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REVIEWS OF Wild Hero Coffee Co IN Oklahoma

Adrian Villesca

This place has great coffee but is very overpriced bought three small cheaper of the drinks and a pastry right under $20. The last time I checked you could buy a bag of gourmet coffee at the store for about 8 to $12. I mean come on guys it's coffee. I want to say I had a car fix once in the mechanic labor was about the same that they charged me to make my coffee

Theresa Bodman

Sweet quiet place with good coffee *and* gluten free dessert options. So pleased!

Nan Frau

I like supporting local. They have $$ hot teas to choose from but use those gross powder mixes for a chai tea latte. Bakery-$$$ for very little. No free refill on my hot tea, not even more hot water. I do like the ambience and relaxed fleel of the larger mustang location.

Josh Parker

Delicious coffee. Always a smilingly face serving you. And best of all it's not starsucks

James Robles

Better than Starbucks and they didn't kick anyone out lol

Ashley Wilson

Cute little coffee place. Nice hang out Several frozen coffee flavors to choose from! Unique atmosphere - attended a poetry reading there for my daughter

Justin Emerson

Great coffee and even better staff. Stay away from the new Starbucks in town.

Kimberley Price

Good coffee at much better prices than Starbucks. Good service too.

Adam Mackey

My wife loves this place. Nice, warm, cozy atmosphere. Way better than the starbucks.

Kyle Pierce

Excellent place. Coffee was great. Wish they had an option to drink out of actual mug while inside. Everything given in to-go cups. I'll definitely be back.

Aaron Cullimore

Family loves to meet here

Kyle D. Farnham

Coffee is a joy in my life, whether it is to keep me warm or just enjoy while having a conversation with family or friends. Years ago when I saw the old Taco Bell being renovated into something else, I crossed my fingers for a positive addition to Mustang. I haven't been disappointed with Wild Hero. This place has been our choice for whole bean coffee for some time now. I'm usually here every week or so to meet a friend, and I have never had a bad cup of coffee. I'm a fan of fresh, flavorful coffee, and all the offerings from Wild Hero have fit that billing. On the few times I have ordered something to eat, the place hasn't let me down. The panini is great, but the chocolate muffin goes sooo well with the coffee.

KyLe Bigby

Not a coffee drinker but I'll get coffee here everyday if I could

Kristin Steward

Awesome coffee and great customer service!!

Pat Maginity

Great service coffee was good.

Marija Paunkova-Anthony

Spend enjoyable time and had a good cup of coffee..

Marcus M.

Wild hero coffee is a staple of Mustang, Oklahoma. The staff are always friendly and always have my order correct, no matter how busy they are. The inside is very Southern, accented heavily with leather furniture and wooden tables. Their coffee is always potent without being overbearing, and the flavors are absolutely wonderful. Unlike the Starbucks down the street, Wild Hero has a perfect balance of ratios in every cup they produce. This company is, in my opinion (and most others), by far the best coffee shop in Canadian County hands down.

Christopher Corrick

Nice place, little loud for my taste.

Kelly J

Good coffee expresso not strong enough and a little bitter today

Daniel James

One of the best coffee shops I've been to in Oklahoma. Their locally roasted beans are far better than store bought.

Tyler N

As someone that appreciates good coffee and espresso I can confidently say this place has some of the best coffee in OKC. If you are someone that truly likes the taste of good coffee minus all the sugar and syrup then this is the place for you.

Tim Arias

Outstanding coffe and friendly service!

Dan Smith

Wild Hero Coffee undoubtedly fills the small-town local coffee shop stop in Mustang. Their menu selection is full, and the staff is always upbeat and pleasant. The drink turnout has never let me down no matter the choice, and I'm grateful for the quality delivered. They offer a convenient drive-thru which isn't always a given with the local shop. Inside they have a variety of seating choices which makes for a great business meeting or a comfortable chat with friends on the sofa. Highly recommended!

Cris Star

Small town coffe shop, big time taste, amazing staff!!!

