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REVIEWS OF Barista's Coffee House IN New Jersey

Shannon Schultz

This was hard to rate due to the fact that this is the best coffee I have ever tasted, however, everyone is rude there. The baristas iced latte is my favorite, but i wish their were more friendly owners/workers. The waffles and bagels are also delicious.

Jennifer Post

No complaints about this place! Only downside is there's a $5 credit card minimum, so if you're just getting a cup of coffee, make sure you have cash. I didn't know this on my first visit, and they did accept my card, which was very nice. A lot of people go there to chat, work, hang out with friends, etc. So it's a good cafe no matter what you're looking for. Breakfast is good, not stellar, but they do get their coffee specially roasted for them, which is cool.

Gina Holmes

I absolutely love this place!!! I food is incredible. Try the banana foster french toast!!!

liza brown

What a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of latte

Darren Kraeuter

Excellent food & service!

Mark Johnson

Christopher Miller

Meet here once a week for coffee. The coffee is good and the service is great.

Holli Allen Magill

OMG! Beautiful surprise. GO. OFTEN.

George Ferebee

Always enjoy going to this place always friendly food is always good highly recommended

Tina Dwyer

Great coffee house with good food

Ashley Kean

Glenn Gabrielle

Great coffee

Michael Drummy

momster moe

First impression was fantastic!!! Everything was delicious, a great menu selection food and drinks. I highly suggest the light waffle. Coconut tea hit the spot. Rest in peace Starbucks this is the new barista!!!

Colin Lee

The owner was so unbelievably rude!!! Sandwich came out wrong, so we asked to send it back and she railed us for how expensive the meat was, to the point my girlfriend was in tears. Horrible experience, I can’t believe they treat their customer base this way. I’ll never be back.

Lou Dangelo

The guy there is very good service but the lady is not to friendly but over all its good

Jennifer Ravese

relaxing atmosphere, amazing food and drinks and outstanding service

Taylor Zimprich

Staff did not know anything about dietary needs and couldn’t tell me if anything was gluten free. In response to me inquiring about the chorizo, one staff member said, “I don’t know if that is gluten free. How would I know?” Overall very poor experience with a few rude staff members.

Rita Eluk

Always the best

Arianna Efstatos

Maya Hernandez

Jason Tarby

This is one of my favorite weekend morning spots. It is all about the Banana Forster's French toast. A delicious helping of french toast with tons of caramel sauce, bananas, and whipped cream. It's huge! Please share with someone. It pairs good with a cold brew nitro coffee. It is just the right balance of sweet and bitter.

Fred Vanore

Tom Briglia

Great Service and they offer GF selections


Amazing coffee shop. Great coffee and wonderful atmosphere.

Lauren VanSant

The best coffee house and breakfast spot! Debbie and Mark are amazing!

Eirik Cohn

5 stars for the atmosphere. Very comfortable seating and well decorated. I had a standard Colombian drip coffee and a lemon tart. Both were good, but the atmosphere is what created the experience.

Tuong Le

A. Miller

Ryan Penn

Luis Banegas

Kevin Lopez

Si eres hispano y buscas un lugar para el cafecito de la tarde este es el lugar que buscas muy bonito limpio mucha variedad de cafe y expresos y es muy limpio y no decir de la comida excelente no lo pienses 2 veces y ven a probarlo

Drew Freedman

Coffee is good and the couches are comfortable.

Miriam Porter

Dominick Morgenstern

Small, quiet, nice people and better coffee

Cariann Brown

Excellent ginger chai and warm, inviting atmosphere

Clifton Sudler

Jamie Dellas

Rob Thompson

Rocco Giordanzo

It's not okay to ask customers to move after you have seated them. This is something you should have learned from being in the restaurant business or just by being a decent human being. Awful service and I will never be back.

Jafer Abbas

Best cafe/ coffee house in the area!

Jabiel Santiago

Always the best breakfast!

randy ran

Antonella Silvera

Loved the service as much as I loved my mocha iced coffee and blueberry muffin

Queen B

Yesterday I decided to take my grandson here after being introduced to the place by my girlfriend a few weeks ago.Since everything was so good...thought perfect place to take my grandson...wrong. First off they usually deliver your drink to the table, so when I asked she said they were to busy and made me get up to get it of which the whip cream kinda melted, no one ever came over to check after the food was delivered until clean up dish time and the guy fox asked the other tables. and the food was we ordered came warm. We had to keep getting up to get jelly, napkins. There were 4 tables seated the place wasnt that busy not to deliver the coffee. The place was packed last time and food was hot and drinks were great and delivered. I gotta say this time was awful and I think they didn't want US in there. Oh and I spoke to the guy who was all in our face friendly last time and totally ignored me.Note the lady at the register actually left me there while she delivered this guys coffee but they were to busy to bring mine and I had a cane and a problem with my left hand. Oh well.......The beautiful thing about money is it spends everywhere.

