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REVIEWS OF Bongo East IN Tennessee

Grace Rydburg

Played a 2.5 hour session of d&d, staff was supportive and chill, you already know the coffee and baked goods are fire cuz its bongo, parking was affordable and canned wine was as good as it needed to be (rosé all day). All in all, had a great time, will probably schedule another campaign session here

Chris Murphy

Perfect place to relax, drink some coffee, play some games!!!

Lance Kaminer

Great place. Good coffee that isn't over priced. Fun atmosphere. Would recommend. (Parking can be difficult)

Luke Ciciliano

Fun atmosphere.

Will Lietz

No cold brew takes a star for me, but the iced coffee wasn't overly acidic, which is difficult to do. It also wasn't terribly watered down, as iced coffee commonly is. The decor was like a repurposed Barnes and Noble, which I'd expect given the neighborhood. The abject lack of proper coffee houses in the area means that this is somewhere visited in spite of, rather than due to, the quality.

Doug Hale

Bloody awful place. Tried it a few times. Pretensious over priced coffee served by stuck up apathetic staff. Go to frothy monkey or just throw ten bucks in a puddle and drink that.

Constance Li

Really delicious food and coffee and the kind of place you can just hang out and read in


Very good coffee!

The Fall of an Empire

Was good for what it wasw

Coach Kip

Great coffe, a good place to hang out.

Chris Dumas

Fun place. Amazing bathrooms

JP Winger

Went here a couple of time while staying in Nashville 2011 I think, was one of the best coffee's I've had in the USA and a nice vibe, thanks.

Lynn Clevenger

Local place, which I always like. Before noon and already out of chai. High prices...$26 for 2 drinks, breakfast sandwich and bagel...but all good tasting. Great selection of games. I would return.

Zeke Anderson

Seems like a good coffee shop if you're into that.

Steph Mosier

I stopped in here before a football game last Sunday. I ordered two iced chia teas and two muffins. My total was $22. That's pretty steep. The coffee was average tasting, the muffins were pretty good.

Bryson Breakey

Cool idea to sell board games in a coffee shop! Definitely a different vibe, in a cool way. A lot of the time nice coffee shops can feel sort of pretentious but these guys weren’t at all. Super rad spot with good coffee and good service

Roman Hunt

The coffee here is wonderful and is some of the best in town but what really makes this place is the vibe of the atmosphere and patrons. The library of board games is one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a coffee shop!

Carolina Cruz

It opens at 7am so u can absolutely get your morning coffee here!

Bill Hamway

They have lots of games if you want to hang out with friends. Coffee was real bad. I rarely don't finish a cup, but I had to throw it away it tasted so bad. WiFi kept disconnecting, so it made working pretty difficult.

Kevin Casciotta

Way expensive for OK coffee, just short of $5 for thier smallest mocha. Food, while creative and tasty, is often very slow to come out. The staff is super friendly but I think it'll be a while before I go back.

Andrew Felts

Good coffee. TON of games.

Kelly Marett

Love love love the coffee. Love their mission to support small, sustainable coffee growers around the world. Love to atmosphere of this laid-back but slightly trendy coffee shop. Love stopping by for a Grateful Bomb on a lazy morning :)

Eric McClelland

Best coffee in Nashville. Try their store brand in your home coffeemaker!!! The Kaldi's Dog is best!

Jesse Brady

A nice, low-key coffee shop with interesting specials that change regularly.

Alan Denton

Great coffee, lots of games, good sandwiches. Parking is an issue, but worth it. .

Sherry Folk

Some nice healthy eating choices and coffee drinks. It is a find your own parking, but a nice place.

Autumn Bough

The coffee was perfect, and this place has great atmosphere! There were hundreds of tabletop games free to use and there were about a dozen games going on. It seems they sometimes have euchre tournaments as well so there’s always something going on here.

Daniel Prieu

Great coffee (also, good selection of beer) and the opportunities to learn new board games was so much fun. I tell my friends about it all the time in hopes to go and relax while playing a new and interesting board game.

Brandon Jacobs

Big inside. Friendly staff. Coffee was good. I'll go again.

