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REVIEWS OF Honeybee Coffee IN Tennessee

Aldo Schipper

They serve local kombucha and Paleo donuts!!! ♥️

Jason Boyd

Nice clean cool place with good coffee!

Xin Huang

Really good coffee. I love that they roast their own coffee beans. Great atmosphere. Friendly service. Absolutely loved the honey latte. Nice place to study. Various food trucks outside throughout the week

David Drozhzhin

Perfection cannot be fabricated, and Honeybee is no exception. The location is perfectly tucked to the edge of town, coffee is absolutely delicious, and the presentation is phenomenal. I'm a fan!

Emily Stirrup

This is by far my favorite coffeeshop to sit, drink great coffee/lattes, and work in Knoxville.

Joshua Ray

Can be slow, depends on the day. Pretty average coffee

Sergiu Placinta

Really high quality espresso drinks

Alexander Thomas

Don't get the new Honey Lavendar Lemonade! My wife and I are the first customers to order's WAY to strong in the Lavendar flavour

Christopher Kibby

The staff were great

Kimmy Garris

Super simple, no frills menu, love that it isn't pretentious!

Madissen Campbell

Great atmosphere and coffee!!!

Mandy McElwee

Super friendly staff! Eclectic menu!

Teressa Gregory

Was REALLY looking forward to visiting...unfortunately, there was only one person working. Probably, not the best plan when you have individually speciality drinks. We bought a regular brewed coffee..the barista gave us on at the refill cost due to the excessive wait. Smart employee...good customer service. Also, seating is severely limited especially since there were several folks hanging out working on their computers/studying. Might be a while before we stop by again

Aaron Zane

great riverfront coffee spot. nice street-side patio, clean interiors, they did a great job at really cleaning this place up from what it used to be. the coffee is great as well, and i particularly liked the cold brew and the hot chocolate.

Mitch Wunderlich

I love my ass some honeybee, ya'll! Great place. Good coffee, friendly customer service.

George Morar

Pretty good coffee, good atmosphere. Clean, interesting style and aesthetic. No nitro cold brew coffee but good none the less.

Hayden Foster

Great coffee and biscotti. Lots of space to do your work or have meetings

chase johnson

Fantastic coffee with lots of good room to sit and enjoy or study! Limited parking though...

Zac Hulsey

One star for every time I've gone and couldn't get a seat

Christine Gass

Great place to get a wonderful cup of art. People are kind and really proud to serve you a vanilla latte in aCasual atmosphere . Do over date night.

Jonathan Addington

Local, craft coffee. Also, a fantastic beer selection both in bottles and on tap.

Jacob Cobi Ramsey

A very enjoyable atmosphere, good coffee and a good selection of seating.

Corey Dickens

Great coffee and atmosphere! Lots of space and comfy seating.

David H Smith

I'm not normally a fan of iced coffee but their honey lavender cold brew is great. Not too sweet either. A bit pricey for a coffee shop but worth it.

Barbara Murphy

A delightful surprise. The latte and flour free cookies far exceeded my expectations!

Jess and Cody Hopkins

*Attention HoneyBee Management* Today was my first time going to HoneyBee South, and I was really looking forward to it since I’ve seen so many posts of their, what appears to be, calming environment. I went on a Sunday evening for a business meeting at 5:30pm thinking I had plenty of time to talk with my potential clients since their Sunday hours are posted as 8am-7pm. At about 6:10pm an employee started walking around the tables informing everyone that they actually closed at 6pm tonight. His exact words were, “hey guys just letting you know that we actually closed at 6pm tonight, but it’s okay. Take your time. We didn’t post on social media that we were closing early.” We then felt rushed to finish the consultation, and about 5 minutes later at 6:15ish they started playing dance music SUPER loudly. Every few minutes they kept turning the music up EVEN LOUDER! Mind you, they told us to take our time because they failed to let the public know they were closing early. The song was also London Bridge by Fergi which is already a pretty loud, in-your-face kind of song! The meeting was going great until the loud music rudely interrupted us. The music got so loud that we were literally SHOUTING at each other to hear one another over the BLARRING music! If the staff working this night had more professionalism, then I would’ve closed a deal on the spot rather then needing to meet back up with them later to seal the deal. It seemed like the staff working just decided to close early instead of respect their operating hours and their customer’s time.

