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REVIEWS OF Mike's Ice Cream IN Tennessee

Matthew T. Lowe

I was raised in America’s Dairyland, so let’s just say that I know my fair share of ice cream. Having said that, Mike’s is seriously the best I’ve ever had! Their chocolate milkshake is on point, and the raspberry white chocolate cheesecake flavor is so good it’ll make you wanna cry. They also have unique flavors like blackberry cornbread. Definitely a must for anyone who makes the trek to Music City, USA!

Xaviel Lugo

The ice cream was delicious. We ordered the vanilla malt shake, the strawberry ice cream and the coffee ice cream. We all loved it. Service was fast and good. The atmosphere was cozy. Will definitely stop by here again.

Lyndsay Bahrke

Fun kind of hole-in-the-wall place. I had an iced latte and it was great. A nice cool quiet place to take a little break from all the fun live music in Broadway Street!

Gary Douglas

Love this place. Great snacks and coffee.

David Gubanc

What a great place to visit for dessert. Ice cream is excellent and the gals working the counter area a trip. Green and purple hair was the norm. Great crowd. Located in the Honky-tonk district of Nashville. The servings were generous and the flavors were excellent. Will go there again when in Nashville.

Pat Price

Great ice cream and shakes,

Al Lilianstrom

Great I've cream. On the list of places we must stop at when visiting Nashville

Alvin Tran

I was in Nashville recently for a company trip, and heard good things about Mike's. As such, I decided to try it out when I found myself on Broadway. Ice Cream: This place had a pretty good selection of flavors to choose from, and from what I've heard, they change flavors quite a lot (probably due to some seasonal flavors?). I taste-tested a few of the flavors, and got myself a double-scoop cone with Tennessee Fudge and Loaded Caramel. First off, they give you HUGE scoops of ice cream. Usually, two scoops is a lot, but I didn't expect to get scoops that completely dwarfed the cone I was holding them in by so much. I was pleasantly surprised. Second, when it came to the flavors I got, the Tennessee Fudge was amazing. I have no clue what they do with it, but that was some of the best ice cream I've ever had. The Loaded Caramel, meanwhile, was also very good; maybe on par or a little better than the Sea Salt Caramel that I've gotten at Salt and Straw. I didn't get fancy with the cone I got; I just ordered a sugar cone. So, I don't think I can really review that part, but the main attraction would be the ice cream, itself, anyway. Overall, it's some of the better ice cream I've had in quite a while. Rating - 5/5 Service: Not much I can really say here. The people who served us allowed us to try out the different flavors they had, and gave us our orders without much hassle. Basically, they acted in standard fare for a typical ice cream shop. Rating - 5/5 Value for Money: Perhaps this is slightly influenced by the prices I've seen in Seattle (where I currently live), but Mike's Ice Cream gives you quite a lot of ice cream for the amount you pay. Of note, for a double-scoop, I paid around $5, and got more than I usually would at places like Salt and Straw (which costed me way more for something similar). Furthermore, flavors like the Tennessee Fudge, alone, make the price worth it. Rating - 5/5 Overall: I've been to several ice cream shops in Nashville during my stay (places like Pied Piper Creamery, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, etc). Of them all, Mike's ranks as my favorite. I'd definitely recommend checking it out while you're around Broadway. Rating - 5/5

Daniel Rivera

Best ice cream in Nashville. Guaranteed. Creamy. ONE THING THOUGH. if they just added more of the actual flavor into it, it would be with the best. So make it more banana. More strawberry. More peanut butter. No subtle flavors.

Daniel Burstiner

Good but not great. I had a hot fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip and Tennessee fudge. Both were certainly good, just not great. The mint was pleasantly minty but the chocolate chips were just little flakes that you really couldn't taste. I like much bigger chips or chunks. The Tennessee fudge ice cream was okay and the included fudge was there but overshadowed by the delicious hot fudge. The whipped cream was from a can. Also, just good. I tasted the Chocolate Overload before ordering and found it to be almost flavorless so I did not order it. Nice folks behind the counter. Prices are reasonable for the downtown Nashville area. If I'm in Nashville for something else, I'll probably be back. No easy street parking and most lots are $15/hour making a trip for just ice cream way too expensive.

