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REVIEWS OF American Institute of Dental Assisting IN Arizona

Josie vargas

I love how classes aren't so big, so everyone gets equal attention and how everything's hands on!

Charlie McGhee

This school has been so much fun and awesome with hands on training I'm so glad I chose to go to this school and highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to start a new career :)

Samantha Dean

I'm so happy I chose this school! The staff and instructors are awesome and so helpful! Everything is hands on and it is a better learning experience. Can't for a better future. Thanks AIDA.


I'm so happy I chose this school! The instructors are amazing and the feel very confident going into the real world!

Darcy Grant

This is such a great opportunity for single parents who work full time like myself. I am able to attend school and support my family. I get hands on experience from some of the most experienced instructors put there. I am a student, my success matters to the school, I am not a number! If I can do it so can you and this is such an amazing opportunity!

Angela Mattson

I would highly recommended The American Institute of Dental Assisting. The instructors are amazing! They teach you what you need to know about dental assisting. They have morning and evening classes that will work with whatever schedule you have. At the end of 13 weeks myself and my classmates all had jobs and/or externships with the potential to become a job! They truly care about you and train you to have a rewarding career!

lizette avelarde

The American Institute of Dental Assisting school has completely changed my life. Instructors are extremely helpful and go above and beyond for there students. I recommend this school to EVERYONE interested in Dental Assisting.

Pamela Roberts

Truly amazing school very hands-on instructors are full of knowledge and I'm super excited to be here...

kathy boice

I went to the school last year, the staff was amazing and very helpful!

Sheldon Staman

I have had a wonderful experince in the class and the staff is amazing the classes are small and easy to learn in. If your looking for hands on approach to dental assisting I would highly recommend this school.

Bianca Moreno

Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an amazing career. You think 13 weeks is a long time but it goes by so fast. Only half way through so far and I've learned so much. Honestly appreciate the instructors for being so nice and patient & keep us motivated ! The hands on experience is definitely amazing. The doctors that we work chair side with definitely are there to help you and want u to succeed. Wish the class was longer ! Love being at the school because it doesn't feel like a normal class!

s-mannn Lizzie


Elizabeth P

Beautiful office, the teachers are great and very hands on with anything you need. They make sure everyone is involved and learning what they need to know, would totally recommend this school!

Brittney Lovato

I am in my second week into this school and I'm enjoying the program and the friendly staff are so welcoming. I'm learning a lot, I'm glad I got into this program.

Em Johnson

This is an amazing school! I love that it is hands on learning and that I can come in any time to practice my skills!

Briana Ann

Awesome school, so happy I made this career choice with them

Alberto Linares

Very nice place to attend and nice staff very professionals.

Katelin Marie

Bella Soto

I loved EVERYTHING about this school! It's the best! A little bit of people in each class so we are better to speak with the teachers one on one. And it was only 13 weeks! Very little time but you will learn a lot!

Jake Sullivan

Not only is the AIDA program fun, but you become confident in your skills as an assistant in much less time than other programs! Dentists really notice AIDA graduates' on-the-job skills and confidence that develop from the several real-patient clinicals. If you are looking to get into Dental Assisting, this is a great way to do it!

Mary Tallakson

EVERYBODY IS TERRIFIC! Makes visiting the dentist pleasant. Really!

Trish Davis

Everyone is so nice here! They really want to see you succeed. Classes are never dull and the instructors make it really easy to understand :) If you're trying to get into the dental field, AIDA would be a great start!

Smile Britelab

I have worked with AIDA for many years and have had a great relationship. It is also a great place to learn dental assisting.

Cailey Feric

I am really enjoying this school! Everyone is so helpful and learning is so much fun!

Angelina Castro

I absolutely love this school! The classes are great and the book work is taught so well they make it so much easier to understand. The hands on stuff is so much fun, I feel like I've learned so much in just four weeks. I look forward to starting my career the right way, being a graduate from AIDA! I definitely recommend this school if you want to become a great dental assistant!

Misha Sterns

This school is Amazinggg! The staff are great; they’re incredibly sweet and want you to succeed! Best decision I ever made!

Hailey Williams

This school was absolutely an amazing experience! It’s very hands on, I felt like I was constantly learning and the teachers were so good at explaining everything. They prepare you so you can get a job right out of school!

Kassandra Lopez

Hands down the best school! I've had the greatest learning experience while attending this school. The teachers and staff are awesome and always so eager to help, the classes are fun, exciting, and best of all hands on learning. For me is my favorite part because I feel it gives me a better learning experience. The one-on-one with students is awesome, everyone gets attended to and helped. Zero judging. Over all the best school I've ever attended. Thanks AIDA for all your help through this amazing journey of mine!

