heidi Fuller

Roman Bracamonte

Zachary Najjar

Anthony Myers

Ralph Jaggi

This is the place for your GIS Certificate , or AA Degreee

Christopher Copeland

farhad akbari

Vasiliy Bachinsky

Great campus with a lot of opportunities.

Evan Ledwith

Took a test there for my college or choice, the testing center was easy to navigate and the proctor was clear and nice.

Melissa Humphreys

The women in the front of the police department is very rude and not helpful. I had to go there to get a temporary parking pass because mine never came in the mail. I started in the business office and they told me they would send an email to the police department so they can give me a temporary pass. As I get there, I tell the women what happened and she says that she never received the email from the business office. So then I had to make the walk all the way back to the business office to have them resend the email. When I’m back in business office they print out the email for me so I can show them they sent it. When I’m back in the Police department they ask for a photo ID, which never told me that the first time or told me I would need. So she wouldn't give me the temporary parking pass. I also tried to explain to her that I’m sick and all this walking is making me tried. And said that she “understood”. She didn’t ask me if I needed a ride or assistance to my car or anything. It was just rude. So hopefully something can be done about this in the future.

Joshua July

James Macauley

Tierney O'Donnell

I am so grateful for the education I received here in Fashion and Theatre Costuming. Amazing staff, exemplary teachers, and overall a wonderful education!!!

Angus McEvoy

Counseling services are probably the worst I've seen so far. Calling for information is pointless cause they won't let you know what you need to. I had to sit in the waiting room hours just to be seen because they're organized so poorly. In summary, trying to get help here means you'll have to waste an entire day sitting in their waiting room.

typo graphica

Rob Smith

Took college courses here for culinary business management loved the course teachers are really great.

Esther Quijano

I love this college. very good education. the google plus site is awesome.

Haidari Faridoon

Jeff Christensen

ARC was a lot of fun. Instructors are great! They have the first Social Media classes offered at a CC in Sacramento.

Wahid R Ahmadi

I'm new here plan to start college I just need to know about this college

Cyco Eva

Soon to be my alma mater

Eowyn Cole

It took years for me to graduate, and I'm so glad. My time there is one of the two of the happiest in my whole life. My professors were a world away from High School level, and so were the other students. I found out that learning felt amazing when you're with teachers that want to teach, and students who are there to learn. Thanks, AR.

Electric Tofu Muffins

1 & 1/2 years ago, I sent my transcripts to ARC in anticipation, which has been met with repeated failure. Today, Ive been put off yet again by the "counseling" people. They say the have low enrollment. ARC inhibiting Sac citizens with multitudinous obstacles reflects in the city's vast homelessnes, addiction and crime. If a determined, cognative person like me is having such trouble, there is no hope for those who aren't as lucky as me.


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