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REVIEWS OF Steadfast Coffee IN Tennessee

Rick Petri

Great space with booths, high tables, and outdoor tables and space. Coffee was good and the breakfast burrito was definitely something special. Fresh arugula, chunks of hard curried sausage, guac, and egg. Really really good! Service was a little on the slow side so don't be in a hurry.

Allison Hendrickson

Favorite coffee in Nashville!

Timothy D Beach

Definitely young, well intentioned... the seats along with the tables are welded to the floor.. mean coffee game though.. not my first choice for a place to work outside the office though.. if you're bringing / meeting friends, seems more inviting.. not to say you can't introvert out there,, just not my personal first choice for this

Lauren Dougall

Beautiful space, quiet, the food and coffee are delicious. Expensive but worth it. A real treat.

Barry Holland

Never been here, but caught wind of their abhorrent business practices. Refusing to pay freelance professionals while you profit off of their work? Despicable!

Bree Perry

The atmosphere was enjoyable, however the coffee and food is overpriced. I was surprised at the bill, especially when the food came out and there was practically nothing in my breakfast tacos.

Ryan Conrad

The carbonated cold brew was good, but the iced butterscotch latte was amazing. Probably my favorite iced coffee drink I’ve ever had.

Ari Martin

Staff was friendly but seating is limited and single customers occupy entire booths by spreading their belongings across the table to prevent others from having seats. The menu is limited but the wait for food is much longer than expected. Menu includes a variety of unique drinks and brunch items; seems to be a trendy yet hidden gem.

David Martinez

Breakfast egg sandwich was delicious, the side of sausages with the homemade mustard were so good. Only complaints are that their steam wand was broken than day so couldn't get my latte and it is a bit pricey for breakfast. Nice cozy location but have limited seating inside since many people are there for what seems like a very long time "working"

Crystal Ross

First off the landscape reminds of a Japanese garden. I got an iced coffee that was refreshing on a hot day. The ambiance was nice and staff brought our drinks over to the table.

Eleanor Jarvinen

Absolutely love this place! Staff is so friendly, coffee is amazing, pastries are fresh and delicious, and they have beer! What more could you ask for? 10 out of 5.

Matthew Wien

Creative, unique and delicious. Stop in for an after dinner coffee or just grab dinner here! The soda, flip and atlas coffees were amazing and like nothing we've tasted! Shout out to Mason for being our awesome server!

Cari Rivan

Two words: coffee soda. So good!! If you're unsure, they will give you a bit to sample before you commit.

Mirian Kina

Very nice enviroment, good service, nice staff. Good e as good as well.

Drew Kimzey

Everyone should try an Atlas from Steadfast at least once in their lives. Absolutely incredible

Robert Drake

This is a pretty great coffee shop. The food is delicious. The pear, ham, and cheese toast was particularly tasty. Also delicious was the butterscotch espresso. The deck is delightful and having a second bathroom is a plus as it's often crowded. It is a bit pricey and though the Baristas are competent, you could see their soul break to make decaf. Still, it's worth the trip for the food alone.

Kerri Strike

Great food and atmosphere

Whitney Marlin

Very friendly staff! Unique menu.

Peter Barnett

Great quality

Timothy Ackman

Good coffee, good pastries, good service. Clean, friendly environment. Beautiful inside and out. Baristas are knowledgeable and accommodating. The coffee was my favorite I've had in my time in Nashville

Geraldina Leech

Coffee was on point. I had the duo small coffee and an espresso shot. The egg sandwich with the world was really good! Service was great too!

Yan H

Great spot. Can be a bit noisy, bring headphones.

Stephen Lee

Great local coffee shop. The baristas are always very welcoming and the drinks and food are both amazing. Great environment to have brunch or get some work done.

Mel Johnson

I just use their publis restrooms because Howard Schultz doesn't want my Trump supporting money, so I only give him what he deserved.

f portelli

The coffee here was fantastic. They served my cappuccino with a small glass of sparkling water. Nice touch. There’s also a pitcher of water and a couple of glasses at every seat. The guy that served me suggested the egg sandwich: poached eggs on a brioche bun with mustard. It was great.