Zsame Martinez

American institute of dental assisting is such a great school. Jaime is the best instructor I've ever had. She goes above and beyond to help us understand and succeed. I would most definitely recommend this school for anyone and everyone looking to get started in dental assisting.

Chandra Hammer

It has been a pleasure to work with the administration of AIDA and all of their staff. They genuinely care about their students success. AIDA offers a wonderful program for those looking to enhance their skills and actually find a career versus just a job.

patty Arave

American Institute of Dental Asissting has been hands down the best experience i have ever had!! the staff is amazing and always helpful to answer any questions we may have. The instructors are so personable and caring. They made me feel like i was top priority at all time!

Adilene Mares

After graduating High School last year I wanted to Further my education. American Institute was the best choice I've ever made! This school is definitely one of the best out there and can't wait to finish and live the dream of becoming a dental assistant!! The teachers and very helpful and just great people!

Jacey Ackerman

I loved everything about my school. Everything was hands on and the instructors were amazing! Thank you AIDA!

Chelsea Knight

I love this school! The staff makes you feel like family, hands on training makes learning fun! Love that the courses are fast!

Taylor Edwards

AIDA is such a great school! I learned so much information in just 13 weeks! You get to work with such amazing Dr.’s and get so much hands on training. My instructors were pretty amazing too, I wish I could restart my 13 weeks all over again!!

Nasser Mansour

love this school. if you want to make a significant career change , there is no better place to start than the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF DENTAL ASSISTING. 13 weeks is all it takes to begin a new career. wonderful staff, great instructors. I would recommend this school to anyone .

Tammie Molina

Its So Hands On '&; The Staff Is Always So Friendly. They Make Learning Fun(:

Katie Werner

I recently finished my 13 weeks at AIDA and loved it! It was a lot of fun! The instructors and all the staff really care about you and your success as a dental assistant. I would recommend this school to anybody!

Tim M

Staff and students were both nice and professional. Showed up today to have cavities filled one year after the original exam. Just to find out that I did not qualify due to a medical condition. After I was already partially numb. The director of the school was nice and explain why which I understand and even refunded a little more than what I paid out of pocket since I had to take the day off of work. But it took them one full year to find out that I was not a candidate for their school. I do not have very negative feelings towards their school I'm only upset with them because this should have been caught one year ago. This is something that should not have slipped through the cracks. The only reason I give them a 3 star is because it took one year for them to find out and tell me. Had this been the first visit and they told me I would be okay I would rate them a 5 Star. So the only thing I have to say is when you make your first visit make sure you are an actual candidate don't let them let you slip through the cracks just to start having work done and then tell you they cannot help you. The director of the school was very nice and I completely understand where he was coming from. I think he understood as well where I was coming from and why I am upset that it took so long to tell me and they did refund every penny I have spent at their school. I would highly recommend this place as a school to go to for people that need basic work done or even as a student as long as you don't have any medical condition. If the school is reading this I want to say thank you guys for being very nice and understanding and I I am sorry that we could not continue our business relationship.

natalie strohecker

Seriously love this school. I was nervous going back to school but Tammy and Brenda have made it nothing but fun and exciting! Yes it is hard work but the positive environment and support you receive here is like no other!

Ashley Kimball

I 100 percent recommend this school to anyone looking into dental assisting! The class went by so fast and it was a lot of fun. All of the staff care about their students and they want you to succeed in everything that you want to do. They also help you find a job after :) and the doctors are awesome!

Jesica Val

I am so happy I chose to come to American Institute of Dental Assisting! Teachers and staff make the class so exciting and fun so we are always happy and eager to come to the next class and learn!

Mattea VanDyke

I am enjoying the program so far!! The instructors are great and so helpful. They want the best for us and there no matter what we need. I definitely recommend it to anyone!

Lidia Zaragoza

I currently have 2 weeks that I have been attending and let me tell you it's the time of my life. Such an amazing school, its so fun, such a nice experience and great people what more can you ask for . IT'S THE BEST SCHOOL!!!!!

Melissa Valencia

After graduating from high school 5 years ago and doing a year of college, I had lost my motivation to finish school. This institute has motivated me and has been pushing me to achieve a goal I didn't know I wanted.

Felicitie Gonzales

Can’t praise this school enough!! From the staff and the wonderful instructors and getting to work on real patients was probably the best part of it all! You get so close to everyone and really anticipate coming to school! Highly recommend!!!

Indy Martin

Super friendly and supportive staff!!!

