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REVIEWS OF Southwest Tennessee Community College - Union Avenue Campus IN Arkansas

Santiago Santos Prendergast

ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! I went to the admissions counselor to pick out classes that would further my education in the major I will take at the University of Memphis and they assigned me a class that I did not need to graduate, which I didn't know wasn't a required class until I talked to a counselor at the University of Memphis. I ended up failing that class because it was an ADVANCED ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY,a class that I have never takenbefore. That class dropped my GPA almost a FULL POINT! When I went to resolve this issue, the lady who helped me choose my classes was not helpful at all and neither has the rest of this community college. I only enjoyed my French class this entire semester. Thanks a lot for messing up my near future.

Jeronimo Hernandez

Stephanie Pleasants

I attended EMT courses here and I really enjoyed it. My instructors were very knowledgeable in their field.

Alishea Lutts

Calvin Marion jr

Benedra Gary


Casi J

Brandon Moore

Jake Underwood

Allarick Acey

If I could give it a zero I wish I could, half of the teachers here don't even deserve their jobs and the administration is complete utter bullsh!t, unless you wanna waste time and money. I literally cannot think of a positive thing to say about this place. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut this sh!thole down cause that'll put the biggest smile on my face

Ally Thyot

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. The employees at Southwest are completely incapable of getting their jobs done. I have been trying to enroll since June and because of this incompetent school not doing what they are supposed to do I wont be able to attend this or any school this semester. They still haven't evaluated a transcript I sent in 2 months ago and I am constantly being told to turn in documents in turned in already! Serious lack of professionalism and management. Do yourself a favor and just go to Northwest. I wish I would have!

Jessica Winston

The most unprofessional people you can ever come in contact with. I have not come in contact with another school that behaves the way they do. It's like they make it their business to hire inhumane people that hate everyone and everything. I would give negative stars if I could.

Larry Banks

This school was terrible! I hated it! I am a transfer student from JIU and I called to get information about their online program with Business Administration. When I called I talked to a woman in the Admission Department and the whole time I can tell she was losing her patience and she talked to me any kind of way. I was like really and I still was patience enough to deal with it but I noticed that she didn't tell me nothing about the programs nor anything about the school she just told me to look it up on the school website I'm like really with no help whatsoever so I hung up on her and now I'm calling their Director of Admission to let them know that I am not interested in attending their school.

Meisa Gannam

Victory Lawn Care Services

READ THIS**** if you are considering southwest you need to reconsider. I went for a year and a half, such a terrible experience. It's not the teachers, in fact 90% of the ones I've had were great and wanted nothing more than for us to succeed. The problem is the staff, two words that fit them perfectly are unorganized, and they plain just don't care. Ive lost my TN promise scholarship twice because of plain organization. For instance they LOST their copy of my social security card, and my dads tax transcript, which disqualifies you for that scholarship. I went to the financial aid office four time throughout the semester check to make sure all was in order, the week before thanksgiving i received an email from TN achieves teling me they dropped me from the scholarship and i was responsible for paying my tuition. We ended up getting the scholarship back ONLY because we are friends with the governor and he put himself, CEO of southwest, and head of tn achieves in Nashville on a three way call about my case... thats just one of my stories, i could go on and on. So i say that to say this, if you have any other opportunities to go to any other school take it.

Abdullah Alfaifi

Foxy Diva

I like most of the professors I have taken at Southwest. However, you have a few that have unrealistic expectations of you. Most Southwest students work full-time jobs, have families and take more than one class. I have ran into one or two professors who taught as though their class was the only class you were taking. In my opinion, some of the professors starting out need a mentor. Maybe, this will help them come down to earth.

Valarie Harrison

I really don't know if the people that work here just show up and start working with no training whatsoever, or if they just really don't care. When you declare a major, you are assigned a faculty advisor. Mine has been ridiculously hard to contact and set up appointments with (I have to email her several times before she responds) and doesn't show up to some of the meetings. These types of experiences have been mirrored throughout my time there. Recently, it's been a month long process trying to fill out my "intent to graduate" because my faculty advisor doesn't know how to help me fill out the necessary forms so she has been telling me that she is trying to get the information necessary and hasn't followed up (no matter how many times I've reminded her). Maybe, if you are going to assign advisors to students you should train them on how to advise!!! This is just within the advising department... The Cashier's office and Financial Aid offices are even worse. The lack of organization and follow-through is appalling. They have promise refunds and then gave crazy excuses as to why I never received them. Just recently (this is not the only time this has happened) I was supposed to have been eligible for a "Community Assistance" scholarship. This was to pay for my tuition in full. I received repetitive phone calls and emails saying that I was getting this money, but they only started notifying me the day before tuition was due. In order for me to not have my classes dropped, I went ahead and paid my tuition. Then a month later, after calling and calling trying to see when the refund would be ready, they tell me "You can stop by the cashier's office tomorrow. The check will be ready then." So I show up and they tell me that THE CHECK HAD BEEN VOIDED BECAUSE I PAID MY TUITION... Needless to say I was HOT. Not only had they strung me along for over a month, they never once stated that I should withhold paying my tuition to receive the scholarship. And even if I HAD withheld my payment, my classes would have been dropped!!! Just save your emotional, mental, and physical energy and go to the U of M. At least you can get loans there.

