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REVIEWS OF Sozo Coffeehouse IN Nebraska

Zack Wagner

I wasnt sure what to expect. When you go in, it's down a flight of stairs. So it's not on the main level. But once you go in, you are met with friendly faces and an almost surreal space. Like the cool yoom you wanted as a kid. The coffee was great and the service was excellent. Highly recommend!

Logan Paquin

Incredible coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. I had the iced latte, and everyone at our table absolutely loved their coffee choice. Tons of seating, with foosball, pool and games. Definitely recommend stopping here if you are trying to navigate your coffee options in Omaha.

Brandon Coates

Great coffee, great atmosphere, great staff. Great place.

Jacob Stadie

Love this place. They host events though. They didnt warn us that there was going to be a loud event until just before the event started, so we ended up being surprised by a huge sum of people coming in to so karaoke, aside from that, the people/place is very nice. We use the study rooms most of the time. The rooms are more than often available and are very nice to relax while doing work.

Erica Adair

Great atmosphere. I love the artwork on the walls, the other customers are usually pretty friendly, and the staff is always nice. I love that they get their coffee and espresso from A Hill of Beans. Their coffee is so good. They also have these little study rooms you can rent for super cheap. And did I mention they are dog friendly?!?! Woot woot! They also have pool tables, Board games, a printer, and free WiFi. It’s a neat little coffee shop.

Titus Unruh

As for me and mine we will definitely be visiting this place again, it's great that Omaha finally has a coffee shop that fulfills everything a third wave coffee shop should be!

Carl Davis

Awesome coffee & great place to hang out!! Love the decor and staff was extremely nice and very friendly!! Also, I thought the coffee was reasonably priced and delish and they have an awesome selection of flavors & options!!! What's more, love that they have outlets by the tables so you can plug in your phone, laptop, etc. and enjoy your coffee while getting some things done if you choose and are in need of power. Along these lines, was pretty quite while there and there no distractions. Great place to work (business or pleasure) in my option and the atmosphere was extremely conducive to getting creative juices flowing if you were in the need i.e., lighting, decor, somewhat secluded, etc. Will defiantly be back & highly recommend checking out if you haven't already!! Local hidden gem in my opinion!!

Jennifer Jablonski

Best coffee, environment, and the worker remembered I was lactose intolerant I love Sozo & drive pretty far just to have it. :)

Jake Farrell

Great coffee. Highly recommend!

Joel Wilson

Really fun place for a small team building fun time, drinks are good. The volume of games available there are crazy.

Doris Crayton

Great place to meet and drink coffee and play pool

David Chase

I was here during a layover and it was great. Good coffee, loved the design of this place, and it’s great for being open late!

Alex Yeahbuddy

Good coffee and great comfortable environment. Went there the first time with a friend and we both wanted to go to a place we've never been. Worth it for sure.

Brian Chirhart

Great place. Wish they served food.

Bob Pelshaw

Great venue wherr you can rent meeting rooms for $2/hour!

DeSota Silvey

Amasing coffee very nice people

steven comstock

First time here and will definitely come back. Awesome coffee and great atmosphere. Staff was very friendly. Lots of different little nooks to sit in. I think my wife and I found our new favorite coffee shop in Omaha!


Great coffee. It really helps that this place is open late as well. The ambience is cute and cozy as well with artwork on the walls and board games to play with your friends. Highly recommend this spot!

Travis Goertzen

The coffee is nothing exceptional, but the building itself and the atmosphere are phenomenal!!!! Love this place!!!

andres lara

What I like about sozos is that it's open later then most cafes, it has a friendly environment for all ages, it has pool tables, and the customer service is awesome. Plenty of room and areas to sit and co-mingle. I give it 5 1/2 stars

Tambra McDowell

For a younger crowd than myself I am 56.

Kathryn Bartz

Warm friendly and delicious coffee!

Dorothy Urbanovsky

Came here to study and it was extremely loud with young people. Fun place to hang out, but not to study in. Great apple cider though!

Tommy Marino

Atmosphere was wonderful. There is plenty of space, pool tables, board games, private rooms and more. The only difficult part was when they had a live performer come in, the sound bounced off the brick walls and was quite loud (presumably to reach the back of the establishment).

Jax Short

This place is an absolute little gem, tucked out of the way. The coffee was very good and not chain coffee. The atmosphere is great because it's a little something for everyone. There's pool tables in the front and some board games as well as little tables. There's a quiet little area with couches in the back and off the side was a performance space where there was something being performed while we were there. They also sell some local made items. Worth checking out.

juan lopez

The best of the best

Jessy Banninga

Good coffee, cute place, friendly people. There are always so many cool things to look at when you're down in the shop, and the coffee/dessert options are really good. Would recommend.