Emily Kozel

Smoothies are awesome, gelato is great BUT this place has the worst coffee I've ever tasted in my life. I am honestly surprised at how many reviews said they like it. It must be an acquired taste, and I have certainly not acquired it nor do I want to. It doesn't taste anything like coffee, if anything it tastes like ocean water. Get gelato instead.

Nina Soifer

Great coffee, food and service! The huevos rancheros is the best I’ve had. Owners Debbie and Mark are always gracious hosts.

Arthur Haberland

Only ate breakfast, while a little more expensive than most places, the food was just that much better than most places. The friendly staff was outstanding and the atmosphere was inviting. They can definitely pack in a lunch crowd, so pick your times wisely

Ian Gabrielle

This place has absolutely amazing coffee and the food is surprisingly good as well for a coffee shop. The owner of the shop is a great guy and all the staff as fantastic as well.

Stephen Eble

Great people, convenient location, awesome bagels and coffee.

MKX official

Max ramos

Michael Berenotto

Krystal Abreu

jo wind

Love the coffee, food and people. I enjoy my time here with my daughter.

Adam Mamrak

They have espresso drinks and drip coffee. No pour overs or specialty, besides drip. Coffee wasn't good. The decor is confusing. Is it a coffee shop, or an average south Italian restaurant? I think they are closer to a restaurant than a coffee shop on offerings.

Lisa Kelly

Every coffee you can imagine

Joe Breuss

Jasmier J

Craig Radhuber

In my opinion, this place is over priced and rude to their customers. Check out the welcoming sign at the front door. It says "Restroom for customers only." "Please no outside food or beverage, including water bottles allowed in the coffee house, thank you." I guess people had to bring in their own edible food.

Paul Baumann

Seven of us stopped by after a long drive and every one of us enjoyed what we drank. Had a nice chat with the owner. I've been drinking coffee for decades, I know what I like, but I don't often frequent specialty shops. This place is right on the way to a relative and will be a mandatory stop either after the drive there or going home. Hazelnut Truffle with whip cream - perfect, didn't need anything.

Jill Glasser

I am sorry that there are people in the world who are just mean and unhappy. Baristas Coffee House happens to be heaven on earth. Their products and service is outstanding. They have the best coffee in this area and the coffee house is relaxing and tranquil. I have been going here for years and know dozens of people who do the same thing. We all know that this business is outstanding and love the product they sell is superior. You will not find a better business or better coffee, that I can guarantee. Just try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I have learned that in life it is best to make your own judgements about things, so please do not listen to the bitter words of a person who has her own personal agenda. Try it for yourself.

Blanche Powell

The owners are very friendly. Mark and Debbie make you feel like family They have the best coffee around.

Augusta Jo

Decent coffee & food. Unfortunately, similar to others on here, I had multiple encounters with the owner that were slightly uncomfortable, and quite frankly, kind of rude. I regularly frequent Baristas, I always leave a tip, but eventually the lack of quality customer experience, professionalism and friendliness from the owners has prevented me from wanting to go back again :(

Melissa Moore

My fave lil coffee shop, def overpriced tho

Mary Jo Soper

Steve Boyd

My favorite coffee spot anywhere. Great lattes, excellent breakfast sandwiches and lovely people.

Rulli Torres

Super Cozy! Great food!

Amy Seiden

Ken Wagner

Good food. Little pricey. Quick Service. Nice atmosphere. Little hard placing your order.

Jessica Della Fave

wendy garwood

Awesome Avocado Toast! Coffee is amazing!

Nicole Foresta

Greatest coffee in the area!

Tina S

Love it! Great coffee, great fresh food, great conversation, teriffic owners who make everyone comfortable.

Chef Anthony Rodriguez

Excellent coffee. Great atmosphere and the huevos rancheros was quite tasty.

Russell Peterson

Terrible service, incredibly rude... get with the times - was working on a Project NOBODY in the store and kicked out after 5 min because I hadn’t bought anything yet. What a joke as I was just about to purchase. I was a customer everyday the last two weeks. If you want to be disrespected and put down - go here. The owner has ZERO CLASS and needs to learn about proper service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Sean McDevitt

Eliana Ruiz

Natalya Nikos

Andy Schultz

Best coffee in South Jersey......forget Starbucks!!