B Jolly

The lighting is more than a bit much, its blinding. How bout a dimmer for Pete's sake. The idea is create an atmosphere that is warm and soothing, this spot is more like walking outside at high noon on a summmer day. Where is the artwork? The walls are sterile save a couple of shelves. Then there's the techno dance music :(. Friendly staff, great location and great coffee. The atmosphere needs work though.

David Silverberg

Awesome vibe. Amazing food. Great beer selection. Good coffee. Better espresso. Nice patio (doesn't get enough sun though). Definitely becoming a Knoxville staple.

Connor Esterwood

Greatest baristas in town. They are friendly and if you catch Mikie, Ryan, and/or Evan you're in for a good conversation. Don't be afraid to sit at the bar. It's a little too small for all of us bit it's the kind of place where folks make room.

Brad Capone

My wife LOVES the coffee - we found this place because another restaurant uses their coffee. This is the TOTAL stereotypical college coffee shop joint. Coffee is awesome and you PAY A PRICE FOR IT! $$$$

Adam Sims

I love this place. Been going to honey bee since they opened and I've never been greeted with anything other than a smile and an amazing cup of coffee. Great enviroent and atmosphere and super knowledgeable staff!

John Wojciechowski

Love this place! Excellent coffee & service.

Lauri Lou

Went in and they said the credit card system wasn't working. Didn't have cash, so they gave us our lattes on the house. Delicious vanilla latte and friendly service!!


My wife and I , were really looking forward to a good cup of coffee. That is not what we found here.Whole milk was the only choice to put in our coffee. The coffee shop was stark. Now, the gentleman , who waited on us, was very polite and nice.

maddy patrone

The coffee is very good. Not as strong as most but flavor is nice and smooth. Always consistent.

Bronte Ward

The atmosphere is great! Excellent place to study. However, the past few times I have gotten coffee here, I’ve left feeling sick. Also, the baked goods aren’t quite as good since they switched vendors. Hoping it’s just a few negative experiences, bc this has been one of my favorite study spots over the past few years! Will be back.

Ashley Caudill

Great coffee!!! And the staff was great, too!! Yummy chocolate chia pudding was a surprising treat!

Regenia Shepherd

Thank you for opening in South Knox. Great coffee. Love the lavender lemon cookie.

Richard McCurdy

It's great! And...I love to support local businesses.

Katrina Reeves

Cute, quirky shop with yummy Guatemalan coffee. Great views and calm vibe to do laptop work. The iced honey/lavender latte sets my mood for a peaceful day.


Love love love this coffeehouse. It’s the only one on the south side, the location is ideal, and they serve beer/ciders with their coffee *drool face emoji*. I would be there way more often if they were open later than 7pm. Please y’all, we night owls beg, stay open until 9/10pm like your sister shop. You’ll be the only one in the downtown-ish area open that late and make a lot of creative people very happy. Cheers!

Dara A

Good coffee, good vibe. Even when it's busy, it's still quiet and comfortable. A great place to chill with a friend or a few and have a conversation. Also, a good place to relax and and get some work done. I saw several people working on laptops or tablets. I would also enjoy reading a book in one of the comfy chairs. The coffee is also affordable and there is cool water available with real glasses to drink out of without needing to ask. It's just set out on a cart for anyone who wants. Also the staff is super nice!

Mike McElhaney

Great dirty chai

Gerard Hughes

New favourite and local coffee place!!

Brian Galloway

Great coffee, great atmosphere. I just wish there was more seating!

Stacy DeVinney

Friendly staff and a chill vibe. As a college student I worked on homework for 2 hours and could've stayed longer. Not to mention their awesome lattes!

Natalie Landry

Love this coffee shop! It's a great addition to South Knoxville. The barristers are friendly and the place is warm and welcoming. The coffee is very good. Some healthy snacks and pastries are available.

Richard Lemke

Cappuccino was good, drip was smooth but pretty weak. Good space to bring a computer and work, or to bring a book and read.

Sarah Ann Gardner

Excellent coffee, great atmosphere, and perfect place to enjoy nice conversations of snuggle up to work. I could spend hours here.

Gwendolyn Frymier

Cute and trendy coffee shop with cool study spaces.

