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REVIEWS OF University of South Alabama IN Alabama

Joe Otto

Tactical Black Guy

I visited the Sebastian Nature Trail and it was awesome. It is open to the public and it's really nice. Trails are well marked and the lake is amazing.

Wayne Chai

Other than the semesterly increased school tuition. The student amenities provided are very good.. especially the new recreation center.

Sai Charan Reddy Pasham

Yosef ben Efstathiou

This University is supposed to be a Scientific University, but there is so much promotion of ignorance on this campus. The recreational center that was built 5 years ago is already having issues. The equipment is bad and not well maintained. They have some bogus rules towards the students. The bathrooms are always dirty and need maintaining. In addition, the police presents is too much for all the crime that happens on campus. Plus when I student was killed by a police officer 3 years ago it was like all the University cared about was protecting the officer. When I leave this place I do not want anything to do with The University of South Alabama. This place is an embarrassment to Science and promotes stereotypical backwards Southern thought.

Saad ALTami

Leeanne Carrasquillo

kieara jackson

Marty Street

gabrielle easterwood


Sorry, bus is full again

Kenneth Adams

Bryson Johnson

One of the most underwhelming and disappointing experiences in my life. Values money over education.

Brenda Hartley

We have our convention there every year we love the place

Nicholas A. Stokes

I like it!

Tracy Chapman

I enjoyed my visit there everyone was so nice,my son now attends south as freshman.

mikey starke

Marcus Patterson

Rebekah Martin

San Korako

Joshua Swindle

Daniel Schmidt

Beautiful campus, sights are nice to see. Many of the club's offer events open to the public which are always a blast

T Denton

A great school and campus with a research park.

KeMaya Chantal

I really love my school. It's a great campus with wonderful police officers and faculty and staff and I couldn't have made a better decision by coming here.

savannah wynn

Hagan Williams

Awesome school, would highly recommend. Hosts many events at the Mitchell Center and Laidlaw Performing arts.


Kadrian Pitts

My Home

Kenneth R. Huff


Beautiful campus and parking! Ample parking! Easy to get around and lots of large walking trails around the campus!

Jorene Havens

Alberto Cordova

what does your GPA have to be, to be able to get in

Michael Clark

Joey Jones has a great program.

Doug Desper

FOR A FRIEND: DO NOT GO HERE! They are a scam. My friend enrolled but didn't have any assignment or test until after the refund date had there was no way to know if he wanted to drop. He already has a Master's Degree and found the first test in the online course beyond reason and he wanted to drop. They kept his money since the drop date passed.

Jenna Hassell


David Jimmerson

Sharron Green

Amy Walker

The university has grown SO MUCH just in the last five or so years. My son just graduated a month ago & my husband is alum. It's such a great school & it's offering more & more options to incoming students for their majors. The sports program is getting HUGE & the community is loving it!! The rapid growth of the school has spurred similar growth in the neighborhoods surrounding, with more demands for new apartment complexes & LOTS of new eateries that cater to the young, hip college crowd, but locals love them too!

Edward Orgalesco

nice place, 2 thumbs up for alabama team! go go go...fight fight...go ALABAMA

Edward Nehls


Cameron Fry

T. Fulton Burns

David Dukes

Ahmad Z Baharuddin

Studied here 84-88.

Ryisha Crandle

Find new friends

William Gagliano

mohamed khald

(Translated by Google) Blwok academic (Original) بلووك أكاديمي

Ko Lin

Shamanita Overton

Deuce Saunders

The school is a waste of money. They have their parking employees follow you and wait for you to do something. They won't speak to you because the school trains them not to. Then they'll write you $40 worth of tickets. They either write one for $40 or two for $20. They school is a joke, and does NOT care about it's students. All they want is your money. Anyone else notice their acceptance rate is over 80% and graduation is around 30%? Don't waste your money.

Charles Brown

Jasper Williams


Jacob Tindol

david entrekin

Rukhsar Khan

Good app

shashank gaddam

Arjun Nr

john felschow

love like home

Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club

I was warned not to take an accounting job that was offered to me at a job fair at the university. I went to work for the Federal Depisit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in May of 1999. I was taken for a ride knocked unconscious my first date of employment when I got my badge. Loomis was robbed reported that day allegedly two months late This college has an excellent medical school and various allied health programs. I graduated in accounting in 1999 after medical technology training and psychology and journalism and computer science. Do not work in the military or finance. Bruce Brown's warning and I learned the hard way he was right. My college professor wanted me as a professor. If warned not to work for a agency during deregulation Trump remember the hiring freeze. They are setting the table If warned not to do something, you should consider perhaps Taco Bell. Those airbus delusions scare me in Mobile. Their government is closed and corrupt and run from gulag headquarters California and Arizona and D.C. have a needle for you crazy graduate Google plus kurt brown saintrambone mobile audit club Twitter kurt brown -- saint Mobile audit club YouTube kurt brown saintrambone uploads .

Kim Kimpark

Sadie Wilde

Rane Ellison

Not a good place to go to grad school or work for. They don’t care about grad students who work for a living and want you to devote your entire life to going to school. As an employee they often find ways to screw something up, such as not paying your insurance premiums or not pulling the correct tax amounts from your paycheck.


The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America. .. This place is a education institute of USA . . . . .

Trey Whitman


GhostGod 14

Joshua Estelle

Vamshi Krishna

Nikki Abel

Marcus Williams

Shalethia Brent

Cindy Staff

Thomas J

J Waay51

Beautiful place

Emmalyn Baldovino

Graylon Cross

Sabbir Hossain

Very very costly and expensive too.

Miles Mu

I love this campus


ernesto urena

Master Chief Tshepiso R


Benny Tucker

Savannah Castrillo

Madeline Ryan

Dave friend bama boy

Love south alabama

Melissa Keener

Devante Lewis

Hi h no. H. k. Jkb k

Maya Leonard

Burak Düzgit

Matthew Rhodes

Spent 5 years here. Overall a good experience.

Chandan Basetty

Channing Simson

I live a few blocks from here. So much to see there.

Ruth Chandler

Kehaia Shipman

Saad Altami

I lost my time and my money there. I'm happy that I transferred. the community are great but the university was really bad ! I'm glad that I left south Alabama.

Michael M

Go Jags! Great Mid-Major Division 1 school

Ali Merza

Wendy Kennedy

Ashley Gideon

I love south with all my heart! Our campus is great and teachers care of course there's like finical aid issues to some people but what college doesn't have that problem?! Our issues are minor to small and because we are growing there is always new construction which sucks but I'm happy south is growing and staying beautiful. I don't regret coming here at all

Dylan Estes

Go Jags!

Sherri Hudson

It could be better.

sheila mann


Speaking as an alumni, USA is an excellent school of higher education. As with any University, you must work to earn your degree. As an African American male I found race relations among facility and students at USA excellent.

A Google User

I Am Not Very Good At Football

Jill Terry

Jorie Reed

I didn't even go to this school because admission doesn't know what the hell they are doing and can't get their stuff straight. They are a bunch of idiots!

Madison Roman

Wish I could give it less than one star.

Samir D

It has made me into the man I am today.

Allswell aryee

Great school

فيصل الوسمي

Abdullah Al-3amer

I am proud because I am a student in this educational edifice.

Ji Hoon Jung


Hayden H

M7 Z

Kayyy Clark

Greg Willett

Part time student while stationed at BAFB, 1967-1968. Small school at that time, facilities adequate, glad to have attended USA. Go Jags!

Casey Henderson

David Musk

What can I say I went to school here and it was great. It gets bigger and bigger over time.

Anonymous Anonymous


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