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749 N 14th St, Omaha, NE 68102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rally Coffee Co. IN Nebraska

stefana15307 .

Delicious coffee and friendly staff. The espresso was smooth and not a hint of bitterness. Loved the sleek design of the interior and well.

Chris Mabbitt

They have good lattes but only have one size and have limited flavor choices but I would still recommend stopping by and checking it out. I like to stop by here on my way to work in the morning because of its convenient location. The price is a bit on the higher side like 5$ for the only size that I think is a 12-16oz but for the quality of ingredients it's worth it.

Christopher Perrault

Rally Coffee is very modern. The barista we had was very capable and helped us navigate the menu since it was our first time there. Very nice spot, great customer service. 10/10

Jasmine F

Visiting town for a week and decided to stop by this Rally Coffee spot today 8/26 to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while I do some work on my laptop. A great team the two fellas working at the counter are; one wore a dark blue shirt and the other a gray shirt with a hat. The fella with the grey shirt and a hat who took my payment and processed my order was amazing, friendly, welcoming, and spoke with a smile you could hear in his voice, see in his eyes, and sense in his energy. Those are the hallmarks of world class customer service.

Rikki Allison

The customer service here is excellent. He took a couple moments to explain that coffee harvests from different countries come in phases throughout the year.

Wayne Nichols

Dale Perszyk

Great place to start the day. Great coffee and friendly staff.

Joel Cedar

Adam Dunn

Great cold brew

Nick Bogan

Fantastic coffee place with great pour over coffee!!

Lillian Wright

I love this coffee shop!

Vincent Reyes

Elizabeth McGill

Sam Hain

Bright, modern, with great coffee & matcha lattes!

Tim Gette

Great coffeehouse with a relaxing atmosphere. The baristas are also top notch.

Shaw Ketels

Tyler Chaney

Fabiola Righi

Nice looking coffee shop. The food and beverages were alright, but overpriced. The place definitely needs more electrical plugs. Only one table in the entire place has accessibility to one, and that makes it impossible to get work done at the place.

Travis Goertzen

Modern atmosphere and quality coffee

Christine Martinez

Zach Mckenzie

Kristan Hunter

Disliked the barista. Disliked my coffee, all 3 in my group disliked there coffee. I never throw away coffee and this I did. I had a vanilla latte with oatmilk. We were given 2 milk options. Whole milk and oatmilk. 4 flavors one being the housemade vanilla. It tasted sour and just strange. One group member wanted just a dark roast. The barista coldly stated they had "mexican today". No explanation like most coffee houses would give. It was a whole lot of "we don't have that". It's a cool space. A little cold and sterile for my liking. But it was clean. Will not be returning or recommending this place.


This place has amazing coffee, very nice and friendly Barista's and cozy looking atmosphere.

Malaz Ebrahim

Nick Ziess

Courtney Edmonds Keegan

This downtown shop was clean-cut and in a convenient location. The barista on shift was friendly and helpful. I had a mint tea, it was wonderful. Lighting was bright and lifted my spirits. The atmosphere was a bit too industrial for my liking, there was some interesting art on the wall but the place was lacking in character.

Angie Snider

This is a great place. It reminds me of the coffee shops I used to frequent in Chicago and the coffee shops I would visit in Portland. More importantly, the coffee is excellent. I got a pour-over which, of course, takes a little bit longer. But they brought it out to me in a small cup *and* a carafe that kept most of it warm. Got a significant amount for my $4 and it was well balanced in flavor. Can't wait to go back and their cold brew on a warmer day!

Nathan Push

Natalie Monroe

The coffee is really good & the barista was super nice. It's just annoying to have to get buzzed into the apartment hall to get in by ramp. (For those who can't use the stairs)

Nancy Osborne

Really happy to have discovered this unique coffee house & equally disheartened to learn it was closing for good in just 4 days as a result of a sharp lease increase. The owner/ barista was charming, my husband & I experienced exceptional service, beverages & ambiance. The place was absolutely packed full of people, everything one would expect in a thriving business. Yet the doors must close because revenue cannot keep pace with an ever skyrocketing lease. Sad to see another example where the value of a unique establishment with character must make way for the chain that can survive with its economies of scale & razor thin profit margins. We are all much poorer being deprived of a unique, quality experience to make way for another homogenized one.

breen masciotra

Hip decor, friendly barista, and really good latte.

Chelsea Martz

Very hip and okay coffee, if you dont like bitter coffee. Beautiful employees.

Katherine Chiglinsky

Michael Bandy

Good environment. Good coffee.

Sam Zaccone

Best coffee shop downtown.