Coni russo

Always good.... service, lattes, coffee and food

Lauren McCord

I'm a junior in college and I was quietly doing some work over break at a table in the corner. I bought a $6.00 coffee so I thought I could stay for an hour during the quiet time. Well did I think wrong. I overheard someone say I was taking up too much space. There was only 2 other people there and I was at a 2 person table. I looked around and realized it was the female owner. So I proceeded to buy something else because I was getting hungry as well. Next thing I know about 10 minutes later she called me a child under her breath saying I shouldn't me doing my work, mind you I was quiet and would have left if it had gotten more crowded. Overall the coffee is a 5/5 but due to that female owner being rude to me and my friends on constant occasions the shop gets a 0/5. I don't recommend unless you get it to go.

Christian Phillips

Rivals starbucks, unfortunately so do their prices.

Doria Lenicky

Really good food, nice staff, clean. Didn't care for my latte, but I put vanilla powder on it and that may have been the problem. Others in my group liked their coffees.

Ian Fenwick

Great variety and everything is good. Nice atmosphere inside AND out. Come here on a nice day. Closest cafe around to what I've seen in europe.

Flyboy Silver


Chris McCrossan

Really great staff and coffee!

Danielle Wilson

The staff is very unkind.... there is a sign on the door that says no outside food or drinks but I was going in with my large water bottle that was clear and as I was at the counter ordering my pastry and coffee, they told me that I could not bring outside food or drinks in their restaurant! I said... it is water and I am standing at your counter ordering and spending money here and they told me that then they would have to let everyone bring their bottles in and now can they be sure that there is water in them? There are some great coffee places around here but this is not one of them.

Katie Lawless

After being recommended to this place by a friend, I decided to check it out. I was interested in trying their "homemade" chilli, but I wanted to double-check to see if their chilli had any soy. The owners seemed super crabby and annoyed and kept telling me they didn't know. If it's a "homemade" dish, how do you not know what's in it!? To be on the safe side, I ordered the salmon platter. Food and tea was good, but a bit overpriced. I overheard the owners complaining about how they wish they knew how to tell people to "get the hell out" and how they hate it when "young people" hang out in the shop for a few hours. I understand the noise and inconvenience, but who likes to feel rushed out? They were having tables put in and the woman very rudely told me to move my stuff to the lounge area. Super unprofessional staff, will not be going here again.

david pellerito

Awesome place

Pikachu Bros.

Things went well and on time.

Devin Gabrielle

By far one of my favorite local coffee shops. So quaint in its location and the atmosphere is so relaxing. Always friendly staff and the quality of their food and coffee is unmatchable. Try the liege waffle for a sweet inside and crunchier outside or one of their cheddar & onion breakfast bagels! Also, all their lattes are my favorite! 100% recommend.

Brent Burke


Yvonne Avila

Chris Losco

Dawn Carty

Staff, service and food/drinks awesome

joe kolba

Ahmed Allam

Tuscan late my favorite over there ..and super friendly owner and staff

Brandon Tong

The owners Mark and Deb are the sweetest people you will ever meet and are always full of great conversations. The coffee is incredible and the breakfast and lunch is always a treat. The environment is very relaxed. Perfect place to write a paper or read a book in peace. Highly recommended to anyone stopping by in the area or is looking for they're newest hangout.

Michael G

Breakfast paradise! I cant believe I lived here for so long and never knew about Barista's Coffee House. It's so much more than coffee... amazing, gourmet breakfast options, epic lunch entrees and delicious baked goods. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. The owner Mark was very pleasant to deal with and even gave me a military discount for being active. I didnt even ask, but he engaged in conversation with me as if I had been going there for years. Looking for a comfortable atmosphere with amazing food and drink options? STOP LOOKING! Barista's is now my second home!

Elizabeth Ross

This was an amazing experience not only was the coffee avocado toast delicious but as we were leaving had the amazing experience with a US Marine who was a delight turned out he is Mark and Debbie's family member (dad) honored to have met him. Thank you for your service sir.

Camille León

I went here for breakfast this morning, and we were sooooo delighted! The food is amazing quality for what you pay. We had the Huevos Rancheros and Bananas Foster French Toast - so delicious! Our waitress and the baristas and owners were all so kind and personable. Great energy and place to go to get work done as well. Will be back for sure!

Bob DeGaetano

The best French press around. Food is excellent too!

Casey McAllister

Way better then Starbucks and just a nice atmosphere.

Miqueridos Lamberty

Nice place, good coffee however the food is extremely overpriced! We asked for avocado on a BLT and were charged $2.34 extra! Breakfast and coffee for two $32.00.

Dan Brown

Awesome coffee brewed by great people

Nick B

Great atmosphere! Great food! Great service! I have no clue who the other 2 reviews are talking about. Please go back to dunkin crapnuts or charbucks please. Highly recommend this place!

