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REVIEWS OF Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso IN Nebraska

Aairo Heart

Nice little hangout joint, makes pretty good coffee. I know no one will care except for me, but they serve fair trade coffee which is a big bonus for me. My only complaint is that sometimes they're really fast getting my coffee out, and sometimes they'll take a solid twenty minutes, both times happen when I'm alone in line. Also, not a huge fan of their food, though that's just a personal taste. You should try the breve.

Sam Johnson

I had an excellent, strong, cortado here. The coffee is tasty, well made, and the the furniture is quite nice compared to many independent coffee shops I visit across the country. I would highly recommend a stop if traveling through the area.

Mark Holmes

Good place to grab a cup of Joe after a run

Justin Beetem

Amazing coffee and drinks, also a very friendly staff. My new favorite coffee shop

Chel Griffith

I love this place... Except they are a little pricy. Great coffees and pastries with it's own distinctive "coffee shop" flair. They also feature art by local artists too.

caitlin little

Nice coffee shop. Fairly good coffee and treats. Sometimes has local musics.

Chris Niemann

It's good.

Sarah Jane Stevens

When I moved to Lincoln in 2011 one of my top priorities was to find a replacement coffee hangout for the coffee joint/second home I had in my previous city. I spent some time at 2 other popular places for caffeine in town, and the atmosphere in each was reminiscent of a library. Quiet. Serious. Dull. Then I found Meadowlark. Friendly, fun, relaxed and the beautiful sound of lively conversations and laughter. Looking back, I can honestly say that nearly every friendship I've been blessed with in Lincoln was made at Meadowlark.

Patrick Burns

Great coffee and even better hot chocolate saved my night when I was there last week.

Robin Nolte

By far the best coffee shop in Lincoln!! They have great coffee and they have artwork from local artists. Overall, they clearly support shopping local, which I really appreciate.

Ron Deremer

One of my favorite places in Lincoln. Laid back, coffee and a few muffin type food.

JJ Sprinkel

Barista who was wearing goth-dark lipstick was remarkably discourteous. Customers sitting outside were in an argument; with one gentleman acting in a threatening manner. This creates concerns in regard to the safety of my children who were with me.

Shelly Nielsen

Great coffee house and place to study, have conversation or read. Love it!

Tigereyes Baylor

Female Owner, very unprofessional

Lawrence Gardiner

Absolutely my favorite coffee house with the absolutely be baristas.

Ash Restuccio

It was really pretty inside and people was nice and good coffee

Dustin Haider

Great coffee and atmosphere

Brandon James

Great Crew very friendly and super chill place to hang out

Brandy Nichols

Best Indie Coffee house in town. My humble opinion of course.

Tom Kirk

Great coffee drinks. Wonderful help.

Melissa Holliday

The Meadowlark has great people, coffee, & music. Wednesday night open mic is my favorite!

Chris Timson

Great coffee and amazing breakfast burritos

Dylan Whiting

Great place to go

John Petelle

Friendly staff, cozy decor, and a weekly (Wednesday 7pm) open mic event

Kimberly Wilson

Fun place for coffee and friends or just chilling.

Danika Davis

Kinda pricey but good coffee

Shelley Ritter

Fun place to meet with friends and drink some good coffee or tea.

D Dizzle

I have been going here ever since they opened there doors many years ago. I love this coffee shop!

Adam Peters

Great options. Great atmosphere.

David Earl

Very nice , reasonably priced coffee shop with Free Trade coffee. Art and music.

Samantha Prokop

An atmosphere full of comfort. Friendly faces, amazing service... and great coffee.

Dave E

Homegrown coffee shop popular with the locals. they have an open mic night which was fun to watch. Coffee was good and the menu offers plenty of choices

Gretchen Arroyo

Always packed on the weekends. Get your seat before you order! Coffee and pastries.

