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REVIEWS OF Dose Coffee IN Tennessee

Josh Felts

I frequently visit Dose on my way to work in the morning. Great coffee and menu selection, they also have a reward points that you can collect, so definitely sign up for that. It’s FREE! Some of the best muffins and breakfast sandwiches as well as amazing coffee!!

Randy Harrell

Great breakfast toast, even better house coffee.

Joseph Coco

Fantastic espresso. Don't expect to pop in and pop out though, it can take a few minutes to prepare drinks. Atmosphere is good and the music is a good volume for chatting.

Nancy Schneider

First time here, friendly staff, flaky biscuit with berry jam is delicious, add a robust cup of coffee to that and it's the start of a great morning.

Molly L

I've been going to Dose for many years and I still plan on it regardless of what my opinion is. I am a barista and I just want to point out the inconsistency in their drinks. I understand everyone does make drinks a little different than the next person. Every cappuccino I order is different. The last one I ordered, the milk was so hot I burnt my tongue and had to spit it out. I'll still order them, because again people make drinks differently. At another time, the barista was scratching their head, rubbing their eyes and nose, then continued on making drinks without washing their hands. I honestly was grossed out. This isn't the first time I've seen a barista rub their face and continue handling cups and drinks. Maybe I'm more hyper aware of things like that. Anyway, I'll still go to Dose, I'll still order a cappuccino, I just wanted to point those few things out.

Martin Flores

They don't serve brewed decaf. You'd think they take some effort to brew some good tasting decaf. In the big scheme of things, coffee is fairly inexpensive to brew, so brewing some decaf should be a no brainer!

Lesley Atterberry

One of my favorite coffee shop in town. I loved their coffee. The staff are friendly and polite.

Sarah Payne

Hipster vibe with decent coffee and chai tea. We had a meeting here and it was quiet enough that we could hear each other, but not so quiet we felt like we were disturbing others. Barista was a bit slow and while the coffee was hot, my chai was barely warm.

Fahad Bin Alamgir

Coffee is okay, staff is friendly-ish. There are no outlets in the store to charge your devices, so not an ideal place to bring your laptop and do work.

Ebony Savely

the staff are nice,however its not my sense need a bit more style and character

sean Jay

Fantastic coffee definitely in my top two in Nashville.

Jacob Roper

Friendly employees and great coffee!

Katelyn Martin

Amazing place! Good coffee and the workers are the best. Absolute best! Anyone say differently, they're crazy! You can't get a nicer staff. Definitely the barista Nate. Always has a smile on his face and is very knowledgeable. He should get a raise!

Daniel Moulder

The staff is very courteous and go out of their way to please you. The coffee is good as well as the muffins.

Mark Simpson

One of my favorite destinations. I really like the Spicy Egg Sandwich.

Will Straughan

As an out of towner visiting family in Nashville regularly over the years, I'm always looking for a solid coffee shop and I'm a big fan of the way Dose does things. First, not to be overlooked, the staff is kind and pro. I've typically come for the espresso (via Americano) and ice coffee (on tap!!!), but the food is also really good - fresh ingredients and as thoughtfully made as their coffees.

Joan Barker

Great, quality espresso beans. Their lattes are stronnnng. I recommend the iced Barcelona (pictured), especially during the hot summer months. Last time I tried a lavender/honey latte and it was perfect- subtle flavors, cute foam art, and I paired it w a tiny peanut butter bite thing (I forget the name). When it’s busy, it can be hard to find a seat to do work and can be a little noisy but I like some background noise when I work. Just bring ear buds if that’s gonna be an issue. Haven’t tried any food but it all looks so good - check out their IG page for some mouth watering shots.

Lillia Lepak

Great place. Good coffee, but honestly I would encourage anybody who comes in to try the zucchini muffin. Best zucchini muffin I've ever had!!

James Brett

Very good espresso. Bit of a mocha flavor. Very fresh beans.

Rush Payton

Love the coffee and the people at dose. Great place!!