Shadow F.

It doesn't disappoint. It's a little pricey, but it's really good.

beshoui labib

Tried vanilla flavored didn't like smells like full fat milk.

Tracy Liu

We came during busy 4th July afternoon. Ice cream was way too sweet and can’t taste the flavor well. One star for a ice cream place but only one shared bathroom (not clean) with NO baby changing table.

Mike Laulunen

Visited the 129 2nd avenue location. Great peppermint mocha! Staff was very friendly and helpful. Would love to come back and try all the gourmet hot chocolates!

Meraj Ahmed

Good ice cream and good selection of flavors. Price is not too bad for the portion size. The person who served me was not unfriendly, but she didn't say a word or smile once during the whole transaction. Overall it's worth checking out if you happen to already be close by, but I wouldn't bother with the traffic/crowds/mess/noise of Broadway just to visit this place.

Ramone Edmundson

A lot of great flavors

Elliott Grubner

Long lines but the staff work quickly, I had a scoop of the red velvet and I will be going back for another taste! Thanks

Missy Brauckmann

Very good ice cream. Staff is always nice

Chad Weideman

My daughter says, "Stay awesome!"

Electric Raichu

This little shop is definitely worth the trip! It was recommended to me by two friends as a must stop on my visit. I bought some pints for my family. We tried the Tennessee Fudge, Blueberry Cheesecake, Rum Raisin and Carmel Cone. They were all amazing! The staff was very kind and the line went quickly. I loved the simple but eye pleasing decor. Check it out sometime! The only downside was that there isn't much parking but it is off Broadway and therefore walking distance from a ton of places.

Aubrey Elting

Friendly staff and great ice cream

Kyle regan

I get icecream wherever I go, this place is awesome, will not disappoint!

Matt Antonucci

The place wasn't very clean at all, multiple milk gallons were left out instead of being put back in the fridge My girlfriend straight up took one sip of her coffee and threw it out. Our friends who ordered the iced latte received a pour of milk more than actual coffee. I wouldn't recommend getting your drinks here.

Christy Cox

The ice cream was good. While we were eating someone all of the workers knew brought their new puppy in the store. All of the employees were holding and snugging it. It was super cute, but there is no way they didn't have dog hair on them afterwards! We were glad we already had our ice cream.

Scott Lee Jenkins

Fair price good icecream and friendly staff!

Zachary Vaughn

They have lots of delicious options. When I went there last, I had blueberry cheesecake and blackberry cornbread ice cream on a pretzel cone that had been dipped in chocolate. Oh my gosh, it was good. The salty of the pretzel with the sweet of the ice cream and chocolate was incredible. The line to order was long but quick. Ordering was painless and I had my ice cream promptly. The biggest downsides are that there probably won't be seats available and the restroom is trash. In general it was really good.

Wendy Gallimore

The homemade ice cream was really good.


Picked out the homemade strawberry ice cream with a waffle cone. Was not disappointed!

Daniel Koch

This place is a must visit in Nashville. Great ice cream and service. Easy to get to as well

Jacob Clemens

Fast service! Great flavor!

Ira Lawrence

Great place for ice cream. We have to stop every time we are near Nashville

Ronald Sloan

I have found a place with the best flavored ice cream ever. The kitchen area looked like it needed some cleaning but nothing unsanitary. The staff was helpful and the end result was me eating with a smile.

Amie Lein

"You can't make everyone happy. You are not ice cream." Amazing ice cream and an amazing place! It was a pleasure to visit you while I was in Nashville! :)

juan gallego

I try the blueberry and cornbread Ice cream I also got the goat cheese

Rooksie N

Gourmet hot chocolates from around the world!! And delicious homemade ice cream flavors. My Spanish dark hot chocolate was amazing.

Orestes Hernandez

Service was great, ice cream was great. It's a great place

GoddessSaundra Cornell

This place serves the best I've cream I've EVER eaten! This was a truly blissful experience.

Jeanay Arrington

A large variety of ice cream flavors! Red Velvet was amazing❣

Hayden Jones

Mikes is the best ice cream in Nashville! Love them! I even love all the hippies that work there! Honestly, every single shake I've had here has made me wonder if every other place even knows how to actually make good milkshakes or if Mikes has some secret knowledge. I love this place.

