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587 N 155th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68154, United States Located in: Pepperwood Village

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REVIEWS OF Karma Koffee LLC IN Nebraska

Sandy Major

First time here. Owner suggested touch of heat on cinnamon rolls and she was right! Delicious cinnamon roll and LATTE! Can’t wait to come again.

Karen Egan

EXCELLENT coffee. Had a Caramel Crunch and it was the BEST I've had in years! Making a point to stop there on our way back home. Staff was very nice. Place really clean too. Very charming place. Wish they had one in Milwaukee and I'd be there every day

susan Kuipers

Awesome coffee and friendly service. Place is very neat and clean!

Thomas Cross

This is one of the more unique coffee shops in Omaha, especially west Omaha. Something about Karma can help me get my work done or convey ideas for a valuable conversation.

Ben Engleman

A little bit on the expensive side, but friendly staff and good atmosphere make it worth the price.

Michelle Kaiser

Love the iced Lattes at Karma!

R Cappellano

I enjoyed the Karma Logger and the company. A morning well spent.

Dan Castro

Best coffee shop in Omaha. Coffee tastes amazing and the staff is more than friendly. The owner is there often and is sure to say hello and start up a conversation. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great cup of coffee, amazing service and a wonderful experience. Great job Karma!

Laura Stastny

Thomas Butzke

Joshua Stringer

Kate Morford

Baristas were welcoming and accommodating. Great atmosphere!

Bei Wei

Travis Hall

Best coffee place in town. Great service. Great environment. Great overall.

Elizabeth Killip

Meet here for coffee with friends and it's always a good experience! Pretty quiet with super friendly staff. Good coffee and treats. Just a lovely corner in Omaha to relax and chat.

Rob Bradshaw

Imagine a coffee place where everyone is friendly, the staff is helpful and informative, and finally imagine it has a great selection of both tea and coffee drinks. This place, if made real, would undoubtedly look like Karma Coffee. Have had the raspberry peach tea drink, and the French toast hot coffee drink. Would recommend both! Really feel like this is a neighborhood gen. If you are in the neighborhood stop in.

Feri Williams

Nice little coffeeshop serving delicious pastries and drinks.

Abdul Mackie

Always a good experience at Karma!

Martin Webster

Nice cozy neighborhood coffee shop. Friendly staff, good coffee and the baked goods look really good (not on my diet though).

G Smith

Too many dogs. The last couple times I've been in, there have been dogs in there. I love dogs and even have one. The last time, one looked like a bit bull mix (say what you want) and the other was a mixed shepherd that barked aggressively at some one when they walked in. Doesn't make for a very pleasant morning coffee. They gave water to the other one and there ended up being water all over the floor. glad i didn't fall on by ars. Have you ever seen how much air flies off a dog when they shake? Enjoy your muffin. Nice place otherwise. sorry, won't be back.

Scott Fletcher

As always the best coffee shop in Omaha!

Matthew Bullard

O'Dell Ford

Best coffee shop in town

Barbara Ault

I enjoyed the drinks. They use local sources where they can. Unique atmosphere.

tabbatha cornelius

Atmosphere is great! It's quiet...& Staff is so friendly & helpful...

Esther Katz

Pratik Pandey

Nice place. Fast wifi. Will come here again.

Gerardo Lopez

High quality coffee and staff

Ian Belair

Rebecca Warrior

Jake Mullins

Ryan Dearing

Great coffee, great atmosphere!

Kerri Wehrer

Mellisa G

awesome environment to relax in and sip some great coffee!


I love that I can bring my dog. It also has a great atmosphere where I can study and start up conversations with strangers.

Nicole Jungren

Great coffee!! Always strong and delicious!

dallas settles

Warm and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend it.

Matt Kling

Michele Waters

hannah boone

Great coffee and staff is very friendly!

Shawn Bina

Amazing hip coffee shop! The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The Barista was friendly, knowledgeable, and charming. They have plenty of outdoor saying, as well as an inviting interior. The prices seemed a bit high at first, but they include a refill for free, which made then extremely affordable. We will return and I suggest you check this place out, if you're in the area. We had the dark roast. Delicious, flavorful, and no bitterness.