The Wife

A group of us were asked to leave because we were playing a game that they did not provide. Appearently if you we were taking up too much table space since there were 12 people there to spend money on their food and drink. So the 12 of us took our money down the street. There were 3 empty tables when we were asked to go.

steven dodson

First time here. They make an incredible cappuccino.

Natural Hair Affair

I got a hazelnut breve that made me a believer. If you're worried about fat, this drink is NOT for you. If you want a latte that will make you question why you ever stepped foot in another coffee store, this is the one. It was "insert expletive here" good. Go get you one.

Sean Ewing

My favorite coffee shop in east Nashville. Great coffees, bagel sandwiches, hummus plate, baked goods... not a very extensive menu, but everything on it is good. Lots of board games to play and a good amount of seating. Gets very busy on weekends! Also, they are open at 6am so you can snag some caffeine for your commute.

Emily Broadrick

Locally roasted coffee, local tea, tasty sandwiches. Tiny parking lot. I hope to go back and play games.

Matt Robinson

Excellent Coffee

Nick Robinson

Very good vibe with good specialty coffee and other drinks.

Sid Jain

Good coffee, great selection of games with helpful tags for difficulty levels, and cool tables with cup holders. Would lrobprobvisit here once a week if I lived nearby.

Terry Meador

Relaxing place to meet talk have coffee desert.and or play some old board games with friends or make some new ones

Paul Robertson

Decent neighborhood coffee shop with great potential but serious flaws. Unmotivated staff and restricted hours really hurt it. Food is way better than menu would suggest. Decent enough, but could be, with a small push, great.

Meghan O

Casual, eclectic, delicious (and different) breakfast selections and good coffee. They have almost any game you can think of. Its a great place to bring a small group of friends to play a game or to sit and do work on the computer. Super chill vibe.

Christa Roscha

They have beer on tap and a bunch of games to borrow and play. Cool place.

Todd Hodges

Great coffee and breakfast foods.

Matt Cooley

Bongo Java, locally roasted coffee - can't go wrong. Best!

K.C. Gott

We had breakfast and coffee here. The food was fresh and fabulous (I had the breakfast burrito and my friend had the breakfast sandwich). The coffee was tasty and fresh. My friend had a “warm and fuzzy” with honey, vanilla, and cinnamon. I had a mocha. Both were delicious. You won’t go wrong with this choice for breakfast.

Evan Romack

Great place to have a conversation. Open floor plan, good coffee, and just the right amount of background noise. The bathrooms are a riot with colorful cartoons.

Rachel Klan

Wonderful space, industrial art vibe. Las Paletas popsicles for sale. Staff seems a bit tired (but still helpful). Pricey. Coffee is a bit sharp so I recommend the breve. HalfnHalf adds balance.

Matthew Coffin

Very down to earth and cool coffee shop. One of my local favorites!

Sunny Zebe

to me, the atmosphere doesn't feel welcoming, but the coffee's good.

Clif Dickens

Not a big fan of the coffee, but the amazing staff and atmosphere make this a regular spot for me.

Joseph Elsakr

Fun place with lots of board games

charles alley

They have the good stuff

Celina Callahan-Kapoor

Good coffee and beer. Toys for kids to play with. Ok for working, not great though. Good for hanging out and talking.

Tom Campbell

Good service and food but loses a star for heavy use of plastic in cutlery and tea bags and lots of one time use cups.

M Le Sage

This place is great! The staff are very friendly, and eager to help with any game questions you might have.

Kelley Roberson

Staff was very friendly and a great atmosphere.

inFinite Biz Media

Best mural painted bathroom walls ive ever seen.

Stephanie Koehler

Love the new board games

Matthew Laurence

There coffee and sandwiches are great and they now have an amazing selection of board games.

Matt Latsha

Bongo is always good, and this one feels most like a place you can actually go to. It's not packed with college kids like Belmont; it's not difficult to reach like at The Omni; it's not tiny like Bongo on Tenth. Parking isn't really there, but if you're resourceful, you can find street parking all around the local area. Bongo makes good coffee, and their baked goods are tasty as usual. The added benefit of the Game Cafe separates this place from many others. Asking coffee places in the East End, this is a very good one. Check it out!

