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144 Main St, Stowe, VT 05672, United States

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Where is Black Cap Coffee & Beer - Espresso - Sandwiches - Craft Beer Store - Wine shop - Gift shop?

REVIEWS OF Black Cap Coffee & Beer - Espresso - Sandwiches - Craft Beer Store - Wine shop - Gift shop IN Vermont

Chelsea Phebus

Such good coffee. If you like foofy coffee (is, loaded with flavor), this place has great options. And it was genuinely good. Highly recommend.

Autumn Rakowitz

Great dirty chai. The customer service could use a smile and some friendliness.

Frank Leslie

Good food and atmosphere.

laila smith

Lovely place .beautiful views ,really friendly staff.I will be back on the fall .

Richard Gioia

I had a good sandwich and enjoyed sitting and reading while there.

G. G.

Friendly staff and fast service. Numerous choices of coffee by the pound.

Damon Brink

It's really 3.5 stars. It's a good place, charming, good coffee, nice art, Vermont-y gifts casual atmosphere... But you have to pay full price for refills, which makes it loose .5 start for me personally.

Paul Savage

Best coffee in town and the surrounding area.

Jeff Bowes

20 minute wait for coffee, no warning about the wait

Lee Kern

Cool idea, coffee and beer. Amazing espresso, 3rd wave quality

Kim Rhoads

Enjoyed my latte and egg and cheese sammie. Met up with some friends and were able to hang out for awhile- great atmosphere. Plenty of tables that are not crowded together, definitely going back.

Tyler James

Locally sourced brave coffee products.

Dave Canup

Great coffee and pastries.

Briana Drugg

Really good coffee

Daryl Lucas

Good coffee and food served in a spacious, character-filled shop. Only wish the prices were a wee bit lower ($7.75 for a smoothie? Phew!)

Jessica Weber

We visited Stowe a year ago and my husband still talks about the coffee he got from Black Cap. Great spot for a quick cup of joe from great rosters!

Pål-Vegard Wiksaas

Great coffee and nice beer selection

Kyle Miculcy

Solid coffee. Great place, you can't have the beer there which is interesting, overall cool atmosphere and good drinks.

Megan Lechner

I ordered a "Snickers" latte, fully expecting it to be too sweet to finish, and it was AMAZING - nicely balanced, sweet but still tasting like a coffee-based beverage. I almost got another one when it was gone.

enigma VT

On Main St the only place to have coffee. The pastries are fantastic. In addition you can buy local and interesting craft beers and wines.

Jackie Crosby

Great coffee and atmosphere. Pastries are also yummy

Patrice Dube

Nice coffee ans amazing smoothie

Colleen Crete

Delightful coffees, nice beer/cider/wine selection. The milky way latte is always a classic!!

Robert V

In my opinion, the worst tasting coffee I have ever had...Its pitch black and always tastes burned up. Oh the label , strokes your ego, that you are a worldly coffee aficionado, who would love beans grown in dark volcanic soils with hints of this or that...." rolling eyes".....but in the end , it was hard to even choke down... My friends and I are local , and we never go to the black cap..what does that tell you.!!!

Garrison Parthemore

The environment of this place is absolutely gorgeous, and the coffee is good not great.

Jo Morin

I had better expectation for this coffee spot. Coffee is average and there's not much food options.


Great coffee and wine/beer store and restaurant in downtown Stowe. There was a big line but the staff moved efficiently and was friendly. The coffee was delicious - I highly recommend a cappuccino here. Will definitely be back next time I’m in downtown Stowe.

Sergey Bondarchuk

Amazing cappucino, friendly and properly biarded barista.

Max Bishop Blades

We stopped in for breakfast and coffee on our quick visit to Vermont, and fell in love with the atmosphere at Black Cap. This cafe made our whole experience in Stowe, and we can't wait until our next visit! Fast, friendly service, delicious food and drinks, and lots of great gifts for sale.

Emily Wilson

Stopped in for a coffee, which was dark and delicious, but the home run was this gluten free, peanut bar thing. I don't remember what it was called, but was it so good and satisfying!

