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Justin Cutsinger

Great shop just outside of downtown. Drip coffee is amazing and the outside deck is fun.

Raffy Pisowodzki

Had something new here! Espresso with carbonated water, honey and orange. Very refreshing on a hot day! Breakfast items and pastries were delicious. Sorry no photos but if you are from out of town definitely stop by and give it a try! Very chill location

Jonathan Burks

The coffee here is so smooth. They also make their own almond milk. I love their iced coffee with almond milk here—amazing

Crystal Bass

Nice shop with great coffee. Food decent as well.

Sarah Bednar

I had a solid cortado and avocado toast. Definitely a great place to enjoy a quality cup of coffee in the morning.

eva Inc.

Just ok. For a basic cup of coffee it was below average. I asked for fresh, strong dark roast and I was disappointed with the weak old tasting coffee that obviously had been stored in a craft for awhile. If your into sugar coating your caffeine fix with all the variations of drinks, none of which are a cup of coffee, then it is probably fine. On a good note, the place was clean and the pastry I had was pretty good although not fresh.

Jamie Patrick

Great coffee but 2 large almond milk, decaf, lattes for $15....what

Phillip Smith

Really great place and the staff is very friendly!

Es Pee

In my top three best coffeehouses of Nashville. Amazing espresso and iced coffee. Good pricing. They do classes every season if you want to learn more on making great coffee. Went to an espresso class one time and enjoyed it. Go here.

Jacob B

Good coffee soda

David Watson

Great spot with a good view. No outlets but I understand the business decision behind that. Great coffee.

Katie Todd Bryant

Favorite coffee shop in Nashville. I love the Cubano!!

Gabi Brink

Very nice place, modern, cozy and chic. It had a good variety of coffee. My coffee (Ethiopian) had an earthy and citric taste.

Evan Barnes

NO OUTLETS. coffee’s good tho.

Megan Miller

The avocado toast is the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever. Ever.

Maria Constantine

Perfect place for a proper espresso. Better than Barista Parlour, IMO. CREMA is off the beaten path a little so not so crazy busy and their prices are reasonable. Easily walkable from the Broadway area.

Justin Pennington

Quality of coffee and beans is top notch. Service is good and efficient. We always take our coffee to go but it’s also a nice place to spend some time.

c turner

Delish as always...iced mocha rocks!

Khaled Goda

hip atmosphere. nice location. great staff. coffee soda was a very pleasant surprise.

nirajan kharel

Best latte I ever had. Staff were wonderful and they roast their coffee bean right next room to the cafe. Amazing experience.

Ryan Hewitt

Tasty drinks

James Baber

After a very bad experience at Drug Store Coffee, this was a welcome difference and worth the long walk. The cortados are very good.

Bill Hamway

Drip coffee is pretty okay. Staff not super friendly, just there to take your order. Lacked personality. NO POWER OUTLETS so not great if you’re looking for a place to work on your laptop. If you’re getting together with friends for an hour, a good place to go.

Vincent Lee

I wanted a break from taking photos around the city. Ordered some drip coffee. Smoothest (only) coffee I had in Nashville. My only regret was that I figured that they were a roaster until I left the state and I didn’t purchase any beans. Would return to Nashville for fried chicken and this coffee.

Jezi M

Lovely, vibrant coffee shop. It's very minimalistic both with the menu and the decor. The coffee was excellent and the service is top notch. It's a zero waste cage, which is an interesting concept. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there, but it did not disappoint! I recommend the iced mocha, it's very tasty and not overly sweet!

Yan H

Great place to work and lots of drink options. Make sure you bring headphones.

Roger Andelin

I had a latte and muesli for breakfast. Both were excellent. Crema is a serious coffee shop; they roast their own beans and their baristas know how to turn those roasts into delicious coffees. They were friendly and helpful when I asked to know more about their beans and their roasts.