Kelsey jenkins

This place is terrible. I only went here for the summer and I'll be honest, it definitely wasn't worth the few hundred dollars I saved, They are rude, annoyed when they have to do their job, and very lazy. I wouldn't attend this school again if it was free. Terrible service. Good luck to anyone who thinks they'll actually give this school a try.

Julie Lester, Photographer

Kelsey Johnson

If I could rate this a zero I would. I am highly upset with the VA representative. They have two southwest university one in Macon and one in union but they only have one VA representative that handles the GI bill. I tried to contact her multiple times and left voicemails and left messages to her secretary or another advisor. I've went to the one on union on Thursdays because that's when she's supposed to be there but she's never there. I've turned in all my VA paperwork so that I can get my GI bill to pay my tuition and they still keep telling me that I have a balance and it ifs not paid then my classes will be dropped. Is this really how we treat our veterans. Why in the world is there only one person handling all VA paperwork. If you are a veteran like myself I highly don't recommend going to southwest because the staff are beyond unorganized,rude and you have to try so hard to find this mystery VA representative.

Faustian Frog

Paula Vasser

Dustin Williams

Wendy Weatherall

Great instructors, worst customer service and communication ever. If you like being barked at by condescending office clerks, this is the place for you. Also, does not offer student loans.

Isaiah Farmer

Bad customer service and They have Habits Miss placing papers I had to Reregister for classes because of a mixed up with them Go to a another campus...

amore dear

This place is horrible. I was trying to take summer classes and called for two weeks. They claimed they never received my transcript which was automatically sent out from my current school (MTSU) as soon as grades were posted so I know they are just being lazy. I checked with my school and they said it was sent out and anyone you talk to on the phone barely wants to talk to you and half answer any questions you have. I’ve NEVER heard great reviews about them but I still gave them a try. I wouldn’t recommend this school to anyone, ever. They should’ve been closed years ago.

Peter McIndoe

The most unhelpful staff ever- the people that answered when calling the cashiers office are pathetic excuses for employees and should be fired. this place is cancer for anyone who actually needs help. avoid at all costs.

Angela Jackson

Joenisha Lashay Dockery

Marcus Holmes

As we all know,education is very expensive; why not take the cheaper route.It will be the same high quality education for less. Yes, that means no student loans to pay back. The customer service could be better in certain departments at various locations.

Demarius Bell


Dana Fleming

I guess it an ok school Im doing online classes. However, they don't participate in the federal student loan program.

The Phoenix

I'm sorry to see so many negative reviews about SWCC. I am currently enrolled at SWCC - Union Campus and I am very pleased with the staff and instruction overall. You get out of college what you put into it! The student body at Union campus are mostly young African-Americans, and as an older white male I guess I stick out a bit. Most of the students at SWCC are there to learn and grow, and the staff and professors are more than willing to help. Be patient and don't be rude to the staff - remember they are working with hundreds of students - and you will be rewarded with great student care. There may be "better" schools (whatever that means), but don't knock SWCC. If you want to advance in your education or career, SWCC is a great choice.

