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REVIEWS OF Archetype Coffee IN Nebraska

Dez Raelynn

As hipster as it sounds, this is a great place to go if you want a "real" cup of coffee. Before I went here I was so use to sugar/syrup/ cool whip stuff that when I got my order I was 1. shocked 2. confused and 3. in love. Personal bias towards the staff <3 but it's a hip lil joint and well worth the two money dollar signs google gives the price.

Conner Andrews

Decent coffee they shipped to me, but don't email them because you won't get a response.

John Den Hartog

I’m a simple man. I generally just get the house brew. At Archetype, though, their house brew is always terrific, with coffees from different places - Mexico, Brazil, and Kenya, for some - making a simple cup of coffee a singular pleasure. The place is always nice, and they are continually adding new things. Oh. And the homemade pop tarts? Really good.

Rebecca Crowell

Charming, trendy coffee shop in Blackstone. Super fun atmosphere, everyone was so light-hearted. Went on a late, Saturday morning with a friend and had to wait for seats to open up. Would not study there, but great place to catch up with friends. The lattes are worth the price.

Jason Dugger

Pretty good independent coffee shop. The brewed coffee was great, the espresso was pretty good.

Adam Fleming

Good, Nothing too special.

Brett Lee

Good food and drink, good service, not too crowded. Free WiFi with password "drinkmorecoffee"

Jake Farrell

Great coffee and a really cool atmosphere!

Tim Pagano

Good coffee and a decent amount of seating .the chairs are REALLY uncomfortable. Friendly service .

Janis Johnston

Fun place, great coffee, and the people working there were awesome!

Jess Nicol

Such a wonderful place to study, work or hang. Pastries are always amazing and I love their matcha lattes. The staff is always so friendly and nice. Coffee is wonderful. Its one of my favorite places to go. Cant wait for the patio to open up!

Sarah Maas

I really like this coffee. It was weird and different at first because I was used to the over-roasted, burnt taste of Starbucks coffee. But then I started tasting the flavor explosions that are their in-house roasted brews. Cherries? yeah. Blackberries? yeah. Cinnamon and nutmeg? Yes! Did I worry about fitting in here because of the hipster vibe this place has? Nah, I don't care. The coffee is good and the baristas are friendly. That is all.

Stijn Bekkers

Best cappuchino of omaha

Sunyoung Chung

Great quality coffee and a great place to get work done!

Mary Carpenter

New location on 13th. Good coffee and the strawberry muffin was delicious.

Joke of All Trades

Great coffee great service great prices can't be beat

Matt Barnhart

Always well-natured folks who know a thing or two about good coffee and positive interactions. Delicious pastries and breakfast sandwiches too.

Scott H

Great place great coffee my dogs loved it also


The baristas were very friendly and the coffee tasted good. As far as some of the complaints of hip people, there are hip/hipster people everywhere and at every coffee shop. It sounds more like a personal problem that someone would get upset that they see hipsters at a coffee shop. Who cares? Good atmosphere, good coffee.

Travis Goertzen

Best coffee I have found in the Omaha area!!

Jessica Close

Great coffee, variety of baked goods. Citrus gluten-free coffee cake was like a sweet, nutty quiche.

Bert Hancock

By far the best coffee in Omaha. I've had Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle many times and I'd rate Archetype among the best in the country.

Bridget O'Donnell

After a friend recommended this coffee shop to me I stopped there and bought bulk beans for both work and home one day... The bags of beans were not marked with prices but I assumed they would be around $10 since they weren't a full pound and the coffee shop/roaster I usually go to here in Omaha sells their fresh roasted, fair trade beans for around $10-13 a pound. I was shocked when the cashier rang up two 12oz bags of beans at $33. I'd already had one of the bags ground and felt guilty not paying for it, but I will not be going back to Archetype for bulk beans. $16.50 for only 12oz of beans is outrageous...I don't care how good your coffee is. Today I bought a pound of beans AND got a medium Americano at my regular place and it was less than $12 all together...

Ethan Peterson

So dang good.