Justin David

Awsome atmosphere. Good AA meeting there too! "We drop rocks"

Mark of the Beast

Good coffee and drinks enjoyed the game of pool too

Deacon Appleseed

Fun upbeat, takes awhile to get order tho. Other than that a really nice place

Cheyenne Aguilar

The Pumpkin Patch latte is to die for. A beautiful, cozy, warm place to study, read, hang out or play some pool! Awesome place downtown.

Heather Kent

Very relaxing place, great customer service.

Esme Castro

Love coming here. It's a great place to just hang out!

Maggie Webb

Great drinks and environment for studying. It can get a little too noisy for my taste when they have events, but there are private study rooms available for rent when this happens.

Daniela Mcking

Great atmosphere, love the space! Great place to rent space for events because the look and feel is fantastic! Event rental prices are really reasonable. But I do have to share an improvement that I would love to see! I was there recently for a friends 45th birthday party and loved the look and feel. I was talking to my significant other about renting the entire place for our wedding reception since it has the underground industrial/urban look and feel that I love. However, when I went into the restroom I found it to be in need of serious TLC and was bummed because the bathroom does say s lot about a venue/shop. Please understand this is from the perspective of wanting to rent the space, not just being a customer. To the owners, you guys definitely have a great space and my comments are in all sincerity, a little tlc such as paint, some decor that speaks to the personality of your place would definitely be huge! I have ideas if you are ever interested! Nevertheless, it's a special and cozy joint.

John Baltaro

Hidden gem of Omaha. One of tbe best coffee shops.

Seth Mikkelsen

Dog friendly! Great coffee. Relaxing lounge to meet with friends or get work done.

Nate Olson

Pool tables, plenty of tables, and even couches. Great atmosphere, perfect for talking or studying!

Rachel Tolliver

Nice place...reasonable prices for rental rooms

Frankie MacGregor

Cool space. It's nice that they have many meeting room options for rent and pool tables too. I'm not a fan of the religious atmosphere, though, so it's not my go to coffee house in Omaha.

J Clancy Kosnjek

This is an AMAZING place to gather with friends!!! The drinks are delicious & there are also choices for scone-type snacks. There are pool tables, small tables to visit, read, or study, local artwork to look at or buy, and rooms that can be reserved for group meetings. Love coming here.

Roe M

Love this place!! It's a great place to go to study or meet up with friends. It does get busier during finals week but it is also open later during that time. Has the best Chai Latte and the specialty drinks are always delicious. Would highly recommend if you are wanting to try something new.

Adam Arnold

Really good. The Hello Kitty is delicious. I ordered two.

Fred Fontaine

Very good barista"s fast and courteous

Courtney Phillips

Great atmosphere! Available board games, pool tables and space. Super laid back and comfortable. I can see myself and friends regularly stopping by to hang out in and enjoy ourselves. Customer service was wonderful

Good Blooms

I've been here three times and plan on it being my go to for meeting new clients. Staff is always friendly with nice chill music to listen to. Also a plus to support a local business that advocates and supports fellow local businesses and artists!

Megan McGuire

My favorite place!! I just love it here great atmosphere. They have pool and the best coffee I've ever had! They stay open till midnight and they have games and all kinds of fun! I get to go to my favorite aa meeting there every Monday night its just THE BEST!

Samantha Howe

The whole vibe was wonderful and warm. Everyone working and everyone that came in was pleasant and happy. The fact that there were different sections was nice and I love that there is a quiet study room. I will definitely go again. It's also aesthetically pleasing so pictures will turn out great if you have any social media accounts!

Rachel Curtis

Love this place it give me a safe place to hand out. Ive catered a couple times. Booking now for event. Loving life right now.

Logan J. Powers

This place is really cozy! The environment is calm, quiet, and pretty hip. I would definitely encourage people to try this coffee shop out!

Jessica Halel

Amazing atmosphere and great meditation.

Wyatt Barkman

Great atmosphere, wonderful drinks

Kenneth Galvez

Great place. Cool atmosphere. Good coffee. I would go back anytime!

