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1227 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hank's Coffee IN Oklahoma

Bobbie Franklin

Even before the change of ownership, Hank’s was a friendly spot with reasonable prices. Since the change, many exciting expansions like ice cream from Super Scoops, more pastries, and a wider variety of drinks kept me coming back. This will always be my coffee shop of choice.

Tyler Conrad

Great coffee shop with a great staff. Iet the owner Tim today and he was absolutely amazing and friendly. I had a caramel macchiato it was strong and delicious. Thank you for the great experience!

Chill Billy

Jeffrey Walker

The atmosphere and service was really nice but I got an iced coffee to go and had to throw out 90% of it. It did not taste good.

Aspiring Dymaxion

Jennifer Pardee

Great atmosphere and coffee cake!

Trevor Anthony

overpriced, just decent coffee..costs twice the price of coffee in Portland, with none of the selection or quality

Amber Drake

Hank's is the BEST. My husband and I are here multiple times a week. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly. It is always clean and there is plenty of room to spread out and get work done or just meet up with a friend. Plus, their coffee is so delicious! I highly recommend their cold brew, iced chai, or iced matcha! But, even just their plain black coffee is bomb! Hey also have great breakfast burritos and quiche! The staff is fun to chat with and we now consider them all friends! Check it out, you won't regret it!

Chad Dugan

Comfortable atmosphere, good music overhead and friendly baristas.

Marcus Brown

Timothy Athey

It's a really small place. Coffee that we got wasn't that great.

Nathan Morton

Could there be a better coffee shop? I don't think so. Hank's is super friendly and has a great atmosphere! I live out of town and will visit Hank's anytime I am in the area.

Eli Wolf

Friendly staff awesome atmosphere and great coffee.

Mindi Daniel

Blake Sabiston

Fast service, stellar coffee, good food and a nice low key atmosphere.

Henrik Nielsen

Devin Cook

Mine and my husband's favorite local coffee shop. The service is always great and the food and coffee impeccable. We always get the fruit and cheese plate, and it's absolutely delicious. Can't wait to go back!

Ava Gates

Super happy this cozy place opened up next to my apartment. Staff is really kind, coffee is really good, and they always have some baked goods on the counter. Update: Looks like Hank's is coming under new ownership and are doing a rebrand. Quality is already on the decline, and their presence is in Midtown and on social media is turning kitschy and insincere. This was one of my fav shops - I'm sorry to see it go! Also, this isn't necessarily a marker of a bad shop, but "Not Your Average Joe" is a full eyeroll of a name. If you need a Starbucks but you're in Midtown - check this place out!

Drew Noecker

I have two large, friendly dogs and a 10-month old. Hank’s is a great spot, and when I bring my son and pups, they bring out my coffee for me because my hands are full. I highly recommend Hank’s, as the staff is friendly and helpful and the quiche and breads are very good also.

Michael McTheny

Steven Yung

Erick Lopez

Jaycee Stearman

Coffee is fantastic and the staff has so much knowledge about coffee in general it's very helpful. Very chill and comfortable environment. Pet friendly!

Nicholas Martinez

This place is freaking awesome. They sell coffee and wine! Mind blown. They also have beer. It's a small, chill place with great service. The atmosphere is good to just chill out.

Geoffrey Long

mae Hr

Nice people very good.

jon bashaw

Allison Chafin

Tay Edwards

Very nice coffee and quiche!

Anthony Santiago

Good coffee with very friendly staff


Excellent place with breakfast- quiches

josh marlow

Carol Wofford

Great coffee and coffee drinks. Quiche is excellent! Great atmosphere.


Many varieties of coffee styles & flavors, delicious turkey club sandwich with avocado & spinach leaves, homey atmosphere, I will be going back to Hank's Coffee very soon! ~ ~ ~ Cindy Gish

Cal Serven

Denise Morrow

Selena Baxter

Horchata latte is awesome

Karen Mersman

R Rowland

Tons of local drinks and food and fantastic service! I love this place. Use your keep it local card and get a discount too ❤️

Erika Herman

By far my favorite coffee shop in okc! Super friendly staff, great coffee and food. Looking forward to visiting again!

Shawn Wright

Michelle Blasquez

Allen Hardesty

Best coffee in long time very impressive

Jackie Price

Super cute and excellent coffee and service

Bennie Williams

Crystal Nguyen

Great place to study. They're open early and have bottomless coffee, but outlet availability is sparse, so definitely hit full charge before coming here. Baristas are always very nice and food is great.

Karen Robertson

Always a cool environment. Eclectic music makes me want to stay longer everytime. Chill, unique feel.