Kenny Holloway

Cherry Pistachio scone

Kevin Kolbe

Cool coffee shop just off 440 and Murphy Road in Nashville. Great coffee with a bit of flair.

Matthew Liu

The atmosphere was nice. It is decorated with worldly photographs of beautiful scenes. The coffee was pretty good, and they prepared it pretty quickly. The sandwiches that we ordered were toasted a little too much, but tasted good [other than the overly crisp bread]

J Walker

Cozy, welcoming little place w/friendly & helpful staff! I only wish that they stayed open a little later.

Zara Wade Zara Wade

Menu is well thought out. Really tasty food and the best coffee I ever had in a while. Quick service even at the busiest of times. Highly recommended!

Kaje Simpson

Love the branding and the space. Just a well done simple coffee shop with high quality brews.


Great coffee and breakfast options. Exceptional staff and service.

Sarah Baggett

Great vibe in here, I'll definitely come again at a quiet hour.

Wendy Monday

$3 cup of coffee + free refills + open at 6am

Static Chaos

I am a huge fan of their beverages, their food selection is limited and their parking situation can be rough. 5 stars for beverages though.

Taylor Smith

I was super jazzed when I walked in and saw Sweet Bloom and Counter Culture on the menu. It was very obvious that the person at the counter was not about serving us and wanted to rush. I then saw him smoking his Juul outside, so I guess he just needed nicotine which is like cool and all, but I was excited to talk coffee and he wasn’t about it. I was then turned off by the general demeanor of everyone working there. Super short, not engaging, seemed kinda miserable. I feel ya, it’s cold as hell but like you guys have awesome roasters and people excited about’s worth engaging with them. The avocado toast I got was horrible. The avocado was brown, like seriously brown, and the “toast” was bad. I couldn’t finish it. Generally I think this place could be super dope. Especially near the university, but the demeanor of the people working could be better.

Thomas Vidø

Great coffee. Quick service.

Martha Myers

Good coffee good place to study.

Allen Parker

Anti Starbucks (me) and their coffee is excellent!

Ayla Kress

Delicious coffee and food - the rosemary biscuit sandwich is to die for. Fair warning though, it’s always pretty slow service even when there’s not many people there.

Will Cooper

This place is great. They have some great coffee shop foods, and really great coffee, but what I order here is the Fire-pot Chi Tea. Its amazing!

I.M Picky

Two stars for location only. Staff attempts to explain why they don't have coffee in the afternoon (sometimes contentiously) preferring to keep it fresh. An alternative has to be ordered with a different name at a premium price. Maybe they should change their name to Dose Americano... It's like going into a bakery that just has flour or a clothing store that just has fabric.

Cristah Artrip Prost

Dose Coffee is nice place to work and study, as well as drink a quality coffee. Their drips and pourovers are good, and they are far enough away from the college campuses that it's usually not super crowded. The staff are friendly, and the parking makes going to this coffee shop really easy. Additionally, this coffee shop is more on the relaxed side as compared with Crema, Barista Parlor, or some in the 12S area, and they don't tend to blast the music.

Whitneys Wellness

Such a nice and comfortable coffee spot. GF baked goods are fresh and yummy...if you get there early you might even get it fresh out of the oven.

Lucas McLaughlin

I enjoy studying here. I like the music selection and the staff are quite friendly. The Chai tea is very good.

Pey Roadie

Chic, affordable coffee shop. The employees seem friendly and you have a nice view if you sit at the front window

Karis Murley

Came to the counter and asked for a Cubano. Chris knew what I meant and made me a Cuban, and had a great conversation with me while doing so. A+ service, A+ coffee.

Benny Meza

Five stars for their Matcha Latte and Moka Latte (pictures below). The location has a great hole-in-the-wall coffee house feel, and is a great location for working on your laptop.

Hunter White

Best flat white in Nashville! Bagel breakfast sammy ain't bad either.

mai phuong Nguyen

You'll see all sorts of people here. Their coffee has a very distinct taste. I love it

Matthew Drewes

This place is delicious and I recommend the mocha latte and zucchini muffin.