Tanith McCloud

Pour over is awesome! Can't wait to try them all

Destry Lagemann

Ordered two medium drinks and received them in these tiny cups that were most definitely the small size. My wife and I ordered two completely different drinks, yet they tasted exactly the same as if they just put coffee in each and added the different flavors we ordered. $8 for two SMALL drinks is insane. Will not be back here. I’d recommend going elsewhere.

Pamela Brown

I love this place

Trey Bickford

Amazing place to hangout and absolutely delicious!

Andrew Tiedje

Great place to sit and relax while enjoying a coffee

Freedom Thompson

Wonderful variety of organic coffee and tea, you can buy by the cup of coffee or tea or in bulk, Meadow lark also serves great healthy options for food like lentil soup, quiche, veggie burritos, sandwiches, and deserts. Great study atmosphere and meeting place. Service is outstanding!

Karen Nielsen

Very clean, helpful staff

Jason Gove

Great coffee selection and great coffee. Fun atmosphere.

nathan haney

Fantastic environment and options. Very comfortable and calm seating, with kind staff. It's a must if you are a new age rounded person.

Angela Flores

Was loud with the coffee being made. I would say good for business people to meet

Tianna Loseman

Great people great music when they have people their playing. I go almost every friday night play dice with my family and enjoy their awesome coffee selection. They also have some amazing Apple cider!!! its the best im telling you if you're an apple cider person go try theirs.

Sandra Miller

Nice staff.

Lance A White

Nice little spot. Parking is sometimes tight but the coffee and service is good.


Desperately NEED more than 1 barista on the weekends before 9am. One barista cannot make drinks fast enough and the line is very long.

McKenna Keenan

Meadowlark is one of my favorite coffee shops. The prices are reasonable, staff is always friendly. It's a great place to meet a friend for coffee or go alone. My daughter goes alot to work on her homework. It's one of the few places she feels comfortable being alone at. It's got a very chill atmosphere.

Cat Rock

Good coffee and great price, but not the best atmosphere. Acoustics are terrible so the music, scooting chairs, quiet conversations, every sound reverberates and seems very loud. The seats need some tlc and probably reupholstering, as they're pretty uncomfortable on bare thighs. Would return, but not my favorite coffee shop.

Chrystal Brock

Went in for a cup of coffee with my daughter and mother. A wonderful place to sit and chat. Cozy atmosphere and great service.

John Housel

Great little place to get a cup of coffee

J.L. Schmidt

Funky atmosphere, friendly staff, good coffee. Enough said? Oh, and throw in a diverse clientele which just adds to the caffeine and contemplation conundrum. Love this place.

Christine Cary

Meadowlark has the atmosphere of a quintessential American coffeehouse, with old mismatched furniture, progressive newspapers, community bulletins and buy-trade papers, local art, board games, and plants. Of course the coffee is great, too.

Dan Klein Jr

Seems like plenty of parking regardless of the time of day, lots of seating for morning coffee or meetings, really good coffee. Keep doing what you're doing

Jeff Muehlbauer

Meadowlark serves wonderful coffee. The staff are polite and friendly and quick to change out empty coffee dispensers. There is a library which has something for everyone, young and old. It’s a great place to relax in the morning and get your caffeine buzz!

Tyler Kroeker

Stop in for a great coffee or relax reading a book. A great duo with Open Harvest next door.

scuba melvo

great selection of coffees.

Brady Shubert

Drip drip drip with that local coffee sip. Make a trip. Take a dip. Dippin pastries taking sips. Coffee is great #vegetarianfriendly #localspot

Austin Wiese

Good people, unique environment. My most preferred drip coffee in Lincoln. Locally owned, it doesn't get any better for my liking. Employees are very personable, and I love the late hours. Also free refills on drip coffee after 10pm, if you can handle it.

Chris Vance

I like the iced coffee and I have met new friends and long-time friends are happy to have a coffee and watching traffic on the patio

Sara Moore

Tasty, affordable coffee in a chill environment.