Guy Bailey

Great coffee shop. Plenty of seating. Good selection of drinks. Outdoor seating available. Friendly staff!

Jed Hansen

Erin Stanley

I had a great experience at Karma coffee! I came in about 10:15am on July 3. The customer service was great, and the baristas were super sweet and friendly. You can tell they enjoy what they do. The vibe is laid back and not stuffy. Their coffee is very good. I will definitely be back!

Jenny Allison

Don't get me wrong... This USED to be my favorite coffee shop, I loved the staff and the coffee. I used to stop in at least once a month with friends and now we've moved on to Cranes. Karma lost it's charm! Several events and inappropriate conduct have ruined it. Along with a few old brews that have been sitting too long! The last few times I've gone an older heavier-set lady on register has rolled her eyes and sighed loudly in distress at me. The same woman has walked away to talk to people in the lobby, when I came up to the counter she just looked over at me and continued talking in a large group. Another barista was busy doing dishes so she didn't see me... No big deal! However, the older brunette continued to ignore me the entire time and the other barista ended up eventually taking my order. The second the other barista started taking my order, the older barista went back around and stepped in ringing me up while the other poor girl made my drink. No apology, just the same annoyed look. I've NEVER commented and always brushed it off. I gave a few chances... But, new staff and lack of personable atmosphere they've had for years is gone. The only one who is still there is the older barista who only has times for her regulars or her friends. It breaks my heart. There's better shops in Omaha that won't treat you with disrespect... I would say to STAY CLEAR! I'm not the type to write a bad review! This is my first. I won't ever be returning to Karma Koffee! I won't be heading to Karma this morning. I don't want any offers or meaningless deals. You can't change the unchangeable, the personable staff that gave you such a wonderful and cozy atmosphere! That's what made it such a great experience... You've lost your charm.

Sarah Weatherly

Grant Neuverth

A total gem! Glad I found this cozy coffee shop, and it's the perfect place for studying/reading/writing. The coffee is also an A+

Sarah Atom

Becky Menetre

Pleasant environment, service and tasty morsels. The iced carmel latte was delish.

sudhansh chinta

It's ok

Mike Reigle

Love Karma! The coffee is always great and the staff are awesome people

Robert Behrens

Good coffee and good service

Heidi Shaw

The coffee here is superbly delicious. The drinks are prepared with skill and always taste very good. The food and snacks are perfect fare for this very quaint coffee shop. The staff is always friendly and efficient!!

Jared Hensley

Love this place, great coffee and service.


Best coffee on town. Green thumb friendly

Kalee Corcoran

Love coming here on Friday mornings for waffles.

Michael Andreasen

Teri Tosspon

Good coffee, nice space. Felt welcomes and helped not just served a drink. Cozy.

Melissa Nunley

Great atmosphere! Friendly staff. Feels like your at home with friends

David Kendall

Julie Reno

GREAT latte, Great service Highly recommend!

Jessica McNett

Katie Marie Daly

Every time I come here I'm so happy I came here rather than else where. They are family owned by great people and of course that is a great way to support your town. The coffee, atmosphere, food and staff are all wonderful. 100% recommend. I even drink their coffee black.

Nancy Thompson

Great place for coffee!

Patrick Runge

Kelsey Jordan

Fabulous service always friendly and helpful baristas

Emma Fryda

Great staff. Great atmosphere. Overall amazing!

Jason Page

Alyssa Billie

Everyone at Karma Koffee is so friendly and they always give my little Corgi a treat. I love the atmosphere and the style of this quiet cafe.

Maria Scarpello Yearian

Great service and cozy atmosphere

Veronica Reyna

I loved this coffee shop! It’s super cozy and I loved the staff, they were so friendly and nice.

Douglas Dodge

This is an amazing place. The staff and owners are so nice. Coffee is excellent. Decor is perfect. Go today and everyday!

