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Janet Adem

This is the WORST experience I've ever had. DO NOT GO HERE!! The student doctors started having problems removing my back tooth after I insisted they stop because I was still feeling a substantial amount of pain. One of the professors came and started to roughly try to jerk my tooth out while I'm yelling that I'm in pain!! Not pressure! i was literally considering walking out the office in the middle of the procedure. It was that horrible. He was very rude, making snide remarks all because I was in pain. On top of everything, I was sent home after having the teeth extracted and needing stitches without any prescriptions!!! When asked I was just told to take Ibuprofen for the pain!!! Please just spend the money and go elsewere. I highly regret my visit here.

Kendall Leverson

They mail my appt information to the wrong apartment number I was never able to get in touch with the right person to get my appointment information til the day of my appointment they called 30 mins before I was scheduled to be there then got mad cause I couldn’t make the appointment

Krystal Webb

I simply pulled up and asked people passing that were in uniform, where i needed tp go or what i needed to do. Everuone was just nasty and rude. Even the security person because i didnt know i had to press a button. Then i asked her once i park what should i do and she didnt know. Not even how to get to the front door. Once i found my way inside, i was quickly told that they were booked for the day even emergencies! I will not be returning here. I thought maybe i was just exaggerating since i wasnt familiar with my surroundings but tje other reviews confirmed it. I wouldnt give them any stars but since i had to hit one to write this review, lucky them!


My first time coming to this dentist office. I arrive for my appointment to find out I have to pay for parking something the desk receptionist should have told me ahead of time being that this was my first time there. So I leave the dentist office go to the bank withdrawal money to pay for parking go back to dentist for my appointment go into the building and I signed in for my appointment and I asked the receptionist do y’all tell patients about the parking fee and she answers rudely not if they don’t ask I was mortified as to how rude and unprofessional she was. Please UT get a new receptionist on the 3rd floor in oral surgery! She literally made me want to say forget this appointment and this whole dentist office!!! SO RUDE. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!! No courtesy AT ALL!!! (Wendy Tapplin is the receptionist name!)

Ayden Sumerall

Someone name Amy in the orthodontist department hung on me because she couldnt answer my question about power chains. smh.

Sandy Gonzalez

Camille Mcmurry

leah a

The dental practice has such communication breakdown. Just calling to schedule an appointment is like going through a maze. The dental departments are incredible silos and poor you if you don't already know your way around. I did not get a follow up after my first appointment in which I was evaluated and when I called to ask about this, the operators were not helpful and one of them sounded like they could not wait for me to hang up. While the doctors are probably top notch, the administrative side of their practice needs a lot of work. Not customer friendly

larry luu

Cassie Mars

If I could give this place zero stars I really would. The group leaders don’t train the students. The students train the group leaders. Whatever the students say is wrong with the patient the group leader agree and leave. If you get a student by the name of Lawrence Lu run for your life. He will mess your mouth up so bad that you won’t be able to eat for a week. He will waste your time and lie to you. He will tell you that you have so many fake cavities that it will make your head explode. He definitely don’t have a clue what a cavity look like. Don’t think about making a complaint because that don’t do anything. The associate dean of clinical affairs Jeffrey H. Brooks will do absolutely nothing. Big title for someone who refuses to do his job. He won’t have time for you because he got fake meetings all the time. You email him, he won’t reply. I could go into more detail but to summarize this is a terrible place for someone with real teeth.

Jennifer Talley

they provide very proffesional assistance to those without insurance, friendly and knowledgeable. Very inexpensive. I am very satisfied with them

M.A. C.

I got some bonding done here on my two front teeth, the colour was mis-matched and not polished well. In addition, I paid for this service out-of-pocket, which means I paid for the procedure right then and there. Over a year later, they are hounding me about still owing money. I highly doubt they would have let me leave without paying in full. This place is a fraud, take your business elsewhere.

Tonya Howard

Bruce Bradley

All teeth were not pulled, some roots by surgery.

Carolyn Hegwood

Been going for three years and my husband we have excellent work done staff is very nice communication is great we have personal dentist phone number prices are half the outside cost it's definitely worth the drive .

Janie McCabe

They pulled out my wisdom tooth by the root and told me to take advil for the excruciating pain that lasted for weeks. They sadistically take advantage of people because they are poor and cannot afford decent dental care. I am shocked they didn't tell me to bite a leather strap while they pulled my tooth with a pair of dirty vice grips.

Latonya Alexander

Shenika Bolden

DeAndra Gates

They do not follow up. The entire staff was nice from the front office to the students. However, each time that I tried the process I was not successful in getting the needed services. I paid the fees and went to several appointments and then never heard from students or school again. I reached out to school the first time and got no results. I decided to try the program again ,went through the process and this time I reached out to student to find out when was my next appointment and got same results never heard from them again. So they might do good work but never got a chance to find out and you may not either. That is not a good practice to teach students , i paid my fees and time for nothing. If for any reason service cannot be performed they should notify patient do not know what reason that would be other than medical issues and I don't have any.

Vincent Northington

Honestly I was looking for a bad experience because of the comments I've read. But my experience was very different, they moved fast and I felt no pain. They were very professional. I hope I never lose another teeth but if I do I would come back here.