Peter C. Mills Jr.

Good selection of both coffee and ice cream.

Garrett Hudder

Good ice cream in a good area! I recommend the moose tracks

Downie Winkler

Flavors were good, and the staff was nice, and helpful; especially with how big the crowd was. I definitely recommend.

S Mqz

Love their coffees!

Carol Rae

The ice cream is so yummy! They have so many choices!

Peter Ildefonso

This place legitimately blew my mind. I love a good ice cream. It was PI day (3/14) so I wanted some dessert and I was here for a party. This place has FANTASTIC I've cream. I had the praline and cream (nut and caramel) and my buddies got Tennessee fudge. We had a double scoop of them and we almost went back for second seconds! Great service and nice place.

Stephen Jarrett

On our trip to Nashville we visited twice because it was so good. We LOVED the espresso based milkshakes. The regular ice cream is great also. The coffee is good coffee, but you’re doing the ice cream/coffee combo shop experience wrong if you’re just getting coffee.

Michael Shaw

Amazing ice cream. Fast service! Very friendly!

Ismael Landeros

Ice cream is good and they are not stingy with their servings. However, bathrooms were very dirty.

Trisha Biggs

Their espresso milkshake is the best milkshake I have ever had.

Stephen Zubrycky

Generous portions of delicious homemade ice cream. Perfect spot for a break from broadway.

Carol Addis

Awesome ice cream and best of all they make there own waffle cones!!!

Will Alley

I really enjoyed my the Salted Caramel and Fudge Covered Oreo Ice Cream. The waffle cones that are made in house are delicious as well.

Charles Dayhuff

Rude employees. I would not recommend visiting this place.

Mary Jane

One of my favorite places to take my kids downtown! Yummy ice cream & coffee.

alex brooks

Cappacino drink was delicious

Eric Izaguirre

Really delicious ice cream. Me and my friends came in and all enjoyed it. The staff is friendly .There is space to sit but it can be a little busy. But besides that it is a must to have when your looking for dessert.


with a name like that it has to be great.

Louis Edwards

Nice selection of home made flavors

kristin royal

We just left after having ice cream cones. While the ice cream was ok, the two girls behind the counter were disturbing. They never made eye contact even when answering a question about a flavor. They either never went to bed last night or were stoned out of their minds. It made us uncomfortable. The manager needs to rethink the employees.

John DiMartino

Excellent Butter Pecan Ice cream , the best we’ve ever had. cookie dough was excellent , portion sizes very generous , 2 scoops is actually 3. Waffle cones homemade on site and excellent , prices very reasonable . We will definitely come here again.

Gisele Maiolo

A delicious ice cream.


Delicious ice cream and very friendly staff.

Ben Skidmore

Crazy long line on a Saturday, but they kept it going quickly. Awesome, unique flavors of icecream. I had "blackberry cornbread," and wow! Super good!

Janet McPherson

Really good ice cream. So good I didn't stop to take a picture!

matthew mcleroy

Great atmosphere. Very chill. Good service and friendly staff. Ice cream was delicious and latte was great as well.

Cody T

Good ice cream, but a longer wait than we would've liked. That may have been due to nearby ice cream places like Suns Diner running out of ice cream.

D Ayers

The best ice cream we have had in a long time!!

Billie Turpin

Order careful My ice cream cone was huge

Matt Anderson

I highly recommend the blackberry cornbread ice cream. We got an ice cream and a coffee for $8 and change . Very reasonable prices .


Good Lord this ice cream is the best I've ever tasted and I live in dairy central Cincinnati Ohio. It's so creamy and the flavors are fresh. You can tell it's homemade. I've been 3 times in 2 days, I'm lactose intolerant, it's a shame but I don't care and I'll be back. I gotta get this while we're still in Nashville! Good job Mike!!

Lyn Fields

Awesome alternative to all the bars!

Lolita Rowe

Really great ice cream and the staff is friendly. You can try up to three flavors and the Banana Pudding ice cream tasted like my Grandma's Southern Banana Puddin. But the two flavors I choose, the Pistachio and the Salted Caramel were some of the most rich and delicious flavors.