Jacob Clark

Very relaxing and great coffee with plenty to do

Kieran McWilliams

An awesome and quaint coffeehouse, great for an evening out with a friend, or even a perfect prom night for a smaller school! Only good memories here

Peter Cialfi

Everything about this place is..warm and gives off such a homey vibe. Coffee there is absolutely great and the staff is super friendly, love talking to them. They've got tons of board games and also have billiard tables you can rent for a VERY reasonable price. That also goes along with their study rooms in the back- clean, quiet, comfy. I go here often and highly recommend it too. Side note: I love the entrance and how it's hidden downstairs. It's reminds me of NYC and I love the style.

Josh Mabry

Great coffee, awesome live music!

Ethan Elliott

They are very welcoming and have a great atmosphere

Paul Vrana

Nice coffee house with goid specialty coffees & a great chill vibe. Will definitely make it a point to revisit when in Omaha.

Jeffrey Smay

Open and welcoming space. Coffee made to order is great. The large seating areas make it a great place to study, have a conversation with a friend or go on a coffee/tea date.

Lily Schied

Great atmosphere, pretty relaxed, but didnt love the drink I got and the foosball table is broken

Vanessa Banderas

I come to sozo here and there and truly enjoy the service i receive. I had experiences where i talk to the baristas and they’re (what appears to be) highly trained in customer service or just great people in general. Very nice and accommodating to my coffee orders which is also great. However, the last time I ordered a coffee, the woman barista actually was pretty condescending. When I ordered a caramel macchiato, the woman corrected me and told me I’m actually thinking of Starbucks, and that there should be no caramel in macchiatos, and that if i wanted that then i should order a Caramel latte, but there would be “no foam.” it kind of threw me off and I just ordered the macchiato which she implied that, if i wanted foam, i order a macchiato. just made the macchiato, and i purchased and still tipped. to me this is quite condescending as i’ve ordered a caramel macchiato (with foam ;-) ) here before, and had no issues, but it seemed as though the woman wanted me to get my facts straight rather than serve me what i asked for.

Josiah Sohriakoff

Had my first date here. Went well

Kristine Docken

Always warm and friendly, Sozo is a great place to meet an acquaintance or study. Wonderful coffee selection and some teas too. My favorite part is that they are dog friendly!

Mary C.

I love this place so much. It's almost always chill and the baristas are very friendly. I've been to other coffee shops where the staff aren't interested in engaging with you at all but Sozo is truly a hidden gem in the Old Market.

Kimberly Persons

Love the coffee, nice staff and study rooms. I often host meetings in the rental rooms. Can't beat $2/hr!!!

Audrey Stockwell

This place is adorable! I love how spacious it is! Also, pool tables?? Yessss! Hard to find a coffee house with those. I also just love the chill vibes. Lots of people studying, cool art, and a neat underground vibe. Keep it up! Coffee til midnight?? Yes please!


Very trendy place with table games as well as pool they also have private study rooms and a conference room for 10 an hour with a projector. Along with several couches as well as a stage in the main area plenty of tables and an overall good vibe

Rafael Gallardo

Always a good time. Sometimes gets alittle too full but it goes to show how great this place is.

Keila Rivera Agosto

They are super nice to you. Best place to study. I Added all my classes last semester thanks to their private rooms. Definitely worth the time.


Nice atmosphere. Kind staff. Interesting place! Good drinks.

Cassie Vacanti

Good blended drinks!

steve fisher

Always a great atmosphere! Meet here with friends regularly.

Erin Davern

Liked the look of the place. Very cozy and hop but the prices were a bit much.


Cozy, great coffee and munchies, huge space and a private meeting room available.

nick miller

The staff is outgoing, friendly, and accommodating. Their stage is great for new acts. They have a variety of seating from tables to couches. I had Earl grey tea and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Wai Chan

Lots of seating means never needing to stand. It's a good place with some solid coffee options. I like the fact they had a hello Kitty latte to try. It was a sticker that made it more hello Kitty like but it was still kind of cute. Pricing seemed fair for what was offered. Service was good It is located in the old market. There is parking right outside however it is metered

Maria Reyes

Friendly staff, great atmosphere, and tasty coffee. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority! Love it!

Terah Hansen

A quaint place to study or just be with friends. The private study rooms are great for personal time or a night of board games. The coffee is unique and fair priced!

Eric Worley

Amazing coffee and staff! Plenty of cozy spots to hang out and with a real fun environment. Can't wait to go back.


Great coffee, friendly staff, comfortable environment.

Jared Anderson

Very cool spot. Pool, foosball, tons of seating, study rooms, good prices on coffee. The gentleman who is typically there as the barista is always very friendly. Clean bathrooms and all. Great place!