Joshua Nink

Best coffee, best atmosphere, simply perfect

Martin Dicuangco

Timothy Nunes

Good coffee. They sell 8oz bags at almost 12oz prices, so I didn't get any beans to take home. They were out of food when I went so I didn't get to try any.

H Schmidt

Their menu is limited, but actually that is kind of nice. I love the simple choices of made-in-house foods and well done coffee!

Katherine Magnuson

Great service and drinks here! I got an oat milk chai and it was delightful. The space is very trendy - a great space to catch up with a friend or get some work done!

Alan Cleveland

Cool place in downtown Omaha to have a cup of coffee and get some work done if you’re in town for business or just neeed a place to hang out. Food options are tasty and healthy. They have indoor and outdoor seating and the staff was very friendly..

Annette Koziol

Coffee was light roast. Very smooth. Staff very knowledgeable and love to increase knowledge and appreciation for coffee. I will be back

Kevin McGree

a fantastic selection of coffee, a great nitro coffee and the staff was fantastic. parking is a tough thing if you need it, park in the garage close by for longer term work there.

Breckan Nielsen


Great service and had an amazing Americano , the atmosphere and overall vibe of the place is resfreshing and intellectually calming . This shop was was a real caffeinated diamond in the rough for me to find in the Midwest .

Charlie Duber

Thomas Boyle

Favorite coffee in Omaha!

Colton Kulback

Quaint spot down town. Not very big but the atmoshpere is cool and the coffee is legit!

Mandy Ryle

Best coffee in Omaha!

Brittle Brattle

Literally the only thing i dislike is the serious lack of outlets ): my computer is dying as i type this lol. Otherwise super cute little place!! Id come everyday if i lived near here.

Dan Abrahams

Darianne Greenwood

The barista's were incredibly nice. The atmosphere was great! Best coffee shop in Omaha.

Kari Watts

Rally is a great addition to north O. The coffee is really good and the atmosphere is clean and pleasant. They offer a nice selection of bites. The peach scones with lemon zest were warm and delicious this morning. Best of all the people who work there are quite friendly and helpful.

Jarin Ensz

David Foley

Best coffee between Denver and Chicago!

Joshua Wiest

A coffee experience that I wish I could live over and over again, that found on a trip out to Omaha to visit family. My wife and I visit new coffee shops wherever we travel, it's a hobby of ours, and we we're supremely fortunate to decide on Bean Smith's with the limited amount of time we had to roam. We ended up talking to Ian, who upon hearing our interest in all things coffee, sat with us and talked about every finite detail of roasting, brewing, grinding, sourcing, water quality, you name it. We just sat and geeked out while he shared some amazing coffee with us and made our experience one I'll never forget. The wife and I ended up taking home two pounds of the Ethiopia Derar Ela because it reminded us so much of what Konga Wote was like a few years ago, and the profile they had for this coffee was sensational. Seriously if you or someone close to you loves coffee, make a trip out to Bean Smith's. Of all the places I've traveled in the United States and the coffee shops I've visited along the way this is hands down the best coffee shop I've ever been to. I would argue that they're one of the best coffee roasters in the country too. If you live in or around Omaha and haven't been here yet you're missing out on something truely special.

Ray Holloway

Bryan Hulsey

Best cappuccino I've had.

Timothy Siragusa

Brandon Sperry

Marjorie Maas

Jordan Herman

Edward Hurd

This staff TRULY knows fine coffee and excellent service. What a great asset for Omaha!

Sandra Day Cranny

Paul Jacobson

Ayele Foley


The best coffee in Omaha!

Charlene Sippel

Yummy drinks

Chonteaul Dean

Best coffee ever!

Mark Nguyen

Nice atmosphere, free WiFi, and good coffee. What more can you ask for?

Joseph Kenney

Sad to see the Beansmith closed. Great place to grab a cup of coffee.

Jered Jelinek

Juana Silva

Sits right on the corner, one block from T.D. Ameritrade Park. Coffee of all kinds, fruit smoothies, and bottled beverages to enjoy while you're seeing downtown


Loved the flat white I got! Great food options too. I also loved the modern style throughout the whole place. Definitely will be back whenever I’m in Omaha.

Cody Jeffers

A little pricey, but fantastic coffee.

Ashley Rios

JayEmGee Gaming

Great quality coffee offered here, the food, although not very filling at times, taste really good. I highly recommend the Honey Butter Toast!

Dillon Edwards

Hands down one of the best coffee shops in town. Great classic coffee brewed by very knowledgeable staff. The shop has smooth, modern design with a couple large tables for groups and many small tables. Cannot recommend this enough for high end specialty coffee drinkers

Lauren Q

noah christopher

❤ this place. great craft coffee. great personal service. cool location.