Stephanie Pineiro

Okay coffee shop, ordered a regular cup of coffee and a latte. I like dark roast but this coffee had a burnt taste and the latte was weak. Tried other coffee shops in the area and found better.

Diane Reed

Great coffee house and UP beers

John Peterson

AWESOME MOUNTAIN NEW ENGLAND COFFEE SHOP EXPERIENCE - meets most all of the criteria for a great one -- cozy sofa and seating, great coffee, plenty to eat, local artwork & products, section of locally made items, large supply of craft beers and wines to go, location, and atmosphere. And right in downtown Stowe amongst a lot of great shops, eateries, lodging, and at the end of the bike/jogging path that runs up the mountain. Before or after a walk in the cold crisp air, skiing, hiking, or shopping, this is the place!

Lin Zhao

Regular coffee is better than americano which is sf pricy

mindy gramberg

Comfy atmosphere, good breakfast sandwich, great coffee. Staff is nice!

Howie Lisnoff

Has the spirit of Stowe locked up here... great place!

Jeffrey Savarino

Maple latte might be my favorite drink ever made.

Stefano Di Lollo

When I’m in Stowe on the Main, I always find a reason to stop at this quaint (but spacious) little spot to fuel my caffeine craving. Who needs a Starbucks?!

Jay L

Disappointing. They were out of eggs in the morning at 10:00! Seriously? This is a coffee and breakfast place and they have no eggs? The service was extremely slow and the staff was not particularly friendly. The food was average at best. I would not come back here and would encourage friends to skip this place.

Bill Jankowski

Great coffee. Glad they open at 7 to provide an end to early morning bike rides.

Dash Porter

Amazing service, friendly staff, and cozy location. Make sure to stop here on the way to the resort. And try the connamon rolls!

Eric Watson

Good coffee down town

Aleh Veraskouski

Quiche is good. Coffee is quite average. Looks like the problem with the bean sourcing.

Diaz Manuel

I believe that this place rivals that of a Starbucks place.

michael kleinhenz

The level of quality was top notch indeed. Excellent java drinks with a wide variety to choose from! Tasty treats pared well. And to boot, they sell nice beer.

Pascale Savard

This is by far the best coffee shop in Stowe, lots of room to sit, read (and free internet), and even chat with the locals! Coffee is delicious and reasonably priced (and served with a smile). Also enjoy the freshly baked goods and wide selection of juices. Conveniently located in the hearth of Stowe, we strongly recommend!

Nicolle Metcalfe

Excellent coffee and a great place to find different beers

Anne-Margaret McElroy

Typical coffee haunt, bit pricey, but Stowe is a tourist haven...nice atmosphere, lots of seating, good food, staff was courteous. On street parking

Charlotte Presti

Amazing coffee and smoothie. Problem was I ordered a panini and was waiting for 25 minutes before I said something. As it turns out, they hadn’t even started it. Got to over 45 minutes later and finally got it. Very slow service but good food.

Julien Regnier

Good coffee, lacking a touch of magic but it's good. the place is nice.

Oliver Ames

This is one of the best coffee shops in the Stowe area. If you come from the city and are used to grabbing coffee at your local coffee shop, Black Cap will fill your need. The Maple Latte is amazing, the free WiFi is fast, and they even have a small gift selection and pottery studio. I've been taking clients here for years and the Black Cap staff are always accommodating. I cannot recommend Black Cap enough.

Emily Williams

Great latte and pastries. Cozy atmosphere.

Sabrina Sabbah

Best croissants in Stowe by far! Also the sandwiches and turkey gouda quiche are out of this world

Lauren Chrapowitzky

Great coffee and tons of beer, nice quiet place to visit

Joshua Palmer

Nice place but not a single stout to buy.

Lou Poulas

Enjoyed lunch and picked up some local beer as well

Steveg Golden

Like a dream come true....sleepy little Stow comes alive with an amazing cup of coffee, pastries and a smili g friendly staff


How can you not have ice coffee at a coffee shop? The sarcastic response listed below by the company shows how little the company cares for their customer. For those reading this an Iced Americano is a diluted espresso served over ice. I would recommend anyone looking for an iced coffee or cold brew to seek out one of the many other shops listed in the Stowe area.