A nonprofit coffee shop that employs people with special needs, has friendly and quick service, and cozy decor. Plus, they use biodegradable straws, which I thought was a cool touch! If you're looking for an eclectic place to study or meet with friends downtown, this has spots for both.

A Smith

The coffee is fantastic, the baristas are friendly, and the food is good too. This place is way better than Starbucks!

Wade Pierce

Great WiFi. Cozy.

Nino Grande 405

Love this place

Rah'man Byrd

Michelle Todd

This place has the best chai latte I've ever had. It's a little pricey, but aren't all cafes these days? Food and music are also good.

Jeff Clark

Great little place to stop for coffee


Brian Russell

Friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, solid wifi, and coffee is good. Quality of espresso drinks depends on who is pulling. There are a couple knowledgeable baristas.

Robert Lopez

Aditya Chattopadhyay

Patti Higgins

Delicious coffee and food. Very friendly!

Niki Wedel

Dig this place!! Very chill

Ivo Pletka

Good coffee...laid back and polite employees ....thumbs up

Emily Cheng

Hank's has the kindest baristas and some of the best, smoothest lattes in the city. Killer tomato and spinach quiche plus some delicious, not overly-sweet desserts! A must if you love good coffee, sweet people, and local small businesses.

Michael Higgins

Yummy coffee and a great place to think

David Mullikin

Great coffee, chai!

Nicolaos Batalis

Terri Bailey

Very sweet and courteous staff... Fantastic coffee and with other fantastic drink options like beer & wine??? What's not to love??! They had me at hello with their establishment name. I was tickled pink they offered chocolate covered strawberries as an option for a treat behind the glass case. So yummy! Pet friendly too, so I can swing in with my companion and best friend. Love this place!

kourtney ziai


Good cup of coffee nice atmosphere

Amanda Needham

This place is small, but not clustered. The space is well organized and designed. I love that they offer pastries from La Baguette (the quiche is my favorite)! I also love that they are dog friendly! Huge bonus! I also love that they serve wine. The menu is simple but with enough variety to not feel limited. Great spot. I highly recommend it.

Shannon Miller

The coffee is really good. The place is dog friendly. Staff is great. Not a big menu selection and they were out of almost all wine. Overall a great local place to have coffee.

Whitney H

Great coffee, yummy quiche and friendly knowledgeable employees.

Karlie Tipton

Daniel McLoud

Katie Parks

I really like this simple coffee shop. It's a great place!

zach messerly

Sydney Hawk

allie mauck

Really liked the atmosphere. Great place to stydy.

Jennifer Grant

Authentic espresso drinks in a casual environment. It's an oasis for the coffee-drinking people of OKC.

camp 969

Love it here. A little on the small side, but feels cozy and the espressos are on point.

Jennah Applebaum

Connor Drake

My favorite cafe in OKC!

Ethan Mazzio

Iced chai was pretty good! Owner, workers are quality people. Vibe and sociability of the patrons really stands out to me, and that's encouraged by the produced atmosphere. Quality, locally-made products and a cute outdoor seating that doubles as a performance space. Great addition to Midtown.


I love Hank's ☕ coffee! Always a nice atmosphere, spent the whole day reading my book. I had a Cortado and an almond cookie from one of the places that caters to the coffee shop. Yum yum!

Brad P

Great environment. I had the blueberry tea, it was delicious!

Sharon Lee

Coffee selection is nice, staff are friendly, breakfast selections are a bit limited but are fresh. The chairs aren't great for disabled people, which is why I am giving 4 stars instead of 5. There is zero "comfy" seating here.

Dani Alden

Amazing people and menu! My fave is the Matcha Latte- and it's the best price for one I've seen anywhere! Also love their cute patio area when its nice out!

Wesley Gentle

Lacy Saunders

Nice midtown location. Atmosphere is comfy & well-lit; good for reading, writing, studying, or group convo. Good coffee & dispenser freefills. Good Wi-Fi. I'll frequent.

Mikel Hanson

Nice atmosphere but the drinks I've had are pretty mediocre.

Dave Williams

Great atmosphere, and fantastic coffee! Loved sitting outside and working.

Kalli Rogers

Awesome people exceptional coffee

Kent Lashley

Alicia Rickner

First visit....perfect! Friendly and helpful staff, chill atmosphere.

Clayton Ramick

Very friendly local staff. They were welcoming to my wife, my pup, and myself. Thanks for offering a dog friendly place to grab coffee!

Mark Owen

If your in midtown, this is the spot for a great cup of coffee.


Herbal tea is good with honey. They have food menu too. Some cozy couch will be nicer.

Anna Mcgrew

Mocha was amazing! Very good deep flavor and not too sweet. Perfect blend of coffee cream and sweetness.

Terry Gabler

Best craft coffee in OKC... intimate atmosphere...