Nancy Henry

Went in mid-afternoon and ordered decaf cappuccino with the apple tart. It's an interesting place. The capp was decent, generous in size (I ordered the giant one of course), and served in a regular cup instead of paper or Styrofoam. I wasn't crazy about the flavor of the espresso, as it didn't have the full body I like. The tart, however, was absolutely amazing! There are tables, couches, and overstuffed chairs to choose from. I sat down in one of the chairs and was engulfed in it... a surprise, but a pleasant one. Nice staff.

Laurie Kinney

They have pretty good Chai tea lattes. The make it from a mix but it is decent.

Wayne Allender

Delicious! Scones are good, although it was made clear by the wifey that they aren't British quality. (lol) I had German Chocolate coffee! Awesome, even had coconut in it if you're into that! Me not so much, (it's a texture thing) but I love it!

mc c

Coffee had a good taste. The lemon cake and oreo desert was awesome. I also like the fact that they asked if the kids size hot chocolate needed to be kid temperature. Thanks for thinking about kids! My kids normally have to wait for theirs to cool down, but at Wild Hero, were able to enjoy it right away.

Alfredo Landeros

Love the coffe they serve

Jessica D

Great coffee, servers were nice, great price, clean place.

Sir In Caps

If you have been buying your coffee at Starbucks, you are cheating yourself. Wild Hero is by far the absolute best coffee shop around. The staff is friendly, the coffee is fantastic, robust, and perfectly brewed. I personally know multiple people who come from surrounding counties on a regular basis, and even from out of town, just to grab a cup of their coffee. The atmosphere is wonderful. I consider myself quite conservative, and have no problem paying their very reasonable prices for the service and quality.

Heather Fowler

Awesome local coffee shop. DON'T GO TO STARBUCKS. You are killing local business if you do. I mean, can you sleep after that?!

micah perkins

Great coffee , awesome staff! Love this place

Jessica Joyner

I got the raspberry pastry with a wild Honey & Cinnamon espresso... AWESOME!!! Tastes great & comfortable atmosphere!!

Nolan Jones

Best coffee ever

Rachel Renee

Great service, prices, and wonderful drinks and food

David Poe

Amazing coffee. Not over or under roasted. Much better than the chain brand stuff.

Michael Ihnat

Great local coffee house, great service, very clean and fantastic coffee (great regular latte, my favorite), many flavors of espresso drinks and yummy goodies! Try their drive thru just east of town if you are heading to work. Great coffee joint!

Harmony Benson

The people working here are so nice and helpful! The drinks are great, the food is delicious, and their shirts (to buy for $19.99) are super soft and comfy! I am now an addict of this place and I don't even live in Mustang. ^_^

Chad King

Great place to relax and drink some coffee or eat a nice treat.

Luke Spicer

A very Lively yet relaxed feel. Tasty coffee and food.

Kristen Jones

I love this coffee shop! They have the best coffee, hands down. I haven't had coffee anywhere better so far and I've been to many shops. If you have the chance to drive to Mustang to try some just to try it- it is definitely worth it! My favorite drink is the frozen smores but I've tried about 5 or 6 of their other drinks (hot and cold) and they're all delicious. I always highly recommend :)

Amanda Robison

The white macadamia nut coffee is my new favorite.

Diamond Morgan

Wonderful atmosphere. The staff are always happy and the coffee is delicious!

Jedidiah Walker

Nice comfy couches and great coffee. It has a local feel with locally roasted beans which is cool. Lots of space and tables to work on homework or send emails.

Michael Britt

Been going here since they opened and I love this place! The staff is friendly and they serve great coffee and they have a huge variety of choices. Way better than Starbucks. Yes, I said it. Highly recommend!

amanda robison

I'm not a local, in fact I'm only temporarily in town (okc) but wanted to find a great local coffee shop! This one in Mustang is it! The bees knees!! I got a tall WildHoney and Cinnamon latte half sweet!

Taylor Ferguson

Great local coffee shop with the best salted caramel mocha I've ever had, and that's saying something because I consume a large amount of coffee

Aubrey E.

Wonderful delicious goodness. The food and drinks are amazing and the shop is kept very clean. There's also a cute little store on the inside that you can buy things at.

Andrew Riddle

Cool atmosphere, and the best chai tea I've ever tasted.

Jason Taylor

Great local coffee shop with awesome service and delicious drinks and food. I will go here over Starbucks any day.