Erin Reese

Coffee was good but not great! They didn't have a special (which is was I look for in a coffee shop) but good coffee, good atmosphere!

Ryan McDonough

Barista was rude and hot chocolate was not good.

Scott Anderson

It seems like a nice place to do some work or have a date, the atmosphere is great. The coffee though, well i wasn't exactly impressed. i got a cold brew coffee for $4, which the girl behind the counter threw together without measuring anything out, so i'm not sure how consistent they are. the coffee itself was lacking. it was not robust and there wasn't much depth to it. it was OK, hence the 3 stars. with places like three bears and kbrew not far from here, i don't think i'll be coming back anytime soon.

Andrew Flores

This is another gem in S. Knoxville. The coffee shop has character and charm as well as plenty of seating. The parking is limited and at the back of the building. They offer coffee and beer as well as pastries and cookies.

Benjaman Hubbard

Loud electronic music, no drip coffee brewed, employee with no idea how the register works. All at 7:20 a.m. Not a combination I will return for.

Esther Ferrell

Excellent service and coffee!

Melissa Cothrine

This is a great spot to sit and talk or work and have a cup of coffee, tea or a beer.

Lillia Poveda

Great environment with friendly staff and wonderful drinks. Nice to stop in for a while and work on the computer! The building can be a little chilly.

Philip Ray

Great little place with great coffee and a friendly staff.

Lindy Minton

Great lattes. Wonderful baristas. Was already having a rough day and I spilled my full cup of coffee on the floor. They were very gracious, immediately came to clean it up and even made me another one at no charge. Thank you, guys!

Jerry Caldwell

Nice place, but has a concrete and sterile feeling.

hollow men

Do yourself a favor and just go. It feels like a great independent coffee shop in a much larger city or something. An absolute pleasure. Just go.

shervena revels

The Danishes was COLD and HARD with no way to heat them up..Cappuccino was not that playing was way to loud..not conducive for reading or calm atmosphere. Couches was very worn..the tables there was cute and personal..It was my first trip here sooo I wouldn't really just go out my way to recommend it.

andrea haury

Beautiful environment, tasty coffee...I got basic drip Ethiopian and the delicious price $5 (a little higher than I thought it should be) After adding cream to my coffee I would have liked it to be hotter. I would certainly visit again and hope they continue to add more food choices.

Marlon Johnson

Spacious and gracious with a beautiful aesthetic that's calm enough for studying and engaging enough for a good start or finish of date night. Friendly staff and lush beverages. A shining star in South Knox


New favorite Knox coffee shop. Had an espresso and great conversation with one of the Baristas. They serve coffee, light bites, and beer. The only problem may be not enough seating.

Zack Williams

Good stuff!! The staff are clearly well trained and pleasant. The shop is very large with plenty of seating and some decent views of Knoxville. They also serve beer here, though I don't know much about their offerings. Of you've got a minute I fully recommend stopping by.

Joseph Huffman

Nice and cozy with unique coffee and alcohol choices. Moderate prices but a perfect atmosphere for studying or just casual coffee drinking. Great staff with customer service at a quick rate. Little to no wait time and lots of cozy seats and window seating for a change of perspective by the river with free parking behind the shop and across the road. Wi-Fi is available upon request and fairly decent hours during the weekend but closes a bit early for my taste during the week.

Jose Pedraza

The coffee is high quality, but the space can get a bit loud depending on the day if you're trying to study.

Katie Ashdown

Staff was friendly and the coffee was great. I really enjoyed the outdoor seating.

Eva Starkey

A very neat space. I attended an art show here. Unfortunately we arrived just before closing. I wasn't able to try any coffee.

Dennis Smith

I enjoyed my capachino there just wish thier cups were larger. I really enjoy capachinos with cocoa sprinkled on top of foam. I also wish there were more pastry selections than just a little more than just biscotti.

Can Ağca

Honeybee quality in Knoxville is number 1 without a doubt. This one is more peaceful than the one on Kingston Pike. Taste of the coffee: of course great!

Hillary Davis

Love the coffee and vibe at this place. Great work/study area. Only wish for more food options (have pastries) for those long coffee-work seshes

Revamp Marketing

This place never disappoints me. Honeybee has the atmosphere that you can study, talk, or just chill in. Thanks Honeybee!

