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REVIEWS OF Henderson State University IN Arkansas

Amy Bean

Best college ever

Earl Harrison Parris

My daughter loves the school and if she's happy there I'm excited for her. So you better believe I love that school and by the way she's met quite a few friends at the professor level. Then again she never meets a stranger.


Curriculum is above average for a state college in my opinion however the university has its ups and downs like any place would. For females I definitely recommend you look at all of your options before going here to make sure you’re making the right decision. My girlfriend at the time (currently wife) was harassed, without reason, multiple times from guys trying excessively “flirting” so much so that it got slightly physical and the police were called and two guys were kicked off of campus and kicked out of the university as a whole. Just keep that in mind if it’s your daughter, girlfriend, wife, or even yourself. Just make sure your prepared mentally to avoid those situations as best you can and are alert at all times especially during the evening and night times. But hopefully nothing like that will happen to any of you. Hopefully this review helped some of you. I’m sure the campus is wondering for a lot of people. We’ve just had our issues. But don’t let me scare you from going where you or someone you know wants to peruse their passion with education.

Stanley Bailey

isjuary debroy


Queen City Dad

This is a great university set in a great not to small town with a mixture of people and culture would definitely Recommend

jacob sorrow

The school shows true potential, however it never can achieve it as a state school. it is a good school if you want to go to a school near home if you are from Arkansas, but I cannot imagine driving from Texas or Florida to go to this college.

Hailey Mullen

John Doezier

Scott Freeman and Pam Shutterfield=Pain in the asses

John N.

kaye williams

Kaitlyn Nicholson

Beautiful college, amazing people, I cant wait to study aviation here next fall!

Jennifercraft37 Craft

Love the campus my daughter in law attends here and we give rides every now and then and we also frequent the chickafla and Starbucks

Lance Brownfield

I went here for a little while. The programs are great and the professors actually care about your education. The professor to student ratio is also pretty low for most classes.

Arka Delphia

Denzell Jackson

Kelly Collins

My son DRIVES from Texas to go here and enjoys it. The professors and staff are very helpful as well as the community. Beautiful lake near by as well.

Bailei Davidson

Matt Skelton

Chris Wright

Lauren Elizabeth

Nolan Games

it sucks. they dont even know what their mascot is.

OMGitz. Jana

I searched this place up from seeing a video about a ghost in black that walks around during homecoming and the story about why she jumped off a cliff because of the university rivals Ouachita Babtist University :D i recommend

mackenzie shelton

jake likesacoustic

Bree Bates

Love it!

Cherilyn Campbell

Katelyn Flanary

Amazing experience and education

Dana Cameron

I did not have a good education there. I decided to go elsewhere before it was too late.



Blue Anderson

Son will be starting 2017 Fall Semester and the orientation for new students was very helpful and excellent. We enjoyed our campus tour and learned a great deal about his college experience.

Sheryl Crown

We love to watch basketball...the staff was friendly

Jacob Henson

There's no place to review student housing, so Google will have to do. If you really value your living conditions and your money, do not attempt to live in Ridge Pointe apartments. If Ridge Pointe conditions reflect the rest of student housing, then do not attempt to live on campus at all. The absolute cheapest room available is 477 (used to be 350, and rumored to increase to 527) per month and while this includes utilities, is not a big enough pro to outweigh all the cons to this housing. Parking is terrible, especially if you live in buildings 1 or 2. The first floor of building 2 is below parking lot/ground level so when it rains, it floods the breezeway. Also, first floor apartments have major rat problems. The stairs and breezeways everywhere else are filled with garbage from people too lazy to take it to a dumpster and there is no shortage of spiders in the building. Almost every set of blinds in every window is torn to shreds so there is no privacy unless you hang up some blankets and sheets. I found multiple used condoms on the window sill and there is a large hole in my kitchen floor, stains on the walls, mold all over the showers (I had to spend all day scrubbing my shower in order to get the mold problem from terrible to not good). Shower heads are lousy, I had to buy my own and screw it on if I didn't want to shower under a weak drizzle. Hotter months are the worst because the air conditioner always malfunctions and freezes over in a 2 inch thick layer of ice. The bedroom you rent is about 10 feet by 10 feet so heat builds up very fast and you spend a lot of time sweating. I have to go outside just to cool down or sleep with a window open. The refrigerator is not large enough to serve 4 roommates (thank god i had a large mini fridge already) and there is not enough cabinet space for everyone's food and dishes. There is only 1 drawer for utensils for 4 people, so basically first come first serve. The closets have these very inconvenient and heavy sliding wooded doors that fall off of the rails all the time. Also, if you live on campus, they require you buy a minimum of a 500 dollar meal plan. Just a scam to make you pay more money. For the 500 dollars per semester I wasted on a meal plan, I could have increase any area of my budget by over 100 dollars per month. I could've either saved that 100+ dollars, added it to my grocery budget, school supplies, gas money, or recreational use. On top of the fees for the buildings, there is a parking sticker fee of 30 dollars (30 dollars for a sticker? Really?). There are plenty of apartments, houses, and duplexes that are a little less expensive and provide much higher quality living standards. If you go with one of the local houses for rent nearby, you can get a roommate for each bedroom and pay as little as 200 bucks per month in rent, some utilities, and automatically save 500 per semester by not wasting it on a meal plan.

Eric Mays Sr.

Great school

Gavin Jones

Kathy Harrison

Colton Langford

Tait Darby

Bonnie Hazel

we all speaking life Childrenofhope2015 Daddy Andrews girl Sincerly The Obama's

Lynnette N

Paisit Kongprayoon

I like Henderson State University because its a best place to study..I am class of 84


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