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REVIEWS OF Argentina Bakery, Inc. IN New Jersey

Storkey Isabella

I really liked this place. They have a variety of typical Hispanic pastries. I can say that my new favorite would be the Argentine cake with fresh peaches. It's heavenly delicious and satisfying.

Jasmin Ruiz

didn't have much sweet choices

Luis Reyes

I love it!

Dino Rodriguez

The neighborhood's best choice for authentic and Argentinian baked goods. Not only are the pastries delicious but, the empanadas are well worth the visit. Coffee is also served, the staff is friendly and there can also be a wait depending on the day (weekends tend to be busiest).

josephine tangerine

Their cookies are amazing!! And I love that they sell Havanna also. Best bakery in the area. :)

ALF Logistics Llc

Best fruit cakes ever!!!!!


best bakery ever

Charlie Modesto

Everything is amazing and I dislike came but I would eat one from hear not matter what it is

O Dre

The best bakery in the area. You have to come in and try the varieties of pastries and cakes to know what I am talking about.

Vigilant wachdog


Darlene Rodriguez

The cakes here (especially the Torta Argentina) are always, ALWAYS, SO GOOD!!! Havent bought a cake elsewhere for over 10 years. All my families birthdays, we celebrate with their cakes. Highly recommend always.

N vic

Authentic Argentine food. Great place for treats and cakes.

Jocelyn G.

Great pastries! My parents always get pastries from here for birthdays and holidays and they are delicious every time!

Rosanni Garcia

best cake I've had in a long time

Mario ivan Quintero hernandez

very nice

미처 Micheo팜 Pamela

I like this shop. Everything look great.

the squiggs

The only good thing I actually enjoyed was the brownie and even that tasted a bit strange to me. Everything else didn't taste right and felt as though they put something in the refrigerator and then they reheated it.

lizbeth llanos

The worst bakery that I ever came I wanted to order a cake for my dauthers birthday and I came a Saturday at 4:42 pm and they didn’t wanted to take my order because she only take orders Tuesday’s but the birthday party was the next Saturday bad costumer service!!

Angel Martinez

This place was an ok spot not what I expected but it was ok

Cesy 1916

Delicious desserts and sandwich, empanadas Argentina, tasty! !uuhhmm!!;)

Wendy Crespo

Best cakes ever!!

Elizabeth Mendoza

Our family has been ordering cakes since the first time we tried it more than 10 years. We don't order from anywhere else. Service is great, and pricing is reasonable, all worth it.

Rick X

Haven't been there since moving out back in 1999. I recently stopped by and happy to see its still there. Yay!!!! Great place great treats and all!!!

Maria Gaglioti

The best Argentine bakery in New Jersey.

Ivy Yumiguano

The cakes provided at this location are definitly of unique taste. They are amazing and the consistency of the taste does not change ever since my family has been coming here for the past 8+ years. I have never seen a local bakery carry as many pastries as this bakery does which is a big plus because of the many varieties they carry. If you need a good & great cake other than the typical Dominican Bizcocho, this place is the best choice for you.

Hector G

Las tortas!!! The Cakes are amazing... We've been coming here for over 7 years. We started when we lived in Jersey City and now we live 30 miles away and keep coming back. All my kids birthday, communion, etc cakes are from this place. You can't go wrong with the BALCARCE cake... This is the place.

Steven Garcia

Great cakes. Low prices.

Doggy Dogo

Co workers and friends ask me for their cake ! Delicious

Jose Garcia

Argentinian cake is awesome! Get the churros and pastries to eat in the car til you get home for the cake!

sarah thomson

Had a bday cake made for my mom and it came out gorgeous, the design was lovely and tasted really good. definitely go for tres leches

Jaquin Abreu

Best cakes in town. Highly recommend


Love their cakes

Barbara Kuzminski

Best bakery

Gabe 4got u already

Stomach therapy and guaranteed a great day

Alma Santurion

Excelente mercaderia excelente atencion . Great food, great service.

Elvys Diaz

Pretty decent!!!

Christopher Metzler

Delicious and cheap.... The best rolls ever

Jackee Santiago

I love this place everything is so good it's so clean and the people that wait on you are very nice it's one of my stops every time I come to New Jersey

Diana Stritzel

Awesome food, everything is really good. Nice and helpful staff. Always a pleasure!

Lower East Coast

Best cup of coffee in the neighborhood. Their empanadas are also delicious and the cakes too.

Mabel Pozo

if you paid with debit card or credit card they charge you 4% more of the total , I did not know that into today a new employee told me, even if is more then $ 10 dollars they will charge you that , I spoke with the owner and he said credit card do that ,what a such of lyer , what a way to still costumer money, what out next time you paid they will not tell you and over charge you, I will never go back after been more then 20 year costumer, Dulce de leche in west new York and now in jersey city to will be my new place to buy Argentian bakery


Great service, great selection of baked sweets and other foods.