Karol García

ava e be rhRt

kristina simpson

The Lady at the front desk was very rude and hostile... The staff had a bad attitude. Wouldn't recommend anyone to come here.

Suzy Dancy

Haven't been for my appointment yet but 1of the students got back W/me the next day & gave me All the info Required for my Upcoming appt. Will reevaluate after my 1st appt.

Big G

I've had several cleaning done there. The students work under overseers. The place kinda gave me a high school vibe. They paced themselves and did the work methodically.

Jon Allan

Got 4 wisdom teeth pulled and immediately 3 days later got a infection.... ozzing blood and discharge!

Lalo Bonilla

Lowkey Mem

Please save yourself the long term hassle and pain... idk what I was thinking going to a school for such a serious procedure

Brooke Norton

Everyone was super nice and they did great work! I got a tooth extraction and I didn’t feel it except the normal slight pressure but the dentist and the student were both professional and great and nice.

samih akkad

i have a serious problem with the college of Dentistry , The advanced standing program for international students has not opened for 4 years in ROW ,, i am wondering why the admission employees they have no answer for that + WHERE IS THE EQUAL AND FAIR OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL STUDENTS the American law and constitution say No discrimination what so ever , but this school does if you are not white or black so they do not consider you even if you are very qualified ...Very sad

Melinda Garrison

UT Dental School is the BEST dental experience I have ever had. Due to a Vitamin D deficiency that went undiagnosed for many years my teeth were in awful condition. I had visited a dentist and been told my treatment would total over $12,000, which I could not afford. I applied online for the UT Dental program and heard back from them within 2 weeks, I attended the require info class and went back for my evaluation and was accepted. It took about 3 months before the treatment plan was started from the time I applied but it has been worth the wait. I have not had the best experience with dentist in past and have had a hard time making myself go to one in the past , but that has not been the case here. The students and professors are so kind and attentive and treat you with the utmost respect. I am almost through with my treatment plan now and by the time it is complete I will have spent maybe $3000.00 and the dental care I have received I believe is far superior to any I would have received anywhere else. Today I had a tooth filled that had decay under an old filling and they put and inlay in, it cost me $115 at a regular dentist it would have cost well over $750.00. The only draw back I see is the time issue, you do need to be prepared to spend 4 hours each appointment, but at the savings you are getting it is worth it to me at least.

Marketta Smith

The staff are so kind fun and respectful they make u feel comfortable and welcome I appreciate them for there help I would recommend anyone to them for oral surgery they done my procedure fast and they done a fantastic job

Rodrick Weston

I had a great experience through my whole treatment. Results surpassed what I could imagine. I look forward to my next process.

Victoria Alexandria

They put my cousin under anesthesia to do surgery then decided not to do it because they now aren't sure that was the problem so they said they wanted to do a 3d scan and get this they refused to give a refund for the surgery they didn't do they don't even deserve one star

Loren Rodgers

Bright Sunflower1912!!

Never never never never again they charged me $375.00 for a root canal that I did not need or suppose to have. The dentist from Christ community, female who is no longer there sent me there. I am getting me an ATTORNEY ASAP TO GEY MY MONEY BACK & then I had to have it PULLED OUT. Y'all don't even deserve 1 STAR GOD BLESS THOSE STUDENTS ANYWAY!! They will loose more than that $375.00 Then the dr told me I still needed an extraction, but he couldn't do the extraction REALLY BUT HE DID NOT TELL ME THAT UNTIL I PAID MY $375.00 THIS COMPANY WILL REAP WHAT THEY SOW 06/2017 BUT OH FATHER GOD OH HOW I LOVE YOU FOR KEEPING ON BLESSING ME!! And I am a heart patient, so I had to purchase and take 3,000 mg ANTIBIOTICS BEFORE ANY DENTIST CAN WORK ON MY MOUTH. But GOD!! I want someone from the Deans office to contact me. ASAP.

Dianna Bass

Elixabeth Blackwood

William Darty

Amy (Browning?) I believe it is-- in the Orthodontics Department was very rude. There was no reason for her to be so hateful over the phone. I was only trying to find out general information and cost of the orthodontics program for my child. And schedule myself an appointment. Based on her behavior for this review I give one star. Poor attitude.


Took my son for a missing permanent tooth that fell out due to a bike accident. They installed an appliance or temporary tooth until his actual replacement was made and ready. A year and half later they will not return my calls I've left numerous messages. They never made his replacement tooth now my son has these funky looking dots they installed on his teeth and the appliance is broken so imagine a ten year old boy missing a tooth and not understanding why a dentist abandoned him. In addition I've taken him to two other dentists who can't even recognize what this "appliance" is nor the dental dots they put on his teeth. Needless to say they are hesitant on doing any work because of what was previously done. One dentist told me to file a lawsuit. BE WARE STUDENTS LOOKING FOR GUINEA PIGS

Heather White

Shane Wilson

Ms K

Had Wisdom tooth removed Great experience

Christian Gates

Stacey Brown

Casey Dominguez is a great student dentist.

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