Jaymie Phillips

I had around 5 different schools that I was looking at applying for to become a Dental Assistant, once I had a tour if the school with Holly, I knew this was the perfect choice! Best instructors, the only school working on REAL PATIENTS and NOT dummies was the best education I could have gotten! It has inspired me to go forward with my career as a dental hygienist, and honest if they offered those courses, I would do them here too! Thanks so much to the amazing team at AIDA!

Isaura Avlies

Cullin Howard

I am currently going to this school and I love it so far! The instructors are amazing and really help us understand all that we will need to know when we are working in our own dental office. I love how it is only a 13 week course! I think it's a great investment and I am very grateful to have this opportunity! - Scarlett Howard

Jessica Gutierrez

April Lawrence

After having a 10 year career in the cosmetology field I decided it was time for a change. I researched several school and toured a few. But none were as inviting or as appealing as AIDA. I was nervous about going back to school after so many years out. But the school is run so greatly and the staff is awesome.

Fatema Issa

Love the school. Couldn't have made a better decision than to sign up with AIDA

tiffany turnbull

I loved attending this program!! They had a flexible school schedule so I was able to work and attend my classes! I graduated a year ago and absolutely love my career path! Best program I can recommend, and it was affordable!!

Reyna García

I literally love waking up early to go to school because it's really fun. Everyone there is so nice and very helpful and I am so thankful that I chose this school.

Haley Tallabas

Most professional people I know. Everything they do is to help each and every student succeed in whatever branch they choose. Expect to create lasting memories and build friendships.

Rocio Ortega

I've learned so much only being half way through the program, I'm going to be so ready to take on dental assisting once I'm done with the program. The time and dedication each teacher gives you, shows how much they truly love what they do and are wanting to see you succeed.

Erica Davis

I've been attending the school for 5 weeks now & I have to say I have learned so much in a very informative and nurturing environment!! Very hands on and all of my questions are answered ! Tammy is an excellent teacher and she makes you feel very comfortable !

Bailey Kaplan

Going to school like it was a great experience

Razan Alnajjar

AIDA is the place to go when you want your dreams to become your REALITY. It’s a safe learning environment with amazing instructors. It definitely takes dedication and you have to put in the work but the knowledge, and the education you leave with are definitely worth all the hard work. Proud to be an AIDA graduate!

Melanie Kohout

If you are looking for affordable but excellent dental care—this is the perfect place for you. The staff are kind and responsive. Scheduling is easy. The dentists, Dr Templeton and Dr Schneider are gentle, great at explaining, patient, and excellent at what they do. I was absolutely phobic about extractions—Dr Templeton pulled 3 at once and it was not at all unpleasant.

judith Ortiz

Such a great school! The staff is amazing and very helpful! Love the class sizes which makes it more helpful to learn! Definitely recommending AIDA!

Andrea Sordia

Most amazing place to go to school and start your career. The instructors and staff are wonderful and are always there for you with whatever you need. I would recommend this school 100%.

LadyVee A

Amazing place from the front desk on to the teachers. This school get 10 thumbs up.The program is awesome.

Donna Errazo

Staff members are awesome and friendly. You will enjoy going in this school.

ryann richmond

Devan Mas

Absolutely love this program! The staff are all very fun and friendly, the coursework is so organized and well put together, couldn't have asked for a better school!

Sarah Robinson

The staff is so very friendly and helpful! They really want everyone to succeed! It's been a very welcoming and positive experience!

Gabby Sanchez

This school was the best decision I made! I loved the group of people that were in my class and the instructors were amazing!! If you are looking for a career in the dental field in 13 weeks then this program is for you!!

LaDonna Jackson

I enjoyed my first week of school. It was amazing! :D

Sylvia Perez

Friendly helpful staff. Every clean modern environment.

Alexandra Accardo

Absolutely loved going to this school! Tammy was by far the coolest and best instructor ever! The school was very well rounded for only being 13 weeks long and I definitely felt confident starting in a dental office. I would highly recommend AIDA to anyone pursuing the dental field, and it was super affordable :)

kelsey chriswell

This has been my most favorite program. I wouldn't change anything about my experience with becoming a dental assistant or the school itself. I highly recommend this school to anyone that is even questioning where to go for school. You will be so pleased with your instructors and the other students!!!! The time does fly by, but each class session is full of so much useful knowledge and fun memories!