Gabriela Guidozzolo

Love this place♥️

Basilio Cosme


luis muteverria

Best pastries ever

Rosalina Castillo

Average. I walked a lot to get here because of the reviews, but nothing impressive.

Rabi Sahoo

Awsome cake...

Beatriz Trozzi

Best Argentine sandwiches with a lot of variety

Chris Mramor

Very good. Their pastries are the best.

Angelica Esparza

Great cakes, horrible service from some staff.

Jose Guerra

They have great food there great cakes and pastries.

Joanna Mwangi


Diego Diaz

Best and oldest Argentinian bakery in Hudson County NJ, they have a great selection of Pan, masitas, facturas, y tortas. Their prices are excellent and customer service can’t be beat. I drive 60 blocks one way to get my fix of weekend facturas. I highly recommend

mora mora

Good place to buy cake n more

Divi Guzman

Really good cakes

Nesi Caraballo


Frank Gomez

Friendly staff and great cakes!!!!

max glisenti

Very good argentinian pastrys and super good prices...very recommended..

Caridad Wong-riecken

Loved their pastries, cakes, small sandwiches, tuna empanadas, great danishes!

Mercedes Peralta

Best cakez ever.....luv thiz plce...

Katrina Canfield

You'll find very yummy treats here, customer service is good too

Ronald A. Abarca

Excellente Service and Excellent Cakes & Pastries. Best Torta Valcarse :)

Jose Ortez

Best bakery in town

Darshan V Patel

Really nice cake

Alexandra Diaz

Cakes arent too sweet

Lance Gross

Love all the bakery sweets at this place.

Jenni Carriel

This is the only bakery I will order my cakes from for any parties or events. Its so fresh and the most delicious cakes. Cant get this quality and taste anywhere else. Dulce de leche Argentinean cakes are amazing and they can put images on them and make them really pretty

Mannie Perez

Great service and awesome food

Eda Luyando

I really like this bakery a variety of typical Hispanic pastries and then some. My all time favorite the Argentine cake with fresh peaches. Out of this world

Nuria Barrios

All what they sell it is so delicious, the classic Argentinian cake, they have another kinds of cakes, really good too, all their pastries, sandwiches (my favorite is the palmito one), empanadas. My son is very picky about desserts but eats with no doubt the classic Argentinian cake.

Mary Jones

I was a contractor doing work there for a few days and it was amazing seeing how those ladies make all those pastries while I was doing repair work. The food was absolutely delicious. I recommend that place 100%

jennifer romero

Best cakes and super affordable prices.. everything is good and fresh.

Eduardo Pezua

love empanadas...but their cakes take all...

Angelica Millan

My absolute favorite baked goods. It brings back childhood memories and tastes the same as bakeries when I was growing up in Chile. Dulce de Leche galore, masitas, sandwiches de miga, fabulous cakes and pastries. You don't need to be from south America to appreciate it. It's a very small place and doesn't have a parking lot, so that could be challenging. Wish it was bigger and could have tables to eat there, but doesn't stop me from visiting :)

Sebastian Trimboli

If you like argentinian food, you will love to come here for your sweets and varieties of empanadas ham and cheese,beef,chicken,spinach and cheese, our famous white bread sandwiches of all tastes, also they make their own birthday cakes , special occasions cakes etc, and have a wonderful staff ,home made panettone 5 stars all the way been going there for over 10 years.

Maria Sol Carrara

Pastries, bread are fine . But the "ham and cheese miga sandwiches were old and tasted weird " i threw them away, alfajores de maicena also old " dont get me wrong i love this place . All birthday cakes and for any other events i buy here and im always happy with them. Some things have to be improved

dayana p

I have been here many times before. But this time everything was not like it used to be i ordered my regular pasteries and they tasted different the taste was not fresh and some for example the churro was old and soggy. They gave us guava pasteries when we asked for quince which is a popular argentinean fruit. I dont live close it is out of my way to go there and they were very rude because we came back to tell them of their error. I would definetly recommend going to dulce de leche bakery. I should of went there what a waste of money and dissapointment going to argentina bakery was. Not a great way to start my day.

Victor Brunetti

Delicious! I want to eat all the things.

Adult Games

This bakery is really nice one. Don't miss it.

Rose Dominguez

the reason for my 3 star is I feel their cake has changed when I had spken to them they sudgested I call them in advance so they can make it the way they were..they have changed there recipe what made so special they did not have the overload of sugar...

eddie c

I was a contractor doing work there for a few days and it was amazing seeing how those ladies make all those pastries while I was doing repair work. The food was absolutely delicious. I recommend that place 100%

Carlos Villegas

One of the best place to order your cake ... highly recommended

Robert Barreiro

They make the best cakes and pastries.

Juan Figueroa

Best Argentinian pastries !!!!!!!

juan tirendi

Cant get enough

Marc Gonzalez

Went in there asking for a specific cake and had exactly what I was looking for. And the cake tasted good also. This is where I get all my cakes.

