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REVIEWS OF University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College IN Arkansas

Kayla Kolton

i only gave 3 for some reasons, first, make sure you do keep communicating staffs here since no one told me about my college transcript ( had to order another one from different college) 2nd, there were no communication at all to let me know whats going on when i found out that there were some conflict according to my email they sent. The process to get in may be a hassle but if you do not give up and fight to get things done then it will be worth it. Make sure your college transcript says your last enrollment if transferred like me. If you are taking classes at another college then there will be conflict here. Just heads up

Don Williams

robert mccain

given the choice between ptc and ualr I pick ptc without hesitation. better facilities, professors, and essentially everything at a quarter of the price

Amber Kemp

Katlyn Drake

HORRIBLE customer service. The older lady that answers the number in admissions always seems like she doesn't want to help and just transfers without even telling you. I've been trying to get admitted for over a month now and they have been the most unpleasant people to work with. I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't try to save money and just go back UALR or UCA. You will never be treated like this at any actual university. I just want to go to school why are they making this so hard!?

Mekayla Johnson

Josh Moore

I have been trying to speak with ANYONE in the registrars office for about a month now, and even after several voicemails and emails to several different people, I have yet to hear anything back. Because of this I will not be able to register for this semester, so the lack of correspondence, whether it be lack of caring, incompetence, or a combination of both, has caused a loss a hopeful student of their college.

Tyler Sorrells

Faisal Balhareth

Joyce Mayweather

Porche Foster

Jess Walker

Ced 2X

One of the best schools in the state!!!!

Stephanie Lee

John Pflasterer

I would give less than one star if I could. I've been trying to register for three months. I already have a degree and I just wanted to take a welding and a fabrication class. After turning in my shot records and transcript from the college I graduated from, they want me to turn in transcripts from colleges I attended while I was in the military over 35 years ago. Their student website does not work. I was told that an adviser would call me, well that call never came. I could go on but this is enough for you to get the idea. My advice - look for another school until they get their stuff together.

Patryk .

Do your basics here. Quick, cheap, and easy. Then transfer over to your 4 year college which will more than likely be UALR. NEVER let your guidance counselor "guide" you. In other words, do NOT allow them to make your schedule without double checking it. 99% of the time you will be put in classes that you don't even need which means it will take you longer to graduate. Don't be a dummy. Get a print out of the classes that you need for your degree and just start putting them on your schedule. Don't waste electives by taking some class you don't need. Take a class that counts towards your degree as an elective.

Howard Cockrill

Sam S

Michael Robinson

Lenine Marie brown

Cristian Loyd

Hayden G.

The phone assistance staff are extremely incompetent and the admissions office is staffed with inept and lazy individuals. Getting an official transcript transferred over to another university was a PITA. If at all possible, avoid taking classes here unless you are educationally challenged or you need an easy transfer credit.

Denice Hundley

Why can't my calls ever get through!??!?!?!?.

Claudia Ortiz

Arsal Karima

karen roberson

I love PTC when graduated I received 4 degrees and many certifications

Chandler Davis


Andrea Jones

Lovin every min of it. The teachers are always there when ever i need them, all I have to do is email them and they get right back to me. All the people that are saying that the school and staff are lazy and such. Well, maybe it isn't the school or staff that are lazy, maybe its you that is the lazy one. Any time I went up to the school to get any help, I left there with everything I needed to know. Learn how to take care of your own RESPONSIBILITIES..

Donaya Herron

Jonathon Caldwell

I have not experienced any of the problems of not being able to get anything done. I simply went to the school and talked to the appropriate people and from start to finish i was enrolled and ready to go in two weeks. This is a great community college and now that they are in the U of A system its awesome that the transistion to a 4 year is so seemless. I highly recommend this school if someone doesnt want to take out a buch of loans starting out. And the teachers and staff have been very helpful and friendly. Its always easier to do something in person.

Ruth Rhodes

Awesome place

O.B. Lambright

Looking to enroll a family member here.. overall enrollment experience has been fairly easy, but there was a bit of bouncing back & forth to different departments who didn’t seem to know who could any various questions about their high school program for early start college students. A representative to help in this area would’ve been great!