Nate and Sabrina DeJong

Stumbled upon this cute little coffee stop this morning! Coffee was great, food was amazing, and very clean atmosphere! Oh and it’s locally owned!

Dani Trenk

Such a fresh and simplistic coffee shop! It's so clean and comfortable. The menu isn't overwhelming, but it has everything you're looking for. The staff is super personable!

Tao Guthrie

Knowledgeable barrister and calm, open space vibe

Max Federle

This is an upscale coffee house with great atmosphere. Has a hip crowd feel to it. Coffee has excellent taste and I didn't mind paying a little extra for the flavor and experience. One can always take the coffee and go but, for me, sitting and enjoying it was a part of it. Highly recommend this spot.

Justin Geiken

Glendon Wagler

Stopped here for a quick break as we were road tripping and it was so worth it! Loved the atmosphere and the baristas were super friendly! I had a pour over and tried their draft cold brew and I'm telling you, my taste bud were singing with delight! Please give them a visit- you will not be disappointed!!!

Micah Ringlein

Coffee was fine and not too pricey.

Travis Plummer

Sam Lyons

Awesome coffee, free drip coffee refill, good prices and friendly service.

Benjamin Smail

Rally Coffee Co. nailed it with the way they put their shop together. My congratulations to them for the way they’ve opened. Their marketing campaign was fun to watch unfold. The coffee shops I like best have a few things in common and Rally Coffee Co is now part of that club. One, a cortado on menu. It’s my favorite drink and not everyone does it and not everyone does it well. They do both. And when it’s on menu, you know it’s been perfected. Two, prices with a single decimal point. It’s a funny observation but shops with prices like 3 or 2.5 seem to make the best coffee. I haven’t figured out the correlation between dropping the second decimal point and making a great drink, but it’s there somewhere! Third, a reasonable, simple menu. I love a coffee shop that makes a handful of drinks really well rather than offering a huge list of specialty drinks paired with an even longer list of syrup add-ons. Four, mixed seating options. It’s thoughtful to have spaces for singles, couples, and groups. I appreciate the standing height bar top for quickly popping in and having a cortado. And lastly, a name ending in Co. Again, I haven’t figured out the exact correlation, but it seems like the cuter (or sillier) the name, the less I enjoy the coffee. Shops with a simple name ending in Co. tend to just nail it in the four previously listed ways. Thanks Rally Coffee Co. for putting together a cool space in an area needing a shop like yours. And thanks for doing what you do well.

Cory B

Modern, clean atmosphere. Great place to be social or get work done.

Chris Breighner

Great flat white, kinda pricey but definitely worth it though. Nice modern interior, and friendly service.

Drew Harris

It's aesthetically pleasing but they only have one small size and they only have dark chocolate and they're payment app pretty much guilts you into tipping them and asks for an outrageous tip!!!!!!!!!! (It says 15% ok 20% Good 25% Great). It's also 5 dollars for the equivalent of a small

Court Barber

Really good chai latte; I like it hot or iced.

Genesis Sy

I love this spot! And it's because of the customer service. They are genuine and love what they do. Their passion really shines and when you asked about the process they become great teachers. If you need a spot to get great coffee meet awesome individuals and have a good time doing so, then here it is!

Tanya Haave

Great coffee and extremely friendly service!

christopher jay

Dale Tiller

Joel Bilodeau

Great coffee and friendly and helpful staff!

Matthew Henkes

D.L. Molineu

Daniel Rahav

Great coffee! Awesome people!

Luke Perkins

Fantastic coffee!

Isabelle Sanders

Amazing coffee place!!! Highly recommend

Sheralynn Kass

Aaron Kassen

Minimalist design and menu, meets expectations coffee joint. Good cup, but nothing that blew me away either.

Kim Roth Howe

Excellently prepared coffee and espresso drinks. Open, bright, and airy with lots of light and a modern minimalist feel.

Joshua Cruz

One of the best places to buy locally roasted beans at a fair price. They make an amazing macchiato.

Jonathan Seymour

Best ship downtown. Ian is a whiz.

Kirt Knierim

(Translated by Google) yummmmm (Original) Yummmmm

Deric Schnelle

Yes, they added a couple of vegan options to the menu! I love the apple scone! This place has Amazing coffee, food, and Service! What else could you ask for in Omaha? Stop in and say hi to the incredible staff and allow them to educate you on how they roast their coffee. Had to stop again - yep, still a great place for great coffee

Matt Yearian

Best cappuccino I've ever had. Very cozy atmosphere and the people are always super friendly. I normally don't care too much about the looks of a cafe, but the design inside this place is perfect!