Caleb Barth

Good coffeeshop with good service. Simple coffee menu doesn't get into the ridiculous types of drinks, cheaper than I would expect from a local coffeeshop

Richard Edgar

Wonderful coffee and professional staff. This place is at the top of my standard for what coffee should be!

Brice Allen

Nice little place. Miles on vinyl. Properly roasted coffee with the correct grind and extraction. Genuine staff.

Clarissa Henderson

Cappuccino was good, but filled less than 1/2 the cup. Americano was not good and way too watery. Disappointed

Matthew Samp

If you’re a hipster, you’ll heart this place. Skow WiFi, friendly staff, but a really cold environment.

Chris Hamilton

Nice coffee shop.

Sally Otis

Great coffee! Best drip coffee you'll have today.

Spencer Lombardo

Top notch, bustling urban coffee shop with delectable baked goods daily; including the notorious - and my favorite - homemade poptarts!!

Rafael Santa-Maria

Always a nice place for business meetings

Bob Bremer

Really liked the vibe. Cold Brew was over extracted and bitter. Will come back to try an espresso drink.

Jed Hansen

Best spot in Omaha for a cup. This is a coffee lover's coffee shop.

Stacy Harrell

Real espresso, real cream and an industrial, yet welcoming, interior. One of the best (if not THE best) espressos I've ever had! Extremely friendly staff as well!

Melissa Collier Gepford

Good latte, great vibe. Tight space, but worth it.

Van Games

Good coffee. Best in omaha. Cool interior.

William K

If you are a coffee aficionado, this is the shop for you. This shop rides the 3rd wave perfectly. The shop combines high quality beans, proper roasting, and expert preparation to deliver great espresso-based and brewed coffee. I highly recommend this shop.

Kevin McGree

Great coffee, service is good as well and food is good to sit and hang out.

Justin Tobiason

Coffee shop that is great to grab a cup before work or with a friend.

Alex Fassakhova

Love the place and the vibe, best coffee at least within 500 Miles!

Alyssa Travis

Best coffee and espresso in Omaha

Diane Nelson

Nice environment, pleasant staff and good coffee.

Brad Nazaruk

I don't know what it is about but I love it! Also I work for Hilton and I am wearing the pin that I pick up so I will be promoting it at my Hotel!

Flint Herold

Amazing Chai Latte!, a great place to get away!

Ryan Mascarello

Was busy and nice place. Would go again.

Andrew Amen

Great coffee and breakfast sandwiches on Sunday mornings.

Gabriela VA

Great customer service, barista looked happy to serve. Good coffee and great place to sit back and enjoy your cup.

Nicholas Scott

I have tasted coffee from all over the US and Europe. I can say hands down that Archetype is firmly tied for 2nd place of any coffee I've had. They have a very generous range of options, very knowledgeable and skilled staff, also their roaster Jason is outstanding at getting everything out of the coffees they offer.

Carolyn J. Kruger

The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable and the pastries delicious. This my Sunday morning spot for a vanilla latte and biscuit with jam to get a jump start on the coming week.

beau starkel

Archetype changed the coffee landscape of omaha. Its changed my life.

Jenifer w

It is a nice coffee house, good coffee, pleasant people. Don't let the low stars fool you, I will go back many times, have a difficult time loving a coffee house.

yee haw

Beautiful setting, great for work or studying. I wasn’t very impressed by the coffee. I got an iced latte and it really tasted like a glass of iced milk with the tiniest splash of coffee. The employees were friendly. My other complaint is that the prices were insane! I ordered a large iced latte and it ended up being a total of $6.30! I would not pay that price for their mediocre latte again. Otherwise, love the Blackstone district, great shop, 5/10 coffee.

Stephanie Schumann

Cute, but simple decor, with good coffee. Perfect combination! My only issue is that they dont offer more flavorings for the lattes.Just one or 2. That was disappointing.

Randall Smith

Best locally roasted coffee in Omaha as far as I'm concerned. African sourced coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya are so we'll balanced and worth the extra expense.

