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REVIEWS OF Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea IN Tennessee

Kat James

This is one of my favorite coffee joints EVER. The baristas are so friendly and knowledgeable and the cafe itself is beautiful, with lots of seating, menu options and lovely art to look at. I was here from out-of-state and the barista directed me to another cool area of town to explore while visiting. I hope to be back in Nashville someday and this will one of my stops.

Ale Navia

Visited for the first time on Saturday 9/7. Great place and super nice staff. Only complaint is the music...i know i know sounds silly but its idea who the artist was (seemed to be the same guy for all of them) but all the songs were sad and angry af....confusing to say the least...solid wifi tho

Jonathan Burks

This is my favorite coffee shop in East Nashville. Highly recommend

Timothy D Beach

Usually packed.. Definitely a different feeling than say Portland Brew across the street.. I prefer the latter.. more of a Jungian Sensor's kind of place, where I'd say Portland Brew is more of an Intuitive's sort of vibe.. needless to say, I rarely hit this place up


I always enjoy visiting here. The coffee is always satisfying and the food is filling and refreshing. There is a great vibe of positivity in the staff and in all of the customers. You can always expect to overhear a lot of interesting conversations. The outdoor seating is also a huge bonus this time of year. Process are reasonable!

Gurbans Deol

Great coffee, cool atmosphere, what else do you need?

Danielle Schoen

Quick friendly service with excellent coffee and food options. It's the only coffee shop in East Nashville open before 7 a.m. Despite early mornings they are always friendly! Better seating options in Starbucks and a fantastic outdoor patio for seating as well.

Darren Van Paris

Really nice little cafe. Egg sandwiches are delicious and the eggs are incredibly fluffy! Nice spot if you are looking to socialize casually and do work as well.

Dustin Brooks

Interesting latte drinks available that taste great. And the inside and outside were great places to relax.

Clay Henson

Spent an afternoon studying here. Nice, quiet place with good coffee and the King sandwich was awesome (peanut butter, banana, honey, on a cinnamon bagel)

N Hines

Love this place I always come here for great coffee and a good place to study


Very chill environment. Great food and coffee! Make sure to order the Hoodie!

Peter Mancini

Always a good time at UM. Good food too!

Steven Mingey

Top notch service and atmosphere. I ordered a bagel sandwich, it was perfect. The iced latte was well made. Hope to go back again before I leave to go back home.

Anna Owen

Comfortable place to hang out with a delicious cup of coffee.

Roman Hunt

My coffee was pretty good for a standard cup of dark roast coffee. The price was a little high but everything is expensive in East Nashville.

Mike Halblander

Busy on Saturday AM but not overwhelmed.

Jessi Dillingham

Great coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. The latte I ordered was fantastic. Free WiFi, plenty of outlets. Parking wasn't too bad when I was there either.

Joshua Dirks

A great atmosphere with good coffee. The patio seating is very nice and the shop is sandwiched between a bakery and ice cream shop. You can hardly go wrong. It's also open later than most coffee places in the area.

Trey Caldwell

They have some nice specialty drinks and a relaxed atmosphere

Maria Martocci

Got a gift card for a friend

Mike Bolan

Great quick coffee,nice atmosphere too. Would go back

Jens Kvalvik

There coffee really is bar none. Great place for light lunch. Prices are lot better than other spots I frequently visit. Cozy and has community table. WiFi is fast and writing this review has me wanting to head over there now.

Marc Lacuesta

Delicious, relatively quick coffee and a decent amount of space for working inside and out, it's a local favorite. The scones are wonderful.

Stephanie Merrimon

Great flavors..nice vibe

Meg Griswold

Great coffee, yummy bagels and pastries. Lots of seating and a good place to meet up with friends.

Barbara Wells

Decent coffee and breakfast spot. Good place for working with good wifi and plenty of outlets.


The atmosphere is awesome! There is a lot of space to hang out with friends or code! They have some interesting mugs as can be expected from the name.