Kimberly Bush

This college is great for students but staff,certain staff members, makes it a horrible uneducated exjperience for students. Professor Bobbie Shaw who teaches Psychology and for my daughter during this fall semester at 6:20 a. M. To 7:20 a. M. was very sneaky, dismissive, arrogant, rude, judgemental, had discrimination, played favortisimn and extremely ironic and widely cruel. My daughter made it clear to her to not speak to her in any rude manner, demean her but intelligently my daughter knew that she wouldn't stop because she's just to arrogant. She did not like to let my daughter to ask questions, gave her terrible looks, was always ignoring when she would raise her hand and called on another student. Shaw pointed in my daughter's face when she stood up to her almost touching her jaw, which I would have beaten her ass if so and dismissed her own class for her if she did and she would've had a warrant for her arrest a police report filed. It's sad to see your own child come home asking what happened she done to constantly have a professor who isn't deserve of the status to constantly mistreat your child other students and in result take her own personal insecurities out on on my child's grade. My child an A and B student the least she she should have given her is a C. Only 3 people would make good grades on her exams because one would cheat and the other developed their own way of study. Which was confusing to me because I have seen the exams, she makes them completely harder than usual and always mentions being scholarly when she in no way isn't. She plagiarized book materials and told students would be on the test but changed the information in ways that was hard to compare to the book. She puts in her syllabus noplagirism and she clearly needs rewrite it. Shaw didn't accept my child's work during the first week of class because the assignment was not placed on her desk, which location of work wasn't placed within the syllabus. Many students would ask about thier grades when she walked through the door was overly excited answer them but as soon as my daughter Shamuriel Bush would ask she would cut her short in a loud tone and say with her hands up in the air I'm not answer any questions about the grades only see me after class. She has given students extra points to out of thin air to aggravate my daughter and make her feel small as well as to persuade the other students to hushup about ways she treated everyone and what they witnessed. My daughter had enough and decided to report knowing that Professor Bobbie Shaw would take her grade down and mistreat her still but she wanted to start a change and stand up to a big old deranged bully. She is a bully, but she licked the right one to show her real inner core. She gave my daughter a 66 wrote aD beside it and circle it. In my dictionary that's an F. She reported Shaw to Mr. Lipped the chairman over the Psychology Dept. My daughter complete here 10 events typed with 2 dates of events and theory. My daughter was the only one to have that completed and everything was accurately done she stated and she didn't seem proud to give props but she did in a sneaky ways cause all eyes were on her and also her project was completed. Shaw gave her an 80 as final project grade because she didn't mention names and didn't double space. My daughter was smart to tell me she's gonna check-in Paws to see if she did her job as a teacher and put in the grade accurately. Shaw changed the grade y'all to 70 without calling or emailing my daughter as to why. So my daughter emailed her over that following weekend 2 times before the last week of Friday and of course no response. She's made smart remarks to my daughter during class and tried to blend it with the lesson but everyone started to get sick of her bullying. Continuously every year this brand get multiple complaints from students, parents,coligues and students from different countries. She has the lowest worst rates out of the whole TN state and southwest TN community College. DO NOT REGISTER FOR BOBBIE SHAW

Derelict Danna S

A couple of teachers were good otherwise ours a shameful experience. Definitely a good purgatory

Pretty Tayy

I hate this place

Jeremy Jae

I would not recommend anyone to attend this school…most of the workers here are lazy and don't wanna help at all…I can say about 40% of the workers here are helpful and respectful to you but the others are rude and nasty…so if I was you I wouldn't waste my time going to southwest at all

Bill Torres

Jessica Reed

***if you are a transfer PLEASE READ*** haven't even started here yet but my experience with the people are makes me stressed...and just sad and pisses off. I'm a transfer from Owens Community College in Perrysburg Ohio. I would have start at Southwest 2016 fall semester but it took them way to long to get my transcripts because they are to lazy to check there mail. And I was planing on starting this semester 2017 Spring semester but it seems that no one in the financial aid office knows that they are doing. I call to asked a simple question about financial aid but it the person who answers the phone was admissions and doesn't ask what my question is to see if she can answer it...she's all bitchy and says I have to go to the school and talk to the financial aid people in the ABC room. Even tho I was there yesterday. When I went there yesterday a financial aid lady named Mrs. Lewis had me fill out paper work so my classes wouldn't get deleted...but I guess she didn't know what she was doing because all my classes got deleted. Does Southwest really want student to go there?? Do they really enjoy there jobs...cause I'm really thinking about going back to Ohio and finishing there where the professors actually enjoy what they do and are professional.

breanna barton

Dzung p

Good education place. Nice building

Feary Taylor

I had a great experience going there. My degree helped me in more ways than I expected. You are the best technical low expence college in the County. Keep up the good work my favorite College.

Erica Jackson

Don't go to this college unless you absolutely HAVE to. They're known for losing records and I think they do it on purpose because they're money hungry here! I'm not even attending this college anymore and they're claiming that I owe them money and didn't receive financial aid the last time I attended there. LIES!!! Now I've gotta fetch through my old documents showing proof that I received financial aid that year because they can't get their stuff together! BEWARE! Always keep a copy of your financial records and transcripts with this college because they'll lose them in a second! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Before going this college, at least consider the University of Memphis (which sucks as well but at least they don't lose your records there).

Shay Nelson

Miriam Moreno-Altamirano

Teddy Evon

Tamiy Chance

Unless you want to go to a ghetto community college,i wouldnt suggest you go there. At least not the macon campus.

Joe Hollingsworth

Kanika Clayborn

Charliethomas Conferhawks

Save your money and go to an institution where they can afford to hire decent, considerate people to work in their admissions office. Everyone I talked to here is a complete B!@#! Also, unless you are diet poor or rich enough to pay cash for your education, go somewhere else because apparently "government loans" which they call "school loans" (as if the school were putting up is own money) isn't accepted here! This school is laughable at best!

Zayzay Hollins

roslyn stephney

Victor Kingy

Bertha Norman

melvin webster


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