Coffee that Actually tastes great without all the "frills", but they have them if you want. I'd recommend the Valencia! My fav. The service is incomparable. Great job Meadowlark crew! ☕️

Russell Pittman

Always a pleasure. I like their coffee, chocolate covered espresso beans and brownies.

Mina Holmes

Meadowlark is my favorite coffee shop in town. Reliable wifi, cheap coffee, tasty treats (especially those raspberry scones), and friendly baristas.

Marcus Epp

Just great coffee and great service.

Melissa Brown

Small locally owned company!

Jennifer Buol

Great coffee! Dairy free options. Good atmosphere, friendly staff. This is a return visit if many return visits to come!

Jake Meador

It's our neighborhood coffeeshop and I'm a huge fan. Hours are really nice for late night runs after kids are in bed plus the space is great for meeting with a friend or doing some reading on your own. Of the specialty drinks on the menu, my favorite is the Valencia--an orange, chocolate mocha, basically. It's spectacular hot or iced.

Jeff Ghoti

See and hear live music and get a good cup of coffee.

Chris Eiel

The staff were very nice. Andrew Peterson's art work was awesome. Go have coffee and enjoy the artwork!

Brady Sullivan

Gave me some simple syrup when I needed it most. Tried Yerba mate here at the suggestion of the staff to my happy surprise. The prices are good and they also have a good bean selection for my fresh ground needs

Will C.

One of my favorite places to hang out in Lincoln

Ayrat Shiriev

Nice place in this area

Linda A

I love Meadowlark.. I've been going there since they first opened.. It's my first choice "go to" when meeting up with friends for coffee. Cinnamon rolls are yummy too.

Bonnie Parish

It was so nice to come in today and see Jim and Abby! They always make me feel lucky to be here. It's great having the new cooler with fresh sandwiches, pie, carrot cake and all the other goodies. It's like coming to see friends.

Harmony Dinslage

Best coffee and atmosphere in Lincoln!

Tom Anderson

Excellent customer service. Warm and welcoming. Very nice place to sip coffee and talk to friends.

Jenny Policky

What a pleasant experience! The gentleman that helped me was very nice, friendly and helpful! The vanilla latte was delicious, hot and just perfect. I have always wanted to go and try it when I drove by and was able to. I am so glad I did!

bambi smith

Awesome atmosphere.. great coffee.. my home away from home!!!!!

Helen Pannullo


laura french

I love the Meadowlark! Great staff. Nice selection of tea. We usually take things to go--it would be lovely to have time to hang out! Near South is a wonderful location.

Martha Martha

I love this place for meeting a friend over coffee. Most of the time the atmosphere is relaxed.

Isaiah Petty

Still decent, and locally owned, but coffee took a hit when ownership changed.

Tory Moghadam

The best coffee shop ever.

sebrina nazaire

This coffee house is so chill you can bring your kids the whole family for live music and listen to Jonathan Nicholas Leach and others!! You will love it!!

Devereaux Wachtel

Great coffee tea and friends and food and music

D Jones

Good coffee, good folks. Came to Lincoln from Seattle looking for a similar quality coffee scene. Adam behind the counter has the right spirit, and Anna made our drinks the way we asked. Lots of space for conversation and work. We will be coming back.

Robert Gropp II

Great quiet place to hang out. Pay the employees more, please.

Scott Bennett

Delicious coffee. Great place to get work done.

Mark Pate

Best coffee in Lincoln

Mark Whaley

The Meadowlark is a great place to go both for a good hot drink or small snack or just to hang out with friends or to get a little work done or enjoy yourself using the Wi-Fi. The Meadowlark seems to almost alway draw brisk business, mostly from residents of the near South neighborhood if Lincoln, with small groups sitting around socializing over their coffee and singles working on their laptops or tablets.

Alan Blair

Great coffee drinks! Secret tip: if you tell the barista that Meadow Larks are your favorite bird, they will offer you a double shot of espresso at regular price! Relaxing atmosphere and nice coffee convos.