Joyce Whitlock

White chocolate banana pudding ice cream, was off the charts delish

Rob Starnes

Coffee good. Too expensive.

John Rex

Plenty of great flavors to choose from, and great dessert after Ascend Amphitheater concert!

Breann Voss

We found Mike's through a quick Google search of the area while on vacation in Nashville. We wanted a sweet treat, and this was within walking distance of where we had dinner. However, I have not been quite as grossed out as I was while I watched the staff serve everyone. The girl preparing ice cream and refilling the freezers had long hair, and it hung down in the coolers around/on the tubs of ice cream as she put in new containers. The original lady at the register had long, thick hair that was down, but when she jumped over to help serve ice cream, she put it up in a ponytail and went right to scooping. I did not see her wash her hands after leaving the register or putting up her hair. Another girl played with her hair, twirling it between her fingers in between customers. No one had on gloves; no one had on hair nets. I understand the down home feel this place has, but this is no excuse for negligence to cleanliness. The worker who fixed our ice cream cones did use a paper wrapper to hold the cone, and she had on a ball cap with her hair tucked under. Maybe I am too picky, but it was one of those situations where once you see one gross thing, every other "gross" thing is a big deal. As tasty as my snack was we will most likely not be back.


Best ice scream spot ever. Be sure to stop and get you some of that homemade ice cream. Delicious!

Brandon M

Good ice cream, nothing crazy spectacular though

Daniel W

Ice cream is very good. A lot of choices and different possibilities. Relatively inexpensive as well compared to places like Graeter's. All in all I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. A really great place to go!

Erin Woods

Delicious ice cream with some unique choices. This place seemed more reasonable that the milkshake place we checked out but didn't wait for.

Stacy Speelhoffer

Yum! Banana fudge sundae with red velvet cake ice cream!

David Leitner

Best icecream in Nadhville that we had. Hate to admit I ate at 12 different ones.

j hart

Great selection. Friendly people. Yummy treats.

Laeeq Ahmed

Finally found the ice cream that hit the spot. I was so happy to see Pistachio flavor which is usually a disappointment at most of the ice cream store but at Mike's Ice Cream it was out of this world. I dont remember the last time I had eaten ice cream that fast. Even my daughter who never finishes her ice cream finished her chocolate ice cream. I highly recommend this place. The only suggestion I have for them is to work on their customer service may be. I understand that they are right on the Broadway and stay busy all day but a smile wont hurt. All in all that was the best ice cream so far for me.

Jackie Graham-Menocal

Great place for desserts. There maybe a long line but everyone’s is waiting for a reason. Definitely worth checking out!

Sithanda Ntuka

I love the sea salt caramel ice cream.

James Roberts

Always busy here but worth the small brief wait. Great service and shakes.

Michael Kirmse

Great homemade ice-cream. A must-get if you're on Broadway in Nashville.

Jonathan Lorber

The chocolate chip cookie dough was amazing!

Lee Ensminger

Great ice cream even on a bone chilling night!

Sarah Wallace

An amazing range of flavours and great staff. My ice cream was so good! I'm glad this store isn't near me or I'd eat so much ice cream.

Kim Lecato

I had an loved the White Chocolate Banana Pudding icecream in a Chocolate chip cone.. I'm not a big fan of Ice Cream.. But this was extremely good ice cream.. If in Nashville you should stop by.. Service was amazing too

Judson Taylor

I can’t express enough the lack of customer service that Mikes has given us. We were waiting in line and ordered but when we went to pay, we were left standing. And when we finally brought to their attention that we needed to leave and catch our ride we were taunted by everyone employed in the establishment. With all due respect, this place has awful customer service. But, hey, what can you expect from millennials?

Samantha Young

Love the icecream! Love the choices! My kids also love this place.

April Bair

I am diabetic and got a sugar free hot chocolate. It was delicious.

Cheryl Green

It's quite appetising if you like the flavors or something you like. I'm giving it 5 stars.

Chris T

It’s great but there’s no creativity or any cool ice cream creations here. It’s just ice cream scoops out of a big pre-made container.

Brian Petrich

Blueberry cheese cake ice cream was delicious!

