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REVIEWS OF BASIS Scottsdale IN Arizona

Josh B

A fraud. Taking public resources to fund what is actually a private school. Their "open enrollment" is a sham.

Rayna Shah

Rich Bloom

basis is a great school with great teachers!

Barbara Atlan

Just go to a public school. My two sons have had theier creativity destroyed, their GPA is a mess, their self esteem is low, they are sleep deprived and they are always telling me about how depressed they feel. All this and for what? To go to ASU and be burned out, not knowing where to go next. Its not the teachers that are good, its the strict curriculum that only a charter school would dare implement. Just don't go here.

Aaron Sakai

Kevin Li

Salim Al-Azawi

Trevor Dorsey

Rugrat Daud

Lit we can use our phone in class

Vasu Swamidurai

Elle Ostrosky

Blank Space

Eww. For this to be even considered a top school. Whitney is better!!

Maura Lavelle

We have been very happy with the education both my daughters received at this school. The teaching staff has been excellent from year to year. The curriculum is challenging but so is the world these days.

Omera Naz


Justin Chan

Best high school in the US. I want to go here to get a good education, but the location sucks since its in Arizona.

Janko Babszem

It's a brand new school, with one of the highest ranking in the USA.

Mehreen Dhaliwal

Claire Lewis

Basis is the best school and to all u haters i want to say that it is great here!!!

Cayla Younger

Maribel Montijo

John Smith

Lol xD

Matthew Choi

Michael Smith

Who knew education could be so controversial? When I first heard the opposition nearby residents were raising to a new "neighbor", I was sure somebody was trying to build a nuke plant, landfill, or at least a prison. Apparently it's just the traffic, which the school has done a fine job engineering to keep under control. And now, people complain about a private company making a profit educating students better than the public school system can?! The teachers here will do ANYTHING to get ensure their students get high test scores, including TEACHING THEM GOOD STUDY HABITS and ENCOURAGING THEM TO MAKE ACADEMICS A PRIORITY. If you want to complain, the real profit is because they don't pay for a fleet of busses to take the kids to and from home every day. Apparently parents are willing to put up with a bit of traffic or paying a private bus service big bucks just to get their kids into one of the best schools in the country. BASIS *could* be doing a bit more to level the playing field for those who can't afford this e.g. by paying for busses, but honestly as long as their waiting list is they can slip selectivity under the radar this way legally.


(Translated by Google) that one (Original) Ew

Prathik Musuku

M.I.A mysterious

Rohan Churi

Awful, teachers leave it to the students to do everything for themselves, often leading to most students needing tutoring. Two good teachers; mr. Nanda and Wells

Olivia Betlewicz

Penny Enterline

lol this place sucks

Max Boissiere


Saket Shanbhag

Pawan Khera

Sohil Purohit

Jelly Bean

This schools admin are the type of people who think they know what they are doing, but they really just run things into the ground over and over again. If the students all agree that there is a huge issue and needs immediate attention, the admin somehow make the problem worse and worse through their attitudes of not caring about anything that happens to the students, and only "get involved" when many high-donating parents get involved. This would still be fine, accept their way of "dealing with a problem" is shoving it under the rug and lying to parent's and student's faces about how the problem is solved (an example of this is with the massive drug issues this school has due to the amount of stress put on students). This repetitive action is constantly building up issues, and this school should not be praised to how highly it is being praised. And although the test scores are good, the mental damage this school puts on students is horrendous, and now that all of the old teachers that were amazing and brought BASIS up to its reputation are quickly leaving due to their way too low of a pay for the amount of effort they put in throughout the school year, and are being replaced by teachers who cant teach the class properly, forcing students to learn the material by themselves, which then builds onto the stress that then causes even worse mental damage, which then negatively effects their physical health.

person random

Snow Panda

Anna Courtney

While the school is academically challenging and the teachers have autonomy, it is not always a good thing. If a majority of students made a goal, say excelled at calculus, the curriculum was changed the following year to incorporate that goal for everyone. Curriculum became more difficult as students were pushed, leaving many students behind, or forced into tutoring to keep up. Teacher turnover is ridiculous, and sometimes over 50%. There are very few extracurricular activities for the kids, and most are academic in nature. By the time both of my kids graduated they were "academically exhausted."

April Langford

it sucks

Nico Theo

mal isaacson


Beware. Be careful about letting your child be educated by a corporation that will do ANYTHING to get high test scores.

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