Elisa Carmichael

Great coffee, friendly, knowledgeable staff

Amanda Farris

One of Knoxville's wonderful coffee shops. Friendly staff, nice vibe, and good coffee.

Halpics Wade

Latte love! So so smooth and tasty!

Anthony Geist

Cozy coffee shop with beer and excellent atmosphere. Usually an excellent place to study, but occasionally hosts large groups.

Chris Gonzales

Amazing coffee wonderful staff

Pete Eby

Delicious cortado and lattes (Slayer machine) and tasty beers on tap to enjoy inside or on the dog friendly patio. What's not to love?

Randy Rowles

Great cold brew and fun coffee cocktails!

christopher jay

Good atmosphere but the coffee offering was pretty sparse


This place had a great atmosphere. Plenty of spacious seating, some cool items that you could purchase, and friendly staff. I had the white Nepal tea which was delicious. We also had a cappuccino a feta and spinach biscuit, cinnamon muffin and a morning glory carrot cake type of muffin that was amazingly delicious!

Suzanne Thomas

We love Honey Bee! Great coffee and beer selections!

Mark Branstetter

Great quality coffee and experience.

Chris Jenkins

Quality and consistent experience is starting to be a problem here. I have visited many times. The last visit a few weeks ago i noticed a few glaring issues 1. The plain cup of coffee was lukewarm Not hot. 2. There was a ton of cigarrete butts all over the parking lot and trash strewn along the fence and entry area. (Not a good sign) Great interior space and have had good coffee in the past Hopefully they can get on top of this

Latisha Brown

The barista is very pervy and annoying.... I ordered a simple black coffee and wanted to do some school work and when I walked up he winked at me and asked my name. When I walked away he whistled at me like a cat call. Another woman heard it too and we looked at each other in disgust... I asked for my coffee to go and now I won't return. I didn't ask his name but he was tall and dark with a mark on his face and wore a beanie...what an annoying pervy guy. Ugh. I hope management does something.

Derek Tingle

Best latte in town!

tiptopper da grasshopper

Old coffee and donuts, when they were told about the old coffee they did offer to rebrew a pot. This is a college kids hang out don't expect any quality from here.

Alex qiang

nice place. good place for hanging out

Gary David Stratton

One of Kville's best coffee shops, and that's saying a lot. Outstanding coffee and a great atmosphere. I wish they had more than the "one size fits all" portions, but very reasonably priced.

Jillian Landau

This is my favorite coffee in Knoxville so far (there are way too many coffee shops and I haven't been to them all...yet!). The shop is comfortable, cozy, and bright. It's a great place to spend an afternoon with an awesome cup of coffee!

Jeff Edgington

Not sure these are really cappuccinos, but it's nice that they're trying!

Kristen Block

Awesome space for coffee and studying. Parking can be a challenge sometimes.

Trace Riggs

These guys know coffee. They train their employees on coffee knowledge and each is well versed. Their treatment of almond milk in a latte is the absolute best, again, due to their knowledge. Plus, they are some of the nicest people! SoKno is lucky to have this coffeeshop!

Joshua Brantley

Great lattes and a wonderful place to hangout or study. Friendly and non-invasive staff as well.

Steve Wong

The coffee was great but it was crazy that they did not offer anything to eat besides a few cookies. Since no other restaurants were anywhere near, I would have paid anything for a fresh croissant, organic wrap or salatini

Adam Parish

Well crafted coffee. I'm a huge fan of their iced coffee. This location is super clean just like the west Knoxville location. Without a doubt I'll be back to the location whenever I'm in the area.

Shannon Frei

My favorite!

Randall Shank

I ordered and it was $8.03. I gave them $8 and told them I would go to my car and get the $.03. When I got back they made me stand in line again and had nit started my irder. Really $.03??? Never again. Most bus in eases woukd have not made me go get $.03. But to make me wait in line again and not process my order when I left the $8.00? Poor customer service.

Taylor T Andie

Very cute enamel mugs and travel cups! Good cold crew coffee. Straight and to the point

Douglas Graves

A pleasant place to share a cup of coffee with a friend, or read a book, or get some work done - normal coffee shop stuff. Unlike any other coffee shop in Knoxville, if you're not feeling coffee you can grab a beer from their decent selection out of the fridge or choose from one of their beers on tap. It can stay pretty busy so it's best to plan to go in off hours, or to get there early.