Douglas Vinson

Excellent Ice Cream for a good price downtown.

Josh Winskie

Still getting used to the new Mike's location. Better facility and still serving good ice cream!

Jacque M.

Delicious hand made ice cream and wonderful hot chocolate selection. Would love to visit again!

Constanza Barnier

I used to live nearby and would buy every other weekend in the summer, all flavors I’ve ever had never disappointed me. 2 scoops feels like more than a pint! (to me). The staff has always been courteous and professional when I’ve been there and their service is very quickly, so don’t get discouraged if you see 30 people in line. 5 stars all the way.

Amber Luisa Quinata

Great place for ice cream; so many different options of flavors. It tends to get busy so getting there early is better.

Jacob Veenstra

The latte flavors are really nice, decent prices too. The atmosphere is chill. This could be a nice first date place.

Sirchucky247 247

Go here almost every day working downtown fantastic homemade icecream friendly staff great overall environment. #localspot #treatyourself

Sew Savvy Quilts

Ducked in here just before gullywasher cleared street of pedestrians. A GENEROUS single scoop of nutter butter in waffle cone. Imaginative ice cream flavors, friendly staff. Across from Wildhorse Saloon.

Justin Emler

Good ice cream

kathy KatherineB

Great service, fantastic ice cream

Walter Taylor

Mannn this place has good ice cream and etc always packed , great location no complaints

A Google User

I'm a frequent customer at Mikes, every weekend. For the past two months the quality of the milkshakes has went down lower and lower. It's like the workers don't even have a care in the world. I'm a milkshake lover. I'd rather have a thick milkshake than a cup of milk. Now I wouldn't recommend unless strictly for ice cream ONLY!

Kelly Kolton

Great little stop to cool down with a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso.

Roger Conner

This is an old fashioned ice cream store. Original flavors, huge servings, friendly staff. I am a Jenis fan, but Mike’s is better. It’s down town but a reasonable city-owned parking garage is around the corner.

Melissa Benscoter

Great icecream. Kind and efficient staff.

Markus Williams

Bloody needle in toilet. Food was yummy

Brent Sutterfield

Amazing shakes! I combined the chocolate and banana shake and it was the best ever. My only critique was that the girl who made my shake had the same gloves on when she walked out of the room into the back and touch the bunch of things and never re sanitized or even change her gloves that kind of grossed me out

Paul Hamer

A sweet little Ice Cream spot. Best orange sherbet I’ve ever had. Be sure to stop by! Lots of flavors too. Just wished they had more sorbet selections for us lactose intolerant folks. I’ll be back for sure though for that sherbet!

Star Morning

Had the Superman

Kloé Mallard

Waffle cone.. One scoop of red velvet... One with cookie dough. You'll thank me later

Gil Sery

Great-tasting ice cream at great prices.

Carrie Junot

Great flavor variety and quick service.

Bill Kalin

Amazing vanilla milkshake and not expensive at all. Place was packed but line moved quick.

David Snowden

Rum Raisin with a scoop of Cake Batter! The best ever! I usually try to stop and treat myself at least once a week and always find the staff to be incredibly friendly and always suggesting their customers to taste the new flavors! I don't typically like or enjoy ice cream in the summer which works out great for me since the lines tend to stretch out the door.....This might just be the greatest ice cream in the whole wide world!!!!!

Upvan Bhatia

Great selection of icecream. Makes you feel like a kid all over again.

Danyelle Davis

Just left there. I hate to seem sensitive - but I will express our experience. We were standing in line waiting to get assistance. There were four people/staff in front of us and NO ONE said anything. A caucasian couple behind us walked up and the staff member assisted them immediately. Once they were assisted the caucasian staff member walked off as if he did not see us standing there. We were perplexed as we had been standing there a while - with four staff in front of us. Also, it was our first visit and we were super excited to try. I do not mind supporting other local spots. No biggies just remain cognizant of current unconscious bias and how that can affect your potential customers. We decided not to get ice cream there and walked to another local spot.

Mandi Davis

Lack of poor customer service, allowing someone to cut in front of them and then proceeding to cuss at me in front of my daughter. Not okay at all. The ice cream was definitely not worth the treatment I received.