Autum Adee

So good! Great yogurt and granola. Exceptional staff. Love the vibe here.

Cassidy Gorsuch

Always out of things every time I go

Leah Nixon

The staff are so friendly! I loved asking about the different coffee drinks. Pricey, but delicious. Enough room to sit at a table for a while and do work.

Adam Nunley

Amazing coffee and environment with a great specialty coffee drink selection! The staff though is what sets them apart. Friendly and knowledgeable! Buy and drink and some will not be disappointed and if you were the staff would make it right!

Taylor Stone

This place serves delicious black coffee (though it was a little expensive). I loved the beautiful outside space to rest in the sun! Definitely recommend.

stuart murphy

Beautiful space, not stuck up like the other coffee shops in town. Coffee and blended drinks are so good!

andrew butenko

I love the elevated terrace that makes the spot feel almost cozy and surprisingly secluded for a downtown location. they serve good espresso there.

Branden Palesano

Great espresso and very nice baristas!

David Jungquist

Good coffee and great atmosphere to visit with friends

jonathan todor

Super cool chill spot. Great for inspiration!

Walker Cole

Delicious coffee. Cool, relaxed atmosphere. Great food options.

Daniel Mizusaki Katayama

Lovely ambiance, good coffee. Had the breakfast tacos, which had a nice touch added by the pickled red onions, and the blueberry muffins.

Bob Bobarian

I loved this coffee shop!! Macchiato was just about perfect. The space had a great vibe and it was extremely chill and relaxing. The espresso machine was super interesting too. It was beneath the counter and basically all you see is the “tap”. Go there, you won’t be disappointed.

annabezhenova .

First time in Nashville and don't regret that we picked this place for our breakfast! Delicious food and amazing atmosphere. Try it you will love it!!!

Wesley Corbett

I really want to like this coffee shop. The coffee and baked goods are delicious. However, the design is ableist. It's not easily wheelchair accessible (it's all stairs from street level from what I can tell) and the inside lacks low seating, there is a step up for all low tables or they are high tops. Definitely not an accessible place for all.

Thomas Cooper

Saw Governor Bill Lee there so, I guess it's popular.

Ryan Alan Stanley

Out of all of the coffee spots in Nashville, and there are a ton, this is either my top or second spot. Great atmosphere. Pretty good seating, inside and out. Coffee is amazing. Staff is even better. I drive 20 minutes and drive past several other coffee shops to get there.

Riker Weimer

You know, if you paid the people you hired you wouldn't be in a position like this. 2.5 years and no pay? That's one of the most despicable things a business can do. Pay the people.

Al-Qarad Auydheem

These people have not paid their digital staff in over 2.5 years.

Kate M. Nelson

By far one of my favorite coffee shops in Nashville. I love the coffee, food, and the customer service is unlike any other coffee place in Nashville. Way to go Steadfast!

Carley Garner

Do not order from here using DoorDash. The online menu is not updated. We ordered 2 poached eggs (described as coming with brioche and preserves) and a side of bacon. We recieved 2 poached eggs without sides at $7 each. The egg sandwich also wasn't as described on the menu and one of the items we ordered wasn't even available (which delayed the order by an hour). After almost $70 in charges we are still hungry. That said, the food we did receive was delicious.

Jacob Mansfield

Best egg sandwich I have ever had. I use to own a coffee shop and this is by far a high quality coffee bar. The menu is different which is Great and the coffee is high quality. Love the atmosphere as well.

Nate Stemm

Try the Atlas or coffee soda for a different side of coffee than traditional. I wasn't extremely blown away by the ambiance of the place but the coffee and execution of specialty drinks showed this place knew what they are doing. If you haven't tried yet, check it out... lots to be loved here.


Great place to eat & drink coffee - and if you need to work from your laptop, they have generously provided tons of easily-accessible outlets. Super nice, efficient staff. Mellow music that's not too loud.