Ryan Lenhart

Totally rad downstairs coffee shop

Nellie Apple

Always a pleasurable experience. Friendly staff, good coffee, great atmosphere!

Caleb Stout

Great coffee! I've made many memories here with friends and family. The atmosphere is great, the games are great, the music is great, and twice now I have been able to watch my brother perform guitar with his school here! A definite five stars indeed :)

Mindy Capello

Love this place! The rooms to rent are just amazingly, affordable. The drinks are good. The only thing is maybe they need more help Manning the counter... It can get slammed often.

boblin omondi

Such a warm place to hang out.

Sara Wyant

The staff is always so friendly and welcoming. I love the cozy atmosphere. It's a great place to study, play games or sometimes see live music. They offer private study rooms which block out a lot of noise for when you need a quiet place to work. I really live this place!


Drinks are great but whenever I go in there the staff is rude. Sorry to inconvenience you with my desire to order coffee from this coffee shop. The semi-hipster atmosphere also isn't my fave.

Jordanne Cooke

Great place to hang out with a friend or work!

Majdi Alkarute

Great coffeehouse. Huge, spacious, great hours, pool tables and couches, I liked my cappuccino

Kaylee Tobias

Super Outstanding Zesty Orangutans

David Nesbit

Great coffee and other drinks. Mellow atmosphere and function rooms for rent. Perfect to chill and hang out in.

Ashley Rodriguez

Amazing coffee!!!

Chrissy Haderer

I rented room 6 at Sozo this Sunday for a peer group, and I was very pleased with the process. There was a great group practicing in the main area with the stage, and whoever was singing has a gorgeous voice. Also, my almond London Fog was hands down the best I've ever had in my life. Thank you Sozo!

Tamie Baker

I really like the whole basement feel and that they have pool tables. It's a nice, chill spot. The coffee is a bit strong for me but still good.

Shane Edwards

Amazing baked goods and a great atmosphere


They are great in everything. We tried the frozen lemonade, and it was amazing. Highly recommended to visit.

Jacob Switzer

Throughly enjoy’d this coffee shop, good Christian environment, good music, they got board games, pool tables... Great coffee!!

Jaydon Carlson

Such great people here, and the environment is phenomenal. The coffee was actually some of the best I’ve ever had, but the people who made it were even better♥️

Mike Gunter

Beautiful atmosphere, friendly and prompt service, and good coffee. One of favourite stops in the Old Market area of Omaha!

Samantha Allen

My favorite place to be. Weather it's for a date, studying, just hanging with friends, or going and listening to some cool bands and performances.

Amber Hill

Nice Ambiance and reasonable prices

Sindhura P

Love this place for studying late hours. I would have given this place a 5 star rating if they had a light roast of coffee available in the evening.

James Francis

An awesome place to have coffee, meet with business associates and friends, reasonable prices, WiFi and lots of cozy space...


It's a pretty chill spot in Omaha. You can do homework, hang out with friends, or just sit down and relax. There's a little something for everyone. The coffee is pretty good too. They also have apple cider and hot chocolate :)

Caleb B

Absolutely love this place and everything about it!!! From the coffee that's always good to the atmosphere that is always happy and uplifting!

John Yost

This place is great. It's in the basement of a building with free wifi. Very quit. Love the place. Coffee is fantastic

Jared Barton

Staff are very nice. Welcoming environment, very relaxed. Comfortably busy, nice background music. Definitely will be coming back and definitely recommend.

Bre Aunna James

Best coffee ever! It has such a great flavor. If it was closer to my house or job this would definitely be my everyday coffee fix. Since it's such a distance it will have to be an occasional treat. You guys need a location more west :)

Diane Terry

Great spot to connect with others. You can rent a small space for privacy - to have conversations, play games, or whatever. You can't beat it! There are many board games and pool tables, as well.

JK Strobbe

What a gem of a place! So much more than a coffee house. Went for a Friday night comedy show and had a blast. It is in the lower level of a building, but the do have elevator access for ADA. Just call them and they'll have someone escort you for the elevator. Yummy drinks, chill setting. You can shoot pool or do whatever. Wish I got pictures, but just did a couple small clips of the event they hosted.

Jay Wood

What a great place to hang out

Dean Brame

Lots of space to meet friends for coffee, board games, pool and an improv comedy shows. Yes, family friendly and very funny comedy by a non-profit comedy troop. Only $5 last Friday of the month.

H.L. Stewart

I love sozo it's a great hide away to relax and have great coffee

Danielle Glenn

Blueberry White Chocolate Latte is amazing


Good service and coffee.