Patrick Echols

Great service and entertainment ! Going back next week!

William Hudson

Loved it!

Jacey Coy

Such a cool local chain of coffeeshops! They have some of the most interesting coffee drinks I have ever experienced yet...they were actually good! The staff was always friendly/helpful and the environment was always cool! Great place!

Noah Henscheid

Great brewed coffee and tea options. Fun, quirky atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling bathroom art is especially entertaining. If I had one critical remark, is that the music is just a little too loud. It's a great mix, don't get me wrong, but if you are coming to study or read, be sure and bring headphones.

James Traynor

Decent espresso, horrible wifi..

Jon Chan

Didn't have a straight up coffee beverage. Tried my friend's Oxford latte, which tasted excellent, but I found it weird that I ordered one of their specialty drinks and they weren't able to customize it to hold the syrup. Found it too cloying as a result

Honey Bear

Played a couple rounds of Splendor and had some relaxing jasmine kombucha. I love this spot.

George F Husk

Excellent coffee and a nice casual atmosphere!

Clive Barron

Nice Quant lil coffee stroke eatting place relax get something to drink play games get some it.

Judy Hays

Great little coffee shop and board game lounge!


Awesome experience Grace did a great job on the coffee and a really cool design.

Sara Thomas

Bongo is an established coffee shop with a sort-of legacy in Nashville. Their specialty drinks are amazing! I love the ‘Grey Skies’ but enjoy trying all of their seasonal offerings. However the food leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t compare to the high-quality food this local chain serves at their Hillsboro Village location (Fidos). Fairly recently they started filling the space with board games (Think JJ’s in Midtown times 10). I’m not a personal fan of the change, bc I liked coming here for solitude and a creative work space, but it seems popular! All in all, I think Bongo is the best coffee in Nashville, but would go somewhere else for food if given the choice.

Buddy D

Busy. Espresso was not good.

Andy Principe

Amazing coffee shop with time of games.

Grace Phillips

Bongo East is in my top 5 favorite coffee shops in Nashville. It is unique and always popping with activity. I would not suggest coming here to get work done, unless you can concentrate with lots of people chatting and laughing. Put away your laptop and pick up a card game. The main attraction at this coffee shop is to come and play any board game you would like. Their back wall is filled with them. The staff is friendly and of course the coffee is great.

Chuck Hugan

Fast service and good chai. Muffin was tasty too!

Corey Nesbit

Very large space with non-existant parking. I dig Bongo coffee, but the rest of their menu leaves much to be desired - except for the parfaits, those are delicious. If you need space to study/work, this is more for you. Wi-Fi available and plenty of room to spread out your work.

Brendan Brady

Nice breezy coffee joint.

Matthew Rogers

East Nashville has a lot of coffee options and all are pretty good, but there's something about Bongo East. The bathroom art is killer and parking all around. You'll love the little park next door and the wifi signal is terrific. Parking available all along the street.

Ellie Headlee Tregoning

So many board games!! Bongo coffee is always good, but the food left me hungry.

Tom Hart

Nitro cold brew mmmmmmmmm

Brandon Major

great space with friendly staff..."the egg bomb" breakfast bagel is in fact bomb

connell beasley

This Is my morning stop for the best coffee in East Side. The food items are really good too.

Colin Lewis

They have board games now a it's a great time.

James Crowley

Could have been faster but it was busy.

Jonathan Cernanec

So many cool board games and great friendly service. Beers, coffee and hanging out were on point for a quick hangout spot

Zachary Collins

Good coffee, very friendly staff, and an amazing collection of games with no fee to play. My group comes here at least once a week because it's just a great place to hang out.

Keith Arnold

Mystic Brew !

Jessica Bellew Robinson

Best coffee in town.


Great selection of games, but the food is really overpriced. Great hangout spot.

Linguistix Pronunciation

The space is great for meeting, though it gets pretty loud during the busy times. The main problem is that my clothes ALways smell like spices after I leave! Very noticeable. Otherwise great spot. I really love the signature drinks and the baked goods!

matthew masters

Great, long time neighborhood coffee shop serving their own locally roasted beans, breakfast and lunch items. They have recently added a large selection of board games to use as well.