Patrick Harlan

Not bad

Robin Harney

Perfect latte

Jonathan Reyes

I love having Meadowlark in the neighborhood.

Erica Bartz

Meadowlark is my absolute favorite coffee shop. We regularly drive all the way across town just to hang out there. The baristas are friendly and remember you if you're a regular. The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. It's like being at home.

William Spicer

Meadowlark used to be a wonderful place to go enjoy good espresso drinks and treats. The staff was very friendly and everyone working there seemed to just be laid back and eager to serve. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. It is under new management since its reopening and the attitude you are now greeted with is "what do you want!" The first time I went in after its reopening I was met with this attitude. I wrote it off, figuring that maybe the girl was just having a bad day. I have been in about 10 times since, naively each time hoping for the customer service I was accustomed to under the old management. Each time its been the same "I'm stressed out and have things to do, what do you need!" vibe. I will not be back, sadly, after years of recommending it to people. There are plenty of good coffee houses in town and Meadowlark may be among them again some day once the management realizes the importance of good customer service.

Aubrey Birch

Relaxed and welcoming environment. Great place to study or just relax with friends, I just wish they had more space!

Jackie Murray

Delicious chi tea latte and coffee! Nice atmosphere to sit and talk to friends.


Stopped in for a mocha and was glad that I did. The place has a nice parking lot and a great bicycle parking area made from an old playground roundabout. Inside was really a large space, lots of tables and a nice, talkative guy to take my order. The mocha was great and the location is about a mile from the Sunken Garden.

William Koch

Wonderful service and great coffee. Go there to study, finish homework, catch up on work, or just sit and think.

Joshua Barnett

Using organic/eco products doesn't excuse bad service and mediocre coffee. You haven't done your "good deed" for the day.

Bianca Andrade

Great tea, friendly staff.

James Coulter

The best coffee shop in Lincoln

Aaron Price

Meadowlark is one of the oldest coffee houses in Lincoln, and offers a nice variety of quality coffee blends and espresso drinks. It's a great place to study, relax with friends, or enjoy local music and art. Meadowlark is also conveniently located next to a co-op and other great small Lincoln businesses and public transportation. There is also a great bike rack area with plenty of space to securely lock your bike up.

Nanci Kettler

Great atmosphere

Katie Yunghans

Great local coffee shop with live music. We saw people playing board games, studying, reading books off the bookshelf, and hanging out together. Nice atmosphere. Great coffee.

Sabrina Howard

My favorite hangout.

christy arney

Great place to people watch and study.

Mike Mclain

Amazing place for meeting people, having coffee while surfing the net, and open mic night is pretty cool

Jerrie Wecker

The coffee and sandwiches are good.

Aydan S.

Best coffee shop in town! It's a small, locally owned business plus they have open mic nights which are my favorite.

Eric Freeman

The Meadowlark is great!

Beth Philson

Bright and comfortable gathering place. Frequent bands to enjoy while you slowly sip your coffee or take advantage of one of the board games or books provided. Grab your friends and stay a while.

Rebecca Reiter

Decent coffee, reasonable ambience.

Jennifer McKitrick

Relaxing atmosphere, friendly service

Carrie Hansen

At times, extremely busy and hard to find seating, but the coffee is always good. Nice variety of locally made pastries & treats. If you're not sure what you want, you can describe your tastes to the Baristas and they will make you something special. They've never steered me wrong.

Stephanie Mitchell

It's pricier than Starbucks, but I assume that's because of the fair trade coffee and organic ingredients. If that matters to you, this is your go-to coffee shop. I can say for certain that the flavor of iced coffee is 3 times more boldly flavored than Starbucks, even though it costs about a dollar more, and is in a smaller cup. Was too delicious for me not to get it every now and then as a treat. Atmosphere is kinda drab, a cliche coffee shop, and the wait staff was upbeat and happy to make your coffee until you tip, then he didn't feel the need to put on a happy act anymore.

kevin g

You always have to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke when you are entering or exiting exiting this place. they should build a smoking area on the side of the building

Sherry Agee

Nice atmosphere!