James Smiley

Nice looking place, seemed like the staff didn't want people there which was weird. 1 star cust service. Snobby and not one person said anytime type of greeting or even smiled at my entire 4 person party. Just odd bc they were millennials and so were we. Also, usually at a place called Mugs, for here orders would get a Mug but it seemed like these guys didn't want to dirty a dish. lol

Julie Stoltz

GREAT coffee shop. Great service.

Zach Frank

Often crowded but with good reason. Great coffee, good vibe.

Erin Fisher

My favorite coffee shop in east Nashville. Very consistent service and products!

Husain D

I went here on a recommendation and I am very happy I did. The coffee is very good and the chocolate croissant was delicious.

Todd Fortier

Great little coffee shop in East Nashville. I work from coffee shops often and it's sometimes hard to find a place with sufficient outlets, affordable coffee, and comfortable work areas. This place has it all plus some. Incredibly nice staff, hand breakfast food, and decent WiFi (especially if it isn't too busy). I will definitely work from here again when I'm in town. Thanks Ugly Mugs!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes

My favorite coffee shop of all time, hands down. The owners and the employees are so kind, I always feel welcome to stay for as many hours as I need to work, and the lattes and sandwiches are delicious and affordable. Some of the reviews said this place was "hipster," but I don't see it that way at all. It's very approachable and friendly and not trying to be anything it's not. Can't say enough good things about Ugly Mugs. :)

daniel saynes

Great variety!


Friendly staff and good options available. Plenty of seating for couples and a few good spots for small groups. Ordered a salad and a cappuccino, prices are good.

Sean Fournier

Pour-over coffees are worth every penny. Friendly staff. Good music. Clean.

Jessica Tims

Best coffee spot in Nashville!

Brandon Jacobs

Great location. The cappuccino was delicious. Workers were nice enough. The inside environment was ok I guess. I don't like the trend of coffee shops using only hard furniture and ever surface being hard, I prefer cushions and coziness, but apparently everyone else likes it. I'll go back though.

Brandon Haney

This is a great coffee shop. Friendly staff and delicious coffee. I really like the outdoor seating area. Its a relaxing place to enjoy the weather.

Paul Moran

Popular hangout. Had to wait a while on a Sarurday morning, but no complaint. Food was quality, coffee divine.

Andrew Lamond

Ripper Coffee shop with great staff and even better coffee, one of the best espresso’s I’ve had in the US.

Claire Mints

Great atmosphere! The food is good and the coffee is decent, but the service is always great.

then again

The best cafe and coffee house in East Nashville and probably in the whole town. Easy parking and filled with good people many who bring dogs and kids to play in the outside space and excellent restaurants and and ice cream shop are within steps of the space.

Kristin Sanders

Great place to meet up with friends and enjoy some awesome coffee.

Warren Norman Jr

Place is awesome. Reasonably priced, good food and drink, clean, nice staff

Marshall Fletcher

Nice staff, natural light filled and cozy space. Feels like the East Sides favorite coffee shop where being both hip and nice is achievable! Thanks, Ugly Mugs!

Matthew Tyndall

Went here for the first time. Ordered the Hoodie. The long haired gentleman was very friendly and informative about the coffee. If he was an Uber driver I would mark him as known for great conversation. Price was fantastic. Way better than Barista Parlor.

Selina Webb

Cute, small but roomy atmosphere. Tables outside. Books for kids.

Meghan O

They do crazy stuff with their tea. I had hot cider infused with tea. SO GOOD. I also hear their coffee is pretty good.

Haynes Brother

Ugly Mugs is my favorite coffee shop in Nashville. Atmosphere is great and they are incredibly fast and consistent with quality of drinks. The employees are very friendly and take pride in their work. I highly recommend Ugly Mugs!

Clif Dickens

A staple of East Nashville and my most-frequented coffee shop for 3+ years. Huge selling point: they're open until 10pm every night. No other coffee shop is open that late (besides Cafe Coco in Elliston place; and Waffle House if that counts). Not a big fan of the food, but they always have great staff and the vibe is good.

Isabelle Bennett

Super hip and trendy, I'm a fan. The baristas were really pleasant as well.