M Bx

Another sub average dive in Stowe. How can the location of a building be cozy? The windows are steamed up because the glazing is cheap. Coffee pretty rank. Very little else on offer. Feels like this town is stewing in complacency with no great need for repeat trade and this place typifies it.

Gisela Grammel

The very best coffee and staff is warm and knowledgeable. Do not leave Vermont without stopping here! Their donut with the flaky texture and maple sugar must be enjoyed. I mean it....get that espresso and explore the beer selection in the cooler to take back to your hotel/inn/tent. Great experience there.

Kailas Kemkar

Awesome quality

Robert Fisher

Great friendly staff with fantastic coffee with craft beer sales.

Kevin Boutelle

Coffee is good, seating is comfortable, wifi is free and you can get a nice view of the activity on main Street.

Dave Rosenberg

Great coffee in downtown Stowe

Bonnie Parker

I come here for the warm atmosphere, friendly staff, great coffee, WIFI and mingling with local and international customers.

Brent Richter

great coffee, eatery hangout.

Jon Kremer

Good coffee

Rob G

This is a must-stop location if you're a coffee drinker. They serve a daily quiche or breakfast boli with some delicious panini morning sandwiches. I went here daily while on vacation and I greatly miss going here.

Dianne Labreck

Excellent..bit pricey but worth it!

Phil Charles

Gluten free options available. Gluten free mixed berry bread pudding was delicious!

Jane Cunningham

Great coffee

Henry Stern

Clean, bright, and nice. Kind of like a Starbucks...they have a few options for breakfast, drinks (apple cider, juice, craft beer), and snacks (chips, mostly). WiFi is nice, but not enough outlets, so come with power.

Harrison Davis

Not many coffee choices and coffee was ok. The sandwiches were alright. The beer was such a let down and there was a small selection of craft brews. You could buy a 6 pack but you couldn't drink it there.

King Arnoud

Great sandwhiches, smoothies and selection of drinks!

Walt Mlynko

Very nice alternative to Charbucks. Nice atmosphere and good tasting coffee.


Good stuff.

Brad Sylvester

Very friendly staff and GREAT drinks. My wife has a gluten allergy and there are a variety of options for her here.

Matt Morris

Nice coffee shop and a good place to hide from the cold weather. Lady on the counter was a bit all over the place but the Batista was very friendly and made up for her. Good drinks with free wifi

Frederick Guerra

This local cafe has changed alot throughout the years. Their newest addition is more seating, and the sofa and coffee tables are a comfortable place to meet with friends. They also now have a variety of VT craft beers that you can purchase and take with you. I do not believe you can drink alcohol here. I give it four out of five stars because I wish it was just a little bit more affordable. Expect a latte to be about $5-$6 depending on the size.

Steven Miller

Wide selection of coffees, warm drinks & sweet snacks. (Nice place on a cold winter day). Poor WiFi

Zac C

Slow moving line of tourists waiting to order at lunch. Stressed staff. Decent coffee.

Nick T

Great specialty coffees and a solid craft beer selection.

Harry Williams

Excellent coffee shop. Baked goods always fresh and delicious. Many coffee and speciality drinks. Milky way cappuccino is the best I've ever had. A few well thought gift item decorate the quaint building. Gets very busy at times but always worth the wait. I almost forgot the oatmeal is not only delicious but always special toppings available. enjoy....



Jazzie Red

Get the maple leaf cookie, don't worry about anything else, just do that. I am in love. (The Vertmonter sandwich was really good too.)

Benjamin Charles

Excellent coffee -- the espresso drinks are great, and the matcha Is tasty as well. The food is also good, but coffee is definitely the highlight. Prices are on the high end.


Great sweet matcha and coffee. Excellent customer service-my toddler spilled his hot chocolate and they couldn’t have been nicer.