Jen B

Awesome place. Great atmosphere. The boss loves his shop, and the employees are super nice.

David Raine

Nice, family friendly. Finding free parking is the bothersome thing if you insist on parking within a block.

Chris Wyatt

Great local coffee shop. This is an industrial style coffee shop, but the coffee is good and the food really is tasty. I love coming here in the mornings and smelling the scent of toasting bagels in the air.

Charles Hodge

I had a great time with my friends there it was very nice to meet and enjoy your self we are going back again soon.

James Allen

Great East Nashville coffee shop

Chendan Yan

Coffee, food, and service are really good! Intereting interior. Only single use containers and utensils are available though.

Noah Reynolds

Awesome place. They've got coffee, beer, and countless boardgames to play while you eat/drink.

Greg O'Loughlin

Fast, creative coffee drinks, nitro coffee, vegan beet muffins. Can't beat it.

Scott Dohrmann

Food and coffee are great, as is the service and the space itself. Not a fan of the bright gymnasium lighting or the acoustic treatment at this Bongo location - it can be a bit loud. It seems a bit more like a cafeteria than a warm, comfortable coffee shop, but maybe that's just me. Now also serving a small selection of craft beers.

Amanda Dobbins

Great coffee. Great environment

Karina Gurgenidze

Had such a great time here with my family.

Rob Allgood

Good coffee, laid-back atmosphere, OK spot for getting some work done.

Pons Materum

A really great cafe, and lots of fun board games. I stopped in the other night and the owner offered to teach me how to play a great board game! I had lots of fun playing and watching others play!

Tim Shaner

Great, cozy spot at 5 Points. Great coffee & staff. Relaxed atmosphere. Check out the men's room...if you're a dude...(or if you feel like a dude). Try their cookies!

steph b

Service is so good, but the coffee is awful! The drip coffee taste like bitter dirt. The lattes are disgusting, and you can never taste the espresso or syrups. Everyone that works there is awesome, but sadly the coffee doesn't match.

Josh Winskie

Bongo East is always a good place to meet friends for coffee and games!

Rigoberto Vigil

Went there to check out their new board game section and we weren't disappointed. The selection of foods on the menu could use some improvement, but the board games on tap are excellent. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the service was prompt. We will most definitely be visiting again. As a side note, my wife would like add that the coffee was great.

Justin Harvey

Consistently good coffee and food. Great meeting place (can be loud when busy or when roasting), free WiFi, local art on the walls (changes regularly), funky vibe that's typical of East Nash, excellent staff. Bongo is a Nashville staple.

Tianna Yentzer

Love this cozy and friendly board game cafe!

Scott Saunders

Right in the heart of East Nashville's vibrant & colorful 5 Points area, this coffee/breakfast/lunch spot is always busy but never a long wait. Two walls full of games, some outdoor seating, great casual meals, and a comical art discovery in the men's restroom (no, I have NOT experienced the women's restroom) make this an easy choice for a place to chill for a while whether you're a coffee hipster or not. BONUS - recently installed swinging benches arranged in a fun and "Instagram worthy circle!

Jeff A

Nitro coffee was awesome. Very friendly service too! I wish the bacon on the breakfast sandwich pretty underwhelming though.

Paige Breedlove

Just went there for a meeting. The girl behind the counter with blue hair was rude. Took over 20 mins to get a latte. It seems they had 7 people behind the desk but two people actually working. They do not have the organizational skills to serve more than 3 people at a time. Would not recommend. There are a TON of better coffee houses in Nashville.

Courtney Weigand

Delicious bagel sandwich and cold brew. Super friendly on a Saturday morning.

David Elkins

It had a really cool vibe.

Anthony Campbell

Great service. Outstanding drink selections.

Carlyn Lehbs

Great food, coffee and atmosphere.

Ken Bianchi

Busy place! Good coffee with a good food menu. Love all the games they have that you can play. Multiple copies of the best group/family games.

Kevin Welch

Cool vibe. Good coffee. Lots of games to pass the time and keep you off your phone and interacting with your companions. Can be tough to find parking.

Brent Cheatham

So happy they are open late now and the board games are awesome. The coffee and food has always been great. Also, the free 1.5 hour parking at the corner of Woodland and 11th is a very nice addition.