JD Yeh

Great place to work inside or outside!

Alex Phillips

Had the Bruled Iced coffee, and it was everything I could hope for!

Alexander Albi

Always friendly. Solid coffee.

Chandler Ross

Had a Nashville Celebrity sighting here! I was enjoying Steadfasts Coffee's Duo (individual espresso shot, 5oz of coffee and a side of soda water) when in walked Mike Wolfe from American Pickers! Every time I've had coffee here the inside has been completely filled with people drinking coffee and working on there computers. I've had the poached egg sandwich that has been divine!

Madin Nashville Blogger

Professional staff and excellent breakfast and brunch options. Great coffee!

Beverly Guillermo

Great staff and exceptional premade pastries. I tried the Coffee Soda and the Galette, which I got right away. Also, it seemed like a great place to work indoors or outdoors with access to wifi.

nathan gonzalez

Cool space, great patio. Baristas are friendly and great at their job. Always a fan.

Cecily Newman

Loved this place! Got a salad which I couldn't stomach - I'm newly pregnant and pretty queasy - and they swapped it for a delicious sandwich for me with no trouble. Coffee was delicious. I'm a Seattleite and can definitely give this place my recommendation

pj fitz

Apparently they don’t pay freelancers.

Kelly May

Had a delicious breakfast here, tho they don’t offer gluten free toast :( Coffee was sensational Trendy, hipster vibe

Ray Siler

One of the best cafes in Nashville!

Jay O'Meara

I did not have a good experience at Steadfast. Came in, waited on line. Had to listen to the female barista sniping at her colleagues the entire time. Maybe she had a bad day but keep that ish behind the scenes. After I ordered I waited. And waited. Then I got the wrong drinks. As in both drinks were completely wrong. Be quick and wrong or slow and right. Bummer.

Sean K

their atlas coffee has a cool rich creamy top of a filtered non bitter coffee. very delicious.

Noah Henscheid

I love Steadfast! The decor is super minimal and slick, and the baristas are so friendly and awesome. Most importantly, the coffee and espresso is perfectly executed. They roast their own, and the attention to the craft doesn't do unnoticed. Well done!

Raymond Featherston

When traveling I always look for a local coffee shop to try and this spot did not disappoint. The americano and the latte we ordered were delicious. We ordered a couple of sandwiches and they were pretty standard but nothing special. The cinnamon rolls looked absolutely delicious and I will definitely give them a try next time I'm in the area.

Ryan Gregory

Almost always busy but worth it. Best espresso shot in Nashville.


My wife and I had two Ethiopian Duo's a d they were delicious. The staff is friendly and helpful. As other reviewers have pointed out, there is limited space which can be frustrating. Overall great experience.

A. M.

Very hip place, the iced butterscotch latte was very good. Nice atmosphere. I didn't order anything to eat but the food looked really good!

Eddy Cuisinier

Great place for coffee in this neighborhood. Friendly staff and quick service. The coffee was fresh and tasted great. I enjoyed the relaxing music and the zen garden outside.

Shake Collins

We are definitely loving this coffee shop! When it comes to coffee, my family and I always find ourselves turning our backs to this coffee shop. Their regular coffee, espresso, caffé americano, café latte, cappuccino, long black, and even their smoothies have a distinct taste that makes them stand-out from the rest.

Logan O'Neil

Iced latte is weaker than Starbucks. Asked for an extra shot because my drink was essentially just milk and the barista was reluctant and stand offish about it. Fortunately she did provide the extra shot and it made the latte better but certainly not what quality I expected from a modern/hipster coffee shop.

Sue Zhang

Tartines are good and fresh. Coffee is unfortunately hit or miss - sometimes it’s strong, sometimes it’s very diluted-tasting and unworthy of its high price tag. Overall food is better than the drinks in terms of value and taste. Nice atmosphere tho and the outdoor area is great. Good place to repeatedly come.