Comfortable setting. Great coffee and food. Friendly staff. Great place to meet up and relax

Tracey Hill

Great coffee and sandwiches

Doug Lauver

Very good drinks and a great place to sit outside in the morning.

Sharon Henry Designs

Best coffee away from home!!

Kathleen Clarke

Great coffee shop, across the street from the iconic white church

Simon Schlerf

Friendly and a good selection of coffee.

Matthew J Fitzgerald

Relaxing spot to enjoy some good coffee and friends...

Paul Stephenson

Great place

Andrew Kostin

Cozy place for coffee and bite to eat. I had an almond milk latte and the apple crumb cake.

Tim Schroeder

Nice comfortable place with good baked goods & a very cool beer selection.

Kyle Mastro

Fantastic breakfast sandwiches, good coffee, great vibe, cool inclusion of beer store

Chris O'Gara

Good coffee but too hot in the restaurant so had to leave.

Samantha Besson

Clean, awesome coffee, great food

Keith Barnes

Service was good I got an ice coffe it sucked

Kelly Astleford

Pricey, but the coffee is great. Love the snickers latte. Limited seating as people tend to linger, but comfortable atmosphere

Kathleen James

Excellent coffee, but like everything in Stowe, it's pretty pricey. It's a cozy locale and the baked goods are delicious, though there could be more selection.

Alexandre Bergeron

Good sandwiches, excellent Choice of beer

Reema Modi

Best lil coffee shop in Stowe!

Jean st-andré

Best Coffee in town.

Will Gunther

Great cappuccino, cool affordable wall art

Heather in Stowe

Beautifully poured lattes. Tasty baked goods. Chill vibe.

Lilach Shani-Romano

Great Smoothie, cold and refreshing.

Dan Shpilsky

Great lattes and sandwiches

Jerome Gallinari

Good sandwiches. Nice staff. No water served.

Byron Edgar

I bought a bag of Brave Coffee; great coffee. Thanks

Ethan Bogar

Enjoyable breakfast and coffee, with strong WiFi for getting things done. Also a nice Craft Beer selection for purchase

Nik O

Wonderful little coffee shop and the baristas are very lovely!

Michael J. Farrand

Warm service, fun selection.

Hui Chieh Hsiang Jackson

Needed to find a smoothie for a toddler. We decided to try this place out since it was near the Butler's Pantry. I got an iced green tea for myself and smoothies for my husband and son. They both enjoyed their drinks. I was surprised my son drank all of his since he's a picky eater. They have coffee, tea, smoothies, pastries and a selection of beers toward the back. There's indoor seating and a small outdoor sitting area. I would come back again to try their other menu items.

John Ydo

Great coffee! With great VT maple syrup blended in! A real hit!

Adam Reed

$32+ for two sandwiches, two coffees & two raspberry bars seems expensive. All sandwiches are on english muffins which is fine but I think they should note they are in fact on wholegrain english muffins which would have influenced my choice.

Harold Judge

I really like Black Cap Coffee. Best dark roast in Stowe. My only complaint is that they don’t open early enough for me to enjoy their coffee in the mornings. If I want a cup of coffee I have to be late to work which we all know isn’t an option. I would like to see Black Cap open @ 6:30 am.

Trisha Watson

They use Brave coffee, roasted in Waterbury, Vermont, some of the best coffee I've had. They have expanded to add a nice selection of bottled beer.

rachel hoyt

SLOW service. Unfriendly staff and didn't add espresso to my latte. Shame because the espresso is tasty.

William Lucey

Fantastic service, breakfast cooked to order coffee outstanding.

Ann Williams

Still thinking of the pastries we enjoyed there! Coffee was very good and comfy atmosphere.

Konrad Von Hochstaden

Expensive, but great quality coffee and expresso drinks, delicious baked items, and fabulous beer, wine and hard cider selection. Restroom is really cozy.

Lisa Mugford

Grateful for this cafe.

Daniel Madson

Good coffee and pastry selections. They sell some nice local beer, cider, and wine too.