Misheal Crocker

Very nice establishment. Coffee is well made and very small shop. Love that they do Latte art.

Dallas Conry

Try the seasonal drinks! Hats off to whoever is coming up with their recipes, everything tastes amazing!

Celina Callahan-Kapoor

Great coffee drinks but I dont like the seating.

Mallory Wilson-deGrazia

Pretty underwhelmed by our experience. Up until now, all the food we've tried in Nashville has been great. I ordered the Bonny Doon and my partner ordered the lox. My egg was very tasteless and overdone and his meal had two measley strips of smoked salmon. It also took 20 minutes for these simple sandwiches to be prepared. My latte was nice, but the barista forgot to mention I had to collect it myself, so it was cold by the time I received it. Overall poor experience.

Ian Crossman

Great coffee and pastries. Really cool atmosphere. Great patio option in nice weather.

walduis rowseyag

I come here to work and sip on great lattes. Very comfy feel in here and when I work for a few hours in late afternoon its never too loud or busy.

Alicia Beth

This is a great local find! The coffees and teas are amazing, and it's shockingly affordable! The most elaborate coffee they have - which takes 8min to brew- is STILL under $3! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and it's a cozy, quiet place to work, study, meet up with friends, or just enjoy a mug of your favorite coffee or tea. My only warning is, it's hard to find if you don't know where you're going (and parking can be tricky during busy times).

Meghan Griffith

The best coffee in town. Has a very clean taste.

Lee Mockmore

Nice casual spot with good food. Great spot to get some work done

Houston Hatchett

Good coffee, great vibe and great wifi. Worth a visit prior to climbing at Climb Nashville East

makes garces

One of my regular stops. Good for quick coffee or tea and a muffin. Hot foods tend to take a long time to serve.

Scott Stubler

In from out of town. Their bingster and hoodie were amazing.

Rosi Hernandez

this is am excellent place, love the drinks and the people are super friendly

Katharine Sublett

It's a good coffee spot, but I wish it was bigger.

Stefanie Gough

BONUTS!!! The brunch wait was short, the food was amazing, staff was friendly. Will definitely be back.

Jacob Ayotte

Oh my goodness, the best coffee shop i have ever been to. My boyfriend and I love to adventure and try new foods and Coffee shops all around Tennessee. This is hands down the best I've had. Service was fast, workers were super happy and fun to talk to. The place had a really good vibe, everyone there was sweet and the coffee was amazing. I got a vanilla latte and it had the perfect amount of foam, not too little not too much. We loved it and will definitely come back and recommend to people

Jennifer Fox

Great place to hangout, bring laptops or tablets and just relax and unwind from work, college or family. I see people there working on there laptops or tablets or college students doing homework. The people are friendly too they have a outside area where you can enjoy the Spring, Summer, Fall weather and I see people bringing there Dogs not inside but outside.

Raymond Featherston

The cappuccino was more of a latte, but tasted great, and the cortado was.

Oleksiy Lysenko

Good latte

Warren Popp

Best cappuccino I have had in a long time. Always a telltale sign of a good coffee shop.

Mitchell Hadley

Really enjoyed the breakfast sandwich and coffee. Pretty busy but with adequate seating to accommodate.

Shake Collins

I have been driving by this coffee shop for a long time before finally deciding to make a stop just recently. And I can't believe I didn't try it before then. I ordered one of their best-selling espresso and it was definitely the best date I had.


Couldn't get the wifi working on my Chromebook. Good coffee though.

Jessica Stadelbauer

Great coffee awesome location

Landon Stephens

Nice little place with great drinks at great prices. But one thing that stuck out was the politeness of the employees. This is the kind of place I'll go back to time and time again because the employees were very considerate and helpful. Thank you guys! What a great impression you've made!