As a 10 year kid I love avocados and I love avocado toast but that was the worst avocado toast I have ever had

Andy Graham, Jr

Food and coffee were great!

Matt Robinson

Very delicious lattes

Jeffrey Dyer

Excellent coffee. They give you a choice of 2 different coffees for your espresso. Their Cortado is very good.

Gerry Navarrete

Great coffee and vibe !

Kristina Outland

I ordered a couple of their biscuit sandwiches in uber eats and they were HUGE and fresh and delicious.

J. C. Brooks

good coffee, and a busy spot! #murphyroadcoffee #geoxy

Kristen Barber

Amazing local coffee shop with outstanding baristas.


Great foods and great coffee. The only reason it doesn't have 5 stars is the service can be quite slow sometimes. It's hit or miss I guess. Parking is limited, and it'll get crowded during busy times, but one of my favorites in Nashville.

Todd Hodges

Pretty decent food menu, and the coffee is tasty. What more can you ask for? I'll be back.

Brent Moseng

Good cup of coffee!

Zarita Fears

Great place but if you order food be prepared for an unnaturally long wait.

Pierre Delinois

Light, vibrant decor, friendly staff, and great tras and coffees.

Shawn Hopper

Would have had 4 stars if the west side location had the menu that the east side location had. The coffee is REALLY GOOD, the food is good too.

Ben Ingersoll

go to place for java in West End area--love the Cortado coffee

Wilson Adams

Probably one of my favorite coffee shops in town. It's a little dialed back from Barista Parlor and Steadfast in terms of decor. But the coffee is hands down some of the best I've had in town. Definitely worth visiting.

Becky Allhands

Good coffee but high prices. I didn't have any food but the menu looked good.

Patrick Johnson

Good vibe but SO slow

Jack Beanstalk

They offer a blt with no damn bacon. A very pretentious snooty stuck up place that seems to only like to serve whites.

Lola Mauer

Great coffee, could be a bit more cozy. Music was too loud for me to really enjoy staying there.

Jeremy Lindauer

They have coffee and it's quiet so I could see that being a plus.

Jack Pipa

This is place is the best! Dre makes cappuccinos like Michelangelo paints the Sistine Chapel.

Andrew Maitland

The coffee tastes excellent but, unfortunately for Dose, that is only one facet of an experience. The staff is impersonal and unfriendly (if not judgmental and condescending) and out of the last five weekends I've gone the Internet has not worked at all four of those times. As someone who values at least decent internet in a coffee shop and an occasional smile from a human being once in awhile this has proven to not be the coffee shop for me.

Aaron Nidiffer

It's not my favorite place to get coffee, but it's convenient and the coffee is good, though a bit overpriced. Seems slightly more snobby than what it should be though. But sometimes you just want that, I guess.

Laura Ewen

Nice. Basic coffee house. Simple food menu. I enjoyed the vegetarian sandwich. My chai was ok, nothing to really be overjoyed with. They seem quite busy. Parking is a wee hodgepodge. I don't recommend getting trapped in the front line of the store which means the cul de sac or schlepping from the Fifth Third Bank car park across the way.

Chandler Ross

Great little coffee shop. Love the variety of beans they serve. Parking lot can be a bit of a nuisance and this place will almost always be crowded. I recommend getting it to go here.

Constanza Zurita

Staff is friendly. Coffee is good. Their pastries are incredible and they have some good sandwiches you can try. Great ambience if you need to come work. I'm left wanting on the food menu options.

Maria Morrell

Great cup of coffee with and quiet environment. Small menu of eats and delicious.

Matt Latsha

Definitely one of the better coffee shops in Nashville: maybe the best on West End. Not pretentious, happy to help, reasonably priced, and tasty coffee. I've been drinking coffee at this sight occasionally since it was still Portland Brew, and Dose only gets better. I've had several coffees and none of them have let me down. Even the Decaf was pretty good. If you are on the West End area and need a quick coffee jolt, this will get the job done.