Jerry Williams

teadfast is my favorite roaster in Nashville. I make it a point to stop in every time I’m in town

Angela Payton

Just got regular drip coffee and it was perfect! Cute little place.

Tim Valshtein

Great spot to do work or hangout. Beautiful decor and fantastic coffee. Food is light, but delicious (tho a bit pricy).

Courtney Ogunpola

I work from home and this is my favorite getaway spot whether I’m working or hanging. Steadfast has an amazing outside layout, dog friendly, and the staff is amazing. They have an impressive coffee and tea selection. Coffee soda, butterscotch latte, and the St. Rose are a few must tries. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Eric Weathers

The ambiance is alright, but that's about it. They serve coffee in glasses instead of mugs, so the coffee quickly turns cold. It's hard to hold the glass when the coffee's actually hot too. I thought the whole purpose of a mug was to avoid these two issues! I also didn't care that two small latte's cost $14 if you get them with almond milk. That's crazy expensive! The people who work there are great and the ambiance is cool, but given the wide selection of coffee shops in Germantown who don't overcharge or serve coffee in glasses on a complicated plate, I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Kaylee Rose

Delicious food and coffee and great atmosphere

Taylor Nick

Obsessed with the home-made butterscotch syrup latte. It's comforting with being over sweet. Get the egg sandwich - something about the pickles onions makes it AMAZING! So savory with a mild garlic bite! Beautiful, minimalistic environment and lovely outdoor seating.

Conor Pocino

Simply amazing spot. The coffee is phenomenal and the salads (especially the kale sweet potato salad) are delicious. Always quick and the baristas are very helpful. Highly recommend this spot.

Jessica Nicole

The avocado toast and brulee latte are both AMAZING! One of the best coffee places I've ever been to.

Zubair Ahmad

Craft coffee parlor in Germantown. Offering your standard espresso drinks and drip coffee along with pourovers. They also offer more inventive items like bruleed lattes. Has plenty of seating but was absolutely packed when I went to visit. Can't go wrong with steadfast or barista parlor if you're in the Germantown neighborhood.

Aaron Mrozik

Regularly meet here for meetings. Seating can be tight around the lunch hour. Seating is not the most comfortable, very modern Craftsman. The food and drinks have always been very good. Prompt service. Very tense crowd for the most part. There is outdoor seating, unisex bathroom, and a bar. Overall a great spot, though not entirely my vibe.

Jodi Costa

FIVE STARS ... at ignoring me. There are too many coffee/breakfast options to sit and be ignored by staff. Now I see other reviews of overpriced, funky tasting coffee and sad menu options. So glad we went right around the corner to BARISTA PARLOR X.

Michael Cassady

Coffee was decent, nothing fancy. Did not try the food, but the diner next to us had something with a fried egg on it that looked pretty good.

Jessica Gibbons-Benton

Great coffee and great food. A little pricey. Nice place to meet up with people or work for a few hours. A little small, but really nice inside. Chairs get a little uncomfortable after a while. Overall one of my favorite coffee shops in Nashville.


Great place if you want overpriced coffee. It's listed as "FAIR TRADE," but seeing as they didn't pay their web developers for over 2 years it makes me wonder if they just buy Folgers and pour it into a FAIR TRADE basket.


Maybe they should pay their freelance web designers

Shane M

Decent coffee, but their inability to pay their IT/creative/website team for over two years earns them one star. Steadfast you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Erik Rocha

One of the nicest looking coffee shops I've visited. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Can't go wrong with their coffee, really. I had the Atlas and it was a really different (but delicious!) way to drink coffee.

Bagamba Jonathan

I would love to be a partner in my Pearl of Africa (UGANDA)

Tim B

Good coffee but menu is a bit pricey. Hipster hangout.

Chris Roberts

They take coffee and tea seriously. Outdoor patio is away from the street offering a quiet vista to meet & greet.

Christiana Nadolny

The Atlas was a coffee drink I can't describe because it was so unique. It'd be nearly impossible to replicate so you've gotta go here to try one. Get a bacon cheddar scone while you're at it cuz they're super tasty too.