Michael Williams

I absolutely love Mike's Ice Cream. Every time I'm downtown for a concert or hockey game, I go here after. It's soooooo good. Every flavor I've had is perfect. It's all homemade and it's some of the best I've cream I've had anywhere in America. Staff is always friendly. It deserves more than 5 stars.

Joe Ingoglia

Great vanilla malt.


Great ice cream! They pile it on and even give free samples.

Anna Sutton

Delicious homemade ice cream! There are lots of flavors to chose from. We went both nights we were in Nashville we liked it so much. Our group tried the cake batter, red velvet, Oreo fudge flavor, pralines, strawberry, and cake soup. Everyone was very happy with their choices. The chocolate chip cookie cone wasn’t as flavorful as we had expected and we wished we would’ve tried the chocolate dipped pretzel cone or waffle cone instead.

Don Spears

Good ice cream. Had the BlackBerry Cornbread and Rum Raisin.

Abigail Savayvongthong

Prepared pretty fast, great customer service.

Emily Fetsko

Delicious ice cream and clean eating area

Antoine Bishop

Best ice cream and desserts in the downtown area! Please don't pass up the opportunity :-)

Erica L

I didn't expect to be blown away by a plain little place claiming to be homemade......but I was so wrong!! If you like ice cream you should definitely stop in here.

Hank Terrebrood

Unusually tasty ice cream served by wonderfully friendly staff. My entire family loved it and rated the cookie dough best of the lot. I will visit again next time I am in Nashville.

Sandra Sinclair

Try the blueberry cheesecake ice cream!

Cody Loftin

Very good, classic style ice cream, as well as some fun coffee drinks and twists! I got a cookie dough ice cream, but I over ordered and got 2 scoops. Their serving sizes per scoop is pretty nuts, so definitely just order one scoop? They also have an iced mocha which is great for a hot day and a quick pick me up!

Destiny Johnson

I had cake batter ice cream and it was great.

Logan Riggs

Great ice cream. I would come here every time I stopped by Nashville.

Michaela Bixenman

i’ve been going to get ice cream here since it was on broadway. such good classic ice cream and a cute sitting area. not very expensive at all and i like how they have a bunch of different flavors

Jonathan Racic

Always great icecream and shakes

Garrett Skelton

Its ice cream and it's good, duh

Rafael Santiago

Ice creams and coffees are delicious. Very popular so expect long lines, especially on weekends.

Mark Seifert

Fair prices and great ice cream!!!

Eric Hale

After moving into area and searching for actual homemade or even good ice cream I can say the Mikes ice cream is phenomenal. The choice of flavors who’s taste come through, the smooth creaminess... I swear I was in heaven. We took the train in just to try them since they are located so close to the Nashville station. Fun experience, Awesome Ice cream!

Jennifer StJohn

Great place and friendly service!

Karen Nutt

Delicious homemade ice cream! I had the mocha caramel almond chip and I enjoyed every bite. The service was friendly and efficient.

Brent Cheatham

The ice cream is great and it’s one of the cheaper ice cream places, especially considering it’s downtown.

Ashley Jones

We went to this fun ice cream shop on vacation. It was right off the main street. The staff were nice and the ice cream delicious. I recommend cake batter or caramel for sure! I had a waffle cone one night and a shake the next. Can't go wrong with either. Tons of flavors to choose from!

B. Wilks

My goodness I want to get ice cream everyday it’s very addictive and the service is

Barbara Carpenter

Excellent....lots of homemade flavors...nice atmosphere...great service....clean

Mariah D

Honestly the best ice cream I've ever had, and I eat a lot of ice cream

Kimberly Williams

Wish I could rate it. Make sure you get there well before closing. Rushed from picking my daughter up from the airport and arrived 5 minutes to close to a locked door :(

Wendy Boehm

Amazing ice cream, and so many options to pick from! Great service, and we also bought t-shirts. =)


This place is awesome, they really have good chocolate shakes. I definitely see myself coming back in the future.

Crystal Newton

The frozen coffee was my favorite!!!

Nate Wen

The cookie dough one was awesome

Kapow Ski

I freaking love this place so much!!. they've got homemade ice cream, but they also have a full espresso/coffee bar which is my most favorite thing!

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