Wil Q

Awesome and very friendly atmosphere. Would definetly go back there in the future!

Mike Bitter

Great people, great atmosphere, and a faith filled environment

Angel Gutierrez

My brother, some of his friends, and I come here every Friday. Such a great place to meet with someone or just play pool

Paul Garnier

Hip little coffeeshop. Classic.

Becky Safarik

Ordered from here several times through Skip The Dishes. Ordered 5 coffees today, took 30 minutes to have the order confirmed- usually only takes 2-3 mins max. When the coffees arrived, one was made without any flavoring even though it was indicated. Tried calling the store- 8 times in two hours. It brings you to an automated service that sends you to voicemail and assures you you will receive a call back very soon. I left a voicemail the first time I called and have yet to hear a response. Just very disappointed with my experience considering I spent 30 dollars on coffee for my employees and I can’t enjoy it because it was my coffee that wasn’t made properly.

Arthur D Orchard

Nice lil cozy spot to chill at. Gonna go back again one day. Had a Mens 33 there.

Jose Matamoros

Nice place for an entertained cup of coffee.

Jason Krohn

Welcoming and comfortable. Can play games or sit and read or participate in a study group. Coffee is great

Brian Farley

Fantastic place to visit, meet, and hang! What a great atmosphere!

Bryan Smith

Its owned by a church and that alone is usually a big TURN OFF. Hey ... not so much with these people. Obviously their vision of the Christ is not evil as you might imagine. These are not the Better Than You folks. This place has fairly good coffee although its got really good folks there. I think if you are a parent or grandparent of any spiritual or Re-Legion and your young folk want to gather there consider yourself lucky this is there for them. Billiard tables, small affordable meeting rooms and even a equipped performance stage are there to enhance learning and social experiences for all ages. GOOD SPOT HOMESTYLES.


Good atmosphere, good space, love that they have an area for live music, and as a fan of Torani syrups I love their syrup selection, but their chai latte was absolutely the worst I've ever had in my life. Planning to go back to try other menu items, but would never order a chai there again.

rhonda goertzen

I love it. Great place to hang out and good drinks too!!


Great place to just chill and have a cup of coffee! My favorite part was that the coffees weren't too bitter, but that's just my personal preference I HIGHLY recommend the apple cider donut!

Sarah Maxwell

I always have such a great experience when I go here. Employees are very kind and always eager to help me.

Sail Bo_at

The baristas are friendly and help give suggestions on what goes best with flavors (the ruby red grapefruit should use non dairy milk, or it curdles!), and there are wonderful groups hosted here that are very welcoming.

jumbo slice

Not far from the bus station and very comfortable. There are many copies of Rick Warren's book for sale but no one even talks religion unless you want too.

Joanna Franco

It if a great place to people watch hem-hem I mean study! With the comfy couches, the pool table, the study rooms and the tasty snacks, you are in for a space worthy of the name coffee shop! Just know if there is only one person working the coffee will take you a while to get the frothy goodness you ordered.

Lexi Leonard

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, welcoming of service animals, delicious coffee!

John Kohler

Great place for coffee, tea and small group meetings.

Rebecca Crouch

Sozo is my favorite coffeeshop. It's the coziest place I can think of and the baristas are always amazing.

Alyssa Hindman

Great place. Would recommend. The perfect place to sit and read a book or grab a Board game and play with friends... and they have love music and comedians at night. What's not to love at this coffee shop?!

Randall Andrews

Really loud, good coffee, but just too noisy to enjoy fully

James Nielson

A purely relaxing spacious basement coffee house. Pool tables, foose ball tabe, and several board games. It has several study rooms to rent by the hour. Also a good size conference room to rent.

Joe Godwin

Love this place!


Had an awesome time at Sozo yesterday!!! They have such friendly staff and make great coffee! Can't wait to come back again!

Sammy Smith

Great place for a hangout with friends. Has pool table, board games, and great coffee.

Brad Halverson

This is a very friendly environment and the workers are super nice. It feels like home!

Joshua Hample

Such a cool environment.

donna hick

Had a great time meeting a friend for coffee. Wonderful coffee, great customer service!!

Paul Benedetto

I kinda don't want to say how amazing Sozo's is because then everyone will take over my favorite coffee shop ever. The staff is so friendly and kind; the drinks are delicious, and the atmosphere is phenomenal. I would recommend this space for anyone

Geoffrey Lucas

Loved this place. Good strong coffee and great vibes. Very friendly staff and I loved the public printer there. It's not cheap, but was very helpful over my trip.

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