Loved it - funky, bohemian - the essence of East Nashville. Many sumptuous and tempting drinks on the menu, but I’m a drip coffee girl, so they had me covered. You’ll want to chill here with the hipsters all day!

louise Kearns

One of my favorite coffee shops in Nashville,

James Lineback

Cool place to play board games and get a drink.

Kyle Kosmider

Great gamer coffee shop vibe !

Zoe Walker

One of the top coffee places in Nashville. I recommend anything on the menu, especially if it’s their fall time drinks.

Marco Terzuoli

Love the location and the baristas are extremely nice! BUT please improve the WI-Fi, so so slow

Jason Cohen

Really cool coffee and board games spot!

Alan Hoff

one of my favorite coffee shops on the east side/5 points. killer coffee and great vibe.

Stephanie van de Water

Great service and super interesting choices for coffee, tea, and food! Would've loved to have been able to experience more while I was in town (I think I went 3 days in a row).

Cat Sondgerath

Service is pretty good except during brunch hours. Decent coffee. Cool game library.

Gwendolyn Danfelt

Love the game idea, we're coming back! Nice, calm atmosphere in the morning. Taco bowl was tasty and not too much food. Only improvement would be to have real silverware instead of plastic!

Candace Grote


Ginger Blackwell

This is our favorite place to hang out with friends and play games! They have everything you would want from coffee to beer! They’re sandwiches are delicious. We always have an amazing time here and everyone is so nice. Definitely come here all the time

Jason Gray

A Nashville establishment. The coffee is better than ever.

Marlana Quick

I took my niece here. She loved the board games.

Cary Covington

Great drinks, great food, great games. Hard to find, worth the effort.

James Todd

The magic of bongo coffee + the fun of board game shelves = Game Point at Bongo East. Love it.

Eric Near

The best place to go early if you need to grab something out of the ordinary before work.


Great coffee spot. Tons of board games on the wall to play with friends! I recommend their specialty drink 'Grey Skies' iced! Food was just okay (I had the fancy grilled cheese)

Victor l Thomas

Really good coffee great staff

Wendy Stephens

Best hotdogs in the state

Zach Walker

Very cool place to browse around and shop

Mary Graham

First time customers...Cute, quirky neighborhood coffee house, serving breakfast and lunch. Service was friendly. We had the Fishy Bomb and the Egg Bomb w/crispy bacon. Both sandwiches were very good. There are other menu items on the lighter side like oatmeal or just a bagel with cream cheese, to name a few, all for a good price. We didn't have any coffee (I know, I know) but it smelled really good. Bathrooms clean with interesting wall decor.

Dagmar d'Surreal

Delicious coffee served by freaky people... AS IT WAS FORETOLD.

Shoshannah Smith

Good food and coffee, nice atmosphere for working or studying.

Brad Walters

A charming coffee shop that serves a great cup of joe! It's in a nice neighborhood with plenty to see nearby as well.

Aaron Gower

Community treasure, great game collection

Max Gunther

Bongo Java is great but at this location their hours and food service times are not good. Tried to go in today but they told me that stopped serving food at 3 and they close at 6.

McKenna Duffy

This is an awesome place to go for coffee or lunch and they have the best fishy bomb!

Scott Davis

Good light food, tasty beer and coffee and fun board games round out the experience

Wes T

Such nice folks here. Always pleasant to deal with. That's why I choose this coffee spot instead of other in East Nash, even though parking is sometimes an issue. Still worth it.

Sarah Schlotterbeck

Grey Skies over ice! Stars and stripes it's fantastic!

HD nighttrain rewer

The coffee here is great and the staff is awesome. Easy to stop in and out of.

Abdirahman Mohamed

The best coffee in town. I never had a such good coffee and service.

REIS Roidesigngroupcom

Amazing always amazing forever

Kristen Mueller

It's wonderful but a bit overpriced. Creative drinks, tasty and fresh sandwiches for bfast and lunch, and veg friendly. I still come despite the prices every so often.

Nabeel Ali

This place has dozens of board games and a nice atmosphere - delicious coffee too.

Kapow Ski

The coffee is soso

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