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REVIEWS OF Central Baptist College IN Arkansas

Cheyenne Merritt

Great school, very small so you get alot of personalized attention. It is kind of expensive.

Mari Ross

I loved everyone there

Cole Pickard

Darian Young

joseph bender

I was publicly humiliated live on Snapchat while crying my eyes out when I thought I was alone in a choir room. I was ignored by the majority of the students and felt unwanted by them or an outcast. All the male students are jerks with attitudes who don't care about their education and disrupt class. They also make fun and curse others. Rumors were spread so bad that it caused me not to be able to visit dickson hall again because I got in trouble for things I didn't do. The only good thing about this college is a few of the staff/teachers are kind and I had one great friend here who I knew before going into this college. Somme went behind my back and lied about me, or didnt do anything at all to the bullies at the school.

Lawana Hawkins

Great place to eat

Keith Ivory

Chris Derrick

Maria M Ramirez

Great everything

Keandre Jackson

If you are not white you will not be treated fairly! Simple. A private school with private ways! Me and my teammates were accused of being a problem by our apartment complex. We were forced to take a drug test without probable cause. If u failed or didn't take the test you would not receive credits for the semester and suspended from the school for a year! Pls understand this is finals week. We are being targeted and profiled and mistreated. The athletic director so call knew about whatever problem the apartment was having with us since september but didn't say anything to us until we were 7-0 on the season and the week of finals! Unfair!!!!!! The meeting was for athletes who live in the edge apartments but the athletic director who is also the girls coach has girls in the same apartments but they didnt have to attend. An African American baseball player had to attend as well! He suffered the same punishments. Step by step on everything that happened today. Around 12:50 I recieved a text message about a mandatory meeting at 1:50 and I had a class at 2pm. I stopped to tell my professor about the meeting and was on my way but as ppl walked out they told me the meeting was for ppl who lived at the edge. I dont live at the edge but I had to attend the meeting.. ? A bald guy came and asked for me to step out and speak wit him. He told me had to attend the meeting. I haven't been in any trouble out here! But for some reason my name is on the list and I was kicked out of my apartment for my dog that the edge management unrightfully came into my apartment and took away to the dog pound. I left a comment in their reviews as well. As I joined the meeting I asked why was I in there and he said he received complaints from the edge about ppl have barking dogs, weed, and gun. They told us if we felt like we could pass a drug test in 10 minutes we can go or be suspended for a whole year and not receive credits for the classes we are taking. Not sure if they can jus do what the hell they want like that but ok. I questioned him about why was I being harrassed about things when this has nothing to do with me. My dog is well trained and I haven't been involved in any trouble with any drugs. Chris Mitchell didn't answer any of my questions just answered me with more questions. He even knew about my eviction like the coaches but they said nothing in regards of my well being. Jus continued to kick while I was down. Walked outside and grabbed 3 officers who he had on standby for whatever reason. The whole situation was to set up. They even text and told the j.v team to join knowing they would just tell them to leave knowing they were only going to need the players from varsity who live in the edge. The j.v team players live on campus. My coach continued to disrespect my as a man by telling me to shut up and he is tired of hearing me talk because everything I was saying was true. He became very friendly after seeing my post that all my teammates agreed with and started to repost. He even begged me to call him so he could try and get me to take it down. If everything is okay that is going on I feel like others should know so they can know what they are getting themselves into. We are being targeted.

Azariah Lewis


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