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REVIEWS OF Central Arizona College IN Arizona

Audianna Rocha

Do not attend this school for they are not organized. Awful staff who are not responsible enough to do their jobs.

brandess feuchster

So far have loved it

Annie Ethington

The ONLY reason I attended this college was because of the Promise for the Future Scholarship. ONLY ATTEND THIS SCHOOL IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS. If you're wanting training in trade jobs or nursing then it might be a good fit, but a majority of the administration are very uncooperative and have their own idea of what is best for you. As a 5 year student of that college, I can say from personal experience as well as from multiple other students that this college does not hold their students as their first priority. When they removed the theater courses from the curriculum, I witnessed the Central Arizona College President Jackie Elliott recommend to a student, who had decided to peruse theater since before high school, that he should look into their truck driving certificate instead.

aracely merkle

I love the college I can't wait to graduate

420 jeff

terrible didnt like the dorms at all first room one rainstorm it got a tiny bit flooded then the guy in the connecting room his room was absolutely flooded then 30 min later a RA comes an says we have to leave so we packed up our stuff and assigned new rooms etc and really cutting the theatre classes really someplace just lost a bunch of students i mean pretty much everyone in those classes :(

Colton Patton

It's your future, you control the outcome.


Rosalyn Ayres

It's a good place to go if you want to further your education

Jake Gibson

Brittany Alexander

Not that good

Andrew Rabe

Irving Freely

My friend got injured at work, now 3 months later they fired him. If that is how they treat employees, how do you think they will treat students

Valentynia Rose

Alexis Zires

Elizabeth Mackey

It's is a really good school. I like it and most of the staff is friendly. One of the lady at the desk gave me attitude because I came in there to rethink my schedule because my professor told me I should go in and talk to an advisor because I shouldn't be in her class. The lady at the desk was trying to telling me I didn't get a call saying that.

Rebecca Dyball

Officer Terry assaulted a student on this campus the other day. He slammed his head into the wall after the student agreed to cooperate with him. The student was sent to the hospital and had to recieve stitches in his head due to the wounds the officer caused. This officer racially profiled the student and used excessive and unnecessary force. Complete abuse of power. Very dissapointing that stuff like this is still happening

Kai M

Officer Fhanafelt just smashed my 19 year old BLACK son (who is there on Track n Field) into a brick wall AFTER having both his hands behind his back... so basically for no reason. Police Brutality on the black students. Nice. Oh yes, my son was skateboarding... that was his “crime”

Justin Frederick

A nice little college right in pinal county

Darrin Monville

Love it here.. The staff is amazing.. Tom in ITV is more then helpful.. When it comes to the students..

Wolfgon Slayer

Anita Zaragoza

I had a great learning experience here. Graduated with my nursing degree and I truly felt supported all the way.

Senat Baggins

Decent enough education for the price, would recommend going literally anywhere else though. Unless you want a certificate in trade jobs you will be better off at other community colleges or universities. Classes are typically up in the air and their systems have changed rapidly without warning, not to mention that their so called "Scholarship for the Future" program has changed so it no longer covers credits if you receive federal aid or or any other form of help. Its sad to see a such a local step up college become unaffordable and unhelpful.

simply brittney

I’m sick of fighting with trying to see an advisor and trying to register online. NOTHING ever freaking works and it’s so annoying. First, they said I’m not even in they’re system when I’ve been taking classes since 2016, almost said I didn’t take my reading and writing placement tests. There’s always something wrong with student portal and it’s making me frustrated and worried about my future, how am I supposed to further my education IF I CANT EVEN REGISTER! Everything is so confusing on their website and trying to see an advisor is so hard.

Sham Montgomery

This school is not very professional. The only professional & reliable helpful person was Francisco in administeration. He helped me with everything that I needed to get done! He should run the school. Because the professors are dumb, they don’t care about teaching, or the students. The homework assignments are ridiculous. & Dont even get me started on Blackboard!! School is a waste of time, money, & patience.

Ilde P.

The staff from student services on this campus are honestly useless.

Karl Gehlert

Casper Parker

Kayla Raine Scribner

I have gone to this school for two years. It is ridiculous that it is taking away the theatre program, and I am soundly against that because of the impact that it will have on the people going (or wanting to go) to CAC! This is not only a trade school, and the arts are vital. Students deserve better than the taking away of this important part of their experiences. Listen to the students or you're not going to have them for much longer.

Mr Mr

Kenneth W Franklin Jr

vikas sharma

William Messenger

I've been to the campus once or twice with my mother, and I must say... It's quite the sight.

Christina Brackbill

They are turning this school from a place of where everyone can go to college and experience the real college experience to a trade school. If you want a degree that's not in a trade STAY FAR AWAY. They are started cutting the arts. They cut the entire theatre program! What's next?

Taylor Repass

This college literally can never answer their phones. You always have to drive up to the school. What is the point of taking online classes if you have to drive there anyways cause they can't answer their phones.

Cathy Reyna

Rodeo here we come!!!!

Blackie the 4th

Haley Anderson

Ivonne Heraldez

Eric Perez

Colby Alvey

Barbara Hancock

Been taking classes, and never finishing since 1986!!! Now, finally graduating!!!

Amanda Lujan

Affordable, convenient, personable staff, so many programs & degrees!!!

Jose Carrillo

Stephanie Heath

Horrible. Horrible. My husband was dropped from classes he was attending even though the teachers reported him as there.... finally fixed by going to the Office of the President... don’t have books available for a class for for 3 weeks... financial aid refunds get messed up bc their computer system or program or whatever is all messed up and the only answer is “We don’t know”... and “could be up to 3 weeks or more to be corrected”. Funny that their systems are able to accept tuition payments with no problem...

Angela Petrush

Being a first generation college student I had gone to advising for help with my getting signed up for classes. The adviser then put me in a class that had a prerequisite that I did not meet and was unaware until the professor pulled me aside and told me I needed to drop the class about a month later. When I went to drop the class I was told I couldn't get any money for the class back because it was past the drop refund date and was told that I should have known that I didn't qualify for the class.There is absolutely NO COMMUNICATION between department or even within the departments themselves. Living in the dorms as well as being involved on campus I can confidently say that the people here are rude, inconsiderate, and flat out racist. I have been called on numerous occasions barbie, princess, and white girl. All because I am white and have a vehicle.The WiFi is always going out and the cable never works because they either forget to pay it or don't have the money to pay it. WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.You couldn't pay me to attend even another semester at this school.

Michael Lang

Racist campus security beat the hell out of my buddy. I'm sure the school, being in Arizona, will just give him paid leave for the last month of the school year and reinstate him, probably with special recognition for a job well done. Find somewhere else to go to school if you're not white.

Nathan Brown

Flerida Delgado

CAC cut the theater program and now the dance program, and I it's just ridiculous that they don't care enough to try and find a solution instead of just completely cutting the programs out! CAC need to get there priority's straight!

Erica Messina

Failed me from half of my classes on one test and never got the help I needed when I went to the academic disability office. Then they tried to turn it around on me like it was my fault. This school does not care about their students. Just money.


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