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REVIEWS OF Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine IN Arizona

Lisa W

Always have had a great experience for myself and my daughter.

Julie Davis

Julie Becker

Yalda s

Wonderful cafe! Every thing healthy and organic

Veronica Huezo

Kent Mann

Kevin Guinan

Incredible staff & Facility

Anita W

It's obvious Dr. Jaclyn Bain needs a long in depth review about fevers in young children before being allowed in the clinic again. She doesn't have any understanding about illnesses. Ms. Bain also set back any strides made in the naturopathic/holistic medicine for it to be respected in our society. She did a great disservice to all holistic practitioners by jumping the gun and getting DCPS involved. Newer thermometers break & malfunction. The old manual ones rarely do unless thrown. So as long as Ms. Bain isn't retrained, she will put the clinic & school, any patients she sees, at risk for greater miscommunication and possible medical/legal liabilities. I have met and worked with other doctors from this school. Excellent, compassionate, well-trained professionals. So I'm rather surprised this has happened, 3 children suffering emotionally from this sad situation and having this school/clinic involved.

Nicole Flaherty

And Star

Deanna Spaunhurst Falls



Dr. Nature

The worst experience I have ever had with so called "doctors". You will be there for hours and hours and they will demand you take a million expensive tests and then there is no benefit. Completely a waste of money.


Neil Christal

Michael Brinson

I have to agree with all of the other 1 star reviews that have been popping up in light of the situation with the family that had their children removed from their home as a result of visiting this clinic. Beyond appalling. The "Doctor" who caused this tragedy for this family needs to be expelled from the college and prevented from ever becoming a full-fledged doctor. ------------- I've had a change of heart. After discussing the situation with a few different people who are more level-headed than I am sometimes, I have come to the conclusion that the fault lies with CPS and the other agencies involved who took action on the phone call that they received from the doctor. The reality is that doctors are mandated by law to report certain things. It's a question of liability for them, and obeying the law. We may or may not agree with the law, but I can't fault the doctor for following protocol. However, I believe we definitely can fault CPS and the others involved in the situation for overreacting and perpetrating this injustice. In light of this, I am changing my previously one-star review to a five-star review. I actually can't speak to their quality of care or anything else because I've never been here, but I feel bad for my knee-jerk reaction and feel like the least I can do is change my review rating and share these thoughts.

Ciara Blowers

Sarah Barnes

I took my children here and was threatened that if I didn't go to the hospital they would be calling CPS. I'm not the only one who has experienced this. I went here because I didn't want to go to the hospital. Do not trust these bullies AT ALL. They are part of the medical mafia.

Mystic True

Disgusted with the actions taken by this facility to separate families. If there was medical negligence taking place they wouldn't have came to YOU. People need to trust their doctors and there is nothing trustworthy about this place.

Jillian Martin

Sylvana H

Mike Ryan

Srijon Chatterjee

Gr8fulmom Ofmany

You should be ashamed of yourselves! YOU VIOLATE HIPPA LAWS AND SUPPORT DOCTORS THAT DO THE SAME! SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. You need to go to the police station and face the piper, YOU VIOLATED HIPPA LAWS! OHH, it’s getting better, the LAWS YOU BROKE ARE FEDERAL! Maybe THE FEDS should just come to your offices during your busiest time do your patients know how YOU handle PRIVACY AND HIPPA LAWS! Hoping the charges and fines can be used to help the family YOU VIOLATED to be reunited with their 3 kids (pretty sure you know who I’m referring to now, right?) AND PAY ALL OF THEIR LEGAL FEES. SAD EXCUSES FOR SUPPOSED PROFESSIONALS!

Amanda Jayne


Terrie Newell

I would just like to comment on the many, one star reviews, which cluster about 6 months ago. Review the Reviewer. Most of the negative reviewers live elsewhere. Ohio, Texas, British Columbia, Iowa, Michigan, California, and so forth. Read their other reviews and decide if they should be your Healthcare guide or not. Honest reviews help all of us.