Rose Perez

I've only been here once but I fell in love. It's such a cute little spot. I love the fact that it also has outdoor seating. It appears to be a popular location because I was there for about 4 hours doing work and it stayed full the entire time I was there. I like how even though they were busy and full it wasn't super noisy. the customer turnover wasn't too distracting either

Jeremiah Gill

Only complaint: they wouldn’t serve me just a sandwich. Had to pay for the + chips combo (and I didn’t want chips). But the Greek feta sandwich was DELICIOUS. And vibe is great. Crowd is doing things. So five stars ⭐️

Gary Joseph Stier

Laid out like a Starbucks bit with better coffee Bit of a lineup so might need more staff -- only one cashier & one person serving up orders. RedEye Rules!!

Jessica Qunell

Delicious drinks and great food too! Indoor and outdoor seating.

Jordan Smith

A nice and laid back coffee shop. It's brand new and the interior is really nice with really comfortable seating options. The coffee is solid too. Not the best coffee in town but consistently good.

Jennifer Burke-Mustafa

Coffe is very good. Medium latte is $4. Really good

Donald Dailey

Great place

Kyle Hopkins

You simply won't find better coffee, a better atmosphere, a friendlier staff, or more reasonable prices anywhere else in East Nashville. THIS is your coffee shop!

Zach Agnew

I was shocked at how long the line was and it stayed long. I heard really good things so I decided to wait it out and see for my self. I was not disappointed! It was delicious coffee and I love the look of the place. Its got an old time feel but very clean and somehow modern is tied in as well. Very cool place to visit if your in the area.

Katrena Rochell

A great coffee shop located in East Nashville. Always happy with my selections!

Taylor Davis

LOVE this coffee shop! It’s got fairly cheap food and good coffee, plus the seating is great if you want to work at a coffee shop. Definitely love the outside seating courtyard and the other businesses you can easily access. It has way more FREE parking than most places, although when it gets busy (ahem... Saturday night) don’t expect to find a place. Great vibes. Interesting folks. Nice loyalty program that’s fairly new.

Steve Smith

Great coffee.. Great service.. Great atmosphere in a really fun part of town.. Stop by give them a try

David Stephenson

Great service and great coffee. Baristas had no issues making a fresh pour over, even close to closing.

Tyler Carpenter

Great coffee. They have a little bit of everything and even have a breakfast/lunch menu. The atmosphere is excellent: always full of locals and in a neat area of East Nashville.

David Geist

Really enjoyed our stop at Ugly Mugs. The had all my favorite (lite) breakfast foods: yogurt with fruit and granola, oatmeal, and blueberry muffin. If I moved to Nashville, I would look for a house near this little shopping center.

J Anderson

Gluten free cupcakes were HEAVEN!! Perfect with a mocha coffee (or two)!! Great writing spaces, with plenty of electrical outlets, windows and seating...perfect writing day at this place! (But, y'all stay away - you'd hate it.) LOL

Marcia Cherry

We had a delicious cup of spicy chai and a latte. The blueberry muffins were the best and I have a discriminating taste for baked goods!


Good coffee and tea, quiet atmosphere, and friendly people! Great for when you're working away from home.

Andrew Sward

Great place! Quick and not overly priced! Plus they sell local beans

Bekah McDonald

Amazing coffee, super friendly staff.

Moe Berwari

Nice stuff... good coffee that’s what all matters

Morgan Matens

Great tea and coffee. The food is good too. My favorite thing is the chocolate chip cookies and the very nice staff. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to sit.

meghan johann

Such a neat place to hang out and enjoy some good coffee. I like to come here and sit outside. It offers a great atmosphere and is close to so many other cool little shops to explore.

Cynthia Coletti

Good coffee and delicious breakfast sandwich. My husband had the Lox and bagel and I had the avocado, egg and Sprouts bagel. Yum!

Kelsey Down

Nice muffins, nice coffee, nice atmosphere. Nothing too incredible, but good.

Amy Porterfield

I love this coffee shop. My mom, daughter, and I come here every time we come to Nashville. The atmosphere is so peaceful!