Joseph Kenney

Cool vibe. Very good coffee. Great ownership. Located in the heart of the Blackstone District.

Jered Jelinek

If you like your coffee black and strong this is the place to go. They have the best beans and they are roasted in house.

Juana Silva

This is a great, quaint little coffee shop, sort of off the beaten path, however if you are staying at an y of the hotels on Cuming Street by the ball park, well worth the trip into the shop for freshly made coffees and pastries

Jared Cummings

Great coffee and cool location and vibe

Dillon Edwards

One of the best coffee shops in town. They take coffee seriously and therefore provide great product. They roast on sight and have a great, but usually rather busy little shop

Shailendra Tallapaka

Best coffee in town and they have amazing scones as well!

Jackie Kolakowski

A local favorite. Delicious coffee.

Iryna Jareo

After reading so many great reviews, I was greatly disappointed when I tried this place for myself. Overcrowded, dirty dishes everywhere, dirty bathroom, and most disappointing of all - bad coffee.

Nate Cosgrove

Just had a visit to Archetype Coffee and had the worst coffee experience I have had at a shop thus far. I ordered a iced chai latte and a chocolate latte. The chai latte was terrible. It was so spicy it burned the back of your throat. There was nothing latte about it. It was milk with an overload of chai spices. The chocolate latte was a fluke as well. It barely tasted like coffee and I would hardly consider it a latte. It took the baristas less than a minute to prepare my order which leads me to think this was the result of carelessness or ignorance. Had I not been in a rush to work I would have brought the coffees back and demanded a refund. This shop chooses not to carry a landline phone so there is no way to call and complain, except by submitting a form through their website. I highly suggest visiting a place with real coffee and food such as le Quartier up the street.

Josh Scheffler

Loved the atmosphere, cappuccino was perfection

Noe Miranda

Great coffee, excellent experience and atmosphere. Vanilla latte, distinct taste for sure.

Erin Dabbs

If you haven't been, head there now! It's one of the top coffee shops in Omaha. You'll get a "real" serious cup of coffee - they care about what is in your drink. I typically go here because it is a great work environment. If you run cold like me, bring a jacket because their AC is always blowing.

Scott Ramsey

Great bean selection and they serve pour overs

Steve Wegenast

I ordered an Americano & I think it is really good coffee but I think in their attempt to be 'green', I guess, they don't have raw sugar, etc, which is how I like to doctor my brew. All they had for sweetener was some liquid sugar which didn't cut it.

Max Federle

I would have to agree with other reviewers. This is a neat modern hangout with great coffee and service. It was busy when I was there, but that's part of a good vibe for me and coffee shops. A big part of going to a place like this is to people watch and take in the atmosphere. I will absolutely return to Archetype.

Marni Heydt

Great coffee and service. Parking can be a challenge but it's worth it!

Micah Ringlein

It was coffee, not bad, but not amazing. The seats were notably uncomfortable and the warehouse feel made it difficult for me to concentrate on any work.

Dawaune Hayes

Coffee where it counts. Archetype prides itself on delicious coffee made right. No fancy syrups or crazy flavors, just a simple menu with great blends. I got a simple drip and probably one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. The space is minimal, but that didn't stop tons of people from being there. Awesome place.

Matt Heck

Probably the best tasting coffee in Omaha, but I'm not a coffee head. I just know I can drink it straight with no cream or sugar. The specialty drinks are good as well. The acoustics inside make it a little loud, but didn't bother me. Stop by when in Blackstone.

Wade Carpenter

Best coffee this side of the Mississippi, you're cheating yourself if you don't go there today.


The best espresso I have ever had. Period.

Trav Potter

Drink was spot on!! Great environment!

J. M.

Delicious coffee! Great service. Good ambience.

Christopher Suen

Hip spot, chill vibe, great folks, and the best dang cuppa joe in middle America.