Theresa Nance

Wonderful breakfast and string coffee

Heather Klein

Hip, low key cafe. Great food & coffee. Locally owned.

Anthony Lowndes

Comffy seating, lots of books and plants and great drinks.

Brad Brodersen

Great local coffee shop. Variety of cold and hot coffe shop beverages available. A good mixture of foods for customers as well. Comfortable space with mixture of tables & chairs, booths, and a couch. A regular schedule of music entertainment available. Perfect meeting place to study, see friends or get business done.

David Brown

Good coffee.

Circle r Partners

Comfortable and friendly Great coffee anyway you want

Josh Lubrano

Locally owned. Good coffee. Good treats.

Cody Schaaf-Lincoln Realtor

Great coffee options and always a busy place

Jeremy Roldan

Great atmosphere and even better drinks. Staff is extremely helpful and friendly.

LauraLee Woodruff

Locally owned, friendly service, familiar neighborhood gathering spot.

Fred Navarrete

Love the coffee

Joshua Hans

I've been to numerous coffee shops and most have great coffee. This place does too. The best parts are their prices and the people who are here.

Douglas Bryan

Coffees good but overpriced

Paula Shafer

Great place: friendly service, good coffee, locally owned.

Brandon Ziemelis

A good spot to meet with my AA sponsor

Daniel H

- old strip mall big front window -some unique personalities - been through a couple owners so often small changes

Lyn Seiser

Love the atmosphere and the Baristas aim to please every time.

Logan Altrichter

Awesome environment, got the dirty chai and was surprised by the flavor. It is an acquired taste but was fairly impressed. This place is worth your time

Chuck Drake

Great coffee and even greater service. Spend many hours a week here.

Elli O

Such a beautiful & cozy coffee house. It doesn't look like it from the outside, but there is loads of room inside to suite your needs. The staff is extremely nice and their coffee and tea is delicious!

Melinda Brown

Great place. Pricey but worth it.

Kenneth Schlegel Jr

Great place for organic green tea, taste good also

Jessie Cook

Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, good tea ☕

Chellz Cheez


Zach/ Liv

Great little coffee shop with good variety and quality teas coffee and drinks

Roger Fischer

Great coffee,,,,a little pricey...

Gary Walter

Nice little place for coffee and Lincolnesque hipster feel. Sometimes live musicians are exquisite.

Angela Jones

Great coffee shop

James Nelson

Great cozy place to relax/study. I've attended a few shows here as well and have always had a great experience. Having the Co-Op next door is great too if you want to grab some food with your tea/coffee. I highly recommend!

Greg Parrot

Great coffee and excellent live music.

Serina Nakagawa

An artsy coffee shop with tasty and unique choices of beverages however the furniture could use better upkeep. Would definitely come back.

Janet Edwards

The grinch is the best!! They have exceptional and beautiful coffee as well.The ambience is a nice small cafe feel. The employees are super nice! Overall one of my faves! :)

Shawn Garber

I quite often use Meadowlark as a place to meet with people. I believe the Meadowlark is an important part of the Lincoln Community

Anthony Clark

This was a nice and very neat coffee shop. The music was very cool and mellow. A good place to go for coffee.

John Urzedowski

Nice place to stop for a hot or cold beverage with your most snobby coffee and tea drinking friends and they have some tasty bakery and sandwich options too. If it's a nice day don't plan on being able to sit outside.

Paul Scott Stanfield

Local and lovely.

Michelle Carlson

Muffin was dry like sawdust. Cocoas very watery. Smokers outside so had to walk thru them.

Chrys Brock

I love the atmosphere of the place. The coffee is pretty good, love going meet up with friends there

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