Nick Woolf

My favorite coffee place in Stowe. Very cozy atmosphere, great coffee, awesome selection of beer, and friendly service. The outdoor seating is very nice as well.

Michael Bigelow

Excellent iced maple latte and coffee cake!

Travis Napoli

Owner, food, and staff are amazing. The environment is well kept and relaxing. I wish I could keep it all to myself! They make great coffee and pastries. Oh and the beer selection is second to none! Thank you guys.


Great coffee and espresso drinks. Relaxing area to enjoy and great micro beer selection as well.

Stewart Allen

Staff who couldn't care less, coffee takes an age, except if you are local then you get cups and plates and fast service,otherwise it's paper cups and sandwiches wrapped in tin foil and back of the line. Plenty of better places to go.

Wandy Knitz


Jimmy Lin

We had the best sandwiches here! We came back the next day to grab some sandwiches for a trail hike - didn't disappoint!

Kyle Bartlett

Great breafast and lunch food and espresso type drinks. Inside and outside seating.

Mike Dewes

Good coffee and tasty breakfast sandwiches. The service was a little wonky the day we were there, but I'm sure it was a temporary issue.

R. Michael Lake

Good coffee

Md Saiful Arefin

It's ok.

Tyler Solorzano

They have some yummy breakfast sandwiches and their coffee is good. Great place to go for a calm and quiet breakfast

Charles Rabany

Black cap is a sure value. It's not the most amazing coffee place I've ever been but I know I'll get more than decent breakfast food and a good coffee drink every time. Especially if I get a dirty chai, they do that one better than the average place that would use crappy syrup for it.

R Chiostri

After exploring beautiful Stowe Vt, Black Cap is a wonderful place to unwind. Instead of coffee I opted for hot chocolate. The employees made an excellent recommendation which homemade treat would pair well with my drink order. The lemon poppyseed bread was amazing! Highly recommend!!

Richard orellana

Good breakfast

Laura Esquivel

Nice place. Quiet and comfy

Eric Knowlton

Good coffee and espresso drinks and a nice relaxing atmosphere


The luvliest and liveliest cafe in Stowe. Impressive craft beer selection too.

Darren Scott

Best coffee in stowe

Kevin T

You know what-- pretty good coffee.

kurtis wells

Great priced craft beer & delicious made to order sandwiches. This is a gem IF your traveling through VT.

Douglas Wands

Good for breakfast. Excellent drip coffee from Brave and fabulous baked goods.

Margaret Buettner

Love my place great food fantastic

Rob W

Great breakfast. Enjoyed the breakfast sandwiches

William Hart

Good atmosphere. Mediocre capuchinos. Milk was scalded, foam not integrated.

Elisabeth Charest

Stopped there after our bike ride. The staff was friendly. Espresso is good, the "Dirty chai latte" is awesome, so was the gluten free pastry. Great beer selection to go !

Alan Lines

Cool place,quaint,quality, nice

K Doherty

Amazing coffee and they offer other types of milks!!! I could actually have a latte for the first time in years. Definitely will stop back in the next time we are in Stowe!!

Barry Russo

I would visit more often if I could.

Tammy Wu

Coffee. Nice place to hang out and chill. A few couches. A few soups/sandwiches and muffins. The best bet if you're waiting for people.

DeAnn Forest Floor

Yawn. Walking into Black Cap Coffee is like walking into ANY "indie coffee house" in the US. Everything from the basic coffee shop menu to the pay-by-the-cup drip coffee is reflective of your typical coffee house. My husband and I grabbed a cup of the lighter roast drip coffee and it was drinkable. Our daughter selected an apple muffin and seemed happy enough with it. I ordered a Vermont cheddar grilled cheese on sourdough and was pleasantly surprised -- it was worth the $5. My only gripe about these types of coffee shops is the consistent "don't give a crap" attitude of the employees. The owner (presumably) spent the entire time on the phone and chatting with a few locals here and there. The only other employee hid in the back until she was forced to emerge to help customers who trickled in. Black Cap is a fine enough place to grab a quick cup of coffee; however, I wouldn't travel any distance or go out of my way to get here.

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