Best Chai tea anywhere I've been. Workers are always so polite and get your order out lightning fast. Best coffee house in the state, plus it feels good to support an awesome local business. Keep it up!

Michael Michelle

Mmmmm?m yummy!!!

Sierra Breanne

This place is amazing! Great coffee, great snacks! Ambiance is perfect, prices are great, and the staff is very helpful and friendly!

Terri Bailey

I freaking love this place!

Frank Padilla

Very pleasant staff, relaxed atmosphere

Liz Pineda

Amazing coffee, & customer service. The iced salted caramel mocha is AMAZING, as is the iced German Chocolate. I also love the wild honey latte & iced pumpkin pie latte (it has real pumpkin in it)... I haven’t had anything here that I haven’t enjoyed, no weird texture or flavoring. Employees are always friendly, yet get your order quickly, which is great for me. They are sooo much better & more than Starbucks, they are invested & put a lot of time & love into their products. You can taste the difference

Mariah Sweeney

I absolutely love Wild Hero! Not only is the coffee great everytime I go, but I am also treated so well! They make you feel like you are the only customer they have had all day by making sure you get your drink in a timely fashion and carrying on a conversation with you! I would suggest Wild Hero to everyone in the area, great and cozy place to study or even get together and talk with friends!

Tasha Foreman

LOVE this place. WAY better than Starbucks!

Whitney Turpin

This local coffee shop is the best! Their employees are always so nice and their iced coffee is sooo good! Their chocolate muffins are amazing too!

serena miller

Cute coffee shop it's not been here long but things are looking pretty good for Mustang needs more comfy seating and more healthy options

Russell Branstetter

Great coffee, baked goods, light bites and atmosphere. Locally owned and roasted coffee drinks. Always friendly service on top of it all.

Mark Simons

Best local coffee house in the area!

Jerms Foster

Wonderful place. Great menu, awesome staff. Locally owned.

Vickie Bailey

Nice, local coffee shop. They also offer tea and a variety of sodas. Some food items - paninis, quiche, bakery items, and such.

Marty Cradduck /Alvarado

This place is wonderful. I often stop by the drive thru location on hwy 152 on my way to work. So convenient.

Tara Lee

The best coffee shop in Mustang. I dont like overly sweet lattes and is the reason I dont go to Starbucks. Wild hero is better tasting, with more flavor and less sweet. I consider myself a connoisseur of coffee and specialty coffee after living in Seattle for many years...Wild Hero is closer to the Pacific Northwest coffee hot spots

Brien Sims

Great staff and the best local coffee, tea, and even apple cider. They even make their own honey vanilla flavoring for lattes making it one of the best you can get. Their pastries are pretty decent, the apple muffin being great when warmed. They also have parfaits and others snacks we get for the kids.

Lauren Campbell

Best Coffee Ever!!!

Jana Robinson

I absolutely love this coffee shop! Amazing staff, wonderful prices and delicious coffee! They are great supports of our Soldiers which makes a huge difference in my mind. I think I'll head over now for my mid-morning coffee break!!! :)

John Lehto

Love the coffee! Have tried several variations all good. Service was impeccable as well

Joshua Wedekind

I really want to like this place, but the espresso is way too weak. I don’t know if it’s the beans, the roast, if the grind is too course, or perhaps the espresso machine is misconfigured. All I know is that 4 shots of espresso should have more flavor and caffeine kick than it did. Maybe I’ll try 6 shots next time.

Jason Dirgo

That chai is amazing!

Miranda Shupe

Best coffee I have had. Ever. Been going there consistently now for 2 years

Snazzy Gay

The Iced German Chocolate was literally the best iced coffee ive had. Highly suggest it for fans of iced coffee

Terry Blake

Great place to go to for early morning paninis, warm muffins and great coffee!

Shannon Koelsch

I love this place! The service is great & the people are friendly. Never disappointed. I recommend the Wild Honey & Cinnamon Latte. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Maxine Barnes

Very good coffee shop for a quiet way to start your day.

Jesse Horn

Great place, great coffee and great people

Steve Simon

Great people, great service, great food. Great coffee too.