Ida Arici

My boyfriend and his friends have been going here for years and when I finally got to smell the coffee for myself it was perfect! The atmosphere is great, the latte was beyond perfect and the food was heavenly. As a "Get out of my face until I've had my first cup of coffee" person, I know how good coffee should taste and this place does, too! I can't wait to go back.

Chris Rawlings

$33.00 for a very simple breakfast for 2. Super crabby staff. After we ate they somehow tried to charge us again for a cup of water? What even is that?! Have to admit the food was good though. And the drinks are pretty.

Marc Berman

A World Class Coffee House in Linwood NJ serving the best brew and various perfectly paired food products

greg lyons

The owners are jerks. I went in there being nice even asking how their day was going and minding my own business the other day and bought a cup of coffee and then proceeded to get yelled at to leave not 2 mins after i sat down because my partner had not bought anything. Also I'm pretty sure they spit in my coffee.... Do you want your coffee with spit? Probably not so go somewhere else.

Donna Spicer

I visited Barista's for the first time for breakfast and it was amazing! I had bananas foster over a waffle that was to die for and a frozen coffee that was also amazing! It is a wonderful little cafe that also offers a lounge area with comfy leather seats to relax while enjoying your treats! They also have a fireplace that would be especially cozy in the chilly months to come! Can't wait to dine there again the next time we are in town!

Meh Photos

I loved this place. They have a very large menu of drinks both hot and cold. They also serve pastries. When you first walk in, it's kind of confusing because the counter and production area is like a giant fortress. It's a very strange design because it makes ordering intimidating. I got a peppermint mocha frappe here. It looked very professionally done. It was very smooth, but it could have used a little more peppermint.

james weingart

Coffee was out of this world!!! The food wasn't as impressive

George Wilson

Darin Fuhro

This is a really nice place. Atmosphere is awesome. Comfortable seating. Staff seamed fine. Food was delicious. Just a little pricey. I would say about the same pricing around Starbucks but I would pick this place over Starbucks any day.

Shelby Boggs

Patricia OConnor

Justin Mac

Brianna LoSasso Perez

Jennifer Nevarez

Jonathan Nammour


This place is adorable, and the coffee & food are delish!

Zach Winchell

Megan Berenotto

They are a lactose intolerant friendly cafe & will fix any drink to order. The staff was super friendly & the atmosphere is so relaxing & beautiful. The aromas of the coffees, pastries, & gelato flood your senses in a way that is practically intoxicating.

Linda Ozdemir

Love it here! Great coffee & lattes friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Angi Desp

We are from out of state and try to eat local whenever possible, and Barista's didn't disappoint. It's a beautiful coffee house, decorated nicely inside with comfy chairs designated for coffee and conversation. The staff was extremely friendly and our iced tea was delicious and fresh. If we're ever in the area again we'll make a point to stop by! Great place!

Mike Baxter

Our favorite place for coffee

Jeremy Rivera

Rebecca Campbell

Absolutely wonderful. I happened upon this place on my way to a family visit. So glad I did. I had the best was a light and airy waffle with spinach, 1 egg, ham topped with a delicious hollandaise sauce. SMACK YOUR MAMA GOOD.

Devin Tester


My mini vacation get away. Great food coffee, and staff are exceptional.

Igor Teshler

I can't say enough about this place, me and my wife stayed in AC, and drove 20 minutes to have breakfast at this place, wish they were next to my house in NY, would be there every weekend for sure.

Gone Kayaking

Excellent coffee,beautiful shop,breakfast was extremly fresh!!Staff was very nice.We spoke with the owner he was very kind,well spoken and shared a great deal of knowledge about shop,coffee & process involved with making different drinks.Food was outstanding & staff to match!!We have never been here before but we will return to try lunch menu!Sadly, I do not understand why people cry about not being aloud to bring outside food or drink..this is a business if you do not care for the rules...maybe try going to a diner,bar,etc to bring your own supplies in?..make a cocktail or pack a sandwich?..a park may be a better setting for you.Just saying..For me prices matched quality and they do have a business to run & bills to pay.I will return again well worth both "the trip & price"

Maria Dillon

this place is awesome

Dr. Sara Tadros

Awesome atmosphere

Christi Curau

Steven Harder

Great atmosphere. Their coffee is a bit too fruity for my liking, which seems to be the trend at more upscale coffee houses nowadays.

Chris and Maria Lewandowski

Great coffee house, friendly staff and awesome breakfast

Gerry Creighton

Coffee was not good. Bagel, egg, cheese w/turkey bacon sandwich was greasy. Service from the manager could use improvement, sorry if I'm not familiar with the menu guy!

Saudia Pettus

Kazim Bukhari

This is easily the best coffee shop in South Jersey.

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