Austin Graff

Ugly Mugs is one of the growing number of coffee shops in East Nashville, where the hipsters live in the city. Ugly Mugs makes an okay cup of coffee, but if you're looking for the hole in the wall coffee shop that you just stumble upon in the city, go elsewhere. Ugly Mugs is in a new development with several other restaurants and bakeries. Although local, it looks like a Starbucks inside with outdoor seating to boot. The staff are friendly and they advertise local events, but it doesn't feel like a local coffee shop. With just decent coffee, I'd find another place to try if you want the true East Nashville experience like nearby Barista Parlor.

Michael Musgjerd

Cozy little spot. Great tasting coffee and food menu. Good space for those who want to gather with friends or others looking for a place to get work done.

Natalie Stone

Favorite coffee shop in Nashville! Great coffee and food. Always busy because it's so good. Personal favorites are the Hoodie and Bing lattes, which never disappoint. The Lavender latte is also good. Recently, they started serving quiche from Sweet 16th, a great local bakery.

Nick Alvarado

I got the lumberjack latte and it is amazing! The atmosphere is great and the service was wondering. 10/10 would go again.

Paul Currie

Good coffee and chilled atmosphere. Seats were between comfy and good to work from. Deffo will be back.

Jermaine Evans

Nice little chilli spot.

J Richard

Spacious coffee shop with good house coffee. The muffins are solid. Laid back atmosphere with a patio, a lot of people study or work on business stuff there. A lot of parking in the paved or gravel lot.

Hollie Bradshaw

Coffee has strong flavor; loved it. Customer service was lacking.

Frank Hettinga

Love it! Real good cappucino!

steph b

This place used to serve subpar coffee, but lately it's been one of the best joints in Nashville! The Bingster is one of the best coffee drinks ever made. Service has greatly improved as well!

Thomas Bruel

Always friendly and they have Dozen pastries!

Mighty Jay

Nice area to check out while in town!


The atmosphere is amazing, the staff was nice and it was over all pretty cozy. However, I ordered a lavender latte with soy and it tasted like actually bath water. I wouldn’t not order it again. Maybe the barista just messed up while making it, but very disappointed for my first time there.

Dez B

Friendly staff, and a nice cozy coffee shop made this a perfect night cap.

jeff bowab

Best coffee shop in Nashville Best coffee and food Best people Best owners Best atmosphere Highly recommend

Kyle Trent

Incredibly welcoming atmosphere and helpful staff. This place has become an important part of my weekly routine.

Anna Goolsby

Reasonably priced beverages in an extremely convenient location to other shops and restaurants. The menu is limited, but what they do serve is very good and the dining area is an excellent size for the crowds that it gets.

Alexis Maher

Ordered a Hoodie (latte) and argyle sweater (breakfast sandwich) for breakfast. Delicious

Ahmad El-Bobou

Great place to hang out or do some work! Lots of interesting drinks and friendly staff.

Christian Rodriguez

Great place to study or meet up with friends over coffee. I love their rotating pour over selections and they are reasonably fast in preparing your drink. They also have plenty of indoor seating and some outdoor seating as well. Highly recommend!

Donessa Strickland

Loved this place! I had one of their signature Hoodie drinks and I really liked it. I also had a bacon, cheese scone that was really good. Both of my daughters liked their choice also. We sat outside and enjoyed the great weather. There were a couple of places to shop/eat.

Elias Vedders

Favrotie coffee shop in the world. Am I biased based on good memories? maybe

Darell Hayes

If hipster and cute decided to have a baby, it would be Ugly Mugs Coffee. Service was decent, coffee was standard, atmosphere was perfect. This coffee shop acts as an urban forum with ample space for groups. A short jaunt to numerous restaurants, it's a great meeting place before heading out in East Nashville.

Francisco Arango

Good place with yummy food too

Ryan Hill

You know, friendly service but $.95 upcharge for cruelty free (non dairy) milk is no longer acceptable. It's not 1987. It is inexpensive and dairy is becoming less and less acceptable in society. Time to update your menu and prices.

Andrew Popowich

The Bonfire Latte was very sweet!