Domineek Plunkett

More dangerous than opiates. Im hooked on this stuff. There isnt a Rehabilitation center that could stop me from slamming a Frozen Salted Caramel Mocha. First step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?

Chad Stinson

Best coffee In oklahoma

Brandon Smith

The coffee here is so good! And the staff is always super nice! Just as good or better than Starbucks and not hard on the wallet.

Angela Anderson

Literally the best coffee place in not only mustang, but the entire okc/edmond/norman area! We pass 2 Starbucks on the way to here every time we come. No where comes close to the quality and taste of their coffees and espresso. If you haven't been, you've been missing out!! Do yourself a favor, put the Starbucks down, and get yourself some wild hero!

Taylor Foam

Support Wild Hero because they are local, have a better product, and they have an awesome staff.

Nichelle Riley

Great coffee

Garrett Rasmussen

Great coffee. Fantastic espresso. And impeccable service!

Kacie B

Great service and coffee! Love the German Chocolate flavor!

Marisa Ripley

Their coffee is good, and it is the only place that is local to me, which is really good! I love their breakfast paninis. My favorite is the bacon, egg, and cheese, but my son /loves/ their sausage, egg she cheese panini. The inside is comfortable and welcoming. A great place to relax and study or chat with friends.

havkick the knight


Kyle Rolen

The coffee was great and the waitress was friendly and very cute..

Alicia Garrett

I love this place!!! The cozy feel and the friendly staff keep me coming back. It's a great place to visit and to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Amanda Anderson

The chai is a little strong, but the food is good and the service is decent.

Brandi Kekiwi

Everyone there is friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is calm and inviting. An overall great place to hang out and have an amazing handcrafted beverage!

Marshall Helsel

Wild Hero serves the best coffee drinks on the west side of the OKC Metro. It's local family owned, and they don't over-roast the beans like that big coffee chain. The employees are always pleasant and it's priced fairly. There are always lots of fresh yummy locally made snacks as well. It's my go-to for coffee in the Mustang/Yukon area.

Brian Rossa

I think this coffee shop has great coffee. Also, it has plenty of seating for studying.

Brad P

Great coffee and tea. Love the atmosphere.

Steve Gronsky

Visited for the 1st time today. Coffee was quite good. They have many "snacks", cakes etc. to choose from. They have a few, I don't think enough, soft chairs to sit on. In my opinion this is far better than S***bucks. Prices are much lower than that other place too. I believe we will return to Wild Hero Coffee in the near future. I recommend this locally owned and operated establishment.

Israel Jacob

Wild Hero offers great coffee and food in a cozy atmosphere. I also like that they offer mugs for dine-in customers so that their eco-friendly patrons don’t have to use one-time use cups.

Daryl Williamson

Absolutely incredible people and product! This is my favorite morning stop and routine! The staff is welcoming and kind and always friendly and helpful! I totally love some Wild Hero!

Cody Savell

Good coffee. Great people!

Alex Otalora

The best local coffee shop around! Love the wild here mochas!!

Jen Sew Happy

Pretty tasty Frozen Caramel Coffee!

lisa wilson

Great coffee ,very friendly, helpful and efficient. Good memory! I enjoy coming here!!

Jeremy Frazier

Way better than Starbucks! I was a SB junkie until today! My second trip today and everything we have ordered has been awesome! The beans are local grown and we love supporting local business! My new favorite coffee shop.

Rebecca W.

Love this unique “small town” coffee shop! Great tasting drinks and food, awesome staff, and comfortable atmosphere. Never had a negative experience.


Awesome good coffee! Nice staff that works behind the counter. Best small town coffee and pastries from miles around. I always make it a point to drop in when I come into town. Always buy local.

Kathleen Newton

Love this place. Best coffee EVER!

Jimmie Paradee

Sells real coffee, not the over burned coffee from that two tailed mermaid place. They also sell real soda pop and other fun little things. Go check them out!!

Jessie Merritt

Fast service, friendly staff, decent prices, and most importantly really great coffee.

Lindsay Strout

Always friendly, and great coffee & tea selections!