Unethical desperate liars. I’m new to AZ I don’t have a primary in Scottsdale yet. I have Lyme and mold exposure. I started new job in AZ that requires me to focus and run on all cylinders mentally, hard to do with adhd. I called clinic asked if the could refill my medication, adderol, they check with their doctor and said yes, I said are you sure, they said yes, and we will help you get off it naturally. Great, I take 10mg the lowest dose. When I got there they took my credit card to hold as deposit. The dr took my rx bottle and analyzed it, then got me Ozone and IV therapy which I was happy to try and pay for. At end of visit, they told me we’re NPs we can’t prescribe adderol. I said why did the front desk go ask your doctor and she said yes we do? They apologized profusely. I said don’t apologize, just make it right. I had to ask for a discount. My bill was now $350 ish...I now need to go spend more out of pocket to see a dr who can prescribe because they lied. The receptionist told me well you still had an office visit so we still have to charge you. It’s not that hard to make right your mistake. Correct it. And you could of had an ongoing patient. Instead I get a call next day saying pay your bill or we will call the police? Shocking and very unethical. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. Lying, bait and switch to get a patient in the door at any cost, tells me they are very desperate, and will screw someone (a patient) for a buck. Lots and lots of good ND out there who give better care and at better prices. I spend thousands a year on treatments to get better. This place does not have your best interest they have their own. Sleezy business practices.

Maddie Weikle

Dakota Kosmenko

Maria Oberther


Brittney Mineer

Clinton Haverly

Dustin Phelps

Inexperienced Dr. for full price. Basically a student, had few answers and went to basically default responses. I called to reschedule an appointment and they charged me $25. My mom is in hospital. They knew that and still charged me. I will never use them again. So smart business decision on their part too. Charge me $25 without exception and lose the few hundred I would have otherwise spent there. Terrible experience. There are plenty of other qualified professionals out there. This is basically a scam.

In-vivo Nacci

Sarah Orourke

Ilya Conyette

Amber Pisani

Take a holistic view of this school before you read other reviews. This school has done a lot of good for the community and families. I have had a great experience going here. I have also seen a lot of successful doctors come out of this school.


It appears all these 1-star reviews are a gang up after seeing someone was not taking care of their child. I heard great things about Doctor Barrel and my son in willthe spectrum will be seeing him this evening. If I need to, I will amend my review but I doubt that's going to happen.

Mommy With Four

They call DCS on families who don't vaccinate.... dramatic office if your kid has 100 fever also....

Heather Michelle

Erica Dawson

This place is far from holistic and bullies parents. Do not take your children here!

Michael Morse

Awesome school!

kiana ruch

Kristy Crabtree

Britni Mathson

Alastair Granville

Al P

It was a good experience. The visit took much more time than a typical doctor's visit because they take a more holistic approach, devoting a lot more time learning about your lifestyle, diet, etc. They did an food allergy test which found some particular foods that I react to, so I'll reduce or eliminate those foods from my diet. Overall, they were professional and thorough.

Mary Frances Cedroni

Tejasinha Sivalingam

Amazing potential here, and some great individuals. Admissions was amazing! Natural Advantage was awesome! The students were a real blessing to any profession they might enter. However, there seemed to be a drive to raise money that may have exceeded their capacity to responsibly recruit the type of students they really need. SCNM also seems to be set on raising board scores, unfortunately it felt that they were doing so by attempting to remove students from the pool prior to boards rather than by improving their educational game plan. The faculty were split in my experience, between those who wanted to see potential doctors succeed and those who set out to bring their personal bias into the instructional arena. As I was a transfer student I felt that SCNM's evaluation of my transcripts did not fairly and supportively delineate what I was coming in with; oddly this appeared as a confusing blend of over and under estimation. I think SCNM could be one of the best schools in the United States, but it has a LONG way to go. However, I remain a friendly supporter of their best aspirations.

Miguel Ricardo

If a person wants to go to a “ND” and forego actual treatment, it’s a personal choice. If a PARENT decides to take their kids and let them die or be harmed by preventable and treatable diseases because they were too gullible/stupid to take to them to a MD/DO/NP/PA, the kids need to be taken by the government and given proper care. Do not take your kids here. Be a good parent.

Adela Stanca

Marie Carreon

If I could give no stars I would. If you have any children, please do NOT bring them here. Save yourself from a tragedy and go elsewhere!!!!!

Herbal Education

Alvena Mironi


Chris and Denise Martinez

Jared Gardner

james bell

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