Luke .Thomas

Best Cuban coffee I’ve ever had. Fun place. Very hipster by design, but great coffee, and welcoming of anyone. They serve you coffee in an actual ceramic coffee mug. Makes it feel more authentic than when you would drink from a paper cup. Great outdoor patio with an incredible view of the downtown skyline

Cassie Birchall

Great service, love the atmosphere, love that it's just far enough from broadway that it feel local (not so many tourists!) But still walkable to downtown.

Gabriela Muschaweck 'student'

Good coffee, friendly staff, just make sure you bring your laptop fully charged because there aren’t any outlets!

J. Robinson

Wonderful coffee experience here! Awesome service. Great, top notch quality. Very friendly and knowledgeable baristas. Incredibly tasty coffee. Get whatever the barista recommends. Great environment and sweet patio in the front. ‬

todd griffin

Nice & peaceful place to enjoy coffee & pastries. Lauren is a pleasant smile to see.. thanks for everything


I always love Crema before or after a trip to the Frist. A lot of coffee, chai lattes, and teas. And a great place to chill, relax, doodle, and read.

Adam Thomasson

Great coffee! One of the best I’ve had. This is definitely the place to go if you want a quick cup of joe. This in Not, however, a comfy spot to relax or how a long conversation/ study session though. No couches or comfortable chairs like most other coffee shops. Feels like a cafeteria with bad acoustics. It can be hard to hear the person next to you if there are other people talking. Coffee is 5/5. Atmosphere and ambiance is 2/5.

Clinton Andersen

Good local coffee shop. Easy parking and a welcome rest to wondering around Nashville.

M Bhal

Good coffee. Excellent service. Fun atmosphere. Cold brewed coffee is not acidic at all, or sour which it often times can be. Perfect, smooth, and bold. Will say though that despite there being AC running in the place it was still quite hot. Smaller sized shop, and door kept opening but in their defense it was swelteringly hot outside.

Zachary Boyce

Visited this shop while in the area from out of state. The coffee was excellent, and the staff was knowledgeable and passionate. Definitely on my list of favorite specialty coffee brands now.

Ioannis Sotirakos

Great coffee, but they didn't have any visible sugar substitute packages

Josh Felts

This is a MUST! Amazing coffee and baristas that take care of you and your coffee needs

Jessica Carson

Soo good! I got a cappacino and it was amazing...full bodied and creamy. I added vanilla flavoring which made it more lighter in taste. The food is fresh and inventive. Employees are friendly. Offer bags of freshy ground coffee, I believe is there own brand. I really enjoyed my visit. You do need to get a ticket from the outside machine in order to park legally though.

Chris Leek

Totally worth pulling of 65! We do it every time we pass through!

Joseph Hoffman

Had a fantastic late lunch at this place.


Great cafe. Definitely recommend. You can get your fix of avocado toast without paying $14 like they would charge in dc. Cool vibe. Little slow but worth it

Alden Caroline Easter

Loved this coffee shop! Big espresso fan and theirs did not disappoint. Also loved the blueberry muffin. Really kind staff and great atmosphere. Lots of people in and out but still were plenty of places for people to sit! Will be back!

Hassan M

Excellent coffee with a very nice atmosphere. Great place to enjoy the city from. They also have a wide selection of gift options. I found the perfect 6 oz. tumbler to buy.

Timothy Hagmaier

Great place. Great coffee and pastries.

Rebekah Brooks

Amazing coffee and croissants!

Rebecca Felice

Iced coffee is awesome and has an instant jolt. Best coffee in Nashville.

Benny Meza

The Cuban is a must! Great atmosphere. Amazing indoor and outdoor view of the Korean War Veteran Memorial Bridge. Great place to spend hours talking with friends, reading, or doing work on a laptop.

Borealis Productions

Amazing stuff! Zero waste as well

Jeremy Davis

Everything here was delicious and the best looking lattes I've ever seen! Cuban (bottom) and Mocha (top) shown in the picture! Both were amazing and the oats with Greek yogurt and avocado toast was also amazing. Very nice little breakfast place

Samantha Loyet

Love the Cuban coffee!