Destiny Lillie

Great school. Short 13 weeks and have a job right out of school. Instructors are amazing and always willing to help and teach in multiple ways!

cris nord

I have called this place for prices and schedule availability and the lady that answers the phone says she has no information available to her to help me and to leave my name and number and someone will call me back. I have waited over a week for a call back. So i call back and inquire again and again i get the same answer. I asked for her supervisor and she says she is the only one handling the phone calls. Needless to say its very disappointing. I have heard good things about this place but i dont have a clue how i can talk to someone who knows anything about the establishment they are working for. All i can say is so far my limited interactions with this place is very disappointing. Maybe some day someone will call me back.

Sarah Powell

This was the best school ever. I toured a few different assisting schools and this is the only one that stood out to me. I felt so welcomed and knew I had to go here! From Brenda, to Holley, to the wonderful instructors, you will feel right at home like you are apart of their family. Best decision I ever made! I highly recommend the American Institute of Dental Assisting!


I am honored and happy to recommend AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF DENTAL ASSISTING for all girls and boys out there that want to compleat there career in dental assisting it only takes 13 weeks. This school communicates and have outstanding leadership abilities and they are just amazing and so friendly they make the environment so positive!

Abigail Hagen

I love going to school here! The staff is so informative I defiantly would reccomanded.

Samantha Hall

This school is AMAZING and has had such an impact in the short 13 weeks of class. All the Instructor and staff are awesome they are warm and friendly and love every aspect of the dental field and want nothing more than to see you succeed in your dental career. They are knowledgable in every aspect and they share as much of that knowledge with all there classes. The class is only 13 weeks long but they are an forever mentor for each and every student (even after class).

Jasmine layton

I really enjoyed this program and it went by so fast

Carmen Lopez

Ashlyn Blair

This school really helps you gain the knowledge and experience you need before entering the dental field! The instructors are amazing! I would recommend it to anyone!

Shivani Madhav

I had a wonderful time attending this school! I learned a lot in 13 weeks. The school provides many resources to make sure that you succeed in the field. Everyone there is so nice, caring, and patient. They take the time to explain everything and make sure you really understand the concepts. They really have your best interest at hand.

Brittney Laughlin

The American Institute of Dental Assisting has been a life changing experience and the start to a life-long career for me!

Kellie Morgan

As a 37 year old mother of 3 and 18 years of being in my current field, changing career paths with little to no spare time at all made my reality of going back to school close to impossible. After many hours of reseach, touring other schools, and disappointment, I discovered American Institute of Dental Assisting. They made it possible for me! The program was TAILORED to give us the hands on experience we needed to learn dental assisting in a rapid yet efficient way. Small classes, live clinics, and no manikins!!! Truly hands on. The staff is really there to make sure you succeed. Very helpful and an all around amazing group of people. My instructor Jamie was extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to provide me with educational and emotional support. ;) Thank you AIDA! I'm forever grateful.

Olga Phelps

This school is amazing. They help you in any way they can to make sure you graduate. The stuff and instructors are amazing and the clinicals are amazing working on real people!

Angelica Ireth

Such an amazing school!! I can't praise this school enough! I had an amazing fun experience. The staff and instructors are so heart warming! Everything is straight to the point and hands on! You work on real patients, not dummies! The schedules they have to offer are unbeatable & especially the price!! I recommend this school 110%! I recently finished & it was the best decision I've made. I hope AIDA continues growing & doing what they do!

Belle McGee

Recently finished my class and I'm amazed by everything I have learned and the friends I've made while attending. This program is hands on and you actually assist with real patients not dental dummies! The instructors are very knowledgeable, kind, patient, hilarious and make you feel like you are apart of the family and industry. I definitely recommend this school to anyone who is interested in the dental field. If I could give more stars I would!!

Dena Kilpatrick

I loved this school! It was an enriching 13 weeks of my life. The instructors are great and teach you everything you need to know. I was able to get a job very quickly after my internship.

Rebecca Bauer

Amazing school amazing teacher. Really have your best interest at hand. And a flexibale schedule to work with you. The best part is it's all hands on and small groups and as little as 13 weeks!!

Julia & Ben Wheatley

I went to this school 2 years ago. Loved it! My instructor was Holly and she was fantastic at explaining and teaching me the hands on components of dental assisting. I've been working in Dentistry ever since and REALLY love it!!!!!!!!

Ivett Flores

I just started not so long ago and I have learned so much ! I have a great professor and the staff is really nice ! Thanks to them I am going to have a career that I love ❤️

Amara Black

If you are considering dental assisting school, The American Institute of Dental Assisting should b at the top of your list. The quality of education I received there has surpassed my expectations. They have top notch instructors and staff. Can't say enough about these wonderful people!!