Sean K

i really liked their latte and drank inside to enjoy their environment. enough parking.

Andrew Brown

Food is poor. Coffee is good though.

Angie Osmanski

Great place to get work done. Decent prices. The jalapeño & blue cheese is delicious and just enough to eat. Medium roast coffee that is also very good with great service.

Caroline Flynn

Nice place to have coffee and breakfast...The flat white is tops!

Ken Miller

Great Coffee Experience!

Ben Sandee

Simple, well-executed menu of coffee made in a thoughtful variety of ways. Worth a stop for any coffee connoisseur.

Bill Prince

We didn't partake of the coffee but had a fruit tea and a glass bottled Coke. We also had a couple sammiches which were both very nice. The Turkey Pesto, and the Turkey BLT.

Emma Bellamy

Great coffee, good (small) breakfast food and sandwiches. I often used this spot for meetings. But it can get reallky crowded

Latara M. Zepeda

This is a nice little gem to discover in Nashville after being in Italy for three weeks. Service was great and the cashier gave recommendations for where to find a Moka Pot. Nice atmosphere both in and out! Amazing prints for sale! Very cozy Italian feel to it!

Andrew Dillon

Excellent drip coffee, espresso, and baked goods. Very good reuben on the menu right now. They have a small selection of beer and wine (with a pretty good happy hour), plus cocktails. Trivia on Thursdays. Parking is limited in Riverside Village, but surrounding neighborhoods have free street parking.

Barbara Russell

Wonderful cold shakerato and 1/2 order of avocado breakfast toast!

Tim Valshtein

Cute coffee spot. Nice drinks, good place to read or hang out. Sometimes it's a bit hard to park, I don't love that it's right next to the highway.

John Hust

Great coffe, nice pour over


Okay coffee. Nice layout. But they don't treat all customers the same. Every time I have visited, pale people are greeted with a smile and prompt sevice. The staff always seems annoyed to have to serve me. Dont get me wrong, they weren't rude. But it was definitely a different vibe given when i got to the counter to order. I won't be going back but I'm sure they prefer it that way.

Luke Nemuras

They have great coffee here. The parking stinks, can't make a left onto Murphy without doing some NASCAR stuff. And it's a little spendy. Still, the coffee is good.

Win R

Friendly baristas and great chai!


Coffee and breakfast were great. Great spot as well.

Guy Heath

Coffee is fantastic, no need for sugar on this pour over!

Jon Henshaw

Coffee is strong and the food is good. Basically everything I want in the morning. The staff seems a lot friendlier than the people that used to run Portland Brew. There are plenty of places to sit, but don't grab a booth if you plan to plugin, because you can't.

Sarah Seidel

Amazing coffee, friendly staff, and delicious food. Breakfast BLT is my new fave!

Karrie Nims

Nice set up great coffee and always let's my mom go tinkle even when we don't get coffee she is on diuretics and it's the closest bathroom on the way back from Bellevue which has a long strip of nothing

Cynthia Coletti

The coffee is strong like Starbucks. My husband wasn't very fond of his biscuit. Might still go back for the coffee

Tessa Huffstater

Excellent coffee, food, and atmosphere. Can get a little crowded for sit-down space, so plan ahead if you want to sit and enjoy or get some work done, which I'd highly recommend. They only have one espresso machine so if the line's long drinks can take a while, but they're so good I don't mind. I'd particularly recommend the lavender honey latte and the avocado toast, which features eggs and sriracha. Also basically any of the baked goods in the cabinet are going to be fantastic so treat yourself

Jason Maynard

Good food and very good coffee. Friendly service taking the order. Fairly long wait to get the coffee, but maybe they were understaffed that day. If the barista was rushed, I couldn't tell from the cappuccino. It was delicious. Expect a crowd and a wait.

Jay Goode

One of my favorite coffee shops. A weekly stop at the least. Great staff, space and coffee!