Artie Hill

Crema makes probably the best coffee drinks I've had in Nashville, and I love them for that. The Cuban is my favorite, but you can't go wrong. Beyond their drinks, all of their other sellables are great too (eg beans), and they do classes too (though I've not been so I can't speak to that). 5 stars because I won't criticize a company for being successful. I DO hope they speed up their service in the future however.

Elina Okita Masters

My favorite coffee shop in town. I come here every time I am in Nashville. Not only their coffee is good, but the atmosphere is fantastic and never had a bad service here. Wish they had plugs for laptops but other than that, I cannot complain about anything!! I like the flavor of their coffee so much I buy their espresso beans and I take them back to Orlando.

Steven Kim

Good coffee, friendly staff, bright atmosphere overlooking downtown. Nice Iarge outdoor patio, spacious seating indoors. Nice beans, good use of them

Travis Tarpy

Excellent coffee. Enjoyed the atmosphere!!! Will return when in the area.

Deane Lawton

A staple of the Nashville coffee scene. An all-time favorite. The experience is always cozy and well-curated.

Dennis Cheairs

Friendly service. Great atmosphere. Great coffee and lattes


We found this coffee shop our first morning visiting Nashville for vacation from Michigan. We visited it every morning after the first visit, including the morning we left to go home. The coffee is delicious. The avocado toast is to die for. The staff is friendly. Wish we could frequent this place.

Craig D. Crook

Great local place. The drinks are well made, and it's a great place to meet or get a little work done.

Boris Pilev

Good for quick bite and coffee

Autumn Rain

Best latte in town!

kerry rebora

Our favorite coffee shop when passing thru & traveling back to Chicago. Great coffees, nice bakery choices, charming interiors, sustainable practices.

Justin Cofield

Get the Cuban. You won't regret it.

Sonya Anglin

Great coffee, great staff, great atmosphere!

brian emamalie

Good carbonated coffee


Crema coffee was outstanding. Very friendly staff was knowledgeable in everything coffee. The atmosphere is chill & beautiful. Our 12 oz lattes were delicious, as well as the Avocado Toast & Berry Tartine. Thank-you guys for delivering high quality service.

Dallas Conry

Great coffee. I love the no waste effort!

Samantha Johnson

Coffee enthusiast, elitists...snobs...Orlando to Seattle...we love coffee. Locally roasted deliciousness. Sweet, enthusiastic staff, and a clean, bright, minimalistic atmosphere. The La Fleur was delicious and not too sweet. The Cortado was well-balanced and the steamed milk was so rich and creamy. CREMA could easily be a coffee shop on Pike St. in Seattle. Expertly crafted, beautiful coffee.

CJ Horton

Great coffee with good seating. Went at noon on a Saturday and there was a small line.

John Sanders

I'm not a coffee connoisseur but my brother in law is and he said this is the best coffee in the world...he was right...this is the kind of coffee even I could drink black!! Excellent!!

Sean Almonte

I do declare, it's the best Boston Cream ... In or out of Boston. Avo Toast damn delicious.

Tyler Faulkner

Coffee is good, atmosphere is nice, parking is pretty rough. Overall with trying out!


Really great coffee! Avocado toast is a little pricey for what they serve.

Mikaela Watkins

An eco conscious business with excellent customer service. The espresso was of the utmost quality, with an appreciation for detail. The baristas were friendly and efficient. We were driving through on our way home to Tampa, Florida and I was really craving a quality espresso. While inside, I chat with the cashier and ordered based off of his recommendation. His name was Chadwick and I found it pretty comforting to be so far from my own local coffee shops (Union, Commune & Co, Foundation, etc) and the cashier is friends with the owner! Overall I would love to stop through again and send any friends there as well. If you’re looking for amazing espresso or tea, a bright environment, quality service, and down to earth staff-Crema is your place!

Hugh Blemings

Properly good, Melbourne grade espresso, not to be missed. Friendly staff and while I didn't partake, the food offerings looked nice too. That they are so busy is unsurprising given the quality of what they do!