David Nicholson

Nice place, went later in the morning and it was a full house of people. Coffee was very good and the atmosphere was pleasant. It is great to support local businesses, especially one helping to revive the Blackstone district and their new location on 13th St South of Pacific.

louguzzo mtheory

Hey man, do you like tight pants and vinyl? Do you find yourself too cool to look at in the mirror, so the "greasy bum" look just totally works for you, man? Do you like coffee that plebs don't like because they're so mainstream? Oh yeah, man, this is your joint. Put on a skin-tight paisley and bring your Corgi, you hipster douche morons, come and be "original" next to all of your clones! Ladies, don't forget to trim your bangs and wear your cat's-eye glasses, and talk about how ironic it is that you are so much more informed than the boring people who think good coffee starts and ends at Starbucks. The coffee tastes like motherf*cking stir fry sauce. STIR FRY SAUCE.

Wai Chan

Cute coffee shop. There was a small assortment of baked goods. When we went they did not have gluten free options though I'm told sometimes they do. Ordered a decaf which tasted good, but I was still up until 3am. Staff was very friendly. Pricing inline with competitors. This bounces between a 4-5 star for me. If I find myself returning frequently I will bump it up.

Matt Biggins

Without a doubt, the finest coffee in Omaha. None of the silly blender, syrupy "coffee". Just perfectly made simple espresso drinks. TOP NOTCH!

Paul Murphy

Amazing place!

Calista Martin

Great coffee, table big enough for a group

Mark G

Had a great cup of coffee!

Christopher K

Ordered the pour over Kenyan and it was a well roasted and prepared coffee with a certainly unique service style, see attached photo. If it's any indication of how they treat the rest of their coffees it's well done. The pastry selection was what you could call minimalist, however the blueberry muffin was good. This is absolutely NOT a family friendly establishment, if you are a working professional, retiree, student, divorcee, married couple w/o young children, widow, widower, literally any person without children under the age of say I dont know, 16? This will be a great spot for you. Oh I drink my coffee black, but my partner takes coffee with cream and sugar, so I ask for sugar........well they dont have sugar, just pump this artisanal syrup from a bottle and voila. Coffee was great though

Keara Eledge

Busy so come early to get a seat.

Vivi Parecki

Everything about this place is good quality and thoughtfully done, from the coffee to the baked goods (don't miss out on their Sunday biscuits!) to the equipment. Friendly faces and lots of regulars. An Omaha treasure in the up-and-coming Blackstone neighborhood.

Lauren Pfeifer

Very friendly barista! great coffee

James Lathrop

Amazing! The coffee here is excellent, on top of that they have delicious pastries all of the time.

Luke Perkins

Amazing coffee! This is worth whatever few minutes it takes to get down Farnam street. Just fantastic!

Ben Mescher

Delicious vanilla latte

Christopher Rose

Very good pour overs and lattes, friendly staff

Manda Harrison

Espresso, pour over, hot chocolate and chai, oh my. Plenty of seating, trendy modern decor, not exactly "comfy & cozy" but definitely chill. Seasonal outdoor patio seating. Dog friendly.

David Nesbit

My only problem with this place is its harp to find a seat on any given morning. Aside from that the coffee is excellent, the service is great and the pastries are well prepared.

Matthew Feilmeier

Great coffee, owners, and atmosphere.

CJ Hansen

Best coffee in Omaha. If you're a coffee aficionado, this is your place.

Michael C

The coffee is not quite as good as expected. Service is on point and the atmosphere is right.

Tracy Anderson

Wonderful place to sit back and have an amazing cup of their fresh roasted coffee. Very nice staff and relaxing atmosphere.

Nate Arch

The best local coffee shop in Omaha. They make a fantastic pour over.

Jonathan Seymour

I don't get to stop by here as often as I used to, but it's a great shop, Isaiah in the team are doing great things here. The second location will be a welcomed addition to the sleepy south 13th st. area.

Deric Schnelle

Amazing service and coffee… Makes me feel like I am at home! The best part is after some amazing coffee you can walk across the street person crazy good ice cream

Alethea Chiappone

Best coffee in town; great staff and service; Baked goods are amazing as well

Nathan Vogele

This place is a fantastic must stop coffee shop that really cares. The art form in their lattes is perfect and the aroma they somehow manage to capture into the cup will make even the most picky coffee ☕ critics swoon. One of the best lattes I've ever had! Thanks you guys!