David Villarreal

This school is absolutely awesome! Every instructor has so much passion for the school and I can see why. They make sure no student is left behind and are very organized about everything. Attending The American Institute of Dental Assisting is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life.

Lisa Hills

I attended this amazing school back in June of this year. The teachers were amazing, the curriculum was hands on, tutoring was offered and a strong support system. I finished my program in August of this year and have stayed in contact with my school. They still send me job postings, months after I finished my program. If you want to begin a career in dentistry, definitely attend American Institute of Dental Assisting. By attending this school, I was able to pass my Radiation Health and Safety exam on my first try, due to the coursework/study guides I completed during my program.

Brianna Ewers

I came and checked out the school about 2 years ago, i felt like I didn't have the money or time to do it. I went back this year and told myself it's now or never! Im so excited to say i am more than half way through and it's the best decision I've made! Love the school, the instructors, and my classmates!

Super Man

Amazing school. Terrific help from the staff and teachers. 6 stars all the way.

Jeanette Marin

I am loving the American Institute of Dental Assisting!!! The hands on experience that I have received so far is far better than I ever imagined. I am glad I choose to take this path to better the future of my family.

Kimberly Petersen

I'm absolutely loving my time here!! It's hands on and the instructors are amazing and make everything so much fun!! Love this school!!

sarah ricardo


Best dentist ever!!!

Raven Cursh

Excellent staff!

melissa crowe

Loooove this school. They present the material in a way that's easy to understand and give us hands on labs each class. Physically doing what we're learning helps cement the information. If you have doubts about coming I highly recommend just coming and taking a tour.

Jennifer Accra

Brian was very helpful and called me back after I hung up not happy. He took his time to go over what I needed answered. He is very informative. They do have good pricing. They care!

Lakresha Moore

I wouldnt change anything about my experience at this school. Granted it was only a 13 week course but each and every day at class we were consistently learning something new. I loved being at AIDA because we got to work on actual people and not dummies as i hear from other students from different schools. If you are looking for a jump start into a career as being a dental assistant American institute of dental assisting is highly recommended.

Jessica Vanhook

I absolutely loved my 13 weeks here at AIDA. It went by extremely fast, I learn so much in the short amount of time. My classmates were phenomenal, they were supportive and helped out when ever I needed it. I made some lifetime friendships along the way. I also am very appreciative of my teachers who gave me the full dedication that I needed. Also to mention, you get a lot of hands on (classmates, and LIVE PATIENTS) who wouldn't love to get the feel for the REAL deal opportunities. It makes you so much more relaxed, and prepared! I have said it once, and I will say it over and over. If you want to have a fun life time career for yourself, definitely look into this school

Amanda Keppner

This school is fantastic! It's a short 13 weeks, but the ciriculum is completely comprehensive. I now intern at a practicing dental office, and I feel completely at ease working alongside my dentist. That tells you that this school really prepares you for the work (rather than 9 months working on a dummy doll). I recommend this school completely.

Scottie Brooks

The knowledge I gained from this program exceeded my expectations immensely! I was 100% ready to be working in the field right when class ended. They give you the skills you need to be a great assistant and they make it fun while doing it. I would recommend AIDA to anyone!! Thanks to them, I have a career I love!

Michelle hoey

"Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. The instructors care about each student and their success. I feel confident to go out in the Dental field with all that I have learned and experienced here. "

Caprice King

I enjoyed the classes, friendly staff, and the amount of education I have received during my 13 week course. I completed my classes yesterday, and would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in Dental Assisting. I am looking forward to starting my new career now! Thanks AIDA!

Heather MCCormick

Attending The American Institute of Dental Assisting was the best choice I could have made. The front desk is wonderful on helping you get everything set up. Also my instructors Tammy and Brenda who go above and beyond to answer any questions you may have. I've never met so many wonderful people who will help anyway they can to make sure you succeed. If you want to become a dental assistant I highly recommend AIDA!

Krystal Aguirre

This school is amazing. Every instructor as well as the front office is really there to help you succeed. The length of the classes and the 12 weeks of classes fly by making you want to stay longer. Honestly it was one of the best times I've ever experienced. I recommend this school to all ages of every person.

Karina Lopez

The American institute of Dental Assisting is 100% recommended to anyone. no matter your situation they help you 100 percent of the way to achieve becoming a dental assistant, making it easy and simple. It's very 1 on 1 so you don't feel overwhelmed when you don't comprehend something and they offer tutoring sessions to help you as well. it's definitely worth the money and I wish I knew about this program sooner.

Briana Briseno

I'm going on my 3rd week of school and I love it so much ! Best decision I ever made to come here!! The whole staff is really helpful and caring just great!

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