Cari Miller

Really liked the Cuban latte. Service was great!

C T Shieh

The coffee (americano) was really good. See a lot of folks devouring avo toast. Cudos for being zero waste.

Thomas Appleton

A little out of the way if you're walking, but quality coffee and a nice atmosphere to spend some time with a friend or work quietly.

Raymond Featherston

Great place to sip coffee and have stimulating conversation with a friend. The coffee taste great. If I lived closer this would be my study spot.

Micaela Anderson

The coffee here was some of the best I've had in a long while. The service was very pleasant and efficient. The seating outdoors is lovely and I would highly recommend sitting in the sun with your coffee for a bit. Aesthetically Crema was great too. I got both an iced vanilla almondmilk latte and a hot vanilla almondmilk latte (I was staying for a couple of hours). The iced latte was so tasty and served in a tall glass with a metal straw. The hot latte was equally as amazing and the latte art was so pretty too. Overall I would highly recommend Crema; amazing coffee, amazing service and a lovely cafe! I also believe they're all about being environmentally conscious which is so so so great!

Pablo Martinez

Good coffee, good mission. The place excels at serving two markets. If you want great coffee that you can't get at chains, this place is for you. If you want to support socially responsible businesses, this place is for you.

Mark Neal

Great cup of coffee

Shake Collins

Nothing is more satisfying than having your ‘alone time’ together with your favorite coffee. Good thing I found this coffee shop. This place has a relaxing atmosphere, with the staff and fellow customers practicing the idea of solemnity and peacefulness. Although they got a lot of customers, they observe respect to other people who wants silence. I finally found my safe haven.

Jordan Spurling

This is my favorite coffee shop in Nashville. They are dedicated to their craft. It’s also pretty convenient to stop at when passing through downtown.

Lindsey Hatchett

Our favorite coffee in town. Always delicious! Pastries are great too!

David T

Great atmosphere inside. The coffee was top notch and brewed to perfection. Fairly priced and definitely out does major Seattle-based chain stores. (Hint) better quality beans and atmosphere worth going again since I am from out of town.

Bill Schimikowski

Amazing latte!

Kyla Mckenna

Great coffee! I was visiting Nashville, glad I stopped in, nice place. Might be a bit of a line but worth the wait

Matthew Rogers

The only reason this place didn't get 5 stars is because they covered the wall outlets so you can't work there for long periods of time. I get it, tables are scarce and there's more money in flipping tables, but 7 years ago this was my go-to place to work. The coffee & services 5 Stars though.

Venice VanWinkle

This is a hip, casual spot to sip perfectly crafted coffee. You can also purchase fresh roasted beans for your home espresso pulling needs.

Austin O'Regan

Great coffee. Great atmosphere, loved the toast and the galette!

Randall Jeremiah

I always love to stop by here when I am in town. I highly recommend it. My wife said her latte was one of the best and I had a black tea latte which was superb.

F. Patrice Mosley

Its a trendy place but there's a lot left to be desired.

Nancy Liu Spencer

Parking available for 2 hrs. Modern & minimalist ambiance. Noise level is right for having a coffee chat or powering through your to-do list. Plenty of seating for 1 with bar area seating. No outlets to charge your computer. 10+ tables on the outdoor patio as well. Reasonably priced.

Clay Cline

My favorite coffee shop in Nashville. Great coffee, cool spot, and the Cuban (pictures) is terrific! Their coffee is available at several places around town.

Chris Groat

This is one of the most popular and influential third wave coffee shops in Nashville. Staff were extremely healthy and had one of the coolest vibes in the area. Go to this shop!

Sarina Staurseth

Amazing spot and amazing coffee! However, they do not have outlets to charge things- This is just a PSA for others more than anything.

Robert Kropf

Excellent coffee!

SJ Collier

Friendly service, willing to fix a large cappuccino rather than lecture me on why that’s not a real cappuccino

Bryan Hall

An awesome coffee shop. Very low key, with a great atmosphere and attitude. The coffee is superb! Excellent service, too.