Pat Lawrence

Great coffeeshop. They have a limited food menu, but a great vibe. Very hip and quient enough that you can work or read. The parking lot is small and hard to maneuver large vehicles into/out of. Located right off of 440.

Aaron Horning

Great cute little shop. Friendly staff too.

Karsten Ferguson

The Milk tea was awesome, I am hooked and can't wait to get some more.

Jonas Smith

Great People, food and Coffee. Love this place. HATE their wifi system.

James Trent

Really deep earthy chocolatey macchiato and to-die-for polenta cake with lemon syrup.

Jevon Pearse

Vanilla latte is the best. Home made vanilla also. Barista was nice.

aparna singh

Great cafe! One of my favorites!!

Olivia Liem

Great coffee and they also have a nice breakfast and lunch menu. It has a clean vibe, not overly busy like some of the places around town. Good place to work as I see multiple people with their laptops.

Kyle Briggs

Favorite coffee shop in Nashville so far. Main reason is great coffee at a reasonable price. Can get a black cup of coffee w refills before 1 for under $3. So many of the coffee places in Nashville are missing what it means to be a "third place" imo... Dose gets it right.

Scott Hollands

Really enjoyed our cortado and hot chocolate.

Brian Hood

I come in all the time, and this is consistently one of the slowest coffee shops in Nashville. Whether you're ordering food or some sort of espresso drink, and whether the place is packed or you're one of three customers in the building...expect a 15-20+ minute wait for even the most basic order. It's actually sort of impressive how slow they can be sometimes.


Great mocha coffee and the egg sandwich was rich in flavor. A great place for weekend breakfast in a chill environment. Loved the pictures of Cuba on the walls as well.

Alex Schuster

Little on the high side but good coffee.

Bobby Boucher

Nice little place, Amanda, who was working was kind and fun too. Good coffee

Wisteria Vorbusch

Friendly staff and delicious tea

Jason Gosselin

Fast and good coffee. Consistent too.

Matthew Coppola

This is the closest best coffeeshop to me so I go here about once a week and the staff are always great. They have oat milk sometimes when they can keep it in stock. It's still kinda rare for a coffeeshop in Nashville to offer it yet but it's pretty common for shops in Europe. I usually go for a drip when it's available before 1, americano's and matcha lattes are all pretty good. I wish this shop would have the vegan cookie that the East shop offers, if someone's listening

Ashish sinha

Excellent coffee! Baristas are friendly and informative.

Amber Dennis

Great place, amazing coffee at a good price. Love the daily selection of baked goods. Line is pretty good, but the employees move very quick.

Ms. Grant

They only had 1 regular brew and it was a light roast. Lack of options for those who just want regular coffee or cannot have fancy drinks. Not cool.

Tony D

Great coffee latte. I tried several coffee shops when I was on vacation in Nashville and this was the best one!


Great coffee and food but not much room for sitting. Lacked the cozy vibe I was hoping for.

Terry Shrader

Quant place, the staff is super nice, and the moka latte was the bomb!

Zach White

I've been going here for years. In my opinion they make the most reliable delicious latte in town. Plus it's just the right amount of cool atmosphere without being pretentious like a lot of the other local spots. Any weekend we head out of town we plan our departure around stopping here first for a DELICIOUS rosemary parmesan breakfast sandwich. Sweet people and great products with a nice bright atmosphere. Great for a midday meet up with a friend.

joy leister

This is where I originally found out coffee could be magical. They have a beautiful space, nice employees and high quality everything.

Web Webster

Amazing idea. A coffee shop that serves coffee. A few simple pastries. And that's it. Pour-overs and the standard barista offerings but best of all is that it's just coffee. Bright open space, seating for about two dozen, pleasant music but nothing to distract from a good cup of coffee. Great meeting place. Easy access off West End and 440.

Tonya Miller

Great coffee! Excellent ham and egg biscuit.

Belina Sengmanyvong

I ordered the turkey bacon avocado sandwich and whatever that caramelized spread was on it was enough for me to go back again! I would use that stuff as a face mask it was soo delicious. Anyway, great option on the menu and the coffee is always good. My go to spot when I’m in the area.