Life of the VP

Mat Crew

ashley johnson

Amazing staff and great drinks. Great place to study or ever chill with friends.

Christina Shelledy

Great atmosphere and coffee!!!

samuel taylor

Very friendly folks! The red bull creme soda was like liquid candy

Betty Tran

Nathan C Rhodes

Coffee was decent, but the music has been horrible on both visits (late 90s early 2000s emo). Seems a bit tacky to me to be selling Fritos and Doritos and at a local place. Do those items actually sell well? Great location, just a little rough around the edges during growing pains, as if it were still trying to find itself and please everyone.

Nathaniel Siems

Great atmosphere and excellent drinks! Excellent location with many restaurants and shops close by.

David Attaway

Daniel Pegram

I used to like going there but the service has been very poor lately

Matty Wan

Amazing coffee and people are amazing there

PJ Higgins

Heavenly and peaceful

Lawyer Up

Judy Best

Very yummy dirty spicy latte and veggie breakfast burrito....power balls are yummy too!!

Kina Y

Gallery 1612

Great coffee and pastries

Chris Hardin

Tracie Lowmiller

The only thing better than the atmosphere is the iced chai!

Jeremy Birlew

It was a cool spot for a little buisness meeting

Danny Wilp

Great boutique coffee & nice people!!

Byron Koontz

Lindsay Floyd

devin butler

Loved the power balls

John Doe

Good Coffee!! ¡!!

Robert Rosser

Can’t get enough of this place! House coffee is wonderful and the breakfast food rocks!

Christina Kunz

Dogs welcome!

Michael Griffey

Friendly knowledgeable staff who go the extra mile to ensure your experience is excellent. Great coffee and wine selection. Way better than that chain from up North! Great atmosphere! They buy locally roasted beans so their coffee is fresher!

brit schitt

Chill spot. Good coffee. Offers an entire coffee service (espresso drinks, pour overs, drip), smoothies, and food such as sandwiches, salads, and quiche. Excellent friendly service. Nice atmosphere. Good for studying, reading or conversations. Outside patio area as well. There was a steady stream of customers while I was there, so it seems the locals already know. Now you do too.

Julie Cash

Ron Funk

Small coffe and wine joint in a up and coming area of OKC.

Jason Cady

Great service...outstanding Americano!!

kevin mears

New management, great coffee

Alex Dinges

Has the best cold brew in the city!

Sylvia Sewell

Shawna Babin

Klint Cowan

Will Allnutt

The guy was hitting on me

Tashara Bowie

A cool little spot to sit and sip and the coffee is yummy

Ryn Ramirez

Delicious food, and great atmosphere. Hank's is also one of those great hidden gems that is a part of Keep It Local as well, if you have a card like I do. I've been looking for a quick go to coffee place, but I think I found that and my favorite spot to grab a bite for lunch. The staff was nice, and even offered to fill my drink up on ice, since it is best chilled and soy can get a little thick when warm. Definitely worth a try. There's a parking lot in back dedicated to patrons of the business on this side of the street, which takes out the stress and hassle.

Gulchin Ergun

Melissa Crozier

Really cool atmosphere! The coffee was good.

Beth Taylor

Small, well decorated, laid back and dog friendly. Enjoyed the atmosphere

Kevin O'Sullivan

Hanks is a local legend! Their chai latte is fantastic, along with pretty much everything else. The outdoor patio is tiny as is the inside and unfortunately it suffers from Starbucks Syndrome where people camp there interminably, so good luck finding a seat. But picking up coffee to go, it's the best.

Christy Wimer

Love their chai lattes and are conveniently located. The staff is very friendly and know their coffee.

David Jones

A great new local coffee shop. Pastries are from Prairie Thunder, and coffee beans are locally roasted. Small plates, light lunches, and snacks are limited well balanced.

Christine B

Best coffee I had during my 11-day stay in OKC. The staff was beyond welcoming and friendly. Plus, outside is dog-friendly, so you can get a delicious coffee and see some cuties.

Nicole Pearce

Very friendly and helped me find the perfect drink. I got an iced vanilla latte. The espresso is very smooth and complimented the drink wonderfully. Furthermore, the vanilla, espresso, and milk were very balanced in taste. Will definitely return!

Clayton Doss

Jairo Ternera

Very cossy


David Rudd Ross


Kevin Murray

Angela Spindle

JoAnne coffey

Tyler L. Davis

Great local coffee shop!

Amy Liebetreu

Very cool coffee bar yummy coffee with friendly service

Megan Scott

Sara Mack

Great coffee and really sweet staff. They remade for free my fiancé’s coffee after she spilled it and they gave us half off a scone and a sample of a blueberry dessert.

Kellina Devine-Williams

Great little shop. Large variety of beans.

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