Nathan Jelinek

Good coffee and good service. Not a Starbucks copy at all. The space feels a bit small in my opinion, but I do recommend that you Give it a go and try something new.

Dirk Zwart

Coffee crafted to impress.

Brady Semm

My go-to for coffee. The cappuccino is amazing and is a must-have for anyone in the area.

Brad Gilbert

Great coffee, perfect service. Although a bit crowded and seats were in short supply.

Carl Butler

Good coffee. Friendly, helpful staff. Not very cozy. Almost cold and sterile. Furnishings not very inviting or comfortable.


Very friendly. I got a vanilla cappuccino. It was hand made, very good. They also have homemade baked goods. I got the blueberry poptart. Poptart flavors vary. Again very good. Also dog friendly :)

Michael Burke

A great place for a great cup of coffee.

John Fahrer

The variety of coffees, the artisanal roasting, exotic beans, great staff and good clientele make Archetype a home run, and you get what you pay for, most definitely.

Jonah L

Coffee is excellent and servers are super nice. I know I can come here and it will be dependable of for a good latte or espresso. You probably wont want to stay here for hours as the chairs are more utilitarian rather than cozy. It is a bright place so I sometimes come for a brief stay with my newspaper.

Twisted Child

Good coffee, cool space, great atmosphere and friendly barista!

Austin K.

If you are looking for specialty coffee without all the fuss, this is your place. Try the cold brew on nitro or any of their adventure brewed coffees and you will enjoy your visit.

Seth Carlson

Today is the 5th anniversary of Archetype Coffee and I wanted to thank all the people at Archetype who make this a special place in Omaha. What I've always appreciated about Archetype is the great attention to quality and their humility for the craft and the industry of coffee from crop to cup. I've learned to appreciate the sacrifices that businesses like Archetype choose to make everyday. Every community has their gems and I'm very grateful to have this gem here in Omaha. Cheers! #Not a paid ghostwriter for this or any other online review platform.

Cesar F. G.

They try a bit too hard with the design but it's a chill atmosphere. Pretty good coffee check it out if you want something new.

Morgan Waddell

Great coffee! Lots of space to set up and work makes it even better. If you are looking for a place to have a great coffee drink and get some work/studying done, this is it!

Laura Bonnett-Murphy

Pretty hipster but truly the best coffee in Omaha. When you can get their pastries, they are amazing too!

Jack Nelson

Love their coffee. They make a great Mocha and my favorite "beans" are Home. They make a great cup of coffee at home. Mild, low acidity, and a balanced flavor.

Marielle G

Conviently located next to the college + med center. Matcha Latte is amazing!

Teri Truscott

Nitris infused coffee. Nothing more need be said

Braidon Barkman

The atmosphere, the coffee, everything is right on point. One of the best in Omaha.

Eric Wallace

Superb pour over of an Ethiopian coffee. Cappuccino had a bit of a burnt flavor.

Madison Grinnell

Always excellent coffee and service! Busy on the weekends!

Robert Forrest

Some of the best in Omaha! They take coffee seriously. The coffee is top notch, the staff is talented and knowledgeable, the ambiance is perfect. I frequent it and it is right down the street from my work in Midtown!

Regina Boldt

Absolutely love this place, the people are very friendly and the coffee is absolutely amazing!! Especially the nitro coffee

Cameron Parker

Relaxed and focused environment, that is perfect for studying. Amazing customer service along with wonderfully prepared beverages.

Phillip Smith

Lots of effort and experience goes into their coffee

Kevin Propst

Awesome coffee and a great staff!!