Casey Brown

Good coffee and has nice treats the barista are helpful and plesent

Barbara Hartzler

Daniel Knapp

Cindy Nisley

Friendly people, relaxed atmosphere.

Rene Graham

Great staff

Jackie Kolakowski

It's been a while since I visited. New options available. Still a great place.

Justin Strahan

Richard Strevey

Employees are always very friendly.

Susan Colvin

Excellent! Best place in town!

Linda Meisenbach

Chad Sideris

Gotta be one of the coolest coffee shops in town. Staff is super nice. I love the music they play. Has a lot more character than most of the other stuff out there. I am excited to go back!

Philip LeQua

The best coffee place I've been to in years! The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The wifi is fast and their tea is phonomanal. The meditation classes offered here helped me reach inner peace and I became good friends with the instructor and other participants. ~Namaste~

Tim Wardyn

Karma Koffee is my go to for coffee. The staff is super friendly and the coffee is simply the best around. Try it. You will be hooked.


Nice local coffee shop with a variety of drink options and specialty drinks. Good place to meet friends or business associates for a quick meeting.

Momma Pells .

Great little coffee place, with a variety of coffees, smoothies, and breakfast sandwiches. Good background music, many people there visiting or studying.

Niki Mahoney

Their Breve is really great!

Keith stubbs

Very friendly atmosphere

layne Dowhower

Margaret Johnson

These guys have great treats and bagel sandwiches made to order. Yummy specialty coffee drinks. Can be a little slow, but the atmosphere makes the wait go by quickly. And they have Taysia Blue Blue rescue dogs once a month - very pet friendly!

Andy Kamerman

Always know my name and my drink. They really know how to appreciate their customers!

Micah Ringlein

The big chunk of wood on the wall made me raise an eyebrow, it definitely nabbed my attention. I wasn't sure what to expect from this coffee shop, but I will continue to return here due to the super friendly and helpful staff and tasty coffee.

Joshua Kleensang

Regina DeMars

Delicious coffee - friendly and fast

Anon Doe

Great staff! Brian and Ellie are absolutely wonderful and make my day every time I go in! Best coffee! They try to get everything as local as they can get it! They use Hill of Beans coffee so you know it's good!

ykk one

A very lively, friendly and busy place with great snacks and coffee.

bryon hartman

Knocked it out of the park!! Walked in told them what I get at another store. They said yep we got that. It was the best I've had in months! My new koffee shop in Omaha!

Jessica Thompson

Very quiet, convenient location, and very cute! I love that it is locally owned and they not only participate in TAGG but they support other local businesses by selling their products and promoting their brands.

Jamie Vassar

Edwin Figueoa

Scott Johnson

This place is family. Friendly staff and great products. We love spending time here.

kate anderson

Carissa Rosa

Kelli Armstrong

Wonderful drinks & atmosphere!!

Sherri Hinkel

My dog Zoey and I love this place. The coffee is yummy, the staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable.

Bruce Lanter

great freen tea. they so not have lemon juice though.

Josh Bylund

Great local place for a cup of coffee and not supporting your national chain coffee shops like starbucks.

Michael Berry

Great coffee and friendly staff. This place never disappoints. Staff go out of their way to make you the drink you want and to make you feel at home. I often have networking meetings here. Good atmosphere inside plus a few tables outside.

Marissa Rasmussen

Great drinks. Nice spot to meet someone for coffee or to study/work

David Nesbit

The coffee was excellent, they had a very nice chicken soup and excellent cake. The staff was very nice and the atmosphere was pleasantly relaxed.

Brandon Wipf

Best Americano in Omaha.

Michelle Havens

Great atmosphere. Cozy layout. Beverage selection is awesome, even for a non-coffee drinker

Diana S

This is my neibourhood cafe. Intimate space, delicious food and drink. Bonus point, it is dog friendly!

Robert Lopez

Katherine Robillard

Karma Koffee has friendly staff, a nice atmosphere, and good food and drinks. I was especially pleased to find that they have almond milk and nice teas available.