Mads Merritt

Nothing wrong with this coffee shop, good coffee, hipster interior, easy parking. Just the owners seem a bit snooty? But if it's not a place I'd go to hang out or meet or talk to people, I'd still stop by when I'm in that part of town. Very clean.

Jarrod Casteel

Great coffee, great beer, solid brunch on Sunday. Try the honey latte or the blackberry farms saizon.

Kelly Garris

the best coffee I have ever had, and great food at the cafe next door.


Best coffee in Knoxville! The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their product. Titus and the girl with glasses always give Off good vibes every time I’m there. Thanks for providing a solid cup of coffee/latte *get the oat milk. It’s banging*

Nick Sarafolean

Great place to grab a coffee or beer in SoKno! The atmosphere is minimalist, but bright and refreshing, making it perfect for meeting up with friends or for getting some work done. The drinks are crafted well and there's always an interesting selection of beers on tap and in the cooler. Glad to see that the other side of the river is seeing some much-needed development with places like Honeybee.


This is absolutely one of my favorite places to go chill.relax and regroup. The people there are great. welcomed us into the neighborhood a few months ago and have been going back ever since. #expresso&lattes

Dylan Cooper

I never get tired of it. I love their cold brew and it's a super nice place to hangout.

William Delgadillo

I ordered the cappuccino and tried one of their "milk" alternatives. They offer, along with regular milk/cream, almond, soy and macadamia nut milks. I tried macadamia nut milk and it actually made the cap even creamier! A nice surprise. I also ordered a slice of banana bread from their small selection of baked goods

Daiana Manrique

Love how relaxing this place is. And they have alfajores (Argentine pastries)!

Blake DeBusk

Amazing, cool environment.

Kathleen Knowling

I love the cappuccinos here! They always have the lost delicious pastries too!

Ramsey Cohen

Favorite coffee shop in town. They have great coffee that they roast themselves. Clean, bright and inviting atmosphere make for a perfect spot to meet a friend for conversation. Between the best wifi and easy to find outlets it is probably the best place to study or get work done.

Emily R Barton

Odd layout, nice lighting, really delicious coffee, love that they have some ready made food. LOVE that they serve beer here so great! Just odd seating, didn't feel very comfortable.

Aimee Garbarino

A friend of mine took me here this past Sunday. Never heard of before. The coffee was really really good. I'm an avid Starbucks person, but I must say, I really like the coffee here! They have set themselves apart and I love it! I will definitely be returning. In addition, the service was good. The lady knew I was "new". She was very helpful and pleasant to interact with. Thank you!

Blaine Wright

Best coffee in Knoxville, no doubt about it.

Hannah Collins Lee

Hands down best coffee shop in town. The staff makes you feel like you’re at home and one of the most extensive craft beer selections.

Mathew B

Love this place. Great place to sit and relax, sip some coffee. Great wifi too.

Carlos G

Having been to many coffee shops across the U.S. I am impressed by the service, quality of coffee, and simplistic approach Honeybee Coffee provided. Parking: Lot located adjacent to Honeybee Coffee Hospitality: Great friendly service Seating: Honeybee offered many different seating arrangements including a bar stole area with a power strip offering easy access to charging up a portable device or two per guest. Having the bar stole seating area is a huge plus since it appears that this section is meant for laptop use so that customers looking a table can do so. Environment: Area offers a very simplistic well lite and open space. Overall thoughts.. If home wasn't in Los Angeles/Ann Arbor and I moved to Knoxville TN I would make this my favorite cafe in town and in my top 10 across the U.S.

Bianca Langley

Very good, high quality coffee. Only disappointment I have is they don't have any sugar free flavors. Other than that, a great atmosphere with great coffee.

Caleb Glisson

Good coffee. Great atmosphere and exceptionally friendly staff

Katie Baker

Best coffee in town. Great atmosphere. Really cool place. It's one of our new favorites places to go!