Erin R.

They offer specialty coffees, baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. Everything I've had has been delicious!

Clarence Gray

Good coffee banana bread and cinnamon coffee cake

Lara Butler

Excellent coffee and breakfast items.

Yuvaraj Sampath

Perfect. Cortada has been my go-to choice for a while and they had a good one.. also they got some good books if you want to read about coffee..

Shelton Goodwin

Nice sandwich so the menu and nice coffee menu - clean quiet decor

James Amundsen

There are few places that sell--much less serve--my favorite roaster of coffee, Counter Culture. The staff is friendly and great purveyors of their craft. The cafe has a welcoming vibe and is a popular location.

Roger D

Great lattes

Victor l Thomas

The coffee option are inconsistent to the east Nashville location and the cashier was really nice but the barista was rude.

Steven Brewston

I think this is the best coffee spot in Nashville. The coffee is always fresh and tastes fantastic! Their service is always so quick too!

Bartholomew Roland

The location and atmosphere are nice, but I can't get too excited about a place that only seems to serve fruited-up coffee blends. I seriously just want a dark cup of coffee, and everything they serve here seems to have hints of blueberries or lemongrass. If I wanted all that stuff in my drink, I'd order tea. As is, I just go elsewhere for my coffee.

Blake Baldassari

Very slow but really yummy espresso

Becca Hillburn

Wonderful local coffee shop with snacks and beans to go


Cute little coffee shop. I purchased a Nutella scone and vanilla latte, both were yummy. There is limited parking and typical small seating area. The staff is super welcoming and so nice.

Michael Riedel

I should have known when I walked in the door and this coffee shop didn’t smell To compare this bland, over priced drink to gas station coffee would be an insult to hard working people that keep the pots filled around the clock at gas stations.

Dance Dynasty

Crummy service and nasty tables

Dirk Winegar

Price for brewed coffee was high for a 16 oz cup. But, it was good. Finding a parking spot was difficult.

Ashwin Mudigonda

One of the few places that pioneered the pour over. They have a machine that does that and it's seriously good stuff. They have nice bites, and a great selection of roasted beans to purchase. They are also the only place to accept the Belly card to reward frequent visitors.

Chris Foster

Dose is great. There is often a wait and parking can be a nightmare, but the service and quality is great. Great place to get some work done.

Jess O'Shea

One of my favorites in Nashville. Love the free house coffee refills until 1pm.

Clayton Bennett

Three dollars for drip coffee seemed steep, until I found out that refilled are unlimited until 1PM. The baristas are very nice folks, and the environment is great!

Carlos Lopez

One of the best coffee shops in town and certainly the best near Vanderbilt. Great espresso and slow pour coffee. Also good for sitting and working. Great space to relax and also a little outdoors seating. Parking can be a pain during rush hour...

Glen Gray

It's real real good

Jenn Sturgeon

Latte with lavender honey + blueberry muffin = perfect breakfast

Taylor McRae

A tucked away spot with a calm atmosphere and great coffee

Todd Widseth

Fun coffee shop, awesome staff

Ana Rea

Staff was very friendly, as well as helpful in answering all my questions.

Miller Jarrell

Maybe one of the most underrated coffee shops in Nashville. Fantastic coffee, prepared well with exceptional kindness and service. Serving counter culture coffee and offering a rotating selection of exceptional coffees from roasters around the country. I’ve always had an great experience here and could recommend it with confidence. The only downside is parking can be tricky sometimes but it’s well worth an extra minute finding a spot.

Tim Henard

Great coffee, nice staff. Good selection of breakfast pastries.

Daniel Stewart

Paired the Rosemary breakfast biscuit with house coffee for a great flavor profile I would want to enjoy again. Inside seating was clean and bright. Fresh storefront outdoor seating was pleasant.

Bailey Brandon

Excellent coffee shop. Serving Counter Culture Beans. Good food selection. Good people too.

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