Dante Jones

My favorite local coffee shop hands down! Actually got my girlfriend to like coffee and she will literally only drink their coffee. We love the special drinks they have every month (get the lavender lemonade blender they have rn its

Cric Ericsman

matt myers

Love the atmosphere, I dont drink coffee, but still a great place to hangout

Vi L

Laura Evans

Great staff, cozy environment, delicious food and coffee.

Montana Gable

The only place I go to get coffee in Omaha! The staff is always pleasant and helpful, the coffee is delicious, and the atmosphere reminds me of Colorado.

Amy Luckenbill

Excellent coffee and personable staff. Single customers monopolize the largest tables. Not for groups of any size. Duos and singletons only.

Joe Clark

Karma is a fantastic, homely, and chill place to get your Koffee fix. The coffee is great and the staff are phenomenal! I would love to be able to frequent this place more often.

Albert Rieder

Al Rieder Cheery atmosphere, friendlly staff , Great coffee nicely presented.Jeff has done a great job with the place since he opened last year. Now, with the Virtual tour in place Karma Koffee will really take off, I'm eager to follow their progress....

Bob Kamphaus

Good coffee. Service was good. Place was full of customers.

Betsy Frodermann

Jazmin Nelson

Really amazing coffee, cozy atmosphere, but ridiculous hours. Can be very frustrating

Tasha N

Thank you for carrying oat milk.

David Sutton

Phillip Smith

Kenneth Chang

Nick Reuting


Very friendly baristas who didn't snub me for my uninformed coffee questions. If ordering coffee ever intimidates you, try Karma Coffee! They even have a coffee "decoder" on the board that clearly illustrates the differences between breve, cappuccino, latte and more. They also sell amazing donuts here... Made fresh daily by Donut Professor. I take guests here when they visit Omaha and Karma never disappoints.

Lisa VanWyngarden

Joy Campbell

Love this place. Look forward to weekend walks there for a latte.

Ada Florescu

Shelley Aki

Good coffee, busy in the mornings. Mostly tables only 6 comfortable chairs. Go here frequently to study. If using laptop there are very few 3 prong oulets.

Nicholas Paulsen


Great local coffee house.

Mel Policicchio

As delicious as it is adorable! Friendly staff and fair prices.

Dr. Pepper

Nice little tiny dark coffeeshop. Did I mention it was super dark?

Laine Maybee

Morning crew is rude, otherwise I like the later crew.

Jody O'Connor

Very good. Great service


I've been going every Saturday morning after my group workout. Friendly staff, good selection of drinks, fair price, and serves some food.

Fatima S

I think I tried three different lattes in one visit because of how much I liked their coffee. Can’t wait to go back there.

Stephanie Konz

Tricia Nikiforuk

Great Coffee, Great Staff, so friendly helpful!


I came here because I found a random gift card in my wallet and I was pleased with my experience. The baristas were very personable and helped me to make a good coffee choice since it was my first time! The environment was quiet and quaint so it's a great place to chill and study. Will definitely be coming back, even when my gift card runs out! ;)

Rachel Tiller

Great coffee, service, and atmosphere.

Kevin Carpino

Its a great small coffee shop! Especially if you live in the neighborhood you can take a morning walk and grab some joe!

Jeff Cole

Jeff R

Great atmosphere. A combination of east meets west. Local artists display and sell their art at no cost here. Drinks are handmade from scratch. Grind, tamp and pulling espresso is what they do best. Toss in world class treats, best organic homemade soups around you have karma. Good karma..

Brittany Baker

The espresso was rich, smooth and delicious!!

Melissa Topil

Keith Ferris

Had the Miracle blend coffee, which was delicious. The store allows for one free refill; I wasn't expecting that and it was a pleasant surprise. A few downsides... 1. My bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich was lukewarm in the middle. I enjoyed the taste of it, but it was disappointing to move from a crusty and piping hot outside of the sandwich to a cooler middle. 2. Shortly after we arrived, we noticed a weird smell that was similar to burning/melting plastic. It eventually went away, but it was noticable for about 10 minutes. Overall, they are a better option than the national chains and I'll definitely give them another shot in the future.

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