Luis Claros

Best option if you are starting college, focus on taking basic classes first although great teachers and cheap classes than any other colleges. Also, super deal if you intend to transfer to UofA at Fayetteville for the same tuition cost. Keep it in mind and follow your journey!...

Sarom Webb

It's hard to try to talk to an actual person when you call & when you do, you could barely say anything fast enough they transfer you to someone else and then you get their voicemail or back to the main number. Frustrating sometimes and hate the hoops you have to get through just to get a few questions answered. Wish they were more friendly and willing to help rather than push our calls through like a call center.

B. N. Tims

Nicole P

Andrew Culbertson

Crappy school that does not have any of its administrative stuff together. All instructions are circular. If you want anything done, you must visit the school in person. Even if you do this, you probably will be given more circular information that goes nowhere. Good luck! How this school has managed to register anyone, I'll never know. I have a BA from UALR and I will continue my education there.

Susan Stanford

Amazing, Awesome College!

Gabby Morgan

What useless school.. No one ever answers the phone no one has an answer for any questions. All they do is give people the run arounds. . Its takes them 20 days to process transcripts.. So pathetic

Quentin Robinson

Brad Tillbrooks

PTC is one of the few junior colleges in the area, and they know it. If you are a non-traditional student (other than a 18-21 year old student taking summer courses), the school will make you go through so many hoops it will make you dizzy. You have to keep yourself motivated, as the administration won't work with you (unless you know someone).

Chelsea Thompson

Good luck trying to get information over the phone. Agree with the earlier comment and I've been going here for over 2 years part-time. You will HAVE to go to the school to get any information, ever. You can call every single person on the faculty list for Admissions and Records and will get voicemail 100% of the time on any given day. You will be told wrong information from some advisors so I've been really careful to get second opinions. I was told I needed X amount of credits to graduate by one advisor only to find out that in my last semester I actually needed 7 classes. Had to take all 7 in one semester if I wanted to graduate as planned. I did it but it was hell. Certain professors are not to blame for the lack of admin support. I've had some great professors and good classes but the infrastructure is severely lacking and unfortunately, that is the first impression many get of college. If you are not prepared to take on every little issue by yourself, pick another school.

Liv winter

Applied over a month ago with all my transcripts and criteria needed. I've spent the last two weeks going back and forth with admissions and now have to wait till January 4th to meet with an advisor. Just moved here from a bigger city, Little Rock this school makes you all look bad.

Ana Paula Abarca


I wish I could give this school zero stars. I have a degree and need to take one course for my graduate school admission at UALR. Because of the LAZY and INCOMPETENT staff at PTCC, I cannot enroll in the course I need. I have tried for almost two months now to have my transcript accepted from my undergrad university. I know how computers work, and I know they know how computers work. IF YOU ARE RECEIVING TRANSCRIPTS FROM A UNIVERSITY ELECTRONICALLY, MINE HAS NOT MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED THREE TIMES. Do you think computers select which files they want to receive and which files they don't? Don't even get me started on the fact that a paper copy was sent, to no avail. I tried calling AGAIN, and got transferred before I was even finished speaking. No way this is a place of higher education. I've received better customer service at the DMV. Is there some way to report this to the state? Because I am definitely not alright with a state funded institution not providing me with the service I need. My educational career is literally being set back a year because of idiocy. As a tax-paying citizen, I do not consider this acceptable behavior.

Rebecka Kent

Pan Black Solutions

Very disorganized, if I wasn't obligated to my student loan I would have dropped my classes. Free bus ride with school ID, but their machine that makes IDs doesn't work. They except private loans, but want issue them until 2 months after school starts. Website portal doesn't work and no one knows who's the person to see to fix it. My advice would be to make this your last option for higher education.

Don Cheekers

Love it



Ehab Alfarah

Olympia Johnson

If you actually want to learn and get help for the school not just the teacher PTC IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. I'm taking Chemistry 1 this spring and the teacher is really nice but he is too smart for his own good. He doesn't take time to actually explain what is going on. Its CHEMISTRY not elementary English class. At least at UALR they give you FREE tutoring help and they can help you to understand. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a Community College. They are just here to take your money and I pay out of pocket.

Lena Albeik

Dasha Nicole

Great for basics

gavin mcgary


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