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REVIEWS OF BASIS Chandler IN Arizona


This place sucks. First, the traffic is horror. Some people get late to class just because of it and there's only one person directing it (which doesn't do about anything helpful). Second, PE here is tough. The first year I had a PE teacher who treated us like we were in a boot camp. The second PE teacher I have literally makes us throw balls around. Third, some teachers here don't finish what we need to be teached. I wonder why so many ppl are freaked out about Comps. Fourth, the hallways smell like curry. Fifth, there's a five minute passing period to leave the class go to your locker get your stuff and come back within that period of time! That's a total of 40 minutes wasted since I have 8 classes. I wish they could have you stay in one class and the teachers come to you:/ My friends say ACP is better or atlas because the students come home feeling they've learned more then the last. At least this school is better then the last one I've went to.

Cuttlefish Empire

Does not teach Imperial standard education. Some place called "'Murica" seems to take over the world. The uniform does not contain either Imperial standard armour or even traditional Cuttlefishian armour...nor even armour at all. Not enough Empire.

Ameen Idouraine

dont take your kids here ever under any circumstances

Wayne Tang

(Translated by Google) that one (Original) ew


Amogh Desh

good education. but hallways smell worse than expired milk inside of a swimming pool

Jeffery Smith

Perfect school for high performering students. It is certainly not for average students. Most negative reviews are from people who have big dreams but dont want to work for it. Teachers in this school are Phd s and way above the national avg.

alice zhou

There was ocean sailors flying in the stalls.

Hari Krishnan

Xu C.


0/8 m8 got shrecked by mrs.rajashekatareanawnfandfnawn.

The Person Who Watches Youtube

Steelers and Sami

Top notch

Bobby Tyson

Nada Bisaily

I am enrolling at this school because my friend and her mother told my mom it is a great school and in genral they say basis is a good school but from reading the reviews I dont know if I want to go to this school this school is 3 stars while my School Kyrene Traditional academy is a 4.6 star school but if I get exepted to this school me and my mom will check the school out and see I am in advanced classes for all subjects and classes I dont mind being pushed but I dont know how they are going to push me at this school if it is not good I might as well stay at my school

suhan kacholia

Larry Gan

Coco Tang

Chase Johnson

Oh yes, very nice school.

John Smith

I go here and the education is great...But the students aren't, they shame you for being yourself and tell you to change your personality, if you get below a 95 grade the kids will shame you. The kids are nosy and do anything they can to to get into your own business and can't mind their own. The teachers give you large amounts of homework and don't even realize it. Everyday your bound to be overwhelmed with test or quizzes and a few hours of homework. I have 6 more years in this school and I can't wait for it to be OVER! This school causes too much stress. I hope I don't have to go here for high school. Trust me, I've never been in trouble so I'm not writing this to get back at the school, I'm writing this to warn prospective parents about what there getting their kids into. So if you enroll they might as well say bye to their friends and free time.

David Tang

Obamasaurus Rex

it was gr8 if u wanted to w8 to find out your not so gr8 grades and this is why i am ir8 m8 so 0/8 m8

Aniruddh Kannan

Caroline Liechty

John Cena

School for nerds. ACP is better and smarter. Get Rekt

Rahul Singh

Michele Doty

Elizabeth Rose

This school is okay. I feel that some of the teachers are a bit confusing but others are great. The hallways do smell a little bad but they could be worse. The bathrooms are messy but thats technically the students fault. There are some some kids who are just the worst. Some of the kids are really mean and will tease you about things you say or do(Ahem) but others are helpful and great. Only come here if you like lots of homework and can tolerate bullying.

Liam Lawson

This school is quite possibly the best school on the planet. We have strong teams for all kinds of competitions, including MATHCOUNTS, Academic Decathlon, Science Bowl, Economics Challenge, Chess, and Basketball. The academic rigor assures that any student that goes through all 4 years of high school here emerges a better student. Though it is not without flaws - many unworthy teachers and students have passed through these hallowed halls - one would be hard-pressed to find a better school on the face of the earth. Many of my closest friends are almost guaranteed success in life already, and they are only sophomores! I know that college rigor will not be an issue: All students take their first AP test by the end of the 8th grade year. Some - such as myself - take an AP test in the 7th grade. Some of the students are amongst the smartest people on the planet (+Xu C.), and yet even they can still find challenges at this grand institution of education. All in all, nothing I have ever seen (and I have been to many schools) comes close to this school. I put 5 stars because 1000 stars wasn't listed :)

Prathik Musuku

Langston Swanson

This school is a travesty to say the least. The admin cannot enforce the rules they set forth and the amount of cheating present is egregious. If you want to send your child to a good school BASIS Chandler should be your last decision. For example, this year during AP Exams week testing integrity was not maintained by teachers at all. Students were allowed to choose seating, which is completely against the rules of the Collegeboard, and all the AP Exams should have been invalidated because seating must be random, not assigned or by choice. This is an infinitesimally small part of the way BASIS Chandler has corrupted and perverted the way the school runs. In 2016, a star-student on the varsity basketball team was caught with alcohol on school grounds, but he got virtually no punishment in order to maintain the school's reputation, whereas a student with low grades that was not particularly liked by teachers received a suspension for cheating on a quiz. Please make sure this school cannot ruin future students' lives and send your children to a different school.


Jeremiah TheBIGNIG

not good at all. push the kids too hard like they are robots or something. acp is alot better

Radhika Guruju

One of the best schools in Arizona today. It has great staff, offers excellent classes and the teachers are willing to help any student who needs it.

Dab Daddy

My friend got fat shamed by Mr. Rajvbjivonowipfwfwoirihinoij, and now all the kids be picking on us over-sized kids.

Michael Chen

So. I went to this school, right? And so the teachers at this place are nice, and most of them are good, but there are a few bad ones. Also, you have to get good grades to be a normal person in this school, and I mean like 95+. You get awards for like top 15% in class, but that is like 97+, so for most people this is impossible. Also, only a few teachers know how to have fun (shout out to Mr. Ivanyi), so you will be very bored in most classes.

Abdullah Money

This school is a disgrace, most teachers don’t care about helping their students and are very biased.-If you are reading this then save your child’s life and go to another school where they can learn and grow as individuals from the people around them. STOP AND TURN AROUND

Nikolay Galtsev

A very advanced and welcoming school with highly professional teachers and friendly students.

Nidoking Network

(Translated by Google) God (Original) Gud

isaiah blanco

J Desh

It sucks. Any school is better

Arhum Mannan

Aleena Daniel

Cup ofWaffles

It hasn't even been a full two weeks and 4 separate toilets are broken, two classes got locked into their rooms, a doorknob has fallen off, the ceiling on the first floor is leaking, and those are the things i know about.

Making Reviews

Too bad there wasn’t an option for negative stars.

Ella Ai

A boy in my brother class told the lower school dean that my brother said some thing really bad and get him in trouble, however our family found out that he didn't, instead, that little was making fun of his art project and kept metioning balls, the dean believed that my brother did all that and let go the boy, saying that my brother can not even describe what happened clearly, (sure, he is not native speak) and forces my brother to write. two apology letter, even my family email the dean and stated that my brother was innocent in this case, but she rejected to listen to my brother and make him write it anyway. I am not saying about the boy, the way how dean deals with is problem is ridiculous, and never based on evidence, judged my brother based on other student's statement is not responsible, if this is how they run the school and treat student, sorry to say that I am shamed on this school.

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