Bobby Schultz

Very nice and fast service...looked clean and well run...however, prices are higher than other coffee shops, and you have to ask for cream/sugar. I REALLY put a high value on making my own cup to perfection! I didn't bother asking about refills...if they are "50 cents or free" then prices are about right for a person who usually consumes more than a cup.

Jordan Spurling

Amazing coffee shop. Familiar and innovative drinks crafted perfectly. Food is outstanding as well. One of my favorites.

Zachary Lim

Steadfast is my favorite roaster in Nashville. I make it a point to stop in every time I’m in town. I especially like that they offer The Duo. Very few shops give you the option of ordering a sampler of a coffee as both drip and espresso. The Matchless Coffee Soda is also a must try. Note that the parking is limited, but there’s plenty of street parking nearby.

A Zellmer

This place rocks. Staff is amazing and personable. Food is always on point. (The granola with alternate milk is always a favorite). Drinks, both coffee and adult are always well considered and top notch. The place is a great way to relax and enjoy a nice morning, afternoon, or evening.

Elaine McDonnell

Awesome cappuccino and service!

Govert F. Deketh

Great quality coffee.

gautame vakkalagadda

had a very bad experience, the waiters are rude they through the plate on the table. Very bad at taking the order too. I am a vegetarian and the food i ordered has meat in it, and i dont eat meat. They refused to replace my dish and asked me to pay extra for anything that i asked to replace. horrible experience ever i had in around 150 coffee shops i visited. I had to give one star as for my review to be posted.

Devin Larsen

Had a pretty good Americano while I was here. The espresso roast was well-balanced, not too acidic and still a bit fruity. The cafe was comfortable on the inside, providing a cozy place to sit and appreciate the morning before venturing through the city.

Tony Jenkins

A lot of people love this place. I have to admit, the ambiance is great. But this place is not for me. I've tried at least half a dozen times. I want to like it. The coffee is served in glass and it gets cold way too fast. The food is foofy. The experience is over priced here. I'll pay a little more for ambiance but the food here is not that great. I haven't tried them for a drink, since the do serve beer and wine. Steadfast might be a good option for a drink... I'll have to try this.

Rachel Truelove

They have some cool twists on coffee. My personal favorite is their rested iced butterscotch latte. They have all kinds of options for coffee lovers! Their food options, however, I think are lacking. They do have a few options if you intend to sit down and eat a breakfast. But if you’re always in a time crunch like me, they have a minimal pastry selection that has one or two choices that change regularly, a banana muffin (my personal favorite :)), and cookies... but they’ve been out of those the last few times I’ve stopped by. Limited parking, but there is street parking extremely nearby. Very modern inside and a friendly staff. I would recommend it to the coffee lovers who are locals and haven’t stopped in and tourists! Just don’t anticipate a super wide selection of pastries.

Aaron Evans

Really love the coffee here, however, my friends and I were on our way back to KY and stopped in Nashville on the way to get coffee (we stopped specifically for Steadfast) and we arrived at 6:30 to find the doors locked, and the barista working was counting the drawer and didn’t even look up at us. I checked SC social media to make sure they didn’t change their hours for the winter months, and saw nothing that indicated that. Wish we could’ve had the amazing coffee that is made here!

Derrick Grace

Nice place to get not-so-typical breakfast at a reasonable price. Staff is incredible! Great place to go chill. Love it here.

Dino Moll

Very nice coffee. It reminded me of the places we have in Melbourne, Australia. Very cool. Still can’t get used to how big the coffee sizes are over here haha nice food as well.

Holly Baird

This was a perfectly fine coffee shop. But good grief it was expensive $6 for a short rocks glass! With all the options in the city this just felt a little nondescript - like the typical obligatory local coffeeshop. I'd go back but it is not my first choice.

Shelley Calabrese

Good chai latte and Americano. Staff wasn't very helpful in greeting or assisting new folks to know their ordering options or procedures.