Grisel Infante

Best pasteles de carne and de pollo in Jersey and their signature cake with toasted merengue and whipped cream icing needs to be savored... Get there asap!

Nelson R. Mariona

They use to be make good cakes now the quality it's not that good

Andy Dean Cooper

This is a wonderful bakery! And a landmark in Union City NJ..very friendly staff..great selection of pasteries..I love the Argentinian cake so delicious and leaves you wanting more.. Continue to provide the great service that you are known for..Me encanta tu servicio!!! Que vivas Argentina!

Tuzo Mind

Best Bakery in USA

Aurora Llerena

Delicious pastries, great service

Gaia Mare

Delicious!! A lil pricey..

Rafael Trinidad

Good costumer service

Timothy Conheeney

Great sandwiches de miga.

Amy Adem

Love this place. Yummy.

Nelson Quintanilla

Great food but too crowded

Catherine David

The guy literally shut the door in my face 5 minutes before closing. After an hour of driving and no parking. Since I had no order to pick up I couldn't come in even I offered to pay cash I and I didn't need the change back. Great food but definitely poor service.

Mayra Cedeño

Cakes are great! Also their variety of pastries is pretty good and prices are resonable

Elizabeth Diaz

Love, love the cakes.

Mario Albero

Best cake around

J 2 lo

Serious pastries and facturas!! I have to go a distance for these but it's well worth it. No argentinian places by me

Erika Gonzalez

Best Argentinian cakes you’ll find around town!

Alexander Rada

It's one of the best bakeries around

Fernando Rivas

Too many desserts, pastries that you can even choice ones againts others...taste is fabulous

John DiMattina

Fresh and delicious. This place is always busy so they are constantly cooking.

rosemary mineros

They have really amazing cakes. My favorite are the ones with strawberries inside. Their cakes are not too sweet or dry, just perfect. The frosting isn't too sweet either.


Great pastries

Beatrice Montoya

I Love everything there

Kris H

...great service, friendly staff! Delicious treats!!

Katherina Gessa

LOVE THIS PLACE! All of their stuff is great but highly recommend their small breads- tortitas, cuernitos etc as well as their miga sandwiches. I've tried them from other Argentinean bakeries like Dulce De Leche but it's just not the same. This place is the real deal, as authentic as it can get.

C Vargas

Great fresh cake never disappointed

Cristina F

Amazing!!! Yes on holidays and weekends you have to wait alittle bit.. But it's so worth it!!!!! I usually get everything lol and recommend everything!

David Jaslow

GREAT Argentinian bakery! I love their Tiramisu.

Isabella Jack

A good place for cakes and empanadas...

Lorena Muniz

I love this place since I was little... Love facturas argentinas


Best cakes in new Jersey, reasonable prices, good quality, great taste. You can get a chocolate cake with a lot of strawberries on top for about $80.

Anaceleste Romero

I love his cakes

Raymond Valentin

Amazelicious variety of empanadas. However, they warm them up in the microwave. And for those of us who are health conscious this is a concern.

Vic Sanchez

Absolutely the most delicious cakes ever!

M Flores

Customer service could be better.

Jean Saenz

This bakery is very good

Amos Epelman

Great Argentina bakery for a good price.



Raymond Hill

Fabulous Argentina cake.

Stephanie Vitores

Really good bakery, I have had their cakes and pastries for years. The flavors and textures really work well together. I only give it 4 stars because the staff is cordial and polite but not welcoming. It's a busy place so I understand they want to take care of you quickly but it would be better to take a few more seconds to make you feel at home.

Daniela Meneses

I always order my cake here for birthdays. And there pasteles are do die for as well. Beef chicken and guava. Cake recommendations I suggest dulce de leche, filled with fruit and merengue. Merengue and fruit on top are a must.

Amy Linda

Omg soo delicous

Marcelo García

Pastries are one of the best! Staff is friendly, with the exception of cashier... He look at you, and don't even say hi...

yohysi Torrez

The staff not knowledgeable enough about Argentinian breads and pastries, not even the description of the products, breads and croissants are not good and prices too high.

Laurie Troiano

Fresh and legitimate bakery Argentine style. Best one!

Marcela Delcoro

Everything is delicious and perfect. Best Argentinian bakery in the area. Everything is fresh and the place is very clean. I recommend it!

Chave Fernan

Good and delicious cakes

Jose Jimenez

Though very busy usually, this place is a must try for anyone looking for a quick taste of Argentina & it's desserts. They make especialty cakes to order & have a pleasant variety of sandwiches that are prepared daily & kept at a very nice temperature. You must try the empanadas!!

Jairo Pion

The 30$ fruit cake is the best cake i ever had

Roberto H Romero

excelent cakes, pastries,sanwiches, facturas, desserts, biscuits etc.. etc...

jose rodriguez

This place has the best Argentinian pastries.

Gilma Escobar

Fast and friendly service 5☆

Vicky Sanchez

Delicious cakes

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