Luci williams

Pumpkin Pie Latte/ hero size ❤️ what a way to bring in fall

samantha r

If you go to Starbucks, I hate you. This business here is fresh, original, and they don't rob you!!! Their drinks are always fresh, and they have both original and seasonal specialty drinks. It is a locally owned business, and I have never had a bad experience here. The staff is so friendly! They have fresh pastries and assorted breakfast foods here, and everything I've tried is great! Support this local coffee place everyone, it's amazing!!!

Mary Bishop

It is a treat to go to Wild Hero's and get coffee. They've always prepared my order correctly with fast service. And the staff are always super friendly and accommodating. Their price's are reasonable. And the pastries are delicious.

Kelcey Keel

Amazing coffee .They never mind you making substitutions .I always ask for half the sugar and they are always happy to accommodate. Every single one of their staff that I have ever dealt with is so nice .

solitaire smith

This place was recommended to me from a friend. I LOVE THIS PLACE. Their drinks are on POINT. this place i turning into my Saturday regular stop in the morning.

MarQuita Lopez


Ben Shain

Best place in town. Music selection and volume doesn't suit coffee shop environment, but the menu and staff all but make up for this shortcoming. When you go in tell them I sent you and make sure to try the Wild Honey and Cinnamon.

David Meek

This is a good cozy and warm place to be with friends

Amanda Cortez

Delicious coffee beautiful place! Very chic and clean!

Christian Bailey

A great local coffee shop that has some unique beverages. I like the paninis, and they are reasonably priced.

Tiffany Pratt

Perfect coffee spot! Great menu and atmosphere. Teas and coffee, pastries and quiche!! Can't say enough about this small town business! Keep up the good work because your service is exceptional!!


To them you're family. To me, they are me Heroes. This is the most relaxing spot I can think of in Mustang. Wonderfully relaxed and chill music plays softly over a quiet atmosphere of mixers and low chatter and laughter, the smell is like any any coffee house, but the decorations tie it all together. With deep seated chairs and couches, you can literally sink into the mellow atmosphere. the front is manned by friendly staff of smiling faces, never once have I been mistreated or disappointed in their service. They don't treat you like a walking money bag, they treat you like family. This place is so wonderful I make a stop there whenever I can, and even held my 18th birthday there. Cheers to Wild Hero Coffee Company, for making my life so much more relaxed and enjoyable!

Sarah o'donnell

Excellent coffee! Great service! My new favorite coffee shop!

Steven Sanford

It has the best coffee around

K L Anderson

Great coffee and good customer service. We really enjoy the drive through location located on 152. That's our new go to for great coffee and speedy service.

caitlyn stone

My every day morning coffee stop. Their frozen white mocha with Carmel is my go to! Fast, and so delicious! Plus, they give my fur babies “pup cups” every time they go! #1 coffee place for sure!

Tiffanie Laughter

Love this coffee shop. I drive from Yukon because it is worth it. They have a great veriaty of drink options. The honey vanilla latte with almond milk is my favorite. The sitting area is small but very cozy and comfortable. Great place for getting coffee with the girls or just working. The staff is cheerful and they have a great music selection playing. They have food but I have not had it, there pastries are fantastic though.

Erica Gonzalez

Great service. Great coffee cord or hot. Love it!

Andy Galles

We stopped here purposely while passing through Oklahoma en route to Minnesota. Start a great little coffee shop with a variety of panini sandwiches and baked goods. The coffee was delicious too. You will also find some gift items like shirts and drinkware for sale. A drive thru, although not used by us, is a must which this place has also.

Mary Ballard

Good food. Good coffee.

Shannon Mangum

Literally the best! Wild honey and cinnamon coffee is my favorite!

Samuel B Hill

Excellent locally-owned place to grab coffee & meet.

Chris McWhirter

Very smooth very good coffee made even better since it's a local business. I will definitely be coming back for more!

Christina Traffanstedt

Love their coffee & great atmosphere!

Joshua webber

Absolutely love coming in here with atmosphere is so welcome and opening awesome customer service will literally drive out of my way to come here over other places

Diane Pilgrim

Best Keto coffee and wonderful Service

Kellina Devine-Williams

Great coffee, chill atmosphere, and well priced. Definitely our favorite local coffee shop.

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