Hailey Markos

Very underwhelming menu and atmosphere and very strange tasting coffee. I was definitely let down by the entire experience

Clarence Gray

Excellent coffee and food, very passionate and customer service oriented employees

Ginger Blackwell

Great place to hang out! I only wish they had more outlets so I could have stayed to do my work. I love their Atlas drink! I tell everyone about it and it keeps me coming back. Everyone is very friendly.

James Hayes

Very helpful staff, clean and modern feel. Good natural light, good tables to work on for a while. Beautiful food. I love the booths. Beer on tap. Mixed crowd, relaxed and stylish. With nice outdoor seating.

Joey Frasca

If you haven’t tried the atlas, that is a must have. It’s great on a chilly morning, warms the bones. Love the bacon all by its self. Outside eating area where you can take your dog. This is a great stop after the workout 603 Taylor St, Nashville, TN 37208

Becky Rose

Pleasant place to be

Alexis Baranowski

so soooo good!

Bernice Beasley

Pay for the services you rendered! If you didn’t want to pay, then you should’ve just made your own website and logo... but oh yeah you didn’t! People don’t just let a bill that large walk away. Y’all deserved to be taken to court! ~ From the land of Coffee and Web nerds in Seattle

Matthew McCarthy

Good coffee and service.

kate a

Beautiful interior and outdoor space. Parking can be tricky - the lot is small and the street parking can fill up quickly, but the walk is worth it. The brulé latte (iced) was perfect for the afternoon; wasn't too sweet with a hint of the charred orange peel.

Ruth Bello

Great service!! , Freaking fast

Victor l Thomas

Really good coffee amazing staff super friendly

Bryan Stouffer

Coffee was good, but only house brew. No pour-over or single source options.

Andreas Claesson

GREAT coffee!! I like the facilities but I prefer a cozy setting rather than the industrial. That being said the coffee IS amazing!

Hanru Redelinghuys

Great coffee, cute lil venue to go to when you have some time and need to read through emails/read a book.

Silbia Ro

Atlas and butterscotch is my favorite. Definitely recommend.

Dan Hinst

Unique from my perspective. Definitely not an ordinary coffee shop experience. For something deferent and it just might become one of your favorites, you should come by and check it out for yourself. Friendly staff, amazing coffee selection, great choice of small eats.

Jamie Lorenz

I got the "Rested butterscotch" and the "Brioche and preserves." Both were delicious, but if you are looking for a snack that is a little out of the ordinary from the norm, I would highly suggest the brioche! It was surprisingly a standout!

David Clements

Great coffee with awesome customer service

Billie Black

Unique from my perspective. Definitely not an ordinary coffee shop experience

Jacob Dominick

This lone star is not for their coffee but their business practices. This company does not pay their freelance vendors and I would encourage anyone who supports freelance creatives to reject that mindset by rejecting their coffee.

Joel Richardson

Steadfast is one of Nashville's newer coffee shop. They recently started roasting their own coffee, which, by the way, is fantastic. They have wine, beer, and a good selection of espresso based beverages. They have several booths which are perfect for working away on a laptop while drinking delicious coffee.

Akshay Ahuja

Light food affair. Simple seating. Creative coffee drinks. Had the Pear Tartine and Sofa Coffee. Both good.

Brian Carpenter

I came to Nashville for Coffee Fest and visited nearly every café the city had to offer. Steadfast was the best experience by far. Friendly and excellent customer service, tasty food, and people who know how to do coffee right. On top of that, they have a few unique coffee creations that kept me coming back. Get the coffee soda. Do it.

Vivian Ferello

Great place if you like terrible coffee and no variety

Robert Melancon

I like coffee. This place has good coffee. Works for me!

Dane Johnson

Jesse Paul is the best barista ever.

sarah hester

Omg. Have you ever had coffee soda? No you haven’t. I mean, not unless you’ve had it ya Steadfast. I’m not exaggerating. Go get some.

Nabeel Ali

Cute coffee spot with an adorable enclosed outdoor area.

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