Katie Wendt

They were closing as we came in but they still let us order, which was nice. The coffee was yummy, I got a mochiato. My only issue is, it seemed a little overpriced. Super trendy, though, and the patrons were very friendly.

belinda black

I usually stop here after I do a yoga class around the corner. I keep it simple with an iced americano, and it’s great every time. The biscuit sandwiches are always on point as well. It’s usually always a bit crowded here, so it can be a little noisy, but I don’t mind it much. If you’re looking for a good coffee in Blackstone, you can find it here.

Thomas Stansbury

Best coffee in town.

Leah Marie

Pretty confident that when I die and go to heaven, I'll be served archetype coffee on my arrival. Not sure how they do it but have a feeling the person roasting the coffee (yes they roast their own coffee) is an angel. Thanks for making my day after day after day!

Mick Huerter

If you like really nice people and good coffee then go here. If you don’t like nice people or good coffee then don’t go here. They’re baked goods are super nice as well.

Glenn Wiley

Cute place

Ladasia Griffin

This is one of the best coffee shops I've visited. The baristas are high quality and felt very personal and professional all at once. The coffee was extremely high quality and beautifully artsy.

Jim Schneider

Great Blackstone are coffee spot.

Ed Pearce

Always great coffee, comfortable atmosphere, Sunday biscuits are really good too.

Ryan Adamek

Good coffee

Sherry Drew

Best coffee! Service is always friendly!

H Locke

Dropped in for the first time this morning. There is a small parking lot behind the shop, and you can enter through a door in the back rather than walk all the way around, which was nice since it's snowing. The coffee shop is spacious and sparsely decorated, with beautiful wood floors. There are tables with a fairly private feel towards the back of the shop. I took coffee to go, so I did not stay to enjoy the ambience, but I did note that the chairs had small round seats and metal backs; to me that didn't look very comfortable, but it does fit the atmosphere. The breve lattes were good and priced similarly to Starbucks. The staff was friendly, and they said Archetype has been open about seven months, so I thought I'd share my impressions and encourage others to give it a try!

Mickey Friesen

Friendly staff, good coffee

Travis Geary

Great spot for coffee. Good size seating area if you're looking for a spot to work.

Joseph Shoemate

This is one of my favorite places to get espresso in America. I have only been in twice on my travels across country but I constantly and thinking about it.

Amanda S

Hipster-y but they make a great chai latte. Seems to be very popular on Sunday mornings (they had breakfast sandwiches for sale when I was here). Nice ambiance, very clean, and overall a great coffee shop.

Amy Cherko

Great coffee, great pastries. Knowledgeable staff and a great atmosphere. Easily the best spot for a coffee meeting/date in central Omaha.

Suzie D Kingery

Wonderful local coffee shop with a great atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious pastries and beautifully crafted lattes! Every time I come here it is bustling with people enjoying each other's company. Highly recommend for a meeting spot with a good friend or a quick stop for a delicious coffee.

Zachary McCune

Great coffee, especially the iced toddy with low acid and high flavor. Offers a quiet place to work in a trendy neighborhood

Spencer Cartwright

i like this place so i gave it 5 stars what more do you want out of me, cruel world.

Amanda Bright

The best!! Run by the nicest crew of people. Roasted in house, and with baristas who compete in the Coffee Championships every year, this stuff is SPECIAL. Macchiato, nitro cold brew, pour over, Americano... you can't go wrong. And the pastries are a must with biscuit sandwiches appearing every Sunday. If I lived in Omaha, I'd be here every single day. These five days in a row will have to do!

Rev. Paul L. Vasquez

This is the best place for Espresso drinks in this part of town. Not only do they extract the espresso perfectly, and roast their own (like nearby favorite Caffeine Dreams), but some nice latte art. Pour over also expertly handled. They're picky about their coffee, folks, and it shows!!!

Isaac Rochester

Great coffee, an atmosphere that inspires, and wonderful people!

Matthew Selby

Great coffee with plenty of seating. Perfect place to get some work done or meet with others.

Mahmudul Hasan

Loved the ambienc and coffee. I wish the decorations were a bit better.

nosferatu gurl

dope coffee but the general consensus is that it is a pain to hang out in the cafe. the vibe here is kind of snobbish at times. typically pretty full.

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