Amy Fisher

Upon entering, I was immediately enamored by the hipster decor. Names of food & drink were precious (I.e. Argyle Sweater bagel). Sadly, the execution did not land as well as the ideas for a coffee shop/breakfast joint. AFTER he rang us up for some sandwiches and lattes, the less than enthused barista informed us it would be at least a 20 min. wait for the food due to “having only a toaster and panini press in the back”. Feeling SO excited to have already paid for this, I awaited. Hoodie latte was delicious but lacked the caffeine kick I was hoping for. After asking which one of us got the Argyle Sweater, they proceeded to give me the wrong sandwich. Bagels were dry, eggs were salty, much like my body in the state of a 3 day Nashville hangover. They were both so mediocre we reluctantly ate them, then realized they were switched. This experience firmly lands on the list of places I like to call “FANCY DUMB-DUMB”.

Richie Bee

Nice staff, friendly conversation and the iced coffee is good enough for me

Dino Moll

Very nice cold brew. I asked for a bit of almond milk and they gave me the milk carton to decide how much

B Pearl

Nice place to meet up or spend time using free WiFi. Not a tourist vibe. This is a busy locals' spot.

Meghan Phair

Generic industrial hipster coffee shop. Far fewer actual ugly mugs than expected. The 'Eclipse' (salted caramel iced latte) was tasty, so was the blackberry almond muffin.

Andrew Brown

My office away from my home office. Amazing staff!! They care about the work they do and the coffee they make. Its fun and light. If we could only keep the tourists away. Oh well small price to pay for an awesome 3rd place!

Christopher Beard

The coffee at this coffee shop is...okay if you don't drink a lot of coffee, and maybe if you douse it with cream and add sugar. Everything else was fine.

Cat Man

I have never had a latte as good as the ones I get there!

Елена Сабра

Amazing place. I visited with 2 my small kids (just didn't find any options to leave them) and all everybody was very friendly to us. Great coffee. Really. I take espresso and cappuccino, both was very good. I expected to see more kind of dessert but they have enough. Blueberry muffin was very nice. Also notice - ice cream shop, bakery, fitness and wellness center very near. Definitely highly recommend for coffee lover. And definitely will visit again.

Charlie Polenz

Possibly the most hipster coffee shop I've ever been to. The coffee is okay and the food was alright. Nothing special about this place. They take your order on a reusable writing pad, but they give you coffee in disposable cups, even though we ordered "for here" and even though their name is "ugly mugs". The place was packed, per usual for a mediocre place with no character that all the hipster locals just love.

Ferdinant S Balla

The espresso here is my favorite. They make it like in Italy, the sugar stays on top of the foam. Mmmm tasty. Atmosphere is very friendly, staff is beautiful.

David Pryor

Americano good coffee

Pablo Molina

Great coffee, relaxed fit

Suzanna Gerasimovich

Delicious lattes.

Jacob Surface

Staff was kinda rude, but cool environment and good coffee.

L East

Great coffee shop with delicious meals and excellent coffee drinks. Dairy free options available.

Claudio Toro

Great place to work. Good coffee and pastries. Great donuts nearby.

James Wik

Good coffee, very peaceful place.

Katrice Graves

Love the atmosphere and it’s a great place to grab a coffee and chill. However, myself and seemingly everyone around me has issues with the wifi. Wish they would get this fixed!

Dan Hinst

Great place for quick meetings. Great coffee, amazing service, breakfast sandwiches and light pastries.

James Ohrt

Really good coffee

Reza Gharachamani Asl

Cozy with excellent non-dairy cappuccino!

Daniel Zewde

Ordered a plain drip coffee and it was pretty good! Service was friendly and courteous!

Carlos Lopez

Solid coffee. One of the best in eat Nashville. Perfect location next to Jeni's ice cream and Five Daughters bakery for coffee and sweets

Mark Hearn

Nice staff and the food was good.

J M Butler

Great coffee, pleasant atmosphere, and tremendous desserts. A neighborhood coffee house that's worth the drive from other neighborhoods.

Daniel Stewart

Great coffee joint! 4-star is great. Nothing particular about it that deserves a 5-star. I recommend as a local coffee stop!

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