Julie Graham

For someone who isn't really a coffee drinker, I really love their latte with the maple syrup. I also LOVE that they carry VG's Bakery goodies...especially the biscotti! I like the light, airy atmosphere and the simplicity of it all. One of the few places I travel out of my way to visit.

Jess Cookson

Great local coffee! I ordered a vanilla latte and it was one of the best I've had in a while. I would love to come back and try the Lavender coffee. They use Cruze Farm milk in their coffee shop near downtown!

Patricia Corwin

Nice quiet place to meet with new clients and catch up on some work. And the coffee was good too!

Emily Davis

Oh that cortado was really good! And served in a cute glass too! The cacao chia pudding was also a perfect light breakfast treat. Can't wait to get back!

Shuler Hopkins

Really great coffee and atmosphere, good place to get some work done.

tanya jaynes

Best coffee house in Knoxville! The house made donuts are delicious

Reed Anderson

Best lattes in Knoxville.

David Dixon

Great coffee and food. Atmosphere is good and staff are friendly.

Tommy Nguyen

Lovely place to meet or work solo.

Arthur Isakov

One of my favorite coffee shops in Knoxville

Tyler Bird

Super clean shop! Great place to unwind or work. Great selection with high quality product. Like that they have beer as well, that is a cool plus.

Rose A.

So far absolutely the best coffee place in Knoxville. Very clean, quiet, great coffee, great service, decent prices, free wifi, nice outdoor area, student atmosphere, parking available. They obviously know what they're doing. They serve in a real mug, which is great, and they offer a large selection of beer!

Ashley Fish

One of my favorite things is riding a bike here from Ijams. Love getting the iced coffee.

brittany melvin

I had a vanilla latte and it was delicious. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Petr Bulkhak

Awesome vibe and good coffee.

Dick Bates

Great coffee ! This coffee shop has the most friendly service of ANY coffee shop I have EVER been in ! Beats the snobby , sorry staff of Starsucks all to h e double hockey sticks!! Thank you Honeybee for your great coffee and treating your customers right !

Eric Smith

Chill good vibes music small crowd. Friend zone holla

Jake Dvorak

Friendly staff, chill music, and a descent amount of space. I’m always super productive here. Oh- they also have beer!

Ed Pasto

Great place to chill and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. Quiet atmosphere with a great vibe.

Eric Nolte

Great environment and coffee. Beans are a bit pricey when compared to other local roasters.

Adrian Mastin

Great place to get coffee and catch up school work or just relax. This is a a very nice, bright, and friendly atmosphere.

Saul Shanabrook

Favorite cafe in Knoxville! Homey, beautiful, couches, fast free WiFi, and outlets!

Jeremy Hale

Surprisingly, they have beer on tap and a cooler of cans of assorted beers. There's not much seating downstairs but the outdoor and upstairs seating sort of make up for it. It reminds me of a little "popup" coffeeshop in an old building in the middle of a business district, but it had a nicer staff! Parking is outback and I've never had a problem finding space.

Marriah Mabe

Love Honeybee Coffee! The south location is just as lovely as the west location.

Angelique Wright

I love this coffee shop. The chai is my go to. Hot or chilled, it is a definite win!

Kara Wiltrout

The iced honey lavender is really amazing. Wish every shop used crushed ice!

Josh Blevins

Cool little coffee spot on the South side of the river. Staff are super great; friendly and helpful. Parking is a little tough when busy, but not a super big deal.

Darlene Aime

Ok not very friendly...didn't seem to want to serve the people...the coffee was good...just the atmosphere not very inviting

Marissa Black

Best coffee in Knoxville! I always get the plain shaker- cold brew and Cruze farm milk. Tastes delicious even without any flavor added!

Micah Couch

Good coffee at a high price

Kirsten Henry

This is a wonderful little coffee shop. My sister and I went on a run in the rain and decided to stop by. We were soaked, and the friendly staff offered us dry towels as we ordered our lattes. They were phonomonal. This was not our first time here. It’s my favorite coffee place in Knoxville at the moment. I bring all my friends, and I’ll continue to visit.

Josh Andrews

Good place nice ppl

Michael Garland

Fantastic quant little place. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Will definitely return.

Edna Gibson

Uncomplicated, satisfying beverages. Sometimes coffee shop staff can be pretentious, but at honeybee the staff were very approachable, yet knowledgeable.

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