Marc Droz

wish there were as many Cremas' as they are starbucks, coffee is a lot more fresh and taste than starbucks

Fred Weigel

Great atmosphere. Coffee was good. Lots of DIY - garbage, separating dishes/silverware, etc. Good recycling

Anastassia Blokhina

Toronto visitor here

Kristen Parke

Best coffee shop in Nashville.

Joseph Mills

Crema has been, and continues to be, my favorite coffee shop in Nashville. Although drink quality has changed since a year ago, they still serve good quality coffee, and provide a vibe that one would expect from a hipster coffee shop. Big windows show off the Nashville landscape (but not skyline) and contribute to an open atmosphere.

Peter Wilson

Best of the best. For coffee craftsmanship they have few peers, maybe none. I can only compare them to Intelligentsia in LA, formerly the best coffee ever. I think there's a new champion.

Fred McCorkle

Relaxed interior, fast service, and close to downtown. High quality coffee but a bit pricier than most coffee shops around town.

Dan Burkovskiy

Great vibes, great avocado toast!

Abby Kissamis

Cute place along with great coffee, but no outlets if you're looking to do some work here.

Frankie Sharp

The coffee itself is 5 stars, but the overall experience is 3 stars. Parking there has become a nightmare, and there's always so much construction it's rarely peaceful. My biggest gripe is they choose not to honor avery common 3rd wave coffee unwritten rule. When spending 18-20$ on a single bag of beans they will not give a complementary coffee or espresso. I've asked about it several times. I don't know any other reason why they don't provide this benefit. The only response I seem to get is that they don't know why. Other than that the customer service is good and haven't had any problems.

John Outler

Nice boutique roaster. We stopped by on the way to Louisville then again on the way back to buy beans.


Love the ambiance. I ordered an avocado toast which was delicious! I wish they put egg on top that would be amazing but they dont have a full kitchen. I got latte with a splash of vanilla, it was superb. Chocolate chip cookies are pretty good too. They have inside and outside seating. Coffee beans you can buy. Definitely recommend this place.

Patricio Hecklernk

Really good coffee here. Very friendly staff that provides excellent customer service.

Christian Rodriguez

One of my favorite coffee spots in Nashville. Great coffee and nice atmosphere and view of the city skyline when sitting outside.


Great little coffee shop. They roast their own beans which are excellent in their own right. Coffees served in house are great as well.

brianne mooney

*3.5 stars. We weren’t overly impressed with our items. But it’s a nice clean place and good location. Prices were high.

Timothy Trudeau

This place is good. One of the better indie spots around town. It's very noisy so don't expect to get any work done, but definitely one through for a coffee that is far better than any Starbucks.

Brian Yinger

Always perfect.

Nick Thompson

The cuban here is fantastic and everything the reviews hype it up to be. The baristas were all very friendly and unassuming, despite the quality of the coffee and location.

Deanna UP

I love the coffee and good vibes in Crema. Top notch place I recommend everyone to try!

Terry Daniels

Pretty good coffee place, nice staff.

Belinda Wade

One of the best coffee shops I've ever been in It's got a great laid back vibe. The staff was friendly, and the coffee is excellent. My favorite is the cuban!

Rachel Hayes

Best coffee in Nashville hands down! I always tell everyone about crema, because I always want people to try them. If you haven't tried them you are truly missing out!

Kelsey Wood

Loved the vibe, loved the smell (roasting coffee), enjoyed the deck and free wi-fi.

Emily Scudero

Really smooth and refreshing coffee. I highly recommend the iced lavender latte!

Angel Wisnoskie

Best coffee in Nashville! So delicious and love the inviting atmosphere.

Cyril Philip

Gets a bit crowded in the mornings, but the coffee here is really good. I got the Iced Coffee blend and it was super smooth and well brewed.

Dino Moll

Great coffee and delicious avocado toast! Thank you. It seems to be a very popular place!