Jerred Zegelis

Some of the best coffee in town... and the internet is fast too!

Mickell Imerman

Lovely place to get a coffee. Staff is always friendly.

Hans der Tanzer

Nichole Costanzo

Vegan oat milk with my vanilla latte was amazing— great atmosphere, too.

Braidon Barkman

I thought it was a great place to relax, enjoy a drink, etc. Definitely hit it up!

Mary Palu

Great coffee, atmosphere and service. I work across the street and frequent this spot...ask for a punch card if you are a frequent guest !

Chris Cota

Ash B

They have coffee. If you don't drink coffee, you don't have a lot of options. I go out with friends to have work meetings offsite. This is my least favorite coffee place to go because all they really have for me here is water. The coffee drinkers in the group love this place though, so the place is true to its name. I'd prefer to go to Tea Smith, Himalayan, or even Scooters before this place.

Sam Tobias

Coffee made any method you want.

Greg Costanzo

A shop where you can enjoy expertly-crafted espresso drinks and feel like a total hipster in a chic atmosphere.

Stuart Cogen

Bright and airy space to wake up in the morning, with good music in the background and a welcoming team. Coffee is excellently crafted.

Jordan Eshelman

Delicious coffee and a minimalist atmosphere combine into a pretty great coffee shop.

Sam Ronicker

Met a friend here and enjoyed some quality coffee and conversation. The only reason for four stars instead of five is the seating. There aren't any comfy lounge-style chairs.

Jason Krohn

Ali Rafi

Pros- Cool interior design, very minimalistic, the bathroom is beautiful Easy menu, straight to the point Friendly staff Clean place Cons- Minimalistic menu and high prices should require them to brew or make your drink instead of pulling it from a carton. I ordered a chai latte and he got some ice in a small plastic go-to cup and poured a chai latte from a pre-processed carton! Like I can do that from walmart!! That's why I'm giving it a 2 star.

Hokage Hawkins

Tom Burley

David Rapsey

Dion Talamante

A very relaxing environment, a great place to study. The music played is not at all distracting, at least for me, and also has WiFi. Coffee options are relatively diverse and fairly priced. Would recommend coming to study and converse

Neil Mendoza

Great flat white and very friendly baristas.

Leah Hamilton

Hip atmosphere

David Sun

The barista didn't hesitate when I ordered a flat white. Excellent!

Joao Quintela

Best coffee in Omaha, without question.

Dane Hanrahan

Best coffee east of Archetype. My choice for coffee downtown.

Eunika Huffman

James Hawks

In town on business and stopped by for coffee and a quiet place to catch up on emails. Staff was very friendly, the cold brew was great and while I didn’t order food, it looked very good

Rohan Soni

MJ McBride

Great space! Lovely.

Erin Sample

Delicious latte

Bryce Armstrong

Reagan Kanter

Very clean, relaxed atmosphere. The coffee was good, and the baristas were very personable.

Lu Anne Pane

Theodore Shiveley

They were very much into there coffee and took a lot of time exaining and preparing your cup. I feel like there roasts were a tad off, but a really solid place. Oh a tad pricey too, but that's the world we live in.

Brad Kirshenbaum

Well thought out coffee concept with delicious brews and an awesome staff.

Preston Stell

When I saw their logo, I loved it for the simplicity and attractiveness. I had the same thoughts when I walked into the store. I was not expecting to find something like this in Omaha, after we had driven about nine hours that day from Denver and all the way through Nebraska. The surprise, however, was welcome and pleasant. It was close to closing time when we came in, but the barista working did not grumble when I asked for a pour over, but was happy to do it. In addition, he helped me pick out the coffee I wanted to take home. It was a great experience, and the coffee was fantastic too. They roast their beans light to medium roast and they choose some of the best locations on the planet. If you are a fan of this kind of coffee roaster, then you're going to love BeanSmith!

Bryan S

Great coffee. Presented perfectly. The sweet food options available were sparse. Good WiFi speed!

Alejandra Martinez

Andrew Boehm

Marissa J. Guiot

I learn a lot about coffee and how the water pH changes the flavor...

James Purtzer

Light and airy Macchiato delicious with a savory gaugere sadly out of beans

SandraStephen Moss

Jacob Huckins

Friendly, knowledgeable service. Very clean facility including the bathrooms. I tried the Vietnamese coffee and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cool drink that is not not too sweet.

Kris PK

Bright, cheerful place with outstanding coffee. New fave.

Quinn Clark

Quaint little coffee shop on the outskirts of the Old Market. Great environment & AWESOME salad/quinoa bowl! Very clean & friendly staff! Highly recommend!

mercedes ahumada

Love the coffee and such a pretty place!

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