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REVIEWS OF 42 Silicon Valley IN California

rene ramirez

Really amazing place, free coding university. Check it out!!

Kyle Shimek

Michael Mastrella

Elliot Tregoning

David Perera

Anurag Mittal

Amazing people, amazing opportunity!

Emil Wallner

Andie Phan

Great value for the self motivated.

Ms Taylor

One security guard runs the school and bullies students liberally. Nobody can do a thing about it cause he's somewhat friends with the management. He treats all potential students like homeless hobos and literally makes up rules and decided who can be on the property. If you plan on making a start-up with students here be aware. He will terrorize you until you have to seek partners somewhere else. Our late night brainstorming sessions were violently interrupted by him multiple times and he made it very clear we couldn't work anywhere on the property. The free flowing of ideas is apparently too much for his ego trips.

Eugenio Rodriguez

Anthony Knaps

Glad to see 42 in the US now. I like this kind of tuition.

BTC Blade

Mahad Qamar

Sasha Fedorova


K. York

Tommy Chen

Agnes And

Best experience for me. I just stayed 1 month in 42 Paris during the piscine and have learn more than my first year in my original University... Hope you will take your chance ;)

Malik Jean

Sergio Balcorta

Alexandre Le Goff


Daniella G

42 is an amazing place for bright people who are interested in a non-traditional education. The admission process is very intense but well worth it. I'm grateful every day for the opportunity they've given me to study here. One thing I will say is that it can be hard to find a good job after finishing the program unless you are a top student or went to college beforehand. The school helps as much as they can, but as a new school in the area, they have limited reputation. Keep that in mind.

geoffrey BIR

simcha greive

Rashid Aliyev

The different way of software development education. There is no teacher. Students learn in collaboration and work from each-other.

Yosef Serkez

Simon Sicard

Very good school where students correct each other

Chris Renfrow

Ted Tran

Fun and a great experience-- they provide you with free dorms and free tuition, you just have to be willing to work hard. However, due to the fact that they were so many lazy people taking up dormitory spots, they made the rules to keep free dorms extraordinarily strict. However, it's still a privilege to even get free rent within the Bay Area for over a year(or longer depending how fast you progress). A life changing experience and you will surely learn a lot.

Ricardo Nunes

(Translated by Google) An inspiring and innovative methodology! It really makes a difference in training the professionals! (Original) Uma metodologia inspiradora e inovadora! Realmente faz a diferença na formação do profissionais!

Dan Nelson

This school provides a great opportunity. As long as you're willing to work hard, you can learn how to code here.

Andrew Chaplin

There main phone number is out of service consistently. I’ve been trying to reach them to get a refund on my dorm housing but I simply can’t get through!

Pierre Hanoldery

"Another MIT" said Paul Graham a few days ago. Nothing to say more... Or maybe that it's free ;)

Maria Delmonte

A very poor administration skills and run by a group of students that treat very bad their students and with arrogance . A special privilege might be given to certain people depends on whom who know from these admin school kids. There is one of the school kids called , a fat Asian guy who is taking the responsibility of running the admin tasks with no experience . This school is a joke with no future seeing this poor administration!

Serge Lavor

Hella dope coding school

Quince Joz-Bruer

Piyush Makhija

Cristiane Flauzino

Erik Williamson

Can Yildirim

Dadi Pavan

it is very good place for learning

Angus Yip

Free coding academy

Ricardo Fernandez

Blaze Halderman

Khudoyor Sarvarov

Joshua Gomes

don mega

Dont understand price list. Cant find on site(

Antoine Roche


Katrina Ujoodha Baby's


Albina Rusta

The best school I’ve ever been to! Their innovative educational model really works. And it’s free:)

Nhi Phan

Taylor Yang

Camper ProRock

The staff can't even english

Edmund Korley

Edward Lee

Piedad Jiménez

Why they don’t help foreign students and they does feel unhappy? It’s horrible and it is horrible too when students and teachers are bullied by a person who is out of their country Whithout family or friends and whithout knowing the language instead of helping them integrate. It is horrible that someone has to live their dreams aside because the people of the 42 have made life impossible, in their consciences will be

Hamza Ahmed

One of the best learning opportunity which you can avil totally for free. Won't say its easy to learn here but not that hard either. This is actually the real learning where you are forced to do everything yourself. Love this place, people and culture.

duncan lemp

Flew across the country to move in and got kicked out without a given reason with one week notice. It's literally against the law to kick people out with that little notice. Same thing happened to more than a handful of my friends. All young kids trying hard to learn how to code, all uprooted from various places in the world, all kicked out without a reason with unlawfully little notice. There's a reason this is not an accredited school. Hack reactor has 99%+ placement in tech jobs, 42 has 0. Literally 0 out of hundreds. There was 3 people who got jobs (also friends of mine) but they had CS degrees from other colleges.

Obsaa Abdalhalim

David Nguy

Valeri Muradian

Giacomo C Guiulfo Knell

Julian B

Sanghyun Jang

Sachin Rathod

Gerson Perry

It is a school Where you work on projects by yourself and you will never know if it is correct unless someone tells you it is right from students like you who most of the time has no experience on these projects . you don’t any solutions for the projects where to consult what are your errors . It is a school run by a bunch of school kids with no experience. They treat you very bad and with arrogance ( lack of experience ) . So much to change in the administration of this school !!

Florin Bicher


Very nice place, I especially loved my homie Rene




literally one of the worst classes I've been to, the teachers don't help you with anything except check in and check out, there is a instruction sheet but its so vague. me and the people i was working with didn't understand it, it is free so what can you expect right?


I was a high school English teacher with no prior coding experience. Now, 9 months later, I'm a product manager at my first internship. 42 is giving away pathways to six figure incomes. All I had to do was supply the hardwork, long hours, and patience.

Denis Aksiutsik

Jeson Lee

Tess Phelan

Visited School 42 for IBM Call for Code Hackathon at School 42. Winner of the Hackathon won 2nd place in Global Call for Code Contest Finals held in SF. Great Coding School.

Daniel Goncharov

Love it!

Wyatt Lutt

I love 42. Best education platform ever.

Kevin Pham

I have seen the 42 campus before. The upper level has new appearance. The lower level has old appearance. In the future, the lower level will have a makeover just like the upper level. That way, the 42 campus would look very new. Even better, the surroundings will have a makeover according to the pictures from AR architectures. Going here is worth it if you all are interested in free education and coding.


A free school ! wait what ? If you're interested in IT go to this school ASAP

Hanu Prateek Kunduru


Lara Calvert-York

Mason Young

"No matter who you are, change your life by studying hard!" Don't Panic! This is an amazing school, like no other. Learn a new skill!

Hezam Ali

Kyle Longrich

Mick Soni

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