Cat Sondgerath

Good coffee and pastries. I recommend the scones and pour overs. Customer service could be improved.

Taylor Frank

Delicious coffee, cool mugs, and excellent environment. Only down side is no electrical outlets in the entire cafe - LITERALLY. Finished a paper for grad school with 1% laptop power left! Charge your gear before you go.

Katherine Michelle Haro

Wonderful environment and delicious drinks. Tried the hot chocolate and cookies and cream macaroon. Definitely a must !

Amber Lloyd

Love this place! Such a chic vibe with great coffee. Try it out!

Clarence Gray

Excellent coffee, with a cool vibe

Bill Norman

Pretty cool coffee shop. A true millenials preferred atmosphere.

Bradley Pence

I had the Costa Rica pour over and it was amazing.

G. Brett Williams

I have quite literally had coffee from every coffee shop in the Nashville area over the course of a decade and a half. This is my favorite.

Nate Hamilton

Great atmosphere and good coffee. Great for meeting/catching up with people or doing some quiet work.

Michael LeRoy

Great Americana! Friendly atmosphere and service!

Matt Then

The vallina latte was excellent! Cool atmosphere.

Christopher Templin

This is an excellent Coffee House with great environment and wonderful coffee

Dylan Seago

Cappucino was great and avocado toast delicious.

Nathan Westbeld

Great place. Good coffee.

eric burgos

Anything made with espresso here will blow your mind, I love the laid back vibe. Crema has grown over the years and will always be the first - and in my mind, last - word in coffee in our beautiful city.

Sandra Ivaz

Awful service. Possibly the worst service I’ve ever experienced at a coffee shop. The bearded short male barista was incredibly unfriendly and passive aggressive. The employees were just standing around not doing anything. I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for one latte and it’s not even busy, nor did anyone order ahead of me. Also an extremely pretentious environment and crowd. The latte is really good. But not good enough to make up for the trash service, hostility from the one employee and the pretentious environment. There are plenty coffee shops in the city where you won’t be treated like a second class citizen; go there instead.

David Wells

Hands down the best coffee shop in Nashville. I came here my second day living here about seven years ago, and despite the dreadful parking, I've come time and again. Why? Most places don't know how to properly balance the milk and espesso in a latte. They tend to err on the side of extra milk. Crema's lattes allow the espesso to come through without being overly bitter. In other words, Crema makes the best damn latte I've ever had.

L Dee

If you want great coffee and flavorful food. This is your spot. I loved it so much, I order their coffee beans online now.

Jess Chey

My latte art was beautiful and I had the best coffee I've ever had and snagged a menu for a souvenir. I ordered a latte that had cardamom as an ingredient and I loved it!

Rafael Santiago

Amazing and fast coffee shop. The croissants are delicious.

Pam McDonald

VERY good. Their home made pumpkin latte was the best I've had. Hand crafted to perfection. Surrounded by road construction so that was not fun as an out of towner and their parking is very small. They are zero waste and their interior space and exterior seating is nice. Friendly and helpful staff. A little slow making things.

Amber Carmona

Excellent coffee, but beware the parking situation. With the construction, there's barely enough space to think, let alone move your car.

Stephen Schenck

Good coffee, Avocado toast was a little dry and lacking for $6.00. Nice place, good seating inside and out.

Amber Evans

The only good coffee in downtown Nashville, and affordable avo toast! Maybe this millennial will be able to afford that house after all!

Lainey Bell

Great local coffee place. Friendly staff. The coffee soda and avocado toast are awesome

David Lones

The best Chai I have ever had in my entire life.

Christian Candler

The Cuban from Crema is my favorite coffee drink in Nashville! Atmosphere is great too!

Susan Callender

Excellent coffee and even better people. Worth the cab ride to find it!

Amy L

Did something change? From the pictures I could've sworn I saw a sitting couch area but there weren't any when I went in. It looks to be just a small coffee shop with lots of tables. Eh, well. I didn't have trouble with parking. Not a good